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Are There Vehicle Finance Available for Self-Employed Citizens?

   Are you looking for a different vehicle but you are a self-employed person? Would you like to purchase another car for you and your household? That can be made conceivable by communicating with two of the preferred loan firms in the country: Investec and Wesbank. That is true, these corporations have exactly created methods to back your vehicle, and it can be from purchasing a new one to making enhancements or maintenances to the one you possess.

   In the subsequent article, I will give you full information about the two firms mentioned above, counting their vehicle finance and also the requests and features of their vehicle finances. Furthermore, you will be granted the contact info of the two companies.



What is the Motor Vehicle Finance made of?

    This is the kind of finance I was making allusion to at the commencement of the article, a type of Vehicle Loan, which will strictly benefit your life by yielding you admittance to the achievement of a vehicle of your choice. It allows you to purchase a new vehicle you have in thoughts or also restore the one you have attained in the past. This vehicle finance can be quick by simply making regular payments that come together with immovable interest rates, which will be adjusted to your personal monetary condition.


This company allows self-employed citizens to finance a vehicle that is possible to obtain through a dealer. Which is the reason I will now describe the small phases clients have to undertake:

   1. They will basically need to fill in with their personal and monetary data a virtual submission, which will take less than 40 minutes. This step will authorize clients to get a fast reply from the bank´s specialists and if they are found capable of sustaining the vehicle finance, the bank will communicate with them with the purpose of obtaining all the details of the dealer you have elected.

  2. The instant the agreement with the dealer that the client has picked has ended, the bank will reassure to grant the the loan submission and the proper contract to the broker. The client should be conscious of the fact that his/her vehicle needs an assurance with the purpose of guaranteeing the superlative protection, so please remember that. As an example, the client can take a quick look at one of the chief full insurances accessible at Wesbank, termed Driva Cover, which is the representative Comprehensive Insurance present at numerous banks.

Now, let’s carefully focus on some of its features:

-Before you begin the submission for the vehicle finance please remember that this is an important decision to make. That is the reason why you must have in mind which sort of vehicle you want to have and how much cash you can afford as a customer to recompense

-Over the vehicle´s worth, you need to have into consideration any other type of disbursement connected to the vehicle, such as fuel, reparations, insurance and upkeep.

-Take into cautious consideration the choice of getting a gas guzzler, as it will be low-priced in the long term for self-employed clients, but likewise bear into thought the fact that this set of fuel will be very harsh for the atmosphere.

-You can also make use of an additional fuel named Diesel with your automobile, which is actually low-priced in contrast to gasoline. Nevertheless, in the long term it also signifies that your vehicle will necessitate to call for a mechanic quite regularly

-Bear into extreme consideration what is the usage you will give to the vehicle you aim to finance. Consider if you will require air-circulation system and the amount of miles you will want to make on a regular basis

-Obtain a complete insurance with the purpose of avoiding theft, damages by nature and stealings

What are the requirements needed for a Vehicle Finance if you are a self-employed client?

 A.The vehicle you pick must have a value of at least this sum: R 30,000

B.You must be the majority of age, which is 18 years old

C.It is indispensable for you to verify you are perpetually residing in South Africa

D.You also necessitate to put forward a perfect credit record with a further loan business.

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E.You need to comply with monthly revenue of R 6,250 which is the minimum permitted

Okay, before finishing with this article, let me give self-employed clients the contact data of Investec and Wesbank, so that the moment you read this item it is simple for you to commence their application for a special vehicle finance:


-You can directly phone Investec by dialing the phone number listed here, that is a phone number designed for making free calls: 0860 110 161.  As a second contact option, you can phone on an extra phone line, mainly planned for transnational calls: 27 11 286 9663.

-You can enter from your processor in the company´s certified website so as to direct electronic mails and also request the firm to contact you in the prevailing time.

In the ensuing chart you have info about an office positioned in Durban:

Interest rate

No more than 30% if you comply with payments

Telephone number

11 286 9664


In 24 Richefond Circle. Section of Uhmlanga Ridge Uhmlanga.


Personal credentials specified above

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 09:30 to 11:00


- One of the company´s physical agencies is situated at The Glass House Office Park in 309 Umhlanga Rocks Drive. Its telephone number is the following one: 86 128 8272. You also have the possibility of sending a letter to this agency to the subsequent box, envisioned as a post office. This is the addresss: 5222, Durban 4000.

-You can likewise send a single fax to their agency, to the resultant phone number: 031 302 3331. That figure is strictly advantageous when it comes to shifting forms and arrangements with the aim of moving on with the application for a vehicle finance. Therefore, have this number in hand for those matters.

To sum up, if you are considering to obtain a vehicle you have two inordinate options to recourse to, Investec and Wesbank, which have cautiously planned vehicle finance for self-employed citizens. I intensely commend you to contact the companies by telephone, electronic mail or in person and observe how Investec and Wesbank can aid you with your upcoming vehicle.

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Questions and Answers

Hi I'm self employed my business is doing well, I get a salary of 14000.00 into my personal account every month. I went to my bank to find a loan bt they refused to lend me because I get income from my business
You will find lending entities assisting self employed South Africans and, entities only assisting those who can present salary slips. Wesbank is one of the bank business owners can trust on when needing to acquire a vehicle. As long as you as the applicant can show them your driving license, your SA documents and, any valid document proving you gain at least R6250 monthly, they will take you into consideration to finance the purchase of your new car.
Good day, I can afford a payment of r 2000 per month, my income is +-r7000 per month. Can I get a loan to buy a car?
At first sight, you meet the requirements to make a bank approve your loan as, they usually set the minimum income around R6000. However, the final decision is taken after checking the applicant overall financial status. So, if your credit record is good, the bank will try to arrange your instalments to make them fit your budget. To do that, they take a look at how much money you spend every month on your regular expenses.
Will clients pay monthly installments or annual ones?
Monthly installments
Can I apply from another city apart from Durban?
Yes you can
What type of vehicle can I obtain?
One that costs at least R 30 000

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