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Are You Ready to Apply for a Multi Loan at Capitec Bank? Calculators and Requirements

Are you in need of money to cover needs? It is never late to find a financial solution and Capitec Bank is a convenient alternative. Since 2001, Capitac Bank hasn’t stopped improving its services. It is currently offering really affordable loans so that clients can count on Capitec to affront whatever need that may appear in life.

                One of the most renowned loans that the company has ready for citizens is called Multi Loan. In fact, in this article, you will read specific details about how they work as well as interest rates, financing periods and requirements needed to apply for them. We will also show how to have access to them, either in person or by implementing technology. And finally, in case you think that multi loans are not enough to satisfy your needs, we will briefly describe other lending programs available.


                These lending programs are special because they grant up to 4000 rands quickly and easily. In fact, you can apply for more than one loan at a time and repay them whenever you feel like doing. Money can be financed only in short periods of times, even one month, and interest rates usually range from 13% to 28%.

                Let’s take a look at a real example: imagine you borrow R4,000 and you want to finance it in 1 year. You will have an interest rate of near 13% so you will have to pay about 530 rands for one complete years. If you want to finance the same amount of money in 2 years, you can have an interest rate of 15%. As a result, you will have pay near 320 rands for two complete years.


                There are some papers that you need to bring to the bank whenever you want to start an application. First of all, you need your identification number to prove that you are older than 18 years. In the sencond place, you are required to have a tax so as to guarantee your post address. And last but not least, don't forget to show your last three slips. In case you don’t have them for being self-employed, you won’t have access to Capitec loans.


                Once requirements are ready, you are in the position to apply for a program. There are many ways to do so:

In person: to visit agent face to face and get money, you can visit, for example, the Johannesburg’s office. It is located in Shop 1, 28 Harrison Street. The office has an exclusive phone number available in the same office hours: 860 102 043. Another branch can be found in Kimberley. It is located at Lennox & Shop 14A at Chapel St. The doors are open during the week in typical banking hours. Of course, you can also call this office by phone dialing up 860 102 043. Agents are waiting for you!

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By phone: if you prefer telephone assistance, questions are answered to the following number: 0860 10 20 43. You can use this line to start online application.

Via internet: you can visit the webpage and start online application from the comfort of your home. What is more, you can send inquiries and comments to


Home loans

Capitec Bank has special loans so as to finance home purchase. The company works with SA Home Loans so as to lend up to R5 million to buy the home of your dreams. The money can be used to buy a home or even to make improvements.

Personal loans

There are also personal loans that facilitate higher amounts of money so as to finance other things. If you want a new car, to go on vacation or to buy new furniture, you can borrow from R4000 to R250000. Such amount of money can be financed with interest rates that go from 12% to 28%. Principal and interest can be repaid in periods that go from 1 month to 84 months. If you want to see how this figures work in real life, let´s see some examples:

                -Imagine you need R100 000 and you want to repay in one year. The minimum interest rate is 13.2%. As a result, you will have to pay about 9120 rands for one year. The same amount of money can be financed in a period of two years. In this case interest rates can be lower: 12.8%. Therefore, you will have to pay 4500 rands for 24 months.

                -In case you need more money, such as R250 000, there are other financing options available. In the first place, you can choose a financing term of two years. One of the lowest interest rates is 15%. In this case, you will have to pay 48 installments of R12248. It is important to know that the same amount can be financed in a longer period: seven years. Interest rates will range from 18.65% to 22.4%. Imagine you can apply for an interest rate of 19%, you will have to make 84 payments of R469.

                All in all, stop wondering how you are going to finance purchases.  If you live near a Capitec Bank Branch, pay a visit; if you live far away, use your personal computer! These are the different alternatives to apply for the kind of loan that seems most convenient for you. There are loans to buy from homes to cars and sofas. Take into account the amount of money you need and the purpose so as to get the lending program that suits you best. Don’t let money complicate your life. Resort to Capitec and enjoy it!

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Questions and answers

How do I apply for capitec multi loan?

Capitec does no longer offer Multi Loans. This credit option was replaced by the access facility. This option consists of a revolving credit loan for a maximum amount of R250,000. Contrary to the personal loan offered by Capitec, you will be able to repay the access facility in a maximum term of 60 months.

I need multi loan from Capitec.

At Capitec, you will be able to find a multi loan called access facility which works as a revolving credit loan. On the basis of your affordability and credit history, you could have access to up to R250,000 that can be repaid in a term of a maximum of 60 months.

