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Is the Online Application Available for Capitec Loans? Requirements

In the digital era we are living in, everything has changed somehow. We no longer like to order out food in person or by phone, but we prefer to use an application from home by just clicking the “order” button and wait comfortably for it to arrive. The same happens with other aspects in our lives. We no longer want to wait to make a line for a product we need, we no longer want to go to the store and rent a movie because we can do that from home. The same situation applies to loans. We want loans we can apply for online, that we can complete an online application from home and find out if it was approved in a matter of minutes. If this is the case, Capitec can give you that comfort you were looking for. In this article, there is information of thw way in which you can apply online and the requirements needed.

What is the story behind Capitec Bank?

                Capitec is a bank known for providing amazing financial products and services. This company was set up in 2001. With small steps, the company started to grow and has now acquired much more recognition. I has 826 locations throughout South Africa.

What are my options at Capitec?

                When it comes to variety, Capitec stands out since it offers different possibilities. At Capitec you can save up cash, apply for credit in order to obtain a car you can’t afford otherwise, get insurance and even transact money. Now, there are certain regulations clients are expected to be aware of and comply with.

How do I apply online?

                If your aim is to stay at home in your comfort zone, then you can apply for a loan at Capitec without the need of applying in person. Capitec offers you four different ways by which you can apply:

  • By phone

  • Through an application

  • Online

  • In person

In order to apply online, Capitec expects you to fill out a series of steps. You will not be able to go through the second step if you haven’t completed the first step yet. First of all, complete with your personal data. Inform the bank what your needs are, that is, do you need a credit card or a personal loan? Then let the bank know what the amount you are looking for is. How many months will you need in order to pay back the loan? Then:

  • Inform Capitec the name of the company you work at

  • Inform Capitec the date in which you started working

  • State whether you are working with a contract, permanent or other circumstance

  • State what your occupation is

  • How much do you get paid?

  • Do you receive this money weekly, monthly or every second week?

  • What’s your cell phone number?

  • State your email address

  • Proceed to accept the terms of use and conditions

Once you have completed this step, you will come across a second step in which Capitec verifies some of the information it has received. The last step involves the results that you get from your application and an estimate of some values.

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Does Capitec provide benefits for its users?

                One of its most outstanding benefits is that loans are adjusted to your needs and conditions. The loans at Capitec come with multiple benefits regarding home improvements, purchases, covering debts or tuition costs. What Capitec general does is it sends you a possible offer after taking into account the data you provided. The idea is to give you rates that are low and convenient for you. It also has a calculator which you can access once you apply that will allow you to evaluate values and prices in a different manner. It consists in a device meant to help you understand the possible financial shifts and costs of your loan.

Do I have to comply with requirements at Capitec?

                You surely need to provide Capitec with documents that are of paramount importance. In general, Capitec asks you to provide them with an ID (must be original), a salary slip (the most recent one), a bank statement, etc.

Is there a credit calculator that you can use at Capitec?

                Yes, there are different sets of calculators ready for usage. If you need to calculate credit, for instance, you hit the “credit calculator” button and introduce the value. For instance, you choose R50 000. The, the bank gives you the possibility of choosing the term, that is, the months you will have in order to pay off the loan. Imagine you go for 24 months. Now that the device knows the term and amount you are looking forward to, it will provide you with an estimate: in this case, the client would be able to apply for a loan with a rate that ranges from 12.90 to 27.75%. If you agree with this, you will go through the next step and you will visualize the repayment (in this case it would be of R2 633 each month0). You can now get an online estimate or you can start a new calculation. Now, on the other hand, if you go for R 100 000 in a term of 48 months, your interest rate would be of 14.20. This implies that your repayment would consist in R3 127.

Is Capitec what you actually need?

            In conclusion, Capitec intends you to rethink credit and to give you personalized financial deals. You can visualize the rates, the installments and decide on the spot if the deal is suitable for you or if you want to keep on evaluating instances until you reach a good deal. The positive aspect of Capitec is that it enables you to observe the behavior of these personal loans through the calculators. If you are not convinced of a financial deal, you do not have to get stuck with it. You can calculate a new one with a better offer.



