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Is Porth Elizabeth Eligible for FirstRand Bank Loans?

    What is the FristRand Bank? Well, it is a group comprised by many franchises, such as Wesbank and First National Bank, whose main objective is to give South Africans banking services such as deposits, transfers, insurances and loans. Today, we are interested in the loans that can be found at this group, and you will be surprised to know that their loans are available in Porth Elizabeth.

    In the next article, I will mention each of the features of the variety of loans found in this group, which are offered by Wesbank, one of its main providers. Then, I will give you the contact details of this franchise in Porth Elizabeth.

Let me begin with WesBank Car Loan. This has to do with a loan created for customers that really wish to possess a car through a vehicle dealer. In order to obtain such program, some steps need to be followed:

1.You must comply with all the documentation the members of the bank as you to submit. You will see that the application usually does not last more than half an hour

2-You must provide the members of this franchise all your personal data and means of contact, so that they can deliver you the news of whether your application was passed or not. You should also give information regarding the car dealer, which can be chosen by you.

3.If the application is passed, the company will directly get in touch with you so as for you to sign a few documents. The same ones need to be signed by the car dealer, bear that in mind please.

I will list now some significant points regarding Car Loans:

-You cannot begin an application without knowing beforehand what type of car you want to buy, so please try to get as much information as you can about it

-Try to bear in mind all the charges and expenses created by the car usage before choosing a car you will use on a daily basis. Those costs are fuel and maintenance ones.

-You need to acknowledge that you have access to many types of fuels, which can be determined based on your income and the financial situation you are going through. You can for instance choose Diesel, which tends to be the cheapest fuel available for cars. But, this fuel has one disadvantage, in the long run you will need to make several repairs to your vehicle.

-Take into consideration if you are going to travel long distances with the car and what usage are you planning to give it on a daily basis. So, if you consider that piece of information, you get to know how much money needs to be spent on the fuel you have chosen.

-Be prepared to pay for an insurance for your car so as to be protected in many circumstances and avoid wasting lots of money in repairs.

What are the requirements for Car Loans?

-Telling the company beforehand what is the car dealer you want to make the transaction with

-Choosing a car not so expensive, as its maximum can be of R 30 000

-Being 18 years old at least

-Being a South African citizen and showing that with a proof of residence

Find the best loan of South Africa

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-Being prepared to show your credit references with a similar credit provider

-Being employed. In such job, the company need your income to be of at least R 6250. Your income influences your affordability.

Now I will focus on Personal Loans granted by WesBank to FirstRand customers. It has been named Cash Power Personal Loan.


   This lending program is going to cover you at any personal circumstance you are facing, as you can choose amounts that range from R 5000 to R 150 000 and the funds can be received in plenty of ways. However, automatic deduction is the payment method recommended for such operations. Regarding financing terms, they are very personalized as the company sets them based on your income and your financial status. And, the interest rates will remain fixed during the totality of the loan.

     The most interesting part of this loan is that you can use it for an emergency you are having in Porth Elizabeth, since the company will grant you the money in about two days. So it is a very convenient way of coping with emergencies, which is a pretty common thing.


Requirements for a Personal Loan:

-Putting forward what is the amount you ear each month, which of course should be superior to R 4500

-Submitting an identity book so as to show your number

-Submitting your credit references with another bank or credit provider

-Submitting some statements from the bank you usually operate with

Benefits a Personal Loan from FirstRand Bank can give you:

-You can obtain between R 5000 and R 150 000 and getting to choose how the funds are given to you

-You can wait for less than two days until your money is granted

-You can select periods of financing whose maximums are of 6 years

-You can decide what use you would give to the money requested

-You can obtain a checking account with the company

-You will stick to fixed interest rates in each installment

-You will not need to secure the loan you are given with a collateral

Contacting Wesbank Bank in Porth Elizabeth

-In person

    Its head office in Porth Elizabeth is located exactly at 16, Newton Street, whose phone line is the following:41 396 5111. This branch typically opens Mondays to Fridays on business horus, so bear that in mind before going in person late.

-By phone

   You can also communicate with the bank by making a call to their free line, which is available Mondays to Fridays from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. The line is the following:0861 288 272.


   You can even try sending an email to Wesbank in order to get a reply with a professional of the company who will guide you towards the lending procedure. Such message can be send from the company´s website.

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