Can one apply for another loan before fully repaying the existing one?

No, unfortunately you can not. However, what you can do is contacting Capitec to get a settlement quote, pay off your loan and requesting a new one. Of course, that the bank will have to make a new affordability and credit record check on you to see if you can afford the loan.

I'm a client of you for a long time, I want to apply for a loan to settle my debts, you deny me every time.

There may be some reason for Capitec Bank to reject your loan application. Perhaps you do not meet a requirement, such as providing them with your payslips. If this is the case, you could read our articles to find other ways to find finance without the need of having salary bills.

I want to apply for a loan.

If you want to apply for a loan at Capitec Bank, you can think of a personal loan or an access facility. The first one is a loan that you can repay in up to 81 months, and the second one, is a loan with revolving credit. The requirements for both loans are: ID, salary slips, bank statements.

Can I get a multi loan?

A multi loan was a quick loan that Capitec Bank used to give. This product is not available at this time. However, you can consider its personal loans with which you can borrow a lot more and repay in periods that start at 1 month and up to 81 months.

I am a pensioner from gepf. I am a beneficiary for my late husband who passed away at 2012, I want a loan, do I qualify as I am receiving gepf payout at capitec?

The principal Capitec’s requirement to comply with is to show them documents proving you have a steady income. With such information, Capitec Bank will take a look at the sum of money you get and they will contrast that income with how much money you spend on your bills and basic necessities to know if you have enough money to cancel the loan.

Which may be the reason to get declined by Capitec?

First of all, Capitec checks if the requirements they ask are met. If there’s even one of the documents missing, they can’t take your loan application. After that first step, they will check your affordability status, which means, they will take your current and past economic situation to calculate the loan quote they will offer you. Even if you pass the first stage, your income might not be enough for you to take a loan at Capitec.

Need this money urgently. How can I get approved?

If you want to make sure your loan request will be approved, you have to be sure your financial status is good enough to get a loan. For example, meeting the basic requirements is not all you must think about as, also, you need to take into consideration how responsible have you been with past loans. If you have never had problem with any kind of payment and, your salary is high, you should be granted the loan without problem.

I need a multi loan. What can I do? Should I register first?

The first step you should take is to check you comply with the requirements and, that you have proper documentation to support them. The second step is to use the online loan simulator to have a little idea of the probable cost your loan may have and, compare it with other entities. Once you are totally sure Capitec is the bank you want to apply with, you can make the petition for the loan.

Why can't i get a multiloan while i'm using this bank?

One of the reasons perhaps you are not able right now to obtain a Multi Loan might be that your current financial status does not allow you to sustain two loans at the same time. Which is why, the bank always checks affordability to make sure clients can really pay for an additional loan. However, you can take a look at Capitec´s phone and contact the company for a Multi Loan: 21 941 1377.

I'm looking for a loan amount r4000 to repay in 12 months, what’s the installment?

If we take those terms and, we suppose an interest rate of 20.5%, Capitec’s online calculator tells us your installment will be 502 rands. If you want to get this loan, you can apply online and, receive an instant answer about your request. Another possibility, if you prefer face to face conversation, is to reach the closest Capitec’s branch and, apply in person.

I have taken a short term loan at Capitec which I repaid properly every month and, they told me it will boast my credit score for a long term loan. It's almost 4 months now so, can I apply for a long term loan?

Sometimes, banks ask applicants to wait for 1 or 2 years between loans so, they can stand up on their feet before getting into a new loan. In the meantime, the credit profile upgrades with the canceled loan information, affecting your credit history, hopefully, in appositive way. For this reason, if you can wait, you can get better loan terms when you apply.

Is it possible to get a loan that can clear my current debts?

There’s what’s known as Consolidation Loan. This kind of loan is specially issued with the purpose of paying for several debts and then, repaying just one loan. If you apply for a Consolidation Loan, the bank will take care of repaying all your debts in your behalf and, from that moment, you will have only one installment to pay. The benefit of this loan is you’ll save money on interest and, you’ll have better organized your finances.

I need a multi loan to consolidate my debts

As you are referring to a loan product that offers rather a small amount of money, it won’t be enough to cancel many liabilities. In such case, you need a Personal loan as, it can reach a bigger sum of money. For instance, if you pass the affordability assessment, you can even get R250.000 and, for these loans, the interest charged starts at 12.9%. If you think your income can manage these terms, go ahead and apply with Capitec.

I am 17 and need money; can I apply for a multi loans?

No. You need to be 18 or even older.

