FNB Loans – Easy steps to apply for a Personal Loan

FNB Loans – Easy steps to apply for a Personal Loan

Any time we speak about personal loans, we refer to the most common type of loan in South Africa. This kind of loan is widely known for being used to pay for big purchases like, for instance, computers, house renovations, new furniture or a new business. Thanks to this, there are many companies dealing with this type of credit, which can turn the process of looking for the best option a nightmare. Luckily, I’m here to talk about one of those options in South Africa, FNB. I’ll delve into their personal loans, the steps you must take before going through their online application, and all the information you need.

How to get a personal loan from FNB?

This is the first question I want to put my focus on, as it’s how everything starts. The thing is that you need to understand many details before applying for a loan with First National Bank. For instance, in the following question, you’ll read about requirements that needs to be met with them. Later on, I’ll tell you all about application process at FNB and how can you really speed up the process.          

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What FNB personal loans requirements must I complied with?

As each type of credit has their specific features, so it does their requirements. In the case of personal loans for FNB, there are not complicated details you should pay attention to in order to make FNB considering you as possible borrower. You must:

  • be older than 18 years old, but younger than 64 and reside in South Africa.
  • have a permanent job. Bear in mind, being self-employed is not an impediment for FNB to grant you a loan.
  • get your monthly wage paid in a bank account.

Then, of course, you need supporting documents for the previous information like, bank statements, ID and Smart Card.

There’re some points to highlight as regards bank statements. If you don’t bank at FNB, you’ll be asked to present the last 3 months’ bank statements. In addition, if you’re self-employed, you’ll need the previous 6 months’ statements.

Finally, as regards FNB qualifying criteria, you should have a clean record of past loans and financial responsibilities.

What is the main benefit of an FNB unsecured personal loan?

Whenever we have to refer to unsecured loans, it’s impossible not to mention the great benefit of not having to present a collateral to secure the loan. This is surely the reason why FNB unsecured personal loans are so popular. South Africans get an easy way to obtain the financial support they need. All the same, you should always remember, there are affordability checks conducted by the bank to state if you are eligible for the loan amount you ask.

Is it easy to go through FNB loan application?

Nowadays, applying for a loan is one of the easiest things to do. You can apply with FNB online, for example, in just few steps. However, that doesn’t mean the process will be successfully, and hence, that you’ll get it as easy as you think. All the same, there are some steps you can take previously to applying that can shape your way to an FNB loan approval.

  1. You have to verify the requirements I’ve mentioned to be sure you comply with them.
  2. Then, get the time to collect the documents and make sure they’re legible.
  3. Keep an eye on your credit score as it’s the final and most important factor FNB takes notice of to grant you the approval.

Do you recommend using a personal loan calculator to ask FNB for a loan?

When you have to buy an electrical household appliance, you take time to go around looking for prices, right? Well, this is pretty much the same. It wouldn’t hurt if you have an approximated idea of how much would you have to pay for a loan. Most calculators are online and free to use, so you should take advantage of them to know from the start if you’re getting a reasonable price.

Apart from that, having your FNB loan payment estimate will let you know if you can afford the cost of the loan before signing the contract. This way, you can prevent yourself from entering a payment term you can’t pay for.

How does FNB decide how much I qualify for?

Often enough, there are unhappy applicants wondering how they were rejected, or why their loan amount is lower than what they asked. Well, remember I mentioned affordability checks earlier? Well, FNB takes all the information from that revision into consideration to evaluate how much money you can give back. This means that having your monthly salary, your expenses, current loan payments and so on, the allows bank to make you a quote offer that fits to those numbers.

What’s the interest rate on a personal loan at FNB?

In case you don’t know, the interest rate charged in any loan issued in South Africa should be regulated. I can explain this by saying any interest rate charged on loans mustn’t go beyond certain limits. This assures any FNB loan applicant that the cost of the loan won’t be higher than what’s established. In addition to this criterion, FNB needs to know where you stand financially to set the interest rate for your loan. As a consequence, if your credit history is right and if you don’t have existing loans, your chances of getting a lower rate are high.

What are FNB personal loans repayment options?

As every day banks are trying to out most their service, it’s possible to find some good alternatives when it comes to paying for a personal loan. When focusing on FNB precisely, they demand their applicants to own a bank account in order to go through payments through debit order.

How does it work FNB Take a break in January for their personal loans?

Wanting to help their borrowers achieve their dreams, FNB has set an alternative to make it possible for them to miss one payment if they need to. First, in order to be able of taking this benefit, you must have your payments up to date, which means you shouldn’t fall behind on any of the instalments. If you succeed on this, you can have this payment break. Remember, it can only be taken in January, so do your best along your installments payments to relax and enjoy your January.

How long does FNB personal loan take to pay?

Payout times might depend on 2 factors: one of them is the type of loan you’re trying to get, and the other, the documents you present. If you are asking FNB for a personal loan, for instance, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to get the funds. But, if there’re some issues you need to solve with the paperwork you present, it might delay the process few more days.

Can I take an FNB loan if I don’t bank with them?

Sure thing! FNB does not grant loans to their existing customers exclusively. You just need to assure you meet the requirements they ask for external clients to prove your source of income and you’re set. Of course, don’t forget the loan will be transferred into a bank account, so you might have to open one at FNB. Something similar will happen with payments, as you can pay through debit order, an FNB bank account should be required. However, you can have it just for the sake of your loan transactions, not to manage your entire salary with FNB.

Does FNB grant personal loans for self-employed?

Once again, FNB makes sure they can assist any kind of South African worker, including those working on their own. As you can’t provide the company with salary slips, you will have to go a little further to show you have a steady income. All the same, you needn’t worry as you can present bank statements to do it. The only difference is that your bank statements will have to go back to 6 months, at least.

How does FNB short term loan work?

Although you’ll find similar terms with most South African loan companies, there are little characteristics on each company that make you go on a specific direction. At FNB, the characteristics for short term loans are:

  • Loan amounts between 1000 and 300000 rands.
  • Flexible terms. For example, you can make early payments or pay the minimum for your loan. This means, you have great flexibility to manage your payments.
  • Interest rate calculated to tailor each applicant’s situation.
  • Credit insurance to cover you on an unfortunate event.

FNB personal loan vs Credit Card, which one is better?

As I’m already referring to FNB personal loans, I’ll explain the difference there’s between a loan and a credit card so as to answer this question. When you pay for your purchase with a credit card, you go through a similar process than with loans. This is so because in both cases you must pay interest. At FNB, however; they have a benefit called 55 days free. If you cancel your credit card balance within 55 days, you won’t be charged interest. The thing is that with a credit card, the bank usually grants you a maximum amount you can spend every month. On the contrary, a loan is issued for one time only and then, you’ll repay it each month. Clearly, which of these options is best will depend on what you need the money for.

What are the types of loans FNB offers?

There’s no need to clarify how popular this bank is in South Africa, right? Because of this, you can be sure you’ll find many types of loan and credit facilities to face any finance needs you have. Following, I’ll detail some of them related to personal loans. If you need home loans on FNB for instance, you’ll find we have an article specially focused on that.

Are FNB personal loan secured?

When you’re asked to secure a loan, it means you must present an asset as guarantee. This petition is common for higher loan quotes, not for personal loans. All the same, when buying a new car through vehicle finance, for instance, the purchased car gets secured.

Are pay day loans offered by FNB?

Not exactly. They don’t have pay day loans, but they can assist you with a temporary loan that works likewise, as long as you bank with them. I’ll tell you all about them next, so as to let you know if they work for you.

How do FNB Temporary loans work?

Being aware of the financial emergency any South African may have, FNB offers to take instant loans, commonly known as Temporary loans by them. These loans can be asked with no waiting time through your cellphone or the computer. Because of this feature, temporary loans are only available for existing FNB customers with an Easy or a Cheque account. In addition, there’s a credit score valuation that must be passed to qualify to get this loan. Finally, FNB temporary loan amount is set only after they go through your income and taking the result of your credit score assessment into consideration.

How do I apply for FNB instant loan?

