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If you are looking for loans, RCS can be one of the options that could work in your favor. It has an application that you can download, loans that could meet your expectations and much more. RCS is a well known company through which you will be able to access different benefits and features perhaps not given through other companies.

How do I get a loan from RCS?

In case you are in search of extra cash for vehicle repairs, a wedding or studies, RCS can be a great option for you and your loved ones. To get started you need to follow some steps that will help you get the loan from RCS. The company will call you back as soon as your loan is determined. Clients can access amounts that range from R250 000 in only twenty four hours with a simple call. In case you qualify for a loan, the company will make sure to give you a phone call and will ask for further details in order to complete the process of your application. Within twenty four hours, the money will appear on your bank account (if the loan is approved).

These are some of the requirements you should meet:

  •  Clients need to be of eighteen years or older

  • Clients need to be south African citizens and have an ID

  • Clients must have a bank account in which they will have their loan deposited

  • Your minimum per month should be of R2000

  • Clients will be asked to provide RCS with proof that shows income documentation.

Is there an RCS loan online application?

The company offers you the possibility to apply online by filling an online application. The company will ask you to provide the number of the client’s South African ID and the bank details of the client so that RCS can set a debit order. These are some of the advantages of having the online application carried out:

  • It is fast and convenient

  • You avoid long queues

  • You can apply from home

  • You will receive a phone call once your application has been evaluated

  • You can attach some files if you need to, instead of having to forward them in person

How do RCS loans work?

They work the same way as any other loan given by a South African company. This means that you apply through an online application to obtain an RCS loan. You will have to provide the agency with all the details they require to make sure that the whole process runs smoothly. They have particular benefits and features that will be further explained:

  • You will have access to an application process that is paperless and fast

  • You will be able to get cash loans that range from R 2000 to R250000

  • You can make the decision in just a couple of minutes

  • Within only twenty four hours, you can access the cash in your bank account

  • Repayment options are flexible and convenient. You can even pick from twelve to sixty months

  • The monthly statement is free and you can get it via SMS or email

  • Access protection insurance for customers

  • Interest can be quite low, starting from 15%

Does RCS offer home loans in South Africa?

RCS provides all sorts of loans, especially standard loans. These loans do not go under the name of home loans, but you can make use of them for whatever purpose you may have in mind. If you need to upgrade your kitchen, home or simple build up a new bedroom, you can make use of a loan at RCS for this purpose.

Can I make use of an RCS loan repayment calculator?

RCS does not have a loan repayment calculator. However, it does provide some representative examples of how a loan would work at RCS. For instance, if you were to pick an amount of R7 500, you could get a term of twenty four months. The annual interest rate could perhaps be closer to 27.50% and so the initiation fee would be approximately R 936. The service fee per month would be of R69, which would make the amount payable of R13 312. The installment amount per month would, therefore, be of R555.

Does RCS offer business loans?

RCS offers regular loans that can be used for different purposes. The features and benefits for loans are the same as for business loans. They do not go under “business loans” per se, but you can use them for your business or to launch a product or personal project that you have in mind. Business loans are ideal when you need extra money for investing in your personal dreams and goals when you lack the needed amount.  

Does RCS provide clients with consolidation loans?

Once again, the company RCS only provides standard loans that can be used for a variety of purposes. When it comes to consolidation loans, the situation is different. Having a consolidation loan means that you have a single loan through which you can consolidate your debt, meaning, they are all unified so that you have everything under control. 

What does game card loan consist in?

Game card loan consists in a more advanced, technological way of approaching loans. You can download an app and manage your account in a more virtual way. It is a mobile app that you can make use of 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. With this app, you can:

  • Pay your account on time

  • Have a view of your latest statement and have a better control

  • Update your personal details

  • You can register for carrying out purchases online

  • You can check your balance

  • You can obtain your statement through your email address

Besides, you will be able to:

  • Choose to get the statements through your email

  • Check the amount of credit that is available

  • You can download your statements virtually

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How is the interest rate for RCS loans?

