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What Are the Lending Programs offered by Izwe Bank in Bloemfontein? Quotes, Contact Details and Requirements

Have you recently move to Bloemfontein? Or is this the first time you need financial support? Good choice, you have just found what you need. In this article, we will try to describe, in details, the different loans that one of the main banks of the country has to offer: IZWE BANK. In fact, we will talk about rates, possible quotes, requirements and even how you find offices of the company in the city and other ways to contact it.

               Izwe entered in the South African banking market in 2004 by opening its headquarters in Pretoria. Quickly, it started to open more and more offices in the country and, God’s blessing, it opened a branch in Bloemfontein so as to reach as many citizens as possible offering the most convenient financial solutions.

Where can I find an Izwe branch in Bloemfontein?

In Bloemfontein, the official Izwe branch can be found in Bloemfontein Central. The exact location is 72 Charlotte Maxeke Street. Representatives are available in business hours in person, but you can also contact them by phone dialling up +27 51 430 2698. Another possibility you have to contact them is through e-mail, writing to the following address: In a couple of hours, you will get the answer in your inbox.


There are three loans as such which you can apply for, and there we show you the features:


With these typical programs, you can borrow money to finance whatever need that may appear in your everyday life. There are amount of money available for sums that go from a minimum of R6000 to a maximum of R99 000. The money can be used to affront the purchase of a new a car, pay for your children education, and to go on vacations, among other things. In case you need the money, please take into account that financing periods go from 9 to 42 months.


In case you are interesting in having you own house, you can think about building it! Izwe has one of the most convenient loans of the market exclusively destined to finance building process. Starting projects from scratch is easier if you get the financial support you expect.  Don’t miss such opportunity.


Getting an education plan is being a hard process? Do you need a company that facilitates everything? OK, let’s try with Izwe student loans, then. You can count on student loans thought either for current of possible clients who want the highest education for kids. You can get money to affront school fees, to pay for tertiary education and even more. Similarly to personal, financing terms go from 9 to 42 months.


-This program is useful to put an end to simultaneous debts.

-In fact, you can combine all your loans under a single one and pay only once a month.

-You can cover debts from a minimum of R5000.

-As you reduce debts into a single one, you are exposed to single fixed interest rates.

-You have the possibility of having lower interest rates.

-You avoid skipping deadlines since all of them are combined in one.

-If you find it difficulty in paying on the correct date, please, don’t hesitate to contact representatives so as to find a solution as soon as possible.

-You have the chance to pay a consolidation loan by automatic deduction from any bank account.

-You save money on charges since you avoid administration fees.

What do I need to apply for a loan at IZWE?

Fortunately, nothing out of the normal. For you to be eligible, you have to prove you are permanently working. In fact, you are required to present your last three pay slips. Another thing you need is an active bank account since it is there where you receive the money.

               Now you know the characteristics to Izwe Loans, let me show some example of how interest work in real life so you can grasp an idea of possible monthly payments based on different loan amount:

-The fist simulation will be with a loan in R26000. Imagine you need such amount to buy a vehicle, so you will have it in your account almost instantaneously once the loan in approved. In order to repay the loan, you have different possibilities. First of all, you can choose a 2-year term and make 24 payments of approximately R1820. Secondly, you can make 30 payments of near R1555. Third, you can choose a 3-year term and make 36 payments of R1380. And finally, you can choose the longest periods available and pay 42 instalments of R1150.

-Let’s see a second example for a loan of R43000. As the amount of money is higher, there are less financing options available. You can choose, for example, to make 36 payments of R2199. Or you can also choose an option that allows you to make 42 payments of 1825.

-Let’s take a look now, at an example with one of the highest amounts available: R95000. As if you choose a short financing terms monthly quotes will be really high, let’s calculate on a period of 42 quotes. In this case, you will pay almost R3893.

               Let’s take a look now at a short table which includes the most important points that has been developed in this article:

Personal loan


Amount of money available

From R6000 to R99 000

Consolidation loan


Business loan


Address in Bloemfontein

72 Charlotte Maxeke Street

E-mail address

General phone number


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               To conclude, from all the details developed in this post, it is possible to sum up that living in Bloemfontein with a branch of Izwe Bank near your home, financial troubles will be easily solved. There are programs to buy whatever you need, from a new car, to a computer and you can even afford home repairing. Are you still thinking about how are you going to pay for your holidays? Go to Izwe Bank and start enjoying life as you really deserves.

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Yes, it is.

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Just a couple of hours after approval.

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