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Can I Apply for RCS Loans?Find Out Requirements, Terms, Conditions and Application

If your aim is to get a high quality and convenient loan, then you have come across the right company: RCS. It consists in a finance business based on consumers since it offers them a wide variety of products and services. It works in association with other leading retailers that are set in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. If you decide to explore or work with RCS, you will find loans, insurance, cards and more.

Who is RCS?

            As it was previously stated, this company is meant to make your life easier by protecting your financial security and enhancing your lifestyle. They tend to provide desirable, innovative and amazing credit solutions. What can customers get of RCS?

  • Peace of mind

  • Convenience

  • Comfort

What services does RCS provide?

            RCS offers loan, insurance and card products. The cards are meant to give you credit facilities. The loans tend to provide you with the necessary cash loan or even retail. Finally, insurance at RCS can really come in handy since it provides insurance, home cover, death cover in case of accidents and motor cover.

How can you apply for an RCS loan?

            If you are ready to get an RCS loan you will have to go through one of the easiest application and selection processes. It consists in a series of steps. Once they are completed, RCS will contact you. With only one small phone call you can access a loan of R 150 000. But that is not all. You can access this loan in only 24 hours! Once you have qualified for the selected loan, RCS will can you. But first, they will ask you to provide them with certain pieces of details in order to process the online form.

What are the terms and conditions for an RCS loan?

            In general, these terms and conditions apply to any loan.

  • Clients must be eighteen years old or more

  • Their minimum salary must be of R2000 per month

  • The ID of the applicant must be south African

  • The applicant must have a bank account, ideally at RCS

  • The applicant will provide the bank with three bank statements (the latest ones) during the application process

What does RCS need to process your loan?

            RCS will need your ID number and the details of your bank. This way, RCS can issue a debit order as a method of payment

How are the existing loans at RCS in South Africa?

            The existing loans at RCS offer you extra money, not only for a wedding, possible studies or car repairs, but even debts. A loan at RCS will provide you the following advantages:

  • Loans that range from a minimum of R2 000 to a maximum of R 150 000.

  • The application process is paperless and very fast since you can simply carry it out online

  • Making decisions only takes a few seconds

  • Within only 24 hours, you can cash in your bank account

  • Flexible options for repayment. The options are a lot! Starting from 12 months and reaching 60 months

  • Your monthly statement is for free through SMS or email

  • Insurance for customer protection

How can I use the loan calculators at RCS in South Africa?

Find the best loan of South Africa

            A typical example of a loan calculator at RCS is the following:

Imagine that you decide to borrow a loan of R 7,500 for a period of 24 months. The interest rate would be of 27050% (annually). Meanwhile, the initiation fee would be of R480, which would be charged upfront. The service fee per month would be of R69. This would lead to a total of R12929. These fees generally fluctuate due to the conditions of the market, which are so volatile. They also can change because of the risk profile of the customer. Keep in mind that these values change based on the loan amount that you choose, the interest rate at which the loan was set, the term of the loan which will define the installments and amounts to be paid per month, the initiations fees and the service fees. Now, if you are thinking of a home loan, then the value might depend on the value of your home that was set by the market at the current moment.

What is the telephone number of RCS?

The telephone number of RCS is 0861-729727.

Which are the contact details of RCS?

Here is a table with contents that you may find useful:


RCS will give you the opportunity to carry the process online. You must be over eighteen and have the documentation that was previously mentioned.


0860 555 111.

Email address

You can submit a text through their website. It works the same as an email.


You will find many offices spread all over South Africa, especially in Mow bray and Cape Town. The website provides you with a location of all the offices. It is not a branch locator because it does not have any search filters but you can move with the cursor and consult the offices available in the area.

            To conclude, RCS is a company that will give you the assistance and guidance regarding home loans, personal loans and loans for debt consolidation. Remember that they also provide insurance and cards that are useful and convenient. The company also counts with a section at their website of suggestions, tips and explanations related to loans, insurance and such issues. It is under the name of “Lifestyle”. It comes up with ideas of how redecorating your home can be cheaper, ideas for expanding spaces in your house when it seems too small or crowded with stuff you no longer need, reasons why it is of paramount importance to use a personal budget, flower trends for your possible wedding, among other brilliant ideas.  Also, with RCS you can shop online through the shopping network. You can get to choose to shop by category, such as automotive, DIY, beauty, fashion, electronics, petrol, groceries, etc.

