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What Loans Are Available at FNB? Requirements and Quotes for you to Explore

Is your wedding day finally coming? Have you put set your eye on that beautiful house but do not know how you could afford it? Are you thinking of buying that lavish car but believe it is too expensive for your monthly income? Worry no more. With FNB you will get the financial aid you definitely need. FNB is a company that forwards varied loans and services to meet your needs. It provides benefits for corporate, for your business and for private banking. It also offers good pricing regarding rates, calculators to see through and ahead of your financial future. Whenever you have unplanned as well as planned expenses, FNB Bank can get you a loan of a maximum of R 200 000.

Which options does FNB offer?

            FNB is a loan company that can give you access to revolving loans, temporary loans, and personal loans and home loans. Each of these loans come with particular and specific rates, terms and conditions.

What are the benefits of a personal loan at FNB?

            FNB will give you the freedom to choose the loan amount you desire as well as your term. The maximum is of R 200 000 and the term can range from 1 month to 60 months 8which is a lot!). The repayment amount will not change which means that you can budget in an easier way. The rates are fixed so there will be no surprises or interest hikes. These are some of the specific benefits that come with a personal loan at FNB Bank:

  • The rate is personalized: it is tailored for you

  • There is a protection plan that offers you credit insurance

  • The amount for your loan at FNB Bank can start at R1000

  • Get a break from the payments every January if you ask for a loan of 6 months in term

  • The repayments are fixed

  • If your loan account is set earlier than expected, you will  not be charged any penalty fees

Can you consolidate your debt with a loan at FNB Bank?

            Yes. This option allows you to control your budget and expenses. You can pay off your debt stemming from credit providers. What you can do with FNB is to make use of a single loan. You would have monthly repayments that are lower than traditional ones and you would have more financial control. You wouldn’t have to deal with the stress and hassle involved in having too many loans to consolidate different debts. FNB takes care of the whole process.

            The loans are also useful for carrying out purchases. What is amazing is that you do not even have to use an asset as collateral in order to secure the loan you choose. They are unsecured.

Which calculators can FNB Bank users can employ?

            There are different calculators than you can employ at FNB Bank. One of them is a bond calculator. These calculators are used to calculate certain costs, especially when you are trying to finance a property. You need to find out before hand how much money you can afford. Otherwise you might sign up for something you can’t handle financially.  This is a particular calculator for home loans so that you can see in advance some possible future costs that may come in the way, especially if you have to finance a brand new home. Some of these costs may even have an impact on your budget, so it is always important to keep them under control or regulated. You can even save interest this way. Let us see an example:

            Imagine that you need a loan amount of 5,000.00. Imagine that the initiation fee is included in the home loan and the rate is set at 10%. And now imagine that the loan term is of 240 months (this is the standard term for a loan). If these are the values chosen, then you would need to have a monthly income of R160.84 and this is what would you would initially pay:

  • The transfer cost would be set at R6,720.00

  • An initiation fee of R6,037.50

  • No money in transfer duty

  • A bond cost of R 6,720.00

The total of your loan would be of R 19,477.50. You would pay R 48.25 in repayments per month and R 69.00 in service fees, which would total R117.25. Remember that there may be some additional costs to pay, such as additional payments, total service fee, the lump sum, etc. FNB Bank even has a graphic that shows clients how their loan costs would be over the life of the loan. It shows the amount of the loan chosen together with the terms and the tendency of the costs. You can visually observe these changes and the impact they would have over the cost of your loan.

Is there a phone number so I can call at FNB?

If you have any complaints at FNB you can call at 087 575 9408. Otherwise, you can call at the number displayed below:


FNB requires clients to apply for the loan online and submit all the documents previously asked.


For home loans, call at 087 730 11 44


For enquiries about home loans, call at

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Where are FNB offices located?

            You can find these offices spread throughout Africa. You can do the filtering of offices by using the branch locator displayed at their website. You can even ask this locator to show:

  • the offices that allow bookings

  •  the ones that are not affected by load shedding

  • The ones that have operating hours that are extended

  • Or even the offices that have wifi

In conclusion, it does seem that FNB is here to stay. Clients know what kind of loans they want and the type of service and attention they want to receive, and so FNB Bank delivers each time. Make that phone call you’ve been postponing and start living the dream of being debt free.

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Find the best loan of South Africa

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