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Questions and Answers

My credit score is terrible. Do you think I can be eligible?
You should apply and see if you are eligible because income and expenses also count when determining eligibility.
How many pay slip do I need to apply?
Capitec will ask you to show them three pays lips. But, they must be current payslips. I mean, you have to present the last payslips you got from the last three months. The same happens with your bank statements. They must be the last three months’ statements for Capitec to have real and current information about your present financial situation. Otherwise, there’s no way to know if the applicant can afford the loan payments.
Can I qualify for 20000 if I'm earning 4455?
When using the online calculator over that quote, we can see Capitec estimates you may pay R1131 per month to cancel the loan. This, taking a 2 years’ term as reference. So, at first sight, it seems your income is enough to cover the debt. But, we should take into account how much of that salary you use to pay for daily expenses and, the official cost they’ll charge you for the service. You can go and ask Capitec for a credit estimate. This can be done online by following just three easy steps. If you know what’s your budget, you can organize your money to get the loan.
What do you need to apply for a loan?
All you need is to meet the normal requirements any company requests before lending money. You need to be a SA citizen permanent employed and, getting your earnings through a bank account. Finally, you need to have good credit history as, this is the most important element they look at. Then, remember you may qualify for an amount different than the one you requested.
I want to know if I qualify to get a loan at Capitec Bank if I’m working as domestic worker getting 2500per month and that money comes into my Capitec account?
Having a regular salary is a great start. The fact that you get that money into a Capitec Bank’s account can also facilitate the process to get a loan. The third point you need to take care of is getting pays lips. If you have the recent pays lips (at least three), you can apply with Capitec. If not, you’ll get it difficult to obtain a loan.
I have credit at capitec, can I borrow again?
When a company that has already lent you money has to decide whether to borrow you more, they pay attention to, among other factors, how you have canceled that existing loan. In general, they ask you’ve reached at least half the installments paid and, of course, without having any default. Apart from that, as always, your credit score will be key to have a positive final decision.
How will I know if I'm qualified for a loan?
The moment you begin filling up the application form, you begin submitting the information Capitec needs to know if you qualify as a possible client. You’ll see there are few steps and, you need to provide Capitec with documents proving the data you submitted in each of those steps. At last, when the bank gathers all they need and process the loan request, they inform you about the result via email or by phone, depending on how they follow with the loan application.
Can I get a loan if I don't have payslip. Can I get a loan even if I am not payed electronically?
No, saddly, you won’t be able of getting a Capitec loan if you don’t have neither pays lips or bank statements to present Capitec. These are essential documents useful to verify how much money you are paid monthly, which is elementary information any lending entity needs to calculate how much money can you be given without having problems to repay it.
I want a loan but how do I get it?
To get your loan, you need to follow basic steps that refer to getting the documents Capitec requires. When you are sure you can submit them, you can choose one of the many ways this bank has to apply for a loan. You can do it by the phone, in person or using electronic methods: online or Capitec’s App.
I want to build a property, is a home loan helpful?
Totally, with a home loan you can not only make repairs or renovations to an existing home of yours, but you can also take care of the building procedure of a new house you want to live in.
How is the interest for a r3000 loan?
The rates Capitec charges are between 12.90 % and 21.70 %. The rule is the higher the amount and term chosen, the highest the rate charged. Therefore, if your quote is under R100000, you have chances of getting a lower rate. Apart from that rule, if you have rather a low credit score, banks usually charge higher rates.
I’m earning 2900 so, can I get a loan?
To know that, it’s important to have other pieces of information. For example, on how much time you want to return it. Also, the type of loan you need it’s relevant. There’s what Capitec names Credit Facility which works as a payday loan. This loan is granted for a smaller amount, R5000 top and, it has to be paid in the following month. You must be careful, however; because these short term loans tend to have a higher rate.
Capitec can help me with loan of r 9000 for 12 months online?
You can obtain a loan of R 9000 at Capitec and repay for it in 12 months, so that the installments will be R766.35 and the interest rates will be of 4%
What are the interest rates for R 20 000?
If interested in obtaining R 20 000, the company will make you pay interest rates that can range from 12.90 to 27.75% and you will need to make monthly installments of R 1961 each month