Rates are in constant change due to the changing and volatile conditions of the market. The maximum cannot be exceeded, which is of 27.50%. This has been prescribed by the NCA. Also, the customer risk profile will also have an impact on the rate and may change the fees too.

Could I access RCS loan insurance?

RCS offers insurance of different sort. It does offer:

  • Funeral plan insurance

  • An income protection plan

  • Protection insurance for customers

  • Personal accident plan

  • Home and motor plan

  • Critical illness plan

  • Protection insurance for customers is one of the options that will have you covered when it comes to loans. This option is included in your loan, and it covers the following:

  • permanent disability, which means that it covers the complete loan balance (outstanding)

  • loss of income (it covers up to twelve loans installments)

  • death cover, which means your outstanding loan balance

  • temporary disability, which means that it covers loan installments (up to twelve months)

Are the loans at RCS legit?

This is another frequent question. Whenever we pick an agency to work with for a loan, we need to know whether it is legit or not. RCS is a legit consumer finance business that is focused on providing a wide range of financial products and services in association with different leading retailers in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. The main objective is to upgrade the lives of its customers by bringing innovative solutions and credit products that are accessible. Remember that RCS is an authorized and registered financial service provider and credit provider. The national credit act governs RCS to make sure that the credit or loan can be given to the client. Your credit score will be used in order to carry out the assessment which will provide the company with a credit history and will enable to show them how you managed and handled your credit before. Based on certain bits of information, the company will determine and decide whether they can grant you a loan. They do take into account the credit profile of the customer for safety and to make sure that the client has a good record or behavior when it comes to previous loans.

How are RCS loans reviews?

Clients work with companies and they always leave a comment of their experience, whether it was positive or negative. These are some of the reviews left by some of the users:

  • “RCS was quick in helping me find a loan that could suit my needs and limitations”

  • “the process of application with RCS ran smoothly and it was actually quite fast compared to traditional banks”

  • “RCS provided me with a bunch of options that could benefit me and my personal projects”

  • “not having an email address you can write to may seem like a disadvantage, but the company is quite fast in answering through their website”.

  • “the company provided me with a personal loan that I used immediately. It has plenty of advantages”

Does RCS offer loans in different branches?

  • The company has two main branches in South Africa:

  • One of the branches is located in Cape Town, in Liberty Grande Building

  • The head office is also located in Cape Town, in Raapenberg Road, in Golf Park.

Even if you live in other areas in South Africa, you can still apply for a loan from other cities since you can carry out the process online. In case you do not know how to do this or need extra help, you can get in contact with members of RCS to reach you and have you explained all the details that you are missing.

Are there any RCS loans in Durban?

The only main offices that RCS has are located in Cape Town. If you live in Durban, though, what you can do is apply for a loan from the online application without the need to be in Cape Town.

Does RCS have a contact telephone number for loans?

You can contact RCS by leaving the company a message on its website with your personal data or you can make a phone call by dialing up 0861-72972. Both ways are safe and the members of RCS will get in touch with you as soon as they receive your message. If you decide to leave the message on their website, this may take a little bit longer when receiving a reply from RCS.

Does RCS loans have an email address?

If you need to send an email, it will not be possible to do it through an email account. However, the company allows customers to leave a comment or message through their website. You should also leave your personal details, such as name, email address, cell phone and name.

Which are the working hours for RCS loans?

It is generally opened every day, from Mondays to Fridays, from eight in the morning till five in the afternoon. During the weekends, it generally remains closed to the public. This is the same for both offices located in South Africa, in Cape Town.

Is convenient getting a loan at RCS in South Africa?

As you may have seen, getting a loan at RCS has multiple benefits and the best of all is that you do not even have to do the operation face to face. You can get everything you need online. It has particular benefits for those who have been clients for many years. You can even access insurance, cards and other services that you may be in search for. For additional options, you should contact RCS to check whether they can provide you other services. Many clients wonder whether they can get personal loans at RCS without a pay slip. On this occasions, it is of paramount importance that the clients ask what their options are and if they can make this possibility a reality.

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