Temporary loans work simply: you ask it online and follow few steps. In those steps, you’ll have to let FNB know the loan quote you’re asking, read and accept their terms and conditions along with their offer. Pay special attention to this last point, as you must study if the offer they show you sounds reasonable and convenient for you. By clarifying this, I want to make sure you won’t take a temporary loan without properly analyzing whether you can pay for the cost of it properly.

What is a Revolving Loan with FNB?

A revolving loan is a different kind of borrowing money. Being linked to your FNB bank account, you can enjoy accessing funds at any time, any day.

Among the many benefits FNB offers in a revolving loan, they allow you to choose between two payment options: variable and fixed. In the first option, your payment will only be for the amount of money you spend, while in the second option, you’ll have a fixed amount to pay for each month. Besides, it’s optional to get loan insurance on your revolving loan at FNB. While for other banks it’s mandatory, with FNB the decision is up to you.

How to choose between a revolving loan or a personal loan at FNB?

The main advantage of a revolving loan is that you don’t need to apply for it every time you need money, as you would have to do with a loan. On the other hand, this might not be an alternative if you only need money to pay for a big purchase, for example. Let’s say you need a new car; a loan will be more suitable for that. Basically, it depends on whether you need to borrow money just one time, or you need to get access to funds along a period of time.

FNB revolving loan vs Overdraft, which is the difference?

There’s a little difference worth pointing out between this and another option: an FNB revolving loan and FNB overdraft alternative. Although you get fast access to money in both cases, if you go for an FNB overdraft, you’ll get to pay only if you need and use money. Simply put, if you spend less than R200 or you don’t use it at all, FNB won’t charge you with their monthly fee.

Does FNB offer debt consolidation loans?

This is a common request among many South Africans. Having a multiple number of creditors can easily lead you to lose track of your payments. Consolidating all those loan payments into just one FNB personal loan can help you have a less demanding financial control. You apply similarly to a personal loan but adding your current debts information, as FNB needs to know the amount you own and how money loans do you have. Then, the rest is the same, you must have documents proving your identity, address and income and a good credit history.

Before you take this loan, you can calculate the total cost for it to perfectly see how much money you would save. To start, you’ll stop paying so many different fees and interest, and you’ll stay with only one monthly fee. One of the benefits FNB clients thanks the most is that FNB takes care of managing the entire consolidating process getting you free of that stress.

What are FNB personal loan reviews?

Having precise reviews about FNB can help you grasp how they work. All the same, I have to make clear it’s common to get different perspective as regards customer’s experience, as there might be as many experiences as FNB clients. So, I can help you by summarizing briefly the most important aspects of this bank for you to compare their service to another’s’:

  • the loan amount they offer is enough to go through big purchases.
  • having credit checks will keep you away of financial trouble.
  • FNB has great flexibility when referring to loan payments, letting you be in charged of managing your own finances.
  • although they don’t offer all their types of loans to non FNB clients, in most cases, you can solve it easily by opening an FNB account. First, make sure what your bank offers in such matter to compare your alternatives.

What’s FNB loans contact details to elicit some specific queries?

Although I’ve made my best informing you about the different loan options FNB offers, you might have some specific questions that need to be taken particularly. FNB does not provide contact information about their loans related doubts, but I recommend you leave us your specific queries so we can give you a complete answer.

Trying to get your purchase financed can be a difficult task. However, that might depend on how you approach the topic. For example, if you do it fully informed about every detail, you’ll soon find out it can be much easier than you thought. That’s what I tried to do here: inform you about one of the many loan companies you can turn to in South Africa if you’re dealing with this issue. Now you have read about FNB personal loans, you are steps closer to make up your mind.

Author: Cristian Renella

Update: 02/09/2023

Preguntas Frecuentes

Hi, can I apply for a loan at FNB if am a self employed?

As you surely know, self-employed workers have a hard time getting loan approvals as, companies prefer to issue loans to employees having a more stable income. Fortunately, you will encounter that option at FNB as, this is one of the few banks that agrees to lend money to South Africans working on their own.

Can I get a loan for my business?

For sure! FNB has some business loans to cover whatever necessity your company has. To illustrate this, we can refer to FNB Business Booster Loan, which is a credit issued between 10000 and 100000 rands to finish paying in just 6 months. For such loan, you’ll get a fixed rate, allowing you to have certain control over your finances.

If I’m able to pay monthly instalments of more than r5000 every month, so why is it hard for a bank to give me a loan?

The chief factor a bank takes to decide whether to lend money or not is the client’s credit history. Therefore, it’s really important to pay special attention to that record. You can improve it by making sure to get involve in payments you won’t have any trouble cancelling. If you fail or fall behind with your payments, that record decreases affecting your affordability in a negative way.

How much is the repayment per month for a R50 000 for 5 years?

When you take a loan, you have fixed fees to pay for that service. But, apart from those fees, you have to pay an interest rate. That rate varies as regards the applicant’s specific situation. So, we’ll show you an example to help you know an approximate cost. If you get, for instance, 11,75% for a loan with FNB with the terms you detailed, your instalments will be of 1106 rands.

Hi I'm an FNB customer. Can I get a r800 loan from them?

As FNB doesn’t deal with such low quote, you have to think about other options. The easiest one, if you really want an FNB loan, is to think about asking R1000, which is the minimum loan amount for them. The other option is to go for another bank but, it will have to be a payday loan as, most companies start their quotes on R1000.

Hi, I’m getting a salary of 5000 each month. Can I apply for personal loan?

When you fill in your application, you will provide FNB with precise detail of your finances and credit score. Although your salary is high enough to apply for a credit, that information will be used by the entity to approve or deny your loan petition. In a similar way, it will also be used to define the terms you’ll obtain.

I received message stating that my request was successful then, later on find out it was declined. What happened?

The confirmation you got probably makes reference to the first stage of application. In that stage, FNB checks the applicant meets some basic requirements like, identity, income and so on. Then, they check if you can actually afford the loan you want to take. Maybe, your credit score is too low and, that’s why they decided to reject your loan application.

Hi. Can I please get a quotation of 30thousand? How much am I going to pay monthly?

To make it easy for you to understand, I’ll show you the cost changing a key term: the repayment term. Taking a rate of 11,75% as example, you may have R 664 per month if you cancel it in 5 years. Now, if you prefer to finish paying it in less time, 3 years for instance, you might have R 1655 on each instalment.

Do I qualify for a 200000 loan?

If you checked the different points related to your income and residence FNB requests to get a loan and, providing you can show SA documents, you can apply to get 200000 rands. Then, FNB will inform you if you need to lower the amount or you can take it all. Such decision is made after the bank knows about your finances.

Does a good credit record mean no debit orders or any other deductions?

No, a good credit record means the applicant has paid their debts properly. For instance, that he or she didn’t fall behind with previous loans. The bank takes a good credit record as a proof that they can trust on the borrower to grant a loan and, as reward, the interest rate for the credit can be lower, making the loan cheaper.

I earn about r5000 p/m. If I save r4000 each month in my cheque account with FNB, will they give me a loan of r100000 for 48 months?

The ultimate decision to grant you a loan is made taking into account your credit history and previous debts cancelled. Besides, your salary and expenses are also looked at when studying your loan request. So, having a saving account at FNB is not guarantee to be accepted for a loan as, there are specific requirements you must comply with.

Can I get a loan of r100000 if I earn r 7000 per month?

Getting a monthly salary if R7000 can be taken as enough funds to get a loan by FNB. All the same, don’t forget you also need to have a good credit score and, your expenses must be lower than what you intend to pay for the loan. You need to get your online estimation to know if you can pay for R100000.

What are the terms and quote FNB offers on their loans?

Due to the fact that FNB has several types of loans, the terms available are different. In this case, I’ll focus on their personal loans. This kind of credits can reach a loan quote of 300000 rands and, the repayment term can be from 1 month to 60. What’s more, in case you need more money later on, FNB allows their borrowers to top up their existing loans.

If I can take a loan of r177 000, how much I can pay per month?

The term for your loan will be established by FNB once they have access to your financial information. This is so as, they set accessible terms. What I mean is that they will pay attention to your salary and your expenses to tell you how much time you have to pay for the loan. Then, the monthly instalments will depend on the time settled by the bank.