I need a loan please, how can i get it?

If you are interested in applying for a Capitec Loan you have many options, such as phoning the company on 084 196 1931, sending an email to or finding the nearest branch.

Help me with a multi loan please, can I get it?

In order to get support for a Multi Loan at Capitec Bank, you can start the application by dialing up on this number: 0860 10 20 43 or entering the bank´s website whose name you can write in google at get access to the site

How to know if i qualify?

You must have a salary of at least R 2500 and a good decent record. You must fill the application form in the company´s website with your data and obtain an approximation of your eligibility and affordability for the loan you desire to apply for.

If u have an existing loan at capitec, can u apply for another one?

Having a Personal loan with Capitec does not necessarily mean you can’t get another loan. Still, it will depend on the characteristics of your existing loan and the terms you want for the new loan. For example, if you need just a little money to get through the month, Capitec has a loan product called Credit Facility, aimed to help you on this. You can take it as long as your affordability assessment allows it and, you will have to repay it all at once.

I want a multi loan of 10000 and I want to know how much it will cost per month

We can give you an estimated monthly cost but, it’s important to have the repayment period to calculate it. So, we’ll set two examples: that loan amount to pay over 2 years will have around R630 per month. But, for a longer term, 3 years for instance, the monthly cost may be around R476. Keep in mind, the official cost will vary as regards the personalized interest rate Capitec will charge you.

What u need to apply for a loan?

Chiefly, you have to be a South African citizen older than 18 years and being employed to have chances of being approved when applying for a loan. Of course, you need to have documents to support these requirements and your credit history must be good. If the bank finds out you have had trouble repaying for previous loans, they may be reluctant to lend you money.

Good day. I have two loans with Capitec and I would like to take another one. Is it possible to apply and get approved?

Capitec Bank does not prevent their clients from having more than 1 loan at a time. This means, you can apply as many times as you need to. However, the final outcome will depend on your credit score and your salary. If what you earn monthly is not high enough, Capitec will not let you take more money from them until you cancel at least one of your existing loans.

Does Capitec have home loans?

Yes, you can pay for your house with Capitec. They work with SA Home Loans to provide their clients with the best offer and, among your options, you can get a new home loan, refinance your existing loan at Capitec or, even switch bank to save money if you already have a home loan with another entity.

I am client at Capitec, I need a consolidation loan

Unfortunately, you will not get this kind of financial assistance at Cpaitec, whether you’re a client or not. Capitec only offers personal loans for the applicant to use the money on anything he or she needs. You will have the money on your account and, you will take care of cancelling all your debts on your own.

I need help from Capitec with a multi loan for special things at home

You can apply for a Caoitec Bank loan at any time you want. But first, make sure you have your salary slips, Identity document and a proof of residence ready to present. Apart from that, Capitec Bank will check your banking movements through your bank statements and, of course, your credit score will be key to set the rate.

Hi, I will like to know if it’s possible for me to apply for a loan at capitec bank while I have a loan.

It is totally possible but, if you have been absolutely responsible with the payments. Not only for this existing loan but also, for any other past loan you’ve taken. This is so because, thanks to those payments, your credit history will be good. Also, notice you need to earn enough money to pay for both loans.

I need a cash for school registration

What you need is a Student Loan and fortunately many companies can help you with such matter. For instance you can resort to Standard Bank and obtain a loan whose application will need to be renewed every year, but the company can help you sustain tuition fees, books and accomodation also, apart from the registration. You can contact Standard Bank by dialing up 0860 123 000 and receive plenty of data regarding a loan to pay for your education in the long term

Can i get a multi loan?

You can always apply for a multi loan at capitec bank as long as you are 18 years old and being employed at the moment of the application. You can apply either by phone, email or in person at an agency.

How do clients know if they qualify for loans?

There are three ways to check this out: by phoning Capitec on 0860 10 20 43, by finding a near branch in its website and going to fill the application in person or by filling the application form in the official webpage of Capitec

I need money to cancel my name at credit bearu, is it possible?

Unfourtnately the company grants loans to clients that have a decent credit bureau. However, I can give you the phone number of a company devoted to black listed clients, that enables them to apply for loans which is called Black Listed Loans. Its phone number is:21 202 8813

I need a loan to pay for some unexpected medical bills

Capitec, fortunately, has a special solution for these cases. It’s called Credit Facility and, it involves a top loan amount of 5000 rands to pay completely each month. To explain it better, you can get fast money transferred into your bank account and then, you repay that total amount the next month. There’ll be a 172.5 rands Initiation fee over the 1st 1000 rands. After that amount, there’s 649.75, if you need to ask for more transfers.

