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What Are the Addresses to Apply for Loans in North West? Queries and Terms

Standard Bank

>Home Loans

Standard Bank can help you make your dream of your own home come true. Standard Bank offers home loans for its customers to have access to their own homes at very low interest rates and with comfortable repayment methods. You can apply for one of these home loans online on their website or over the phone at the number 0860 500 000, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. You can also visit the closest local branch in the area of North West province. These programs are available for you to purchase your first or second home or to renovate your home or your office. You can apply with a co-applicant or a partner if neither of you owns a property. You can get up to 100% of the value of the home in the loan amount as long as that amount is less than R1 million. You can then repay the loan amount in up to 20 years with very good interest rates. Home loans are only available for individuals at Standard Bank. Apart from making the monthly payments, you will also have to pay a home insurance to cover the property. In order to be eligible, you need to be at least 18 and have a monthly income of R3500 or more. You also need to have your salary deposited in an account. You will need to get a home owners insurance policy for the house and complete the full application process and hand in the required documents.

>Personal Loans

Personal loans at Standard Bank have very low fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments. These loans have no termination fees or any other extra fees and you will not have to pay any termination fees is you finish repaying the loan before the end of the term. The application process for personal loans is extremely simple and hassle-free; you can complete the application over the phone or at a local branch. For a loan, you need to get life insurance that will pay off the loan if something happens to the borrower (natural or accidental death or permanent or temporary disability). Once you get the loan approval, Standard Bank will transfer the funds to your account.

>Student loans

Standard Bank also offers student loans in the province of North West. This program can help you finance your studies and get good interest rates. You can use the money you borrow with a Standard Bank personal loan to pay for college tuition fees, accommodation if you will not stay at home and other educational expenses. Standard Bank will pay the university directly for tuition and accommodation. For books and other expenses, Standard Bank will transfer funds into your personal account. You can get a Personal Protection Plan to cover for your loan balance if something happens to you (death, disease and disability). These loans will cover for one year and you will need to reapply for each new school year. You will also have to pay an opening fee for each loan you get. In order to renew your loan, Standard Bank will ask you for proof of your marks and registrations each year. After you graduate, if you are a full-time student, you will have a grace period during which you will not have to make any payments until you get a job. If you are a part-time student, you will have to repay the loan amount while studying. You can make the payments to your loan with debit orders. If you drop out of school, you will need to repay the loan in full immediately. Monthly payments will be fixed and they will increase whenever you apply for a new loan and the loan amount also increases. To be eligible, you need to be enrolled in an accredited institution and be pursuing a certificate, diploma, degree or postgraduate degree or diploma and you need to have passed the previous academic year. You can complete the online application or visit a local branch and start the process. Remember that you will need a co-signer for a student loan.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Nedbank is another financial institution that provides its customers in the province of North West with banking and financial services. NedBank also offers borrowing products for its customers, such as personal loans, home loans and auto loans.

- Personal Loans

Nedbank personal loans can be used to pay off debts, college fees, holidays and other expenses. Once you complete the application process and get the loan approval, you will get the funds transferred into your account and you will have to repay that amount in a term of up to 60 months. For personal loans, please call the number 0860 103 582 or walk into a local branch. To be able to get a personal  loan, you need to be on a permanent job and have a minimum monthly income of R2000. You will also have to hand in copies of your ID, current pay stubs and proof of residence.

- Home loans

NedBank home loans can be used to make home improvements, to fix your car or to purchase furniture and appliances for your home. You can get up to R75000 and repay the loan amount in up to 60 months. To apply for a home loan please call the number 0860 300 400 and choose option 1. You will need to hand in bank statements of the last 90 days, a copy of your South African ID and proof or residence. You also need to earn a minimum monthly salary of R2000 from a stable job.

- Auto Loans

NedBank also offers auto loans with which you can purchase a car from an authorized dealer and then pay back the money in monthly payments. In order to apply for one of these loans, you will need to call an authorized dealership or call NedBank directly at their auto loan service line 0860 300 400. You will be able to purchase car of between R20000 and R120000 and repay it in a term of up to 60 months (5 years).

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Questions and answers

How can I make the monthly payments for my student loans?

You can send a debit order.

Which is the best option for home loans?

Both companies offer great interest rates and comfortable repayment terms.

Can I get an auto loan with Nedbank for a caravan?

Yes. Auto loans are available for any motor vehicle.

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