I would like to apply for a loan and use my property as collateral

Personal loans are known to be, most of the time, unsecured; which means you don’t have to present any collateral. It works like this because FNB will take your economic status to prepare loan terms that you can afford. But, it may also depend on the sum of money you want to take as, a higher loan amount sometimes needs to have a security.

Hi, I need r100 000, my salary is r5000 p/m, how will I pay per month?

If you take R100.000, FNB needs to know in how many instalments you would like to divide the payments. For instance, a 3 years loan repayment may have an interest rate of 11,75%, leaving your monthly instalments on R3.310. But, if you want to repay it in just a year, the monthly cost will stay in R8.873.

If I am self employed and earn about r19 000, how much do I qualify for?

Before deciding on your loan terms, FNB will have access to precise financial details to understand how’s your month by month expense as regards your income. Only after that research and, after knowing about your credit history, will they calculate the quote and terms for your loan. So, make sure to have your bank statements ready to submit for them to go faster on your loan application.

The characteristics you have just explained make your company a possible borrower, of course. If your FNB account is in good standing, you can apply for a loan for sure. Then, the bank will check if the credit criteria is also met to decide over your loan request. Besides, as you need less than R400000, you won’t need to submit any collateral or documents.

I'm banking with FNB 10months now and my salary per week is r1326; 5306 a month after tax. Why do I still not qualify for a personal loan? What could be the problem? Please, let me know

The truth is that your monthly earnings is not the only think FNB needs to know to decide about your loan. If you have taken previous loans is another factor. The terms of that loan and your repayment behaviour will also be important. Maybe, you don’t have a good credit score and, that can be the reason why FNB rejects to lend you money.

Could you please help me with FNB student loan?

For sure! He or she who will be the principal debtor is required to have a monthly salary of R6.000 or more to get this loan. As regards the student, he or she ought to be registered with a tertiary institution form South Africa. This loan will cover tuition fees but, it will also cover study materials, accommodation and equipment. Clearly, it’s a well-package student loan.

What do I need in order to get a loan of 10000?

Starting, you must be older than 18 years but, younger than 65. Second, you need to live permanently in South Africa and, have a permanent job (having an employer or being self. employed). Third and final, your earnings must be deposited into a bank account you own. Of course, you need documents to show these requests are met.

How long until the money is in your account after being approved?

After the loan approval is informed, you will have the funds in just few hours as, the money is transferred from the bank to your bank account. There is, however, a detail you have to keep in mind when this happens. As the bank has business hours, the loan may get delayed if the operation takes place after FNB’s operating hours. In such case, you’ll get the money on the next business day.

If I loan 50000, how much must I pay monthly? What are the interest rates for 3 years?

Once again, even though fees charged are equal to any loan, the interest rate is personalized, which means it will be agreed once FNB goes over your credit history. But, to present you with a model, this is what our loan simulator can show you. The loan you need might have an 11,75% rate and a monthly cost of 21655 over 4 years.

If I get paid every second week, will I qualify for a personal loan?

Sure! But only if your salary complies with FNB requirements. As long as you get permanent income and, you receive it through a bank account, you can apply to get an FNB loan. Clearly, you will also need a reasonable credit score and, you must have worked for at least 3 or 6 months in the same company.

Do you offer loans to people who receive child support grant using FNB card?

When FNB grants a loan, they do it taking certain risks. For example, they borrower can fail to return the money due to lack of funds. To try to cover financial lost, they go over affordability checks to see if the applicant has enough money to pay for the instalments. If you, besides the grant, receive a regular salary, you might qualify for a loan.

I want a temporary loan, how can I get it?

Getting a temporary loan with First National Bank can’t be easier. As those who have an active account at FNB are allowed to ask for this loan, documents are not needed to make the application. You just need to go through the process from an ATM, a FNB branch or, simply, by your digital banking channel

What if I am not a South African citizen, will I still get a loan?

As submitting the SA green bar coded ID is among the requirements FNB asks for, the only way you get a loan if you’re not a South African citizen is if the Government has granted you a permanent residence. Of course, you’ll have to prove this with certified documents so, be honest in your loan application as, sooner or later, they’ll know if you comply with all the requirements or not.

I have a fully paid up house and would like to know if you do secure loans with my property as collateral and if not, do you do equity loans on paid up properties?

Generally speaking, when it comes to personal loans, banks usually grant them with no collaterals. But, if we talk about home loans, things are a little different. As the sum of money in this case is high, lending companies ask for some sort of security to make sure they won’t lose money. However, the client must leave the house to buy as collateral, instead of another property.

How can I get a loan from fnb?

There are few ways you can get a loan from FNB. The easiest is to do it over your computer or the bank App. However, you must be an existing client in order to operate with FNB Application. Another way is to use the Cellphone Banking or, call them over the phone. If you’ve already taken loans with them and you have a bank account at FNB, you can have easy access to a loan through a FNB ATM.

I am on pension for gepf but I am going to start teaching again at a private school with a salary of r8444 plus the r5450. So, I want a personal loan of r10,000. Want to know if is possible.

As you receive a monthly income already and, you’re going to get back to work, you will be capable of applying for a loan, but only because you’ll get your monthly payslip to present to the bank. However, FNB requests the applicant to be certain time working before applying for a job as, they also have to present 3 bank statements if you’re not currently their customer. Remember, any bank needs to be sure the client has enough and steady income to take over the loan payments properly.

Hi, I am interested in buying a home. Will FNB consider giving me a homeloan?

When paying special attention to the options FNB offers to pay for a house, you’ll see so many products that you’ll be sure to find the one that best fits what you need. There is an option to buy or to build a house, for example. So, whether FNB will consider you qualify for a home loan, will depend on your income and on the type of home loan you want.

Can i apply for a loan with my finances salary in my Nedbank account ?

Yes, you can apply with a loan at Nedbank as long as you have a good credit record and r2500 income. Having an account with Nedbank is great since this will facilitate the lending procedure.

I need a personal loan so; can this bank give me that loan?

Of course! But, first, it is important you specify what is the purpose of the loan because there are plenty of choices at First National Bank. You can get money to pay for your studies, for example, to get or improve a house or, to organize many liabilities into one monthly payment.

What loan may I qualify for?

As this entity provides their applicants with a myriad of loan products, you may start by specifying what are your needs. I mean, if, for instance, you need a loan to pay for some vacations or to buy a house. After that, you can apply through FNB’s web page to submit the information the bank requests to find out the amount they’re willing to lend you. They’ll take a look at your income and expenses besides your credit score.

What if i have applied for a loan and got no answer?

If you have applied for a loan by email and still did not get answers from reps, you can make a phone call to the following number and solve your doubts about the application procedure: 087 577 7000

What loans are available at FNB?

There are three general groups at FNB as regards loan products. In the first group we find loans to individuals, which contains personal and consolidation loans. In the second, there’s Home Equity that helps SA citizen to get their own house. And, in the last one, the loans are aimed to assist business on the different stages any company goes through.

I want a loan of 30000 rands, how much will I repay in total and how much per month and for how long?

All this information you are asking for can be elicited after taking some points into account. For example, the interest rate your loan would be charged with. But, the rate you’ll get will depend on many factors, one of them being your credit profile. If you have good record on your finances, your chances of getting a low rate are higher. Also, the length of the loan will be set according to the affordability assessment the bank carries out with your financial information.

I am a cheque account holder with fnb. If I’ve saved r2500 p/m for 3 months, can I get a loan of r80000 repayable over 60 months? Please answer

The reason you’re a current FNB customer, allows you to have some benefits when applying for the loan. For example, as they already have your personal information, the documents you need to present are fewer. But, all the same, holding an account with this bank is not enough to qualify for a loan. You must comply with the rest of the requirements they ask for such as, having your salary paid through a bank account.

Is it true that fnb can approve one's loan against retirement savings?

Yes, FNB can make you eligible for a loan and obtain the money from the savings for your retirement. Moreover, you can give the company another bank account so as to deduct the monthly installments from there.

What is the minimum salary for a loan if I want R 1000?

You will need to submit a payslip of at least R 2000, which is the minimum required for loans of all kind

I need a personal loan of 1.000.000 and I earn 15000 a month, how much will I pay back monthly?