I want to know what do you need to apply for multiloan?

In order to obtain a Multi Loan at Capitec Bank you must submit by email the following documentation: latest payslip, bank statement, ID and proof of residence.

Are there specific loans for teachers?

No, there aren’t.

I already have a loan. I need cash for building material. Can i apply for a loan today?

At Capitec if you have paid the loan you already got, or at least half of it, you can ask for a loan whose amount is inferior and the installments are repaid in a shorter financing period. You can apply today and wait for the money for a maximum of a week

Can I apply for one month loan?

Capitec Bank can provide you with their Credit Facility, which, in fact, has to be paid on one time. These are short term loans and, as such, the loan amount available can’t go beyond R5000. As you can clearly see, this option is for special occasions in which you have to take care of an unexpected expense. You get this money in your account and, repay it in the following month.

Which documents do I need to have to apply for loan?

Of course, the most important document to present is the one that verifies who you are. As long as is issued by the South African Government, you can use your ID, for example. Then, there are two other documents to prove your monthly income: the last pays lip you were given from your work and, a bank statements that reflects the last earnings deposit in your account.

I would like to apply a loan to start a business, can Capitec help?

Although Capitec Bank helps business owners on the task of improving their company, they do not provide them with an option to start a business. What Capitec can do for you is to borrow you money for you to, for example, buy equipment you need for your business. However, this loan will not be thought to perfectly fit the needs any business has to cover when starting working.

I need a loan; I don’t know to apply

If you apply online, you just need to enter Capitec’s webpage and, find the Online option, which will guide you to the application form. In that loan application, you’re going to be asked to complete three stages. In the 1st stage, your personal information will be asked. In the 2nd stage, Capitec needs you to verify that information with specific documents. Finally, in the last stage, you get the result of your loan request.

Do I qualify for a multi loan?

You can easily find out about this by applying for a Capitec loan in the fastest way. To begin, Capitec will inform you if they will give you the money. Second, they will inform you about the terms of the loan they set for you. Both of these points are decided only after studying carefully your financial status. That’s why Capitec asks you certain information on the loan application regarding your income and expenses.

If I have loan with Capitec, what do I need to apply for a multi loan?

If you have a loan at Capitec already, it means you have a bank account. If you have a bank account and, as you’ve worked with Capitec, you can get a Credit Facility by simply submitting documents that show you’re a legitimate SA citizen, living in the country and, earning regular salary through your bank account. As simple as this, you can get that instant monetary support you need.

Last year, I went to my nearest branch and I applied for a multi loan, but it wasn’t approved, do you have an idea why? Or which requirements I didn't meet?

Capitect’s requirements are not so difficult to understand; so, you’ll know which was the problem. Basically, any South African citizen getting pays lips from their employers, having a bank account into which the salary is paid, can apply for a loan. Then, everything will depend on the applicant’s credit assessment. So, if you met the requirements but, your loan request was rejected, it may have been because of this last detail.

I need multi loans please can the company call me?

If you want a multi loan for Capitec you can ask the company to phone you when available, by sending an email to this address:

Can I get Capitec Bank in Kimberley?

Yes! There is an office in the Trust Bank building located at Jones St.

Do i qualify for a loan at capitec bank?

In order to qualify for a loan you must have the required age, a salary of at least R 2500 and good credit record. If interested in checking this out, please fill in the form you find in the company´s website and obtain its results

Can I get a loan of 30,000? I will pay 2500 per month

If you have some idea of the sum of money you are capable of repaying, it will be simpler for you to know if the loan terms Capitec gives you suits you. But, unfortunately, they are the ones to decide this. All the same, when you apply for the loan, you can choose a number of payments that leaves the installments on R2500 per month.

Can you please assist me with 1000?

As you are interested in the lowest amount Capitec has available, I’ll take the shortest period to repay it to show you an example. This term lasts 12 months. Taking, just for the sake of demonstrating the cost, a 20.5% interest rate, the monthly cost of your loan may be around 181 rands. This is for you to know, more or less, how much money you may have to pay for the money borrowed.

My name is mamojalefa lea mogorosi can i qualify for multi loan at capitec? I need an amount of R8000 for 3 months?

Hello, the amount for a multiloan is higher than that, so you have access to the half of such amount, R4000 which is the maximum. However, if you need more, with the passing of time companies allow clients to get access to top up loans.