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Questions and Answers

Where does RCS come from? It’s under what?
This South African company works under what’s established by the NCA (National Credit Act). This means that RCS is a registered company and, as such it’s allowed to do certain financial operations regulated according to what the NCA establishes. Thanks to this, you can be sure the interest rate your loan gets won’t be higher than what’s allowed, which is 27.75%.
Can I apply for a loan since I get paid weekly 890 and I get 1200 of grants every month?
RCS’s requirement that refers to the client’s income, states he or she has to earn 2000 rands per month. If gathering your weekly payments, you reach that number, you sure have a possibility to start the RCS application. Don’t forget. You need to have that salary in your bank account and, you’ll also need to present documents proving you earn such amount.
What is the minimum amount of money that I can take? You can take out from R125 000 onwards.
You can take out from R125 000 onwards.
Can I take a loan if I have a monthly income of R2 500?
Yes, the minimum income acceptable is R2,000 per month. So you can apply now for the loan.
How can i get a loan?
There are many ways to obtain a loan at RCS: selecting online application in the company´s webpage, sending a message through the same media or phoning on 21 597 4000
How can I obtain my RCS Card?
You can do it online or go to your nearest branch (with minimum requirements such as your ID book and your latest 3 months payslips).
Can I apply for an RCS loan if I already have a RCS credit card?
As these are two different types of products this entity offers, you can always get both as, sure, you qualify for it. Because you already are an RCS client, they can have easy access to some of your information so, the answer you’ll get, may be even faster. Be aware of the fact that these products differ from one another so, they are processed separately.
I want to apply for a loan. Will rcs help me?
You can apply for a loan either by phone, in person or online. RCS Will help you throughout the whole procedure, since it has a staff of professionals willing to guide you in each step so as to become eligible.
Morning, may I ask if you do top ups on existing loans? Required amount r 2500.00 to top up! Thank you
Some entities allow to top up an existing loan but, under certain and strict requirements, of course. The applicant must have at least half the installments paid up and, if they have gotten behind with even one of them at some point in the past, the chances may lower down. You may try to apply to see if you can get a top up loan as, that will depend on how you’ve been cancelling your payments so far.
I want to know the requirements
Fine, we can help you with that! You ought to be a South African citizen of at least 18 years old, having a minimum monthly salary of r 2000. Also, as the payments are cancelled through Debit Order, you ought to have a bank account. To start processing your application, RCS needs your ID and details form your bank account then, they’ll ask you the rest of the documentation they need to check the requirements.
I want the loan with rcs to pay off all my debts i`m owing. Then, I will face with only one institution which is rcs. Should I be assisted.?
Sure! RCS can be the financial support you need right now. Whenever the loan is aimed to pay for a specific purchase, RCS will make that payment on your behalf and, as months get by, you will cancel the instalments through your bank account. The other option is that RCS transfer the money to your account and, you take care of repaying all your debts.
Can I get r200000?
mind is possible. Once you go over the loan request, RCS will get in contact with you to let you know if you’re qualified to get that sum of money. This decision will be made based on your specific situation, financially speaking.
Can I get the application form?
There are two ways to get the application form from RCS. One way is to get into their web page and find it. Once you get it, you’ll need to start submitting information about your identity and, how to get in contact with you. The other way is to reaching the company by phone. There, you’ll submit the same information to complete the loan application form and, find out if you can be issued a loan with this company.
Good day, I don’t have any record of payment. Never had debt in my life. But I do work, will I get a loan?
Here’s the thing. When lending companies pay attention to the record profile of an applicant, they do so to see how she or he behaves paying expenses and debts. That’s how they decide to lend the money or not. When applicants don’t have any record of payment at all, the company finds it difficult to trust on them. Even though, you’ve never had any debt, they can’t take you as a possible client. To build your credit record, you need to have paid for some public service, for example. Another alternative is to ask for short term payday loans as, they don’t pay such attention to the applicant’s financial record. Then, you’ll make sure to repay on time to start building a positive credit record.
Must I come to the branch for a loan?