First National Bank does not grant such high amount of money on their personal loans. You can ask up to a maximum of 300.000 rands, unless you refer to a home loan. If this is your case, you have several home loan options. For example, to build, to buy or, even, to switch an existing home loan. Of course, each of these credits has different quotes and terms to choose from.

Can I apply for a loan at FNB if am not working but I’m doing business?

Yes! That is possible because the First National Bank has business loans among their loan products. If you need capital to get your company to a next level, one of these products will be handy for you. On the other hand, if you need a loan for yourself, you must go over the documents self-employed clients must submit as, for example, bank statements from the past six months.

Hi, l am not South African but l live here and l have a valid permit. Can l get a loan at FNB as l have been banking with this bank for almost 5 years?

Sure! For non SA citizens, the extra requirement is to have the Government permit lo live and work in the country. As you said you have it, you can apply for a loan. Besides, as you are a FNB client, you will have a quicker response because you won’t have to submit bank statements, for example. Don’t’ waste more time and, apply for your loan!

I need a personal loan of r75k, how much will the installment be for 2years repayment. Can I also get it the same day?

I need a personal loan of r75k, how much will the installment be for 2years repayment. Can I also get it the same day?

Am I allow to take a r100.000 loan even if I ‘m not an FNB member?

Yes! You have chances to obtain a FNB loan for sure. This is so because, this company works with workers being existing customer or not. The difference is that, as they don’t have your information, you will need to present some extra documents but, don’t worry as they’re not that complicated to gather. Just make sure to have payslips and bank statements and you can go for your loan.

I want to start a business but dont have the capital or the collateral. I want the business to pay back its loan by its self once i open it. Is it possible and can you help me?

Fortunately, FNB can help you with its business loan, so as to settle your business and then repay for it during the development of your business. You can apply for a business loan of about R 400 000, which is the maximum, on this phone number:087 730 5790 from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm

I need to make a loan and i am required 3 months bank statement and payslip. Now my question is,if i have just started working and i have worked for 15 days on my first month,then another 15 on the second one since we would have opened on the 15th,then i work again a third full month. Is that duration considered as 3 months since the last salary will be reflecting a full salary?

Yes, those payslips can serve even though you havent started working three years ago. So, as long as you have the latest payslip your salary is enough for FNB loans.

How can I consolidate a debt?

In order to consolidate a debt or a previous loan you obtained in the past, you can apply for a consolidation loan, which is a loan that helps you finance many loans with only one. Even though FNB does not provide them, you can contact Direct Axis for a consolidation loan:0860 627 627

Will my finances improve with a loan?

Sure, loans are designes for clients to have an additional source of money and thus, being able to finance any kind of service or facility that requires urgent money.

Hi, I need to settle other loans; how Can FNB assist me?

Having many loans at a time is stressful and demanding. Fortunately, FNB can assist you with a Consolidation Loan. If the bank approves to grant you he money, they will settle all your current loans and, you will only have to pay one instalment per month to FNB. As a result, you’ll have your finance organized and, you might even save money on interest and fees.

Why is is that i dont qualify for a loan?

One of the reasons perhaps you do not qualify for the loan is your salary, since it must be of at least R 2500 on a monthly basis and you must also have a good credit record, which is the history you have with other lending companies. Also, you must have finished paying the installments for the loan you already have.

Can somebody from the company call me for a loan?

If you wish to be contacted by phone, you first need to send an email to the company´s representatives and write your avilability to that they make a phone call and call you when you are available. Please write to this address:premier@fnb.co.za

In the case of Revolving Loan can I repay the money as soon as possible so as not pay interest?

Yes, you have 31 days to repay out the whole loan or an outstanding balance so as not to pay interest.

If i apply for a loan of r20.000 how many months and how much should I pay approximately? Thanks

For those loans of R 20 000, you can hace access to financing perios of 2 years and you will pay an interest rate of about 4% and pay installments of around R 800 each month

I took a loan with FNB, can I apply for another loan of R1000?

This lending entity allows their clients to top up their loans. This means, you can add money borrowed to your current loan if you’ve realized you need more money without having to ask for a new loan. This way, you won’t be charged with an initiation fee, which is really convenient to get a cheaper loan.

How do I know if I qualify for R 1000?

In order to check out your affordability for a loan you can use the calculator found in the official website of the company or talk to a representative on this number and speak about your financial information: 087 577 7000. It works from 08:00 am to 07:00 pm

Can I Obtain a Loan if I live in Livingstone?

Yes, if you reside in Livingstone African Bank has a physical office for you to go in person so as to get all the data you need and start the application. The address of this office is the following one: Area of Kuruman, 2 Livingstone Street. You can also take advantage of over the phone application and dial up the next number from the comfort of your home: 27537120659. And, you can even enter the company´s official webpage, which enables also online application.

Can I take a temporary loan for my children´s studies?

Yes, you can but analyze also the option of “Student Loan”(included in FNB loan), in which they finance the student´s books, fees and accommodation.

Can I use my cell phone to transfer money to my personal cheque account?

Yes, you can and also you can do it by online or telephone banking.

Are there personal loans?

Yes, this is one category of loans that enables clients to obtain up to R 150 000 and pay for it in about 60 months, which is the maximum allowed

Is it possible to apply for joined personal loan, we use my income and my fiancé's income on one application?

Hi! You can merge both incomes, by submitting the two payslips and that will make the two of you access to a personal loan of at leastR 150 000. Thus, the application can be started with the two payslips as long as they make at least R 2500

I do not bank with fnb and would like to know if they can assist me with a personal loan to consolidate my debt

Hi, fortunately FNB offers consolidation loans which are designed to combine the different debts you have and forget about many loans at the same time for multiple purposes. You can apply for a consolidation loan by phoning on this number from home: 0861 40 40 40

Can i still apply for a loan even though i don't have the most recent payslip?

Even though you do not possess your recent payslips, you must show the company online your last financial movements within your bank account or your place of work, so that they have an approximation of the amount you are talented to pay for the loan

Can I get a student loan if have a personal loan?

As long as you have a salary whose minimum is of R 6000 you can have access to an additional loan, which is the student loan you wish to apply for.

I earn less than 2000k,and would want to do a loan,what amount can i qualify for?

Unfortunately the minimum required is that of R 2000 for a loan, but what you can do is to submit apart of oyur payslip a proof of another job as a self-employer

How to apply for a personal loan

Applying for a Personal Loan is quite simple and quick, since the only thing you need to bear in mind is the amount needed. Then, you can contact the company of your choice either by phone, in person at one of the offices or by email if you enter the website of the company´s choice. For example, if choosing KiwiCash, you can send an email to: info@kwikcashonline.com soliciting application or you can phone on 18004786230.

If i want a 5000 loan from fnb how much will i pay per month?

If you apply for a R 5000 loan with FNB, you will pay approximately in around 5 years, interest rates of 4.5 each year and the installments will be of about r 93.22

If my husband was working on mine and he died so every month i'm receiving his salary on fnb. Can i get a loan?

As long as you have a payslip or a proof that you are a pensioner and your salary is up to R 2500 you can still apply for a loan, since the company needs to proves you can sustain the loan on your own

Can i get a loan in 24 hours?

Hi, you can get a pay day loan, which means that the same day you begin the application and gether the documentation, the bank gives you the money. You can contact Wanna Loan on this office: Cape Gate, 7562, Cape Town and obtain up to R 3000

I need r50 000 and my salary is r3 762.00 so how much can u take from my account each an every month?

With such salary you have access to two type of loans: Smart Bodn that looks for salaries of R 2500 or Personal Loans. You will need to pay interest rates of as much as 4% and approximately the installments will be of R 932.15, able to pay in 60 months

What is a temporary loan about?

Temporary loans are also called pay day loans and they are loans that clients can finance in the short time, since the amount of money given is not that high. So, they constitue temporary credit since the customer will only have the advance for a couple of months and the loan is cancelled.

I need this money for for my personal problems, can I pass the application?

In order to be eligible for the application of the loan is it mandatory that you comply with requirements such as having bank statements, recent payslips, good credit record and giving the company the details of your bank account

I want to know if i took temporally loan for r5000 for 1 month what would the interest?

For temporary loans of R 5000 the company will charge together with its monthly installemnts rates of about 3% but they can range to 4,5%

Can i get a loan after i open an account in one week?