Can I make home renovations with a loan?
African Bank has designed its home loans, which apart from giving clients the chance of financing the house of their dreams, it enables them to buy new furniture and also make repairs to the house they already possess. For instance, they can buy new equipment of furniture and repay for it in periods of about 6 months. But, you can also choose 60 months period to sustain the renovations made to your home.
I do bank with fnb so i would like to know if you can give me a loan amount of r50 000.00
African Bank is a good option to consider if you are looking for that amount, since this bank offers its clients a maximum of R 150 000, so R 50 000 is possible to obtain. Moreover, the amounts will vary depending on the loan you choose.
I want to know if i qualify for loan
The only thing you need to do so as to acknoledge whether you qualify for a loan or not, is phoning the company or trying the bank´s calculator, which can be found in its official website, and once you write the figures of your finances together with the amount wished, you will obtain a notificacion with the affordability for the loan.
Can i get a R 20000 loan?
Yes! If you are interested in obtaining a loan at African Bank, you can get up toR 150 000, which the bank gives you freedom to finance in about 6 years but you can also finance it in 3 months. The amount given will be determined at the moment of application, based on your affordability in terms of your financial status and credit record.
I need 10 000 pay for 11 months, how much will i pay?
You can apply at Capitec for a loan of R 10 000 and repay for it in 11 months by paying monthly installments of R 927 and interest rates of 4%
Do they offer home loans?
Yes, they do. The offer home loans from SA Home Loans.
My salary goes through capitec, how do i get a loan?
Good news, since it is easier to be deducted the money directly from your Capitec account. You have many options but I would suggest online application since it does not take lots of time and you will receive an email with the confirmation so as to gather the documentation requested. Online application is able in the company´s website, which you can found in google.
Can you help me with a loan?
Yes, at Capitec you can obtain additional financial resources so that your finances get better and you can sustain daily live on your own.
Can i get a loan with my card?
Yes, you can obtain a loan with your debit card at Capitec, so that the monthly installments of your loan are deducted from there and it is easier for you to repay the loan.
I want to apply for a loan online
This is, for sure, the easiest and most practical way of applying for a loan. You can go into Capitec’s webpage and go through the entire process. You can commence by getting your loan estimation to find out how much money can you borrowed from Capitec. Then, you can go on by submitting your information and documents to start the application and, getting the loan request approved.
I would like to apply for a loan over the phone. I bank at Capitec. Is it possible?
Yes! It’s absolutely possible to apply for a Capitec loan over the phone. A nice strategy is to go over your terms’ option using the online calculator before applying. Once you get an idea of the cost you me have to pay for the loan, you can call Capitec to have one of their agents discussing your official quote and, the cost of the loan with precise information.
Hi, I am working and I want a loan of 70000.00 to pay it in 12mths. This is not the first time, I applied for a loan and I already paid it up. How much will i pay monthly?
If we consult Capitec loan calculator, we figure out that the monthly payment for those loan terms may be around R6607, if we took the lowest rate possible, which is 12.90%. However, the official cost will depend on your affordability assessment as, after having that result Capitec decides the rate they’ll charge you. The rate can reach up tp a 17.75%.
Hi, I’m interested in getting a personal loan of 5000 from Capitec Bank, thank you
If you’re interested in one of these loans, you can finish deciding by checking their requirements, to start. If you are among the group that meets those requirements, you can start your application online to come up to your loan outcome. When you have the loan offer Capitec shows you, you can make up your mind to see if you accept it or not.
Can i apply a loan earning less than R3000?
The minimum requested for Capitec Loans is R 2500 so you can certainly apply for a loan of yours, and remember to also have a good credit record
I need a loan for about r10000. What are the requirements. My monthly income is r5000
Applying with Capitec is as easy as getting these three things in mind. First, you must have turned 18 years old already and, have the valid Identity Document to present. Second, get pays lips to prove your job is stable and you earn enough money. Third, having a bank account where there can be seen your salary deposits from the previous 3 months.
I have a credit record and have permanent job earnings above r8000 after deductions. Will I qualify for a loan?
If you can present the documents that prove you earn that sum of money on monthly basis and, of course, your identity, you can sure apply for a loan at Capitec. Then, when they process your application form with the information you stated, they’ll take the decision regarding your credit score. If you know your credit record is good, and that you never had liability issues, you must know your chances of getting the loan confirmation are good.