No, and that’s one of main benefits of this company. After you get the loan confirmation from RCS and, as they’ve asked you your bank account details, they will transfer the money into that account for you to have instant access to it. After that, when your payment date arrives, the installment will be debited form the same account. This way, you’ll have the simplest process to get and, to pay for the loan.
Need a loan to buy a house
With RCS, you can aim to have 250.000 rands top. So, if you need to use the money to get a house, you must assure the amount is enough as, RCS doesn’t grant home loans. However, you have some other alternatives like, for instance, SA Home Loans, the First National Bank or BetterBond Home loans to get money to purchase a house.
I need a loan of 100000, how can I get it?
Starting, check the requirements RCS has established so, you’ll know if you have a chance. Then, be sure to have all the documentation needed that prove you meet those requirements. Finally, you can get online to give RCS a call to fill in the application form. If you qualify, the bank will get in contact with you to move on with the application.
Are these loans strictly for South Africans only? What if you are a namibian and needed a loan?
As regards nationality, what this bank has said is that every applicant must have and present a South African Identity Document. For any foreigner interested in applying for a loan, it may be a possibility if they have, for instance, a permanent residence issued by the Government of South Africa. Remember, the applicant must meet other requirements like, having a job, for which you need to be allowed to work.
I want to know if RCS can consolidate Capitec, Old Mutual, Direct Axis and the University of Pretoria for me and then, I pay only RCS
Even though the RCS Group does not have Consolidation loans, they have Personal loans and, they can also be of great help for you. Supposing you qualify for the total amount you need to pay for all these different debts, you can take that money and cancel them all. After that, you’ll continue paying only one installment per month to RCS.
Where can I get a loan? I’m staying in tembisa
You can take advantage of the easiest method this company has to apply for their loans: that is, through their platform. In their web page, there’s a really short form to complete with basic personal details about you before starting the application. Another option is to reach RCS by the phone and discuss your loan alternatives with their agents. Both of these ways are really fast and practical.
How much will I have to pay back per month?
As we don’t have the information needed to answer that question, such as your loan quote and payment term, we’ll provide you with a loan example for you to know an approximate cost of a loan. For a loan request of R7500 over 2 years, you’ll pay R556 per month. This installment includes the interest rate, a service fee charged monthly and, there’ll also be an Initiation fee of R936 charged upfront.
Can you please process my application, because i need to buy a house for my family. I am working permanently as admin officer from 200 tll to date, I will be glad if you can process as soon as possible
If you have sent your loan application, you will for sure get an answer right away. An important detail you must know is that RCS can’t grant you a home loan. They’ll only offer personal loans that may help you reach the amount you need to buy the house if, for example, you have saved certain amount of money and, you need to complete the total value of the property you want to purchase.
Can you please help me with a loan? I want to settle few of my accounts
RCS can be the answer you are looking for as long as you can present all the documents they request to prove the requirements are met. Then, they’ll tell you if they can approve the loan amount you need to cover all your liabilities based, certainly, on the sum of money you earn per month and how much money you spend on your daily expenses.
How much will I pay back over 60 months for r124 000?
The cost of each loan differs from each other as, the information about the applicants has direct effect on it. This can be explained simply. The interest rate to pay is based on the applicant’s behavior with payments. That is, the bank will award those who have a really good credit record. We can tell you RCS manages interest rate from 15% to 27.75% and, besides, there are some fees charged and a one-time only Initiation Fee
How much will I pay? I am looking for 20 000 only
You can initiate your loan application at RCS web page and, wait to see what’s their response. But, there’s something you need to know. They will show you a loan option based on your affordability so, they won’t give monthly payments higher than what you can spend. Also, keep in mind, the number of installments goes from 12 to 60 and, clearly, this factor is decisive to know how much you should pay for the loan.
When do I get it? I need it for business purposes
The steps you need to follow to receive the loan are 3: fill in the application (online or by phone), submit documents supporting the requirements and wait until RCS gives you the approval and a loan offer. When you get the offer, you can decide if you accept it or not and, from the moment the loan has been confirmed by RCS, in just 48 hours they’ll make the arrangement for you to have the loan in your account.

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