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Can I Apply for Low Budget Loans in Pretoria? Features and Contact Details

    Low budget Loans is a wonderful company, specialized in the field of loans, in particular low budget loans. What does that mean? That the company aims at offering its customers affordable credits, which can be sustained by customers in the long term. So, if it happens that customers have a low income, then they can easily still get access to a loan of their wishes and solve their financial problems.

   For such reason, in this article you will be given all the data and figures you need regarding Low budget Loans, and that of course includes the contact details of such company.

Why should Pretoria citizens choose Low budget Loans?

-This a company whose biggest passion is the finances of customers

-The application process is very modern and fast

-Loans are affordable

-Customers can rely on the members of the company

-The company is transparent in all aspects

-Loans are secured by the National Credit Regulator

-The are certain terms and conditions explained in the contract, so that the client know every detail of low budget credits

-Blacklisted customers can easily access a loan and it is not important if they are a blacklisted person

What are their services at Low budget Loans made of?

    I must say, that the main service provided by this company happens to be Low budget Loans, and the reason for that has to do with the fact that the company has observed that those clients who have a low income were excluded by other financial companies because of their budget. Which is why, their main service, these low income loans, happen to be the perfect solution so as to help these customers and make them feel welcome.


Below, I have created a short list with the different loans available:

A.Quick cash loan to cover instant needs

B.Online loan found at the company´s website

C.Instant loan obtainable in person

Urgent loan for emergencies

You will examine based on your needs which of the four loans can serve for your advantage. Most clients make use of instant loans so as to cover an emergency that they have on the road with their car or a medical consultation, which as you know is kind of expensive and cannot wait.

What about the application?

The good thing about the application procedure is that it is fast and it will only take minimal steps so that the client can fully understand each of the instructions.

Now, I will give you some facts about the features of Low budget Loans:

-Customers can obtain a maximum of R 3000 but they can also ask the company to grant them minimal amounts of R 1000

-Customers can easily apply online, by entering the website of the company

-Customers can easily use an online calculator in the company´s website which allows them to calculate affordability in simple steps

-Financing periods have a minimum of 3 months but can extend up to 6 months.

-The company enable clients to use the money for whatever they need, so you won’t be asked about the purpose of your loan

-You will pay an interest rate that cannot surpass 60%. This is effectively regulated by the National Act Credit

All in all, Low budget Loans have the main feature of making clients obtain between R 1000 and R 3000. And the application will never take more than 5 simple minutes. This application can be initiated in person, by phone or online

And lastly, the most important part-à Requirements

-Being employed and showing your income

-Possessing a decent credit record

-Showing a photo of your ID book

-Not possessing debts at present

-Showing a proof of the place you live at present

-Submitting pays lips and bank statements

    If you are interested in making use of the calculator so as to obtain detailed data about future repayments and other figures of interest, then go to the company´s website and click on the calculator. You will be asked to fill it in with personal and financial data and then you will be able to observe what your affordability is for a Low budget Loan. Bear in mind that the different figures or pieces of information that are seen there have been regulated by the National Credit Act, which gives loans reliability and transparency.

   As an example of the calculator, if you would like to obtain R 1000 the company can offer you to make 3 repayments by paying installments of just R 399. So, at the end of the loan you will more or less pay this amount: R 1399. See? The interest rate is not that bad, since it adjusts to the customers´ needs.

Contact Information of Low budget Loans in Pretoria

Even though this company does not have a physical office in Pretoria, there is one very closely located in Gauteng so clients can reach there in less than 10 minutes. However, I will give you also other means of communication available:

-Customers can make use of their laptops so as to send one email to the company, in order to let their associates know their inquiries or questions, so that in some days they receive a reply.

-Customers can make a phone call to the main office in the company so as to ask questions or solve doubts that they might have regarding this type of loans. The phone numbers is the following: 086 107 3072. That is a free number, which means that clients never need to pay for the call they make, but sometimes lines are collapsed so you might have to wait.

-In the following chart you are given the contact information of Low budget Loans, which is 10 minutes from Pretoria, in Gauteng:


R 3000

Interest Rate

Flexible rates

Telephone Number

012 809 0333


Gauteng area in the Lombardy Business Park on Unit 24. Graham

Working Hours

From 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Recent pays lips, recent bank statements and personal documentation of the customer

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