Is it possible to get a loan that can clear my current debts?

Yes, it is possible but, only if you can afford such loan. Capitect’s assistants will agree on the loan terms you qualify for which; it might not be the amount you asked for. But, if your request is approved, you will save money when you cancel all your debts and, stay with just this new loan.

If your salary is r4000, how much money can you get at Capitec Bank?

When any bank states the loan amount to lend, they take a look at the applicant’s income but, they also pay attention to other factors. One of them is, for example, how much money you spend to pay for your monthly expenditures. Capitec will need to know how much money is left after those deductions to decide the loan quote for you.

I want to do a repair on my house, should I take a home loan for that?

No, taking a home loan involves purchasing for a house or, building it. If you just need to make some repairing on your house, a personal loan will probably be enough. Also, this loan will work for you if you want to make some renovation or change some furniture, for example as, the money you need to do it won’t go as high as the quote a home loan offers.

I just want a loan for 3000. What’s the interest rate?

The interest rate your loan can get at Capitec will start at 12.9%. Then, the bank pays attention at the sum of money asked for, the payment period and, more importantly, the applicant’s past loan history. If every time you took a loan, you paid for it correctly, you have chances of getting a lower rate to pay.

I am about to finish my loan with Capitec, can I have a loan of 50000?

Yes, as long as your affordability assessments states you can pay for both loans, Capitec will accept your new loan application. All the same, if you can wait until you finish paying for your current loan, your credit score may improve and, as a result, you may get a lower interest rate. This, of course, can occur if you have paid all your installments on time.

I have two loans at capital, can I apply for a 3rd one?

Capitec will study the borrower’s financial status to arrange granting a third loan. How far the client has gone repaying the existing loans is one of the points they look at but, they also pay attention to the salary the applicant receives as, that will define the affordability assessment. All the same, regardless Capitec decision, make sure you will not get trouble on maintaining 3 loans at a time.

What can I do to get the amount I required for?

The sum of money available for borrowers depends on two main factors: one of them is the quote the bank offers and, the other, the quote each applicant can afford to take. To get a higher quote approved, basically, you need to have a good credit score and, sufficient income to pay for the high instalments. Those factors will demonstrate the bank you will give back the money with no problem.

Can I apply for a loan of r4,000 and pay it back in 24months?

Yes, those terms are available at Capitec. However, you will receive the final answer once they read and study your application form. If you are approved and, we imagine you get 20.5% rate, your payments per month may be R313 more or less. Remember, the interest rate is agreed in accordance with your credit history so, it can get lower or higher.

I’m a Capitec client, can they give me a loan without bringing my id documents?

Capitec Bank will always require the applicant, whether it’s a client or not, to present documents as they need to verify his or her identity, salary and affordability. Being a Capitec client will give you some advantage for sure but, you need to bring documents all the same. The good news is the process won’t take long as they can confirm your identity fast.

I want to apply for r3000, should I show my ID?

Yes, you have to prove your identity for Capitec to know no one is trying to request a loan on your behalf. Apart from your identity, Capitec will demand you to submit the last salary slip you received and your past bank statements to know the sum of money you can afford to take.

Morning. I only need r1000. Can I have it at Capitec?

Capitec does grant loans of just R1000 but, the minimum term to pay for it is 7 months. If you would like to repay it earlier, you have two options. One, you can approach a Capitec branch to discuss it in person and see if they can help you. Two, you can go to a pay day loan company, as Wonga for example. This company can lend you such low amount and, the repayment term starts in 1 month.

How many months you must be working to qualify for capitec loan?

The longer you have been working for the same employer, the higher your chances of being approved will be. Keep in mind, what the bank needs is to be sure you have enough income stability to take over a loan payment. So, you aren’t eligible for a loan if you have been working for less than 3 months.

If I borrow r500, when I pay it back?

If you are referring to a R500 loan, Capitec Bank doesn’t manage that low quote for this product. You will have to ask a thousand rands or more for their personal loans. But, they offer Credit Facility for those who have Capitec bank accounts opened. If you go for this product, you must return the money borrowed completely the following month you took it.

I’m banking with capitec bank, I have settled my loan today with. So, I need consolidation loan with capitec

Although you can use a personal loan with Capitec to settle your current debt, this bank can´t assist you on a consolidation loan. This means, you can take the funds to pay all your liabilities yourself. On the other hand, if you take a consolidation loan with another entity, providing you’re eligible for it, that entity will take care of most of the process.

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