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Are there Grindrod Bank Loans in Sandton? Requirements and Contact Information

     Are you a former resident of Sandton? Would you like to a find a quick and simple way to solve your financial problems? There is certainly a reliable bank present in Sandton, which is willing to help you through their loans. I am talking about Grindrod and its wide array of loans.

    In the article you are about to read, you will receive complete information regarding all of the loans provided in this company, and the multiple ways of making deposits you have. Then, I will give you the contact information of such company in Pretoria, the place where you currently live.


I ill list the three loans you are allowed to apply for at this company:

1-PROPERTY FINANCE: this is a finance recommended to clients that usually make use of properties, that are pretty expensive, for commercial reasons. Which is why, if they fell they cannot afford these type of acquisitions, the bank can lend them money. In fact, there exists the possibility of settling a mortgage on the property, which will include almost 80% of the value of such property.

2-MEZZAINE FINANCE: this finance summarizes the combination of two of the most requested operations: the equity funding and the traditional mortgage. Which is why, the bank offers its clients to find on its own the most affordable choices in terms of real estate properties. Additionally, clients that have obtained a Mezzaine Finance can make deposits, transfers and other financial operations within the company.

3-DEBTOR FINANCE: this finance has the objective of supporting clients by giving them more cash flow than the one they were experiencing. Together with this benefit, Grindrod offers comfortable and short financing periods, whose maximum can not be superior to 120 days. This happens to be a great benefit for clients, because they have the chance of completing the financing of the loan in a couple of months, which is not the case with most credit providers that establish long financing periods.


-Cash flow can really increase when the company accepts to pay for 80% of your debtors book

-Effective negotiations can be carried out

-Surplus cash can be utilized in multiple negotiations

-A good organization of your finances with the support of the bank will help you make better decisions


    As it is usually the case with other credit providers, you will be asked to meet certain requirements so as to obtain Grinrod loans:

-A sustainable business, whose financial organization and assets are kept in perfect conditions

-A debtors book whose amount happens to be superior to an amount of R 10 million, so that is the minimum accepted

-Financing periods of time that cannot be less than 3 months

-It is  essential that your business is gaining prestige in the market

-The financial system of your business is well handled

-Stakeholders need to be ready to look for assets to function as collaterals of a lending program

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      Having already mentioned the different loans offered by Grindord, its benefits and requirements, I would like to move on by focusing on the four type of deposits available at this company:


    Making deposits in cash gives you the benefit of doing it whenever you want, so it does not matter the period of time you choose, cash deposits are allowed. The interest rates corresponding to these deposits are fixed and the company will find the lowest rates in the market. Regarding charged, the bank will not charge you any of the services.


     If you are willing to make this type of deposit, you are given the possibility of withdrawing money from an ATM for instance, and not having the obligation to pay for that service. But, the company recommends that you let their members know about this type of operation you have made.

    If you are worried about the interest rates of a deposit, you will easily find in if you enter the bank´s website, where their representatives tend to update it with a certain frequency. Such webpage can also be used for asking for quotes.


    You will be able to make Call Deposits if you have registered for a Call Account with the company. Then, you can make deposits in short periods of time, whose rates happen to be low. Besides, the bank gives you the opportunity of making a wide array of deposits, so there are no limits when it comes to its quantity.

     The only requisite you need to comply with for a Call Deposit, is sticking to a minimum: R 50 000 and be willing to make a notification to one of the members of the company. The bank will let you know about its overdraft, which is now of 10%. Now, you have two chances of making investments: R 5 million or R 100 000.


   The key characteristic of a deposit like this, is that you have chances of completing a deposit only for a set period of time. Of course there exists an interest rate for such operation, but do not worry since it is low and affordable. The requisite for a Fixed Deposit is that you make a minimum deposit of R 50 000, so please do stick to that minimum so as not to waste time.

Contact information of Grindrod in Sandton

-You are able to contact the company by clicking into their webpage, where they give you the chance of soliciting for quotes, sending messages and more services. You can even begin an online application there, which allows you to save plenty of time.

-You can also contact the company by going to one of its physical offices in Sandton, located in the area of Sandown. It is inside the Grindrod Tower. The exact address, for you not to have problems trying to find it, is 8 Protea Place, on the 4th floor of the building already mentioned.

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