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Can the Citizens of Nelspruit Obtain Personal Loans? Features and Contact Details

   Today I will focus on two excellent companies that grant loans to South African citizens, Atlas and Standard Bank. Both companies have specific loans that are meant to change their clients´ lives with easily obtainable loans.

    For that reason, in this article, I will first focus on the Personal Loan offered by Atlas and then the Personal and the Home Loan granted by Standard Bank. Then, I will provide you with complete contact details of both companies, for you to be able to start an application just after you read this article.


Atlas Personal Loans

     Fortunately, their Personal Loans can be easily granted either in person at one of the branches of the company, online by filling in a short form with the client´s data or over the phone, by making a call.

    When it comes to the application procedure of Atlas Personal Loans, you should be aware of the fact that the company can give you up to this amount: R 8000 and you have freedom to finance that amount in periods that range from 1 month to 6, pretty much. You can also ask for more than R 3000 if you feel like that amount is not enough for your needs. For you to receive the totality of the money in your bank, you must first make sure that you have given to the company all your contact information. That is also a way to make your repayments effective, as the money is commonly deducted from your account.

   There is also a special feature the company gives to clients which is a huge discount on the whole amount of the loan, if clients give positive comments about the company to other citizens. Usually, the discount corresponds to 7% of the totality of the loan.

Let’s see how the application procedure functions, which as you will notice, is very simple to carry out. Clients can fill a form found in the company´s official website and expect to receive a phone call for representatives. And, the moment you are told your application was approved, you can start enjoying the funds right away.

  These are the requirements:

-Taking your Id book, to show you are a South African citizen

-Giving the company your recent bank statements and also pay slips

-Submitting the data regarding your bank accounts and credit cards

-Submitting an employment statements to prove you are legally employed at the moment of requesting for the loan

-Having a bank account with a financial enterprise

Worth knowing details about Atlas Personal Loans

    The company can offer an extra loan if the money previously granted to you is not enough and you need a small increase of it. So, if you experience an emergency you can take advantage of this service. The only condition to be granted it, is that you have finished paying the first 3 installments.

      Please let the company know if you are having a hard time with your finances and cannot pay one of the installments. How does that work? You just have to make a phone call to the company´s customer service line.


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Personal Loan.

    The main objective of Standard Bank´s Personal Loan is to make you cover all kinds of needs you are experiencing, and that of course has to do with debts, expenses and further services you need to pay right away.

    The interest rates of this loan tend to be lower than those proposed by other financial companies, so they are quite competitive. Moreover, this company offers many periods of financing for its loans, for you to have plenty of time to finance the program.

Home Loan

Let’s focus on the main features of this loan, which functions as a complement of a Personal Loan, since obtaining a house or restoring your own property is also a personal need:

-Customers can have access to a lending program of about 114% of the totality of their property, but there is a maximum of R 100 000

-Interest rates will be lowered for your convenience and they will be fixed

-There are financing periods whose maximum consists of 20 years

-Most of these loans can be easily obtained if you are a private customer and not an enterprise

-Customers can also obtain an insurance to protect their finances, which has been labeled Credit Life Insurance. This is especially recommended in cases where the health of the customer is at risk or an accident takes place.

 Are you interested in the requirements? Here I will list them:

-You must be a private customer so as to be eligible for a Home Loan

-You must be 18 years old or more than that

-Your monthly income should consist of about R 3 5000 or more

-You will be requested to open an account with this bank so as to proceed with payments


-In person

Their office in Nelspruit is found at the Louis Tritchardt Street, whose exact location is 110 Belmont Villas


In the company´s official webpage, you can begin your application for a loan, obtain more data, send messages to representatives and have access to offers and important discounts.

    -By phone

You can phone the company by dialing up the following number:

087 701 8665. A there also exists a phone line created for customer service: 0800 204 679.

-By email

You can also send a simple email to a special email address which has been designed for doubts and queries: There is also another email address for requesting information to the company:


-In person

One of its offices in Nelspruit is located inside the Riverside Mall, exactly located at the Bitterbesie Street.


The company has its own webpage, for their clients to get information about personal banking, business banking and some covers. The website is useful for beginning an application or also communicating with the members of the company.

-By phone

There is a phone number designed for customer service: 0860 123 000.

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Either by automatic deduction or with cheque books

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Yes you can

Can everyone obtain a loan with these two companies?

If they comply with the requirements yes

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