I need to buy a car and I need 25.000. I know the bank can deduct every month from my account with Capitec. Is it possible they help me?
They may be able of helping you but, if you comply with the request they have. That is to say, having a Capitec account is not a guarantee to have a loan with them as, they’ll carry out some evaluations to get to your financial records. Once you get the loan, your payments can be deducted from your Capitec account each month so, you have tu be sure to have the money available on due date.
I need a loan of r500. I want to know how much must I earn to get it
I’m sorry to tell you, Capitec does not issue that loan amount. You should think about getting at least R1000. If you take a Credit Facility, which are paid within the next month, you’ll have a fee to pay for upfront of R172.50 plus the rest of the fees and the interest rate. You must know, Capitec will present you an offer taking your income into account so, as long as you have a regular salary, you can apply to see what can this bank offer you.
How can I get this application to be approved?
As a client, in order for your application to be approved it is compulsory that you possess a perfect credit record with further companies, that you have current payslips and bank statements that show you can sustain the loan on your own and that you will permanently live in the country during the time the loan lasts.
Are these loans available in Gauteng?
Yes. Capitec operates in the entire country.
I am a pensioner 55 years old would like to make a personal loan if possible thanks in advance
Hi, you can easily obtain a loan being a pensioner, as long as you have a receiptt or a proof or income or payslip. The easiest way for you to apply is by phoning the company on this number: 0860 10 20 43.
I need loan, can I apply with my budget?
In order to know whether you can apply you must first make sure you have the minimum salary requested in Capitec Bank, which is of R3000
When can i get the money for a Clientele Loan?
The application for Clientele loans usually does not last more than a week, so that if your financial documentation and credit record is in order, is less than 7 days you can have access to the money solicited by the bank. There are also companies that offer Pay Day Loans, whose money can be obtained the same day you apply for the loan. Cash Converters offers this type of loan, so please phone on 87 820 4060 and obtain up to R 4000 the same day
How to pay it back a loan on my own?
As regards payment, you must pay two fees: the monthly installments that come along with the loan and the service fee, which is a small amount I can assure you. You can establish payments with debit or credit card or you can also pay in cash. Most clients find it easier to directly deduct payments from their bank account so as to never miss payments.
Mr or mrs can i ask please if i qualify for loan?
In order to be aware of your status as a candidate for a loab, you must enter the bank´s website, go to the application section and start the procedure. You can also make use of the calculator and check affordability.
I need 5000, how much I pay per month?
The monthly installments can be estimated only if we know what’s the term of your loan. For example, that money paid over 2 years may have a monthly cost of R 373 more or less. But, as it’s rather a small amount of money, you prefer to spend less time repaying, let’s say a year, the monthly payments may be around R 608.
Do I qualify to get a loan from Capitec?
If you have taken loans in the past and, you had no problem at all repaying them, you’ll probably pass the credit score tests. Of course, having no debts it’s also important to qualify for a loan at Capitec as, the sum of all your financial information will be key to be approved for a loan.
Would i get a loan if am self employed?
You can still get access to a loan if you have a proof of employment, that is to say a document that states how much money you earn and data of your employer. This financial documentation replaces payslips and enables you to show the company you are able to sustain the loan on your own.
I need a loan for my children education
There are banks that issue loan products specially thought to meet this particular need. Students loans aim to pay for college, for instance, and help parents build their children future. Even though Capitec doesn’t issue student loans, their personal loans can perfectly work to cover your children education as, they can lend up to R250.000. So, you may follow the steps to apply and get an official answer.
Can I apply for a loan even if I don't have a pay slip?
The only way you may be allowed to get a loan from Capitec without payslips is if you get income from a business you own. If so, that business must be properly registered as Incorporated or, Close Corporation, for example. If you don’t own a business, you need payslips without no exception to make Capitec process your loan request.
I need a loan r2000. Does Capitec offer this amount?
For a Capitec personal loan, the quote should be R5000 or higher. Any loan amount lower than that with this entity will only be possible for a Credit Facility. This product is issued for lower quotes and, must be cancelled in full. The requirement is, basically, to present documents proving your identity, you live in South Africa and you have a job.
