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What Are the Features of Izwe Consolidation Loans? Requirement and Quotes

Do you have more than one debt and it is difficult to cancel it? Are you looking for an alternative that does not eat at all your salary? We invite to read about Izwe consolidation loan. A program designed by one of the main banking companies in South African destined to help those who are plagued with debts. Here, you will get information about possible quotes, requirements, contact information and even other loans that may work at your advantage.

Consolidation loans: explanation and characteristics

Consolidation loans are special programs that put an end to the numerous debts. In fact, if you have more than one company you owe money, you can combine all the debts so as to consolidate them into one. When applying for a “debt consolidation loan”, you just take a new loan that will replace the rest. Let’s take a look at the characteristics:

-You can apply for loans from R5000.

-You pay with one instalment, all the debts you have.

-Interest rate is fixed, so you are attached to variations in amount.

-As you have only one loan, interest rates become lower.


Fortunately, the list of services granted by Izwe Bank is not limited to Consolidation Loans. In fact there are also, for example, personal loans. With these programs, clients can borrow from R6000 to R99 000 to renovate a car, to afford good education for children, to consolidate any other debts and even to go on vacations. Financing options go from a minimum of 9 months to a maximum of 42 months.

Another option you have is building loans. Getting your own home can be really difficult, but building your own from scratch is every day easier with the help of a responsible company. Apply for an Izwe building loan and finance the process of creating your own place to live without trouble.

And last but not least, you can also apply for loans exclusively designed to finance education. Izwe loans wants to cover every aspect of life, and for that purpose, there are student loans available for current and prospective clients. The money can be used to pay for all school fees, to pay for tertiary education, or whatever you need to tailor your children’s future. As with the rest of the programs, financing periods can also range from 9 to 42 months.

Special information about IZWE Bank Loans

In order to be eligible for the loan, you only have to show that you have a stable job. This should be proved with your last three payslips. It is also important to know that you need a bank account where the money will be deposited.

Izwe Loans: calculation and quotes

1) Imagine you need money to remodel your home and a credit of R26000 would be perfect. Once the loan is approved, Izwe will deposit the money in your account and you will be able to repay it in 24 payment of R1820, in 30 payments of R1555, in 36 payments of R1380 or in 42 payments in R1150.

2) Another possibility is a loan of R43000. For expenses that are higher, there is more money available. However, there are less options to make payments: you can pay 36 instalments of R2199 or 42 payments of 1825.

3) And finally, let’s see one of the highest loan amounts available: R95000. This amount can only be financed in the longest period available. In fact, you can, for example, make 42 payments of R3893.

What happens if I cannot pay for the loan?

Izwe Bank gives clients the opportunity to choose the most convenient financing period and payment method so as to be sure that payment will be made. In case you have a loan and you cannot meet the deadline, you have to contact the company as soon as possible. Representative will help you with different procedures so that you avoid administration fees, extra interest and above all, you are not reported to Credit Bureau, which may cause struggle for future loan application.

               Now you know all the details about Izwe Consolidation and other lending programs, let’s see the different alternatives to contact the company:

-There is one office in the city of East London. It is located at 3 Gladstone Street. The phone number is +27 43 722 3649.

-Another branch can be located in the area of Durban. An Izwe office can be found in the Pinetown, at 67 Crompton Street. In case you want to contact this office by pone, please use the following number: +27 79 458 9966.

-You can also find an Izwe branch in Pietermaritzburg. The exact address is 210 Langalibalele Street. For phone assistance, the number is +27 33 394 5997.

-There is also a general phone line that you can contact with for phone application or just to make questions. It is 010-206-7400 and it is available in typical office hours.

-Another option you have to contact staff is through e-mail. Write questions, suggestions or send documents to this address:

-And finally, if you to apply without leaving the comfort of your home, visit the official webpage and start online application. In a couple of steps, money will be available in your account.

               Before finishing our post, we will show you a table that contains all the data described here:

Consolidation loan


Personal loan


Business loan


E-mail address

Branch in Durban

67 Crompton Street

General phone number


Find the best loan of South Africa

               All in all, Izwe Bank has a wide variety of option when it comes to financial help. From all the points developed above, it can be concluded that not only can you cancel all debts, but you can also finance expenses with the most convenient programs. There are consolidation loans so as to take advantage of unique and fixed rates and also, building loans to get your own home, students loans to help your children and even personal loans as such that will be useful to cover whatever expense that may appear on the road.

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Questions and answers

Do I need a permanent job to apply for a Izwe Loans?

Yes, you do.

Where will I get my money?

In your bank account.

Shall I secure the loan?

No, it is not necessary.

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