You can do it, the first step as you said is to open the account, which makes it easier for clients of the company to start the application, since they need an account to complete registration.

If you borrow 10000 and your monthly salary is3500 how much are you going to pay per month?

For loans of R 10 000, you can choose financing periods of 2 years and pay interest rates of lees than 4%. The installmens will be approximately of R 430

Which is the easiest way to apply for a loan?

The easiest way is to enter the company´s official webpage and click directly on the application section. There you will write information of your finances and obtain a calculation. After that, the application procedure starts and you can gather your documentation online

Can i get loan if i have a contract?

You can get a loan if you have a contract with your employer, as long as you submit your most recent payslip which has to be in the case of FNB of at least R 2500

How can I get an atm loan?

You can obtain the money from your loan at FNB in any atm of the company and you can also use your debit card and obtain money in another atm, as long as you pay for the interest rate that comes along for operating with a different bank.

How do i negotiate lowest interest rate on my smart bond?

In order to negotiate the lowest interest rate possible you have to choose the shortest financing period of the loan which for FNB loans are 6 months

Can i get a loan of R1000?

You can obtain a minimum amount of R 1000 on a personal loan as long as you hace a minimum wage of R 2500, which is the minimum requested by FNB for clients to become eligible

If i am not working but am owning a property do i qualify for a loan?

You have access to a mortgage, since you can choose your property as a warranty of the loan you want to acquire. Thus, you can apply at FNB for a home loan

I earn R3000 every month do i qualify for a personal ĺoan if yes how much

A salary whose maximum is that of R2500 is more than enough so as to obtain a loan. You have access to a Smart Bond loan, whose maximum happens to be that of R 25 000

Can i get r1,500 if my employer pays me a week r885?

You can obtain a loan at FNB since the minimum required at this bank is that of R 2500 for smart bonds, so you are eligible for this loan without problem

I want now if i would qualify for a loan with fnb bank?

In order to know whether you qualify for a loan or not, you must use the calculator in the official website of FNB so as to check affordability

Can i take a loan if am still paying other loan?

Every company enables you to apply for an additional loan or a second loan. However, for you to know whether you are eligible, you must have a decent credit record and have being complying with the different monthly installments corresponding to your loan. Your financial status also plays a decisive role, since the company is able to analyze whether you can afford another loan or not.

I live in swaziland can i also get a personal loan?

You can obtain a loan in Swaziland, since the company has one of its branches located at Betfusile St, Mbabane or phoning on the following phone number:2404 1961

Can i get a housing loan because i am renting paying 4000 rand a month?

Hi, you can obtain a Home Loan, in this case based on your possibility of paying installments of R 4000, you can obtain the Building Loan, as it is needed for you to earn at least R 25 000

What is a temporary loan?

A Temporary loan is one that can end in the short term, since the amount requested is not the maximum. So, you will finance the loan temporarily. This is ideal for people that want to consolidate debts.

Can the company lend me money from online application?

Sure, one of the ways to apply for a loan is by entering the company´s website and filling in a form with your financial and personal data. That is the quickest and easiest application available.

Is there any easy loan to get?

All FNB can be asily obtained, since clients after the application is approved wont need to wait more tha n 7 days to be notified, nd as long as that happens they can observe the money deposited in their bank account.

I want to make a loan of r500 000 to make my existing shares bigger in a company. Me and my girlfriend earn +-r35 000/month, our expenses are about r17 000/month and my dad can give his property (house and/or business) for security. What options do we have?

At Fnb you and your girlfriend have several options such as the Smart Bond loan that requests its clients for R 2500 or you can also apply for a loan for personal needs, termed Personal Loans

To whom it may concern i applied for a personal loan this month of r66000 and would like to make a repayment on the loan of r350.00.00 . Will i pay a penalty fee and what will my installment and interest rate be on the r310.00.00 and for how long will i have to pay if off . Kind regards anonymous

You have access to penalty free for being able to settle the loan before the fime estipulated. If you choose to pay it in 5 years with an interest rate of 4.5%, you will pay around R 5780 each month

What if i have applied for the loan 4 days ago and my money is not there?

You should be patient and wait, since most loan companies have an application selection of some days and you can have access to the money in 7 days approximately

What loan do i qualify for?

In order to knw which loan you qualify for, you must have in the different amounts required for each loan and observe whether your salary adapts to any of them

Can i settle a revolving loan?

Clients have the chance of settling the revolving loan they applied for whenever they are ready to cancel the loan. This will also mean pay less interest rates on the total amount

Can i be able to get a loan of R30 000.00 if my sarally is 2500.00 per month?

Unfortunately, such salary can serve to apply for a FNB Loan, since the company requests a year to wage at least R 25.000

What is the chance for me to get personal loans?

You must hace certain pieces of information in mind, such as having paid previous loans, possessing minimum of R2500 as a salary and having a good credit record

Can i apply for a loan if i'm not banking with fnb?

No, in order to operate and apply for a loan with FNB you must open a bank account with FNB. Moreover, you will have access to the many benefits obtainable in this bank.

What can I do if the online application is not working?

If you can not update your data in online application, what you can do is to contact the company by phone on the following number:087 577 7000 or by email:premier@fnb.co.za

Can i top up a personal loan?

Increasing the amount already obtained or topping up your loan is possible if you have already paid for as much as the half of your loan. Otherwise, you can contact companies that offer top up loans such as Barclays, you can contact them by phoning on 7684 2100

Can i apply for a loan if i'm not permanently employed?

What you can do is to select your property as warranty of the loan, and apply for a mortgage or home loan at FNB

Can i get r80 000 loan if i earn r5000 a month?

Unfortunately, with an income of R 5000 you have access in FNB to a maximum of R 25 000.

I have a loan and I need to add to the loan, is it possible?

One of the loan products FNB offers is the top up loan. This loan allows existing loan holders at this entity, to add more money borrowed to that existing loan. You can get up to R300.000 more to your loan with a rate of 13% onwards. As you are adding funds to a loan, you won’t have to pay the initiation fee this time, you’ll just have new loan terms.

I'd like to borrow r300 from temporal loan

To access a Temporary loan with this bank, you have to hold either a Cheque or an Easy Account at FNB. Also, this product is available for SA citizens older than 18 years old passing certain assessment to find out about their affordability. The best part is that you don’t have to present any document as, FNB will manage everything from the account you hold with them.

Hi i would like to know how the revolving loan works. If i apply for a r5000 revolving loan how much would i pay back every month?

With a Revolving loan at FNB you can decide how much money you are given and also the period to obtain the currency. For a loan of R 5000 you can repay for it in 1 year and pay installments of R 426

Hi! i've usually taken out a temp loan at fnb through my ceĺlphone app But it seems that the temporary loan is unavailable, is that true?

FNB currently offers Temporary Loans, all of its loans are described in its official website. In fact, clients can apply for temporary loans with only their Cheque Account or Easy account

Could you please explain how secured loans are done and its requirements?

Secured loans at FNB are the ones in which clients choose a collateral to serve as the guarantee of the loan in case something happens with the customers´ finances and the client can not finance it appropriately on time. The requirements are the same as a Personal Loan, such as ID, payslip, bank statement and proof of residence plus a collateral in a form of a motor vehicle or a property

Does fnb have a consolidation loan?

Yes, FNB has a special loan called Debt Consolidation Loan,which enables you finance up to R 200 000 in more than 60 months

I bank with fnb,and i need a loan but am self employed. can the bank help me?

FNB requires for self-employed citizens to submit their current receipt and bank transactions and also to choose another client as the guarantee of the loan. That way, clients can apply for a loan even if they are self-employed

I am a swazi citizen employed as a seasonal basis can get a loan?

Yes, you can obtain a Temporary loan, so as your current season paylsip to serve ang be able to sustain the loan and settle it in the short term.

Is there a brochure about a business loan?

Of course, in FNB by going in person to a physical office of the company you can surely obtain a brochure of any sort of loan, for instance business loans

Cant i get a temporal loan for only a month?

Yes, you can apply at FNB for a Temporary loan. You will only pay 13% of the total amount of the loan. And you have 1 month to repay for it.

Hi, I am Philisiwe p Vundla i have 2 personal loan, can fnb combine my 2 accounts to be one installment ?

