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How Can Citizens From Cape Town Get BFS Loans? Online Application, Rates and Contact Details

     Barkfo Financial Services - BFS - is a lending entity located in Lydenburg that provides their clients with short term loans. They are eager to help South Africa citizens tailoring their products to the borrower’s needs and, teaching them to use their money in a responsible way. In this article, we’ll refer to its contact numbers and, I’ll provide you with information about Wonga, which is another short term lending entity. I’ll begin with this last company’s rates and onlineapplication which allows you to apply from Cape Town. And then, I’ll refer to BFS. So, once you finish reading this article, you’ll have all the information you need to decide.

To start, I want to show you this table:


  South African ID, cellphone number, payslip, bank account details

Interest Rate

  0.1% per day

Phone Number

  0861 966 421

Email Address

Working Hours

  Weekdays and Saturdays


  From R500 to R4000

Initiation Fee


After checking out the previous table, where you can find some important Wonga information, we can expand on it.

Wonga Loans Rates and Fees

    When you take out a loan with Wonga, you’re charged some fees and interest depending on the quote you borrow and the term you choose. But, for you to have an idea, I’ll refer to the alternatives you may find. If you request up to R1000, you’ll be charged 16.5% on the Initiation Fee. If the amount is higher than that, it will be added a 10% of the value. Also, there will be a 0.1% on interest rate charged per day.

    When you apply for a short term loan with Wonga, you are allowed to borrow from a minimum of R500 up to a maximum of R4000. Keep in mind, if you are an existing customer, the maximum loan amount available goes up to R8000. Now, the length of the loan can be as short as 4 days up to as long as 6 months so, you can set up low monthly installments. However, remember that the longer the period you choose, the higher the interest to pay.

Wonga Online Calculator

    As I’ve just mentioned, the total cost of the loan will depend on the terms you choose. The good news is that when you apply, you make use of the online calculator that will help you get an idea of the cost of the loan. Let’s see how this works with an example. We’ll take a quote of R4000 to repay over 21 days, which means you’ll pay it back in just one installment. In this case, you’ll pay R712.73 on interest and fees, which leads the total amount to repay on R4712.73. But, if you choose a loan period of 6 months, summing up the Initiation and the Service Fee and the Interest, you’ll have to pay a total of R5416.62.

How to contact Wonga Loans?

    As I told you, they work online so, this is the contact information for you to get in touch with Wonga and elicit any doubts or apply for a loan. To start, they have two email addresses for different purposes. One of them,, is for cases in which you have doubts about repayments and, the other email address,, is for cases of general and, application enquiries. Besides, there’s a telephone number you can call from Monday to Friday between 7:00 and 19:00 and, any Saturdays between 8:00 and 13:00. The number is 0861 966 421. Please, bear in mind, they don’t work on Sundays and public holidays.

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How to apply with Wonga?

Next, I’ll list the steps you need to follow in order to apply for a loan with Wonga

    + First, make sure you comply with the requirements which are: have a job and a proof of income, bank account, own a cellphone and be a South African citizen.

    + Second, decide on the loan amount and term helped by the online calculator.

    + Third, fill the online application form you’ll find on Wonga website.

    + Fourth, wait for Wonga to go over your request and inform you about the decision.

    + Fifth, if your request is approved, submit your three previous bank statements or payslip for the company to check your income.

    + Sixth, receive the funds in your bank account.

                                                    BARKO FINANCIAL SERVICES

Let’s see now the contact information for BFS

    This lending entity’s Headquarters is placed at 59 Burger Street in Lydenburg. If you want to call them to elicit any doubt or, to apply for a loan, you can call their office to the number (013) 235 1030 or, you can also dial the toll free number 080 777 3777. Finally, if you prefer to contact them via email, BFS’ email address is

How does BFS works?

    For this entity, you need almost the same requirements as with Wonga. But, BFS requires you to be working for at least 6 months when you apply for the loan. Another difference is that, although BFS also offers short term loans, you have to repay the loan within just 1 month. So, when you apply, you need to have this in mind to see which company works best for you.

BFS Branches

            You’ll read now, some information about BFS locations.

    * The complete address for one of BFS’ branches is Station Plaza Shopping Centre, in shop F17 and F18A, 7th Avenue, Town Square in Mitchells Plain.  The phone number to contact this branch is (021) 391 0190 and, the email address,

    * There’re some branches in Rustenburg. You can direct to 50 Boom Street to find one of them or, dial the number (014) 592 0929. Also, you can email to Also, you can go to Old Saambou Building and find the Shop 10 or call to (014) 592 9856. The email for this branch is

    Now you’ve been informed about these two companies offering short term loans, you can compare them to make up your mind. Whether you need it now or, in a future, you know you can take a short term loan with any of them.

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Can I apply with any of them if I’ve just lost my job?

Unfortunately, you can’t. They need to know you have an income to repay the loan.

Will I have a fast answer?

Can I apply for R5000 with Wonga?

Only if you’ve worked with them in the past without any trouble.

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