Does Dunami have Personal Loans? | Compare and Apply

Does Dunami have Personal Loans? | Compare and Apply

Are you tired of loans that take forever to be approved? And what about loans that have tons of requirements? When looking for a small personal loan that is easy to get, you should definitely consider the loans offered by Dunami. Here you will be walked through the loans offered by Dunami, how to apply for them, what other people say about this company, and how to get in contact with them.

Is Dunami a Legit Loans Provider?

This should be the first question you make about a financial provider. Why? Because knowing if a company is legit will save you time, money and, especially, it will keep you safe. We can tell you with all certainty that Dunami is a legit loan provider. How do we know this? We are able to state that Dunami is reliable and legit because it is registered with the National Credit Regulator. This governmental agency is the one in charge of regulating loan companies on the basis of the NCA. It is also its responsibility to enforce the provisions of this act and to guarantee that legal creditors meet all of its norms and regulations.

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What happens if you ask for a loan with a private provider that is not registered with the NCR? Well, you might risk yourself since this company is not regulated by any department of the government and if they charge higher interest rates than the percentages authorized by the NCA, you will have no one to turn to.

Is it Possible to Apply Online for the Loans Offered by Dunami?

Dunami is an online credit lending provider, so, in fact, the only way to ask for their loans is through the Web. This is why it is so easy and fast to get them. You can apply throuth your computer or even your cellphone. The best part is that after you complete the application and upload the requested documents, the loan can be approved within minutes. No need to wait long days to know if you will get the loan or not.

What are the Requirements for Personal Loans in Dunami?

Before we move on to the requirements you will need to meet to ask for a loan at Dunami, let us talk about the characteristics of this loan. The first thing we should mention is that the personal loans offered by Dunami are short-term in nature. This means that the time period in which you will be allowed to repay it is of a maximum of six months. With this company you can borrow from R1000 to R5 000.

The requirements that you must meet for South African loans in Dunami are really simple. All you will need is your South African ID and proof of income. You have two options in order to prove your income:

  • You can either provide your last payslip plus your last three bank statements
  • Or you can submit your latest three payslips

You don’t need to provide Dunami with the actual bank statement. You will be able to use your internet bank statements. Also, you don’t have to give Dunami your original payslips, you can scan them with an app in your phone.  

What Kind of Reviews can be Found about the Loans Provided by Dunami?

It is very common that after checking if a credit lending business is legit we also want to know what people who already requested these services have to say. Generally, the best way to go about it is asking people we actually know if they know the company and if they do how it all went down. However, it is possible that we don’t know anyone who has requested loans at Dunami.

Don’t worry, we can help you here. An important part of our job is to look for reviews made by clients about companies. Dunami has great comments made by many clients. There are a great number of people thanking Dunami for how quickly they process loans and transfer the loan money into client’s bank accounts. There are also many people saying that they use the services provided by Dunami with regularity and that never did they have issues.

Of course there are comments that are not so positive, though. We read a review complaining that Dunami never got back to him and that he didn’t know if his loan was going to be approved or not.

Are there other Loans like the ones Offered by Dunami?

There is a company that offers similar loans to the ones provided by Dunami. This company is also online-based and you can ask up to 4 000 rands if you are a new client and up to R8 000 if you are an existing client. We are talking about Wonga, a credit lending provider that is also registered with the NCR. At this time, the repayment term for the loans at Wonga is of three months.

What are the Contact Details for Dunami?

Remember that the only way to request for the loans provided by Dunami is through the Internet. However, if you have some issue that needs to be discussed with one of their staff members you can contact them by phone on 021 11 00 600.

We encourage you to use our contact form below to leave us your questions, doubts or comments. We love hearing from our readers since we strongly believe that this helps foster our community.

What are Dunami Loans Working Hours?

You can apply for the loans at Dunami online at any time, 24/7. However, if you wish to contact them on the phone with a question or complaint you should know when Dunami’s office is open. You will be able to reach the office from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Asking for loans with Dunami can be a great way to solve your financial needs. We tried to show you that you can definitely trust this company. Also, we described what their loans look like, how to get them, how to contact Dunami, and more. Moreover, we introduced you to a company that offers similar services to Dunami. 

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I ask for a loan at Dunami but repay it in more than 6 months?

Up to this moment, the maximum term in which you can repay for a loan that you take out at Dunami is of 6 months. Since the maximum amount that you can borrow from Dunami is five thousand rands it does not make much sense for this company to offer longer terms.

How much will my repayments be if I ask for 5000 rands in 6 months?

It should be made clear that the exact amount on your installments will be subject to your specific economic situation. Installments are calculated on the basis of interest rates, and the interest rate you might get will depend on your credit record. But, for the sake of illustration, let’s imagine you get an annual percentage rate of 104%. In this case, installments would be of approximately 1 105 rands.

Is Dunami providing loans now despite COVID19?

Since all operations performed by Dunami are through the web, its services have not been interrupted due to the current pandemic. You do not need to go to their offices and the money will be transferred to your bank account. You will absolutely be able to ask for a loan now.

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