FNB can combine or merge more than two accounts in order to make it easier for clients to pay only one loan, so that is possible with this bank. Of course, the installments will be higher but you will pay only one loan

What are Revolving Loans for?

With Revolving loans clients can finance the loan directly from their cheque account and the money is protected by an insurance granted by FNB

How can the company contact me?

Once you send a mesage in FNB´s official website with your contact information or you send an email to: businessdirectory@fnb.co.za, then FNB can contact you

How will be loan repayments of r200.000 over 48 months period?

If you choose financing periods of 48 months (4 years), you will pay for a loan of R 200 000 about R 4500 each month

What will the installment be for the maximum personal loan?

If interested in obtaining FNB loans, you can obtain r150 000 by paying with interest rates of 4% installments of R 932

What can a personal loan serve for?

A personal loan can be used for multiple needs such as buying a house, paying debts, financing school tuition at university or elementary school and making improvements to your house.

I need a loan, can I get it by email?

Yes, one of the ways through clients of FNB can apply for a loan is online either in the website or by sending an email to:businessdirectory@fnb.co.za

I opened my own company and now i need a long loan to start my business, is there one?

FNB has loans for businesses that are just starting and need to consolidate in the market. For example, you can apply for a loan of R 400 000 and repay for it in 6 years, by financing installments of around R 7457

Why are clients rejected a loan?

Clients are rejected a loan they are interested in if the salary requested is not met or they have good credit records

If am earning the amount of r5000 will i be qualify for a loan of r20.000?

Yes, you can access with R 5000 to a Personal Loan and you can repay for it in about 5 years

How much will I pay back for a 15 000 loan?

For a R 150 000 in FNB with interest rates of 3% you will be paying each month installments of around R 1270

I need a loan of r7000 . What is required of me to qualify for self employed loans . I,m self employed seling food and i need it urģently!

What you can do is to apply for a Temporary Loan, so as to obtain a minimum amount and be able to finance it with your self-employed payslip in the mean time

How much will be the total instalment of r 150.000 in the terms of 60 months?

For a loan of R 150 000, you can repay for it in 60 months pay financing monthly installments of about R 2762 and the interest rate is that of 4%

I want to know if FNB still have temporaly loans?

FNB has at present Temporary Loans, so that clients can obtain the money and repay for it in the short term. In about 1 or 2 months clients will settle the loan with FNB

Will i approve for the loan?

You must first see whether you can comply with all the requirements and then, start the application either by phone or by email. You must have at least a salary of R 2500 with FNB

What will I need for the application?

You will need for loans at FNB your payslip, monthly salary, bank statements no older than three months and information of your bank account. Also, a proof of residence

I need 2000 rand pesonal loan, how can I apply?

You can try FNB´s website and complete a form with your data, you can go in person to your nearest branch or even make a phone call to customer service:*120*321#

Can fnb lend me money without a payslip?

Unfortunately, in order to apply for a FNB loan you need to submit a payslip to demonstrate the bank that you can sustain the loan with that monthly wage

How do I get the funds?

You can obtain the funds at FNB either by chequebooks or in your account, since you give the company the information of your bank account and they can deposit there the amount chosen

How does a revolving loan work?

Revolving loans at FNb are characterized by giving clients the chane to decide what amount to obtain each month and they can also choose the period in which they will do it

How much total amount i pay on r 5000.00 for 5 months?

If you apply for a FNB loan of R 5000 you will be paying interest rates of 3% and the installments in those 5 months would be of R 1007

I want a loan what must i do?

After reading the article, you can choose the loan that best suits you and then start the application either by phoning on 087 730 579 or sending an email here with your submission so that a rep contacts you:businessdirectory@fnb.co.za

Hi i am a south african citizen, who earns less than r20 000 per month, i need a loan of r5 000 000, need more information on how to apply for it

With your salary of R 20 000 you can apply for a Smart Bond at FNB, which is the most accessible loan available at this bank

Can i get the personal loan if i get r4723,00 from the magistrates court(maintenance) which is deposited straight to my account from my father's salary(stop order). The loan should be of r85,000,00. Thanks

Unfortunately, your salary of R 4723 enables you to obtain a Smart Bond Loan whose maximum is R 25 000

I need a temporary loan

If you are one of FNB clients with a Cheque account or an Easy Account, you simply start your application whenever you need the money. As you don’t need to submit any document, you can just go to an ATM form FNB or, the simplest way, using the digital banking channel to apply.

If I earn r19000 after deduction and i also have two personal loans with FNB. Can i qualify for a loan of r50000? I want to pay the two personal loans and pay up some of my debts

Under those characteristics, you have high chances of getting a loan with this company. Remember, they can consolidate your debts, meaning, borrowing the sum of money you need to pay for those loans and debts. You will find it much easier to pay for one big installment rather than, too many debts per month.

I’m a student and I need loan r2500 to pay for rent, usually deposit funds around may on my account. So, is there a possibility that I can get a loan?

For FNB’s student loans, you need to have a principal debtor. This person will be the one in charge of paying the installments of the loan. this means that, under the circumstances you describe, the bank won’t grant you a loan. besides, this loan can be used to pay for expenses related to you studies. Now, if you need a personal loan, you need to have a steady job for FNB to accept you.

Hi, if I’ve got an account at nedbank and a savings account at fnb, which I’m going to use for my business I’m opening very soon, can I apply for a loan at fnb?

Any SA citizen that meets with FNB requirements can apply for one of their loans, regardless of who they bank with. If the purpose of your loan is your company that you’re about to open, FNB can help you with their line of business loans. What’s more, they have a complete package of products and services aimed to boost business. As regards loans, they have 4 different options to start and improve your company.

I've applied for a temporary loan, then later on they deposited the money into my account. So, does this tell that I can still get another loan if I settle it?

As you sure know, temporary loans are available for FNB’s current customer holding certain accounts. If you comply that requirements, the next step for the bank is to go over your credit scoring to see if you can pay for such immediate loan in just 31 days. So, as long as you pass the assessment FNB does over your affordability and credit, you can be granted a new loan.

What do you need to apply for a student loan?

The first thing is to have someone acting as the principal debtor and, that person must have a minimum salary of 6000 rands monthly. As regards the student, you, it’s mandatory you be at least 18 years old and, that you’re registered with a tertiary institution from SA. Obviously, certain documents must be submitted to certify identity, earnings and that you’re properly registered as student.

Do they offer business loan?

As we have repeated few times, you can get all kinds of financial support at FNB. That help includes financial aids for your business in any of the stages any company must go through. No matter if you are just beginning or, you’re in the middle of expanding your company, this bank possesses many tools to help you.

Can l get a loan if lm not a South African citizen but I’m a holder of a work permit and earn a salary of 5000 a month?

Yes! Actually, the First National Bank is one of the lending entities from this country that allows non-South Africans clients to get financial support. As you can work in South Africa, FNB will be capable of checking your income and, they will have the information to prepare a loan term that goes hand by hand with your economic status.

Hi, I need help with a loan to pay my rent this month, please.

There can be a month that troubles us to keep up with our regular liabilities due to a surprising expense. If you are in this situation, you can get help from a payday loan, which can work as an advance of money for you to pay for your rent. Then, you can cancel it in the following month when you’re paid by your employer.

I need cash urgent, please can you help?

FNB’s Temporary loan is the solution you ae looking for. This loan works as a payday loan that you will have to pay back in a maximum of 31 days. These loans are fast on their request and approval so, if you need money fast, now you know this is the solution you can get at FNB.

I work month to month contract and earning r4100. I want to apply for a 20 000 loan, do I qualify?

Having a one month loan contract can make finding a bank willing to lend you a high amount of money as, R 20000. a challenge. However, if you can prove you have received a stable salary form the past 6 months into a bank account, FNB may give you the chance by processing your request as self-employed client.

Hi, let's say my company start with 2400, last month, then next month 5000, and so on, do I qualify to get a personal loan?

If your company has improved their profit on a regular basis since it’s started, it will benefit your loan request for sure. However, I must remind you there are other features you need to pay attention to. For instance, be sure to have all the documents to present in order and, bank statements to prove you have enough profit from your company to pay for the money

How can I get a credit check?

