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Can the Citizens of Polokwane Find Cash Converters Loans?

   Are you currently living in Polokwane? Would you like to find a solution to your financial problems? If you answer is positive, then you are in the right place. Cash Converters, a company specially dedicated to the lending field, is present in Polokwane and willing to satisfy the financial need of its clients by offering them a variety of loans.

   Consequently, this article will be about their three loans, all of which are short term ones. And, apart from giving you important information of the loans, you will be given contact data of this company.

Polokwane residents have access to the following three loans:


       The main advantage of this loan is that clients have the decision of applying one day for the loan and receiving the money the same day. Such amount corresponds to R 400 but it can be increased to R 4000. After clients have completely paid the financing of the loan, the company gives them the chance of applying again. So the same procedure can continue.

 How do clients get access to a Pay Day Loan?

Client’s first need to give the company their bank account details so that the company can debit the installments from the account and the financing of the loan is completed right away. Now, the moment the client applies for the loan, the company will take up to 30 minutes so as to approve the application and grant them the money.

Here I will state the requirements for a Pay Day Loan:

-Providing your personal ID or your passport

-Submitting a proof of the place you reside

-Giving the company the details of the account you have with the bank

-Submitting recent pay slips

-Providing contact details of people that serve as alternative contacts

      Focusing on the APPLICATION, the company will make you submit on time the documentation that has your personal and financial data. Such documentation can be uploaded in the official website of Cash Converters or it can be sent by fax. Once the company´s members examine all your documentation and credit record, they are in charge of deciding if you qualify or not for the loans they have created. Needless to say, one of the crucial requirements is that you submit your employment statement, so as to show you are capable of making repayments.



     One of the big benefits of this loan is that clients that do not possess enough money so as to take care of their expenses and additional costs, can make use of expensive assets they possess. Such assets serve as the guarantee or collateral of the loan. This loan is quite helpful for helping clients in emergencies that take place on the road, situations that cannot wait. Most clients tend to choose their cars, pieces of art, antiques or even jewelry.

    If you are interested in how long it takes to get the money, you need to know that not more than 15 minutes are needed. And, it is worth mentioning that once the client has given the asset to Cash Converters, it will be stored in a safe place. The assets are returned to its owners the moment the client finishes repaying for the loan.

     Lastly, the requirements: possessing a valuable asset which is currently functioning and searching for your personal documentation. Such documentation can be your passport, your ID or your driver´s license, you choose.


    With a 1 2 3 Loan like this one, clients can apply for a loan of R 2000, which can be paid back in about 3 months, since it is the maximum permitted. Clients that apply for the loan will need to wait just half an hour. The documentation requested in the same as the one for the other loans, since the personal documentation is crucial for the company to know in detail each of its clients.

   Now, if you are going to apply for the loan, you will be given for free the company´s Cashier Card, which is a way through which the company enables you to keep track of the loan you applied for and also the place in which the money is deposited each month. I believe this is a great advantage because most companies offer this type of cards, but the cards are charged and not free.


Contacting Cash Converters is really easy, since there are many means of communication. Pay attention:


 This is the most frequently used means of communication, since clients make use of their computers so as to enter the company´s official website. In this place they can send a quick message to the members of the company and also find information of a branch near their homes. In this website, clients can apply for the loans since there is an online form that clients need to complete with their financial and personal information.


There is a phone number clients have access to if they have doubts about the services or want to begin the application: 87 820 4060.

There is also an email address available: Clients can send an email there so as to obtain a quick response from one of the representatives of the company.


One of the branches is located in Polokwane, let’s see its details:


R 400 to R 4000

Interest Rate

Fixed and set by the companies

Telephone Number



Polokwane. Polokwane Central. Precisely located at Thabo Mbeki Street.

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm


The client must be a South African citizen and possess a perfect credit record.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Yes it is

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Whenever you can

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