Access Low Budget Loans in South Africa | Flexible or fixed Terms?

Access Low Budget Loans in South Africa | Flexible or fixed Terms?

Do you need cash right away? If you are in an emergency like situation and you need to access to finance as soon as possible, Low Budget Loans can be the solution. In South Africa you do not need to wait for ages to have a loan application approved; Low Budget Loans processes them in minutes. Read on, and find out how to apply, how to calculate repayments, and how to contact Low Budget Loans.

What Documents you Need to Start your Loan Application at Low Budget Loans?

Before we tell you the requirements and qualifying criteria, let us tell you more about how this loan works. Loan Budget Loans offers unsecured personal loans from R500 to R3 000. What does unsecured mean? It means that you do not have to provide any kind of asset as security for the loan. Security is used to back up loans when the amount that you request is much higher than the amounts offered by Loan Budget Loans.

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Personal loans provided by this company can be repaid in terms of three months to six months. The interest rate that will be applied to your loan will be established on the basis of your credit history and your monthly income. The better your income and credit record the lowest interest rate you can be offered.

Now, how do you qualify for this loan? You know that all lenders have a number of requirements and qualification criteria that you need to meet to access their loans. The same thing applies to Low Budget Loans. In order to qualify for its personal loans, you have to be a South African resident and be over 18 years old (of legal age), you need to prove that you have a regular source of income.

The documents you need to submit to Low Budget Loans are:

  • ID
  • Three latest payslips
  • Three last bank statements

If you meet all of these requirements and are able to provide the documentation mentioned above, you are ready to start your loan application process. To do this, you should complete the application form online.

Is it Safe to Use Low Budget Loans Online Calculator?

Web designers and engineers working at Low Budget Loans have created a loan calculator that you can use online. This application is very simple to use; all you have to do is establish the amount you need to borrow and the term in which you think you can repay it. The loan calculator will automatically do the math and give you the result: the amount of money you would have to pay each month.

Of course that the result is an approximate number, since you will know the actual figure when Low Budget Loans tells you the interest rate you can be offered. What we can tell you about the interest rates offered by this company is that they are fixed and calculated on the basis of the monthly outstanding balance.  

To use this calculator you will not have to enter any kind of personal or financial information, so there are no concerns about your security. However, you should know that Low Budget Loans treats all the information you provide them as confidential. Your information will be encrypted and will only be used for the purpose of assessing your affordability and other issues related to the loan application process.

Are there Positive Reviews about Low Budget Loans?

Low Budget Loans is a company that carefully complies with all provisions an regulations set by the National Credit Act. This can be easily corroborated since this company is registered with the NCR, which is the governmental agency in charge of enforcing the NCA. This is one of the first things you should consider before trusting a credit company. If a company is not registered with this organization, then it might not be trustful at all.

Ok, you know that Low Budget Loans is legit, but you want to know what other people say about it before taking out a loan with them. That is a great decision, hearing other people’s experience can help you make a better choice. You could ask around to see if someone you know –maybe a relative of a friend of yours is already a client of Low Budget Loans– can tell you something about this company. Also, let us add that if you have had any kind of experience with Low Budget Loans, you can leave us a comment below telling us about it (both us and our readers will thank you).

Now, we’ve been able to find several comments made by happy clients. People are really satisfied by how quickly Low Budget processes loans. Many made comments complimenting the company on their kind and helpful staff.

How to reach Low Budget? Contact Details

Although the loan process is completely online, some people might feel safer reaching out the lender first to ask some questions. Low Budget Loans has many communication channels available for you to easily contact them, but before we give you this information, let us urge you to use our question form below if you think we can assist you in any way.

Many people prefer to have face-to-face conversations instead of doing things online. If this is your case and you live in Pretoria, you will be able to visit their offices. However, you don’t need to live there to call them on the phone on 086 107 3072.

Lastly, if you would like to ask them a question or if you have any kind of concern, you can drop them an e-mail at This lender wants to be available to customers so that the loan process experience is satisfactory.

Needing cash in South Africa does not have to be a problem with Low Budget Loans. With this company, you can get short-term-loans with straightforward requirements and terms. This article explained all there is to know about the loans offered by Low Budget Loans: the amount of money that can be asked, the documents needed to apply, how to use the loan calculator, what people say about the loan, and contact details. 

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How much does the application cost?

It is a free service

Can I phone the company on holidays?

No, but you can reach them by email

Can I obtain multiple loans?

Yes you can

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