Credit checks are carried out by the financial company you ask the loan to. If you decide to take a loan form FNB, when you take over your loan application, they will ask for your permission to go over the credit check. Then, they will make their decision based on the outcome of that check.

Hi, I just wanted to ask when you are having a salary of 9600 a month n u want to take a loan of 20000, how much will the installments be each month?

Your monthly salary is just one of the factors taken into consideration when deciding on your loan terms. Another really important factor is your credit score, for example. After analyzing your overall finances, the final detail to know your monthly installments is to know the length of the loan. This means, the cost per month will mainly be affected by the number of installments.

What Home loans does FNB offer?

FNB is one of the banks in South Africa offering a wide variety in their home loans. You can opt to get a FNB home loan whether you want to build or buy. I can also add, there’s even a choice for non-South African residents to get a home in the country or to South Africans not living in the country.

Made a loan of 3500 yesterday at atm. I got a contract but no money, what happened?

There is certain waiting time between the official confirmation of the loan and, you getting the funds into your account. Such banking operation may take 48 hours more or less. What is more, the money may be delayed if you completed the procedure on Friday as, banks don’t work on weekends. But, if times goes by and you still don’t get the money, call your FNB consultant to find out about your loan.

What amount do I qualify for?

At FNB, it is hard to know what amount a client qualifies for without the necessary information. If you are applying for a personal loan, you can ask for amounts that range between R 1000 to R 300000. Youare free to choose the amount and term, but it is important that you have a good credit score.

Hello,I'm a domestic worker and I earn R6000 per month, my salary is paid through my FNB account every month and,I would like to apply for a loan but I do not get payslips from work. Is it possible to apply for a loan in FNB using bank statements only?

When it comes to personal loans at FNB, there are basic criteria that must be met. You will not be able to apply unless you present bank statements as well as the most recent payslips. However, if you apply for a temporary loan, then there are no requirements and you can perfectly apply. The company will simply check affordability.

Hi, I need a personal loan

If you need a personal loan, you can have access to it with FNB. You need to be between eighteen years old and sixty four. You need to be a resident of South Africa in a permanent way, you can be self employed or employed permanently. You will need five different sets of documents in order to qualify.

How do I go about getting a secure loan at FNB using my property bond.

FNB has a credit line called Securities Based Lending that allows private clients to have access to finance in a fast way. Property bonds are not listed as one of the assets you can use to provide guarantee for this loan. However, FNB will be able to assist you further. To ask for this loan, contact the bank.

For a loan of R23000, how much interest would I pay?

If you are applying for a home loan with FNB, then you can find out an estimate of your payments and interest rate. If you apply for a loan of R23.000 at a rate of 9.75% in a term of 100 months, then your monthly repayments would be of 405.84. Your minimum income should be of R1.122,79.

If my credit score is 570, can I get a loan at FNB?

Your credit score will probably be evaluated by FNB when applying for a loan, but they don't provide a specific passing standard. You can apply for personal loans as well as for home loans. If you apply for a home loan of 30.000 at an 8% rate in 24 months-term, your monthly repayment would be of R1.425.

Can FNB give me a loan if I get my salary twice a month?

It may be possible for you to be granted an FNB loan if you get your salary twice a month since the conditions set by the company are as follows: you need to be a permanent resident of South Africa and you need to receive your salary in your account (directly).

If you have no phone and you have had previous loans (temporarily loans) will you qualify?

You don't need a phone to be able to request a personal loan at FNB. Also, if you requested loans that you have already cancelled, then there would be no impediment for you to ask for a loan. The qualifying criteria for FNB loans are being in a permanent job and having your salary paid into a bank account.

Can my Company get a loan of 15000?

In these cases, your company may be in need of a business loan. The minimum amount for an FNB business loan is of R2000 and you are provided flexible terms that reach up to five years, the minimum being three months. You can make use of automatic payments and your company or business will be able to amortise capital.

I need to apply for an FNB personal loan.

For an FNB loan you will simply have to follow the criteria such as being between 18 and 64, receiving a salary and being self employed or employed in a permanent way. You will need your smart card and other documents. Loans are of up to R300.000 and it allows you to budget easily.

How do I know that I qualify for personal loan. I bank with FNB and I have permanent job. How do I apply?

For you to be able to ask for a personal loan at FNB you will need to be over 18 years of age, and have your payment from your permanent job paid into a bank account. Since you are already a client of FNB, you will only need to provide the bank the following documents: your ID, the latest payslip, proof of residence.

What about if I want to pay back the money in 6 months?

If you take out a loan with FNB and want to pay off your loan in shorter period than the one arranged, you will only need to contact the bank to have your loan recalculated. However, remember that the repayment periods available at FNB range from 1 to 60 months, so if you ask for a loan you could choose to repay it in six months.

I took a loan for 120k two months back I want to ask if is possible for me to get 20k and you add it on top of that 120k then you just add months or year because I made it to be 48 months.

You should contact a representative from FNB to have that question answered. Not every banking institution allows for top ups in their credit lines (many banks will only allow you to request for another loan once you finished paying the one you already have), so you should specifically ask FNB if that is possible to do or not.

I want to apply for personal loan for 35000 and pay within 24 months but during application process I am only offered to pay for 65 months. How can I change it to 24 months?

One possibility is that the system does not show you the option for 24 moths since your salary is not high enough for you to pay that amount of money in that time period. Remember that banks need to make sure that you will be able to pay off your loan without getting into financial problems.

I want to apply for a a person loan

With FNB you can request a personal loan for up to R300,000 and pay it back in periods that can be from 1 to 60 months. For you to qualify, you need to be 18 to 64 years old, be a South African citizen and have a regular and proved source of income.

Will you be able to quality for a FNB loan if you don't have any accounts?

FNB has important personal loans that offer a maximum amount of 300.000 rands. You will absolutely need to have a bank account since you will be asked to provide the bank with your bank statements proving that you have income every month from a steady job. You will also need to show them a proof of resicence.

I applied for a personal loan and provided all the required documents…what's next now?

All you have to do now that you have provided FNB with all your documents is wait for them to evaluate your information. FNB will check your affordability and your credit score and it will also assess if the documents you gave them are correct or not. When they have a decision regarding your loan, they will contact you.

Hello, I need a loan of R100k, do I qualify?

There are four requirements you need to comply with to qualify for a personal loan at FNB. These are being 18 to 64 years of age, being a South African resident, having a permanent job, and having a bank account where your salary is paid in. If you can provide proof of these requirements you might be able to ask for your loan.

Hi, how can I know if my personal loan is approved? I am asking because I applied yesterday and the lady helped me told me the amount of money they offer me, I took and have finished everything but it is still not paid into my bank account, and I signed and accepted, we have finished everything. Please help me.

If you've just applied for a loan at FNB and it was approved as you say, then you will have to wait a little longer. I don't know what kind of loan you've requested and not all loans are paid out at the same time. However, if you feel unsettled you may call FNB.

I have been pre-approved for a personal loan and would like to take a R3000 personal loan but I want to pay it off in 2 months instead of 6 months. Is this possible? Also what would the interest look like and how much would I have to pay back the bank?

Only FNB will be able to inform you if you can choose a two-month repayment period over a six-month term. The interest rate you will be offered will be based on your specific economic and financial situation. Let's imagine you are offered a 6% interest rate for loan of 3000 Rands over two months; in this case, you might have to pay 1803 per month.

If I have a loan of r50000 how much will I pay every month.

If you want to ask for a R50,000 at FNB you should first choose a repayment period. After you do that and you give FNB all your information, they will be able to let you know what kind of interest rate they can offer to you. As an example, let's imagine you get a 17% interest rate and you pay the loan in 60 months. Then, the installment would be of approximately 1342 Rands.

I would like to apply for a R60000 loan and pay it over 60 months, is it possible?

It could be possible for you to apply for a R60,000 loan at FNB and pay it back in 60 months, provided that you have a permanent source of income and that your credit record is good enough. Let's assume an interest rate of 15%, in this case you would pay approximately R1,100. For you to ask for this amount, you will have to be able to cover this amount.

How much do you pay back a month on a R20,000 loan?

