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Is it Possible to Obtain Grindrod Bank Loans in Johannesburg?

     If you are a former citizen of Johannesburg and you are looking for a loan that will support you and your family, let me tell you I have in mind the perfect company to suit those needs. I am referring to Grindrod Bank, one of the most reliable banks you will ever know.

    In the article you are about to read, I will give you detailed information about each of the loans you have access to in this company. Next, I will show you different sort of deposits that you can make at Grindrod. Lastly, I will give you contact information of such bank in Johannesburg, so that you can send an email, make a phone call or even go in person to one of its offices.


This banking company has incorporated three main loans for your needs:

1-PROPERTY FINANCE: this is the type of loan suggested to clients that look for convenient and affordable properties, that they would like to use for commercial objectives in the future. There is also the possibility of obtaining a mortgage, whose vale would be of around 80% of the total value.

2-MEZZAINE FINANCE: when it comes to this loan, you need to know that you can easily see how two kinds of credits are combined, because you can effectively merge your mortgage with an equity funding. And, with this finance you are authorized to make as many banking operations as you wish.

 3-DEBTOR FINANCE: if you are looking to increase your cash flow, perhaps you should take a look at this loan, which offers affordable financing periods of about 4 months, which is a big benefit, since other companies will suggest that you complete the financing in lots of months, which in the long run will not benefit you that much.


-Your cash flow will be significantly changed, since you will experience certain increase on it

-The company is willing to take care of almost all your debtors´ book

-There are multiple negotiations available at the bank once you apply for a loan

-You can have access to surplus cash so as to negotiate with whomever you want


     You are probably aware of the fact that you are expected to meet a few requirements so as to obtain a loan without complications. Here goes the list of requirements for this company´s finances:

-Be willing to do paperwork

-Having a business whose financial organization is well carried out

-Agreeing to pay for the whole loan in periods of no more than three months

-A desire to make your business grow and compete with other companies in the market

Now that you know each of the loans and its benefits, let’s move on by providing a definition of each of the deposits found here:


Through these deposits, you can of course use cash and at the same time you can perform the operation whenever you want. You will need to stick to certain interest rates that the company promises to low once you deposit lots of money. Those rates will be fixed and you will not need to pay for other charges, which in most companies are additional ones

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      If you are interested in withdrawing money right away, at any place, you can rely on this type of deposit. Moreover, this service can function without paying additional charges. But, you must let the bank know about the withdrawal you have just carried out, so as not to pay extra fees.

     All the interest rates applicable to deposits will be detailed in the company´s website, so according to the deposit, a rate will be defined and will appear in the ticket of the bank once you have made the transaction.


    The main benefit of Call Deposits, is that you are given two services: a call with the bank and a deposit that will facilitate your operation of making deposits in shorts periods of time. Their interest rates are low and you have the chance of making not one, but more than one deposit on the same day.

    There is one requirement you will need to meet so as to be able to use this service and it is making one initial deposit of R 50 000 and also notifying the bank about this. If you are worried about the overdraft, let me tell you that it corresponds to 10% and that you can invest either R 5 million or a lower amount, R 100 000.



    If you are attracted to making a fixed deposit, you need to know that it will last only for a period of time which is fixed by the company. The interest rates that come along with this type of deposit are also fixed, just like the ones for the other deposits. The only requisite for using this service is that you are willing to make an initiation deposit of R 50 000.


Contact information of Grindrod in Johannesburg

I would like to show you that there are plenty of ways to get in touch with the company if you reside on a permanent basis in Johannesburg:

-You can contact the company from the comfort of your laptop, at home, by entering the company´s website, in which there are chances of sending messages, soliciting for several quotes on their products and also starting online applications.

-If you favor a personalized attention, you need to know that there is a physical branch in Johannesburg located in Sandton. This office is inside the Grindrod Tower, on the 4th floor. The exact location, for you to be able to find it right away, is 8 Protea Place. This branch is open from Mondays to Fridays on business hours. Remember that if you wish to speak to their members on weekends, you can easily send a message through their website, easy as that.

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Yes you can

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Sure, you can use it from your computer

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Yes, there are plenty of them

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