How much you will have to pay back every month for a loan of R20,000 will depend on the term and on the interest rate. The latter will be decided by FNB after reviewing your salary and your credit record. So, for example, if you are given a 20 % rate and the term is 18 months, you would have to pay R1,300.

If I earn 4,200 monthly, how much will I qualify for?

How much you would qualify for a loan at FNB if you earn R4,200 will be based upon your credit record and the interest rate offered by FNB. For example, if you were to ask for a loan at an interest rate of say 15%, and the repayment period was of 36 months, you would be able to ask for about R39,000. 

Hi, I want to apply for a R20,000 loan, do I qualify?

For you to know if you qualify for a loan of R20,000 at FNB, you need to provide the bank with information about your financial situation. If you have a good credit record and you have a job where you receive payslips, you might be able to ask for this loan at FNB. 

I have debt that I'm paying. I'm paying well and there's no complaint. Can I get a loan?

The decision whether you can obtain a personal loan with First National Bank or not will be made by the bank itself. The entity needs to analyse some information such as your income, work experience, credit history, credit behaviour, among others. You will need to provide these details with some documentation. 

I am a 22 year old. I am in Namibia,I earn $1200-00 per month will i be able to qualify for any kind of loan from First National Bank.

If you are a 22 year old South African citizen, currently living in Namibia and wish to apply for a loan with First National Bank, unfortunately, you will not be eligible for the application process. The bank requires all the applicants to be permanent South African residents with steady jobs. 

If you apply for a personal loan of 7,000. How long does it take for the money to go into your account?

If you apply for a personal loan of 7.000 rand with First National Bank, the entire process might take up to 7 business days to be approved. After you submit all the required paperwork and the application form, the bank will carry out a deep analysis on the documentation and your economic situation to decide whether you can be granted a loan or not. If the process is approved, then the money will be deposited immediately afterwards. 

Good day. I repaid my temporary loan today. How long do I have to wait to take another temp loan?

For sure, you can apply for another temporary loan with First National Bank once you have completely paid your previous credit line. Some banks even allow clients to apply for two loans at the same time, but it is fundamental to have a positive credit history with enough income to pay all the instalments on time. 

Can I receive a loan without a payslip but have bank statement?

If you wish to apply for a personal loan with First National Bank, there are some criteria you need to comply with. You must be older than 18 years old and have a permanent job, which means that your wage must be paid in a bank account. There is no need to show a payslip but you must submit some supporting documents such as the bank statements from the last 3 months and a copy of your ID. 

Hey, I have applied for a personal loan. I wanna know if I have been approved or declined. It is for emergency, please, help. What can I do to know if I have been approved?

Usually, if you apply for a personal loan with First National Bank because you need money for an emergency, you should consider that the entire application process may take up to a week or 7 business days. The bank has to carry out an analysis on the submitted paperwork and your economic situation to determine if you can borrow the money. In any case, you can communicate with any agent from the bank via the landline phone number. 

Hey, last week I have applied a personal loan R62000. I want to know if I have been approved or declined. It is an emergency. What must I do to now because since last week I have not received anything, even an sms nothing. What can I do to now? How far is my application?

If you have already requested a personal loan of R62.000 with FNB, and you do not know whether your application has been approved or declined, the recommendation is to communicate with any advisor from the bank. For sure, they will be able to inform in which state your loan application is. 

I am self-employed. Can I get a loan at FNB?

If you are self-employed, you can only apply for a personal loan with FNB providing that you meet certain requirements. For instance, you need to have a steady job with a regular income since the bank has to make sure you have enough money to pay the instalments. That is why, it is important to show your payslips and bank statements from the last three months. 

I have applied to the bank online but declined for no valid reason. I'm a bank client FNB.

If you have applied for a personal loan with FNB and do not know why your request has been denied, the recommendation is that you get in touch with any advisor from the bank. They will inform you the reasons for the denial. In any case, if you owe any instalment of previous loans, this may hinder the application. 

Good day, I am a member of FNB. Can I get instant loan for my business? Yes, I am working. Thanks.

If you are an active member of the financial institution of FNB and you need an instant loan for your business, you can apply for up to 400,000 rand. The company needs to have information about your business like your company's bank statement for 6 months, the financial statements of one year and management accounts and a business plan to show that your company can pay back for the loan. 

Please, can I have an email address or a consultant to call me with regard to applying for a loan for FNB? I cannot get into a branch at the moment.

If you cannot visit a local First National Bank branch at the moment, what you can do is to carry out the application virtually. In order to apply for a personal loan, the entity provides an online banking system that you can access with your username and a password. Otherwise, you can contact the consultants on the phone. 

I was approved for an FNB loan, but wish to increase the amount, as that was not explained to me at first. How can I go about this?

Usually, once the loan application has been approved by a company, in this case First National Bank, clients are not allowed to increase the amount of their personal loan. However, there are some alternatives for you. For example, if your credit score is positive and your affordability capacity is enough, you can apply for a second personal loan. 

Will I qualify for a loan if I get a disability grant?

First National Bank does not specify whether a person with a disability grant can apply for a personal loan or not. However, most of the lenders sustain that a person cannot use their social grant money to obtain a loan. As this exclusively depends on each institution, the suggestion is to get in touch with the bank. 

How long does the money take to be in my account if I apply for a loan?

If you apply for a personal loan with First National Bank, the company needs time to analyse all the documents provided in an exhaustive way. The entire process can take up to 10 business days. Once the application has been approved, the money will be deposited in your bank account. 

Good day, I applied for a loan a few days ago by online banking. I also phoned on Saturday, I got an SMS online banking on phone on July 30th saying it has been approved, but it was an amount in arrears. I did pay 120 rand today – Is it possible to assist me? Furthermore, I just want to know if it's been approved.

If you already applied for a personal loan with First National Bank by using your smartphone, and you owed money which you have just paid (120 rand), the following step would be getting in touch with the company to find out if the loan has been approved. The well-trained consultants will be able to help you with this. 

If I get a salary of R4017.45 every month, do I qualify for a personal loan?, and how much interest rate ?or how much do I need to pay back?

If you earn a monthly salary of 4017,45 rand per month, First National Bank will carry out an affordability assessment with all your financial information to know how much money you can borrow.  For example, for a loan of 30,000 rand, if the annual interest rate is about 18% per year with a repayment period of 24 months, then you will be paying monthly instalments of 1,769 rand, including services and initiation fees. 

How to apply for An FNB loan using FNB online?

First National Bank offers the possibility to apply for personal loans online. The application process is quite simple, and you do not need to visit any local branch to do so. You just need to use the online banking system. However, before doing this, verify that you have all the necessary documentation and information to borrow money. 

Can I qualify for a personal loan if I have already one?

This determination as regards whether you can request a second personal loan with First National Bank will be made by the company itself. Usually, the recommendation is to take a personal loan at a time because borrowing money is a huge commitment. In any case, the bank will analyse your profile and your affordability assessment. 

Can I get approved for a loan? I’m not employed but make more than 10,000 rand a month that reflects on my bank statements.

It will not be possible to obtain a personal loan with First National Bank if you are not employed, even if you make more than 10,000 rand a month. This is so because you need to be a permanent worker or at least self-employed. It is also important to show evidence of this employment.

Can I get approved if I want R15,000? Am not working. I am self-employed, but I get 5,500 every month.

If you are self-employed with a salary of 5,500 rand, you may qualify for a loan of 15,000 rand with First National Bank providing you comply with all the necessary requirements. The institution will analyse your financial stability, the duration of your self-employment, credit history and the collateral or guarantor. 

If I'm getting paid 2,000 a month , how much can I get?

If you are earning a montlhy salary of 2,000 rand, and you need to obtain a personal loan with First National Bank, you will need to directly contact the bank to see how much you can borrow. For sure, the entity will require that you provide more details about your situation such as your credit history and South African ID.

Good morning, I have a personal loan with FNB, but now I want a top-up of 60 thousand! But have 0 affordability. Can my bank see if I can afford it? I really need your help. Please, it is so urgent.

First National Bank offers personal loans of up to 300,000 rand, with a maximum repayment period of 60 months. Nonetheless, you should consider that the bank will only approve a loan application providing that you meet all the qualifying criteria, and you show you have enough affordability capacity. This will determine whether you can obtain a top-up loan of 60,000 rand. 

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