Can we have an easy option to apply at capitec bank and get feedback quickly?
The options available to apply for a loan at Capitec are in person, by the phone or online. Of course, if you want to avoid wasting time going to an office, you can get your loan application through the internet. If you prefer an easy way and also, talking to a person, you can call them on the phone to go over the procedure. Using these ways, you’ll get the fastest answer.
I would like to apply for a temporary loan, how does it work?
This loan, currently known as Credit Facility, can be requested following simple steps like, filling up the application and, submitting valid documents. This loan works to pay for bills you need to pay for before you get your monthly salary. You use this money to cancel those bills and, when you’re paid, you return that money to Capitec in full. If you fulfill this payment on time, you’ll have it again in the following month.
How fast can I get it?
After you send the loan application form and, Capitec revises it, you will be informed about the outcome of the application. This stage may take some time as the company needs to ask for few documents to verify your situation. Once they check everything, they can inform you your loan has been approved. From the moment you finish the application process, you will wait just a couple of days to receive the money in your bank account.
How long does it take to approve a loan?
The loan application form submitted is processed immediately and, if you gather the requirements expected, you’ll get the approval quick. What may make the process go slower is the fact that Capitec needs your documents to prepare a loan offer that suits you. Thus, try to have everything in order before beginning the application to help the bank have an answer faster.
Is it possible to take a loan immediately after finish paying the other one?
Having a second loan as soon as you cancel your current loan may be a little difficult. On one hand, it’s of paramount importance you have enough time to reorganize your economy to know where you stand on your expenditures before thinking about new installments. On the other hand, Capitec needs to take time to go over your new credit history when deciding to approve your second loan.
How much do I have to earn monthly to qualify for a loan?
If you get monthly earnings, meaning, you have a steady source of income and, you’ve had it for three months or more, you can already apply for a loan. Once Capitec processes your information, they will come up with a loan offer based on how much money you receive and how much money you spend month by month.
If I earn 3500 in would I qualify for a r25000 loan?
Capitec does not specifies a minimum monthly salary to qualify for certain loan amount as, there are more details they look at. Besides the salary, the credit history and banking movements of the applicant play and important role on the qualification. Remember, it also varies according to the monthly installments you choose. If you need to, you can ask for a loan estimation before starting the application procedure.
I work at my brother's hair salon and I want to open my own salon so, I want Capitec to help me with money. I only need a loan of r30 000. Can u help me?
Capitec only grants Personal Loans so, you won’t find business loans with them. if you are given pay slips every month from your employer, you can apply to get a loan with this bank but, you will have to clearly study if that money will help you start a business or, if you will need to contact a company offering business loans.
How much I’m going to pay per month and for how long?
You will decide the terms of your loan. For example, if you want to spend a year or 2 years repaying the money and, the amount you ask for. Consequently, the monthly cost will be stated after having those choices into consideration. As an example, let’s imagine you get R100000 for 3 years at a 12.9% rate. In such situation, you will have to pay R 3743 each month.
I have a personal loan with Capitec and I need a loan for a car, will I qualify?
As I’m sure you know, Capitec always takes your information to present the best loan offer for you. Whether you qualify for another loan with Capitec or not, will be determined by the payments of your current loan you have already made. Keep in mind that sometimes, it’s better to wait until you finish repaying one loan before entering into a new loan contract. So, think our options and payment capacity carefully before taking more money borrowed.
I didn't have a job but, now I am earning r1500 weekly, can you guys help me?
If you got this job at least three months ago and, you’ve been working ever since, Capitec can consider you a possible borrower. Another factor you must pay attention to is the stability of such job. Unless you’re permanently employed, you won’t be granted the loan as, the bank will make sure you will have money to pay for every installment before accepting your request.
Can Capitec borrow me money if I own a business?
Capitec doesn’t offer business loans. However, they can grant you a personal loan if you own a business. This means that if you need the money for yourself but, you don’t have payslips to submit as you earn money from your company, you have a chance to get financial help from Capitec. The only difference is that you can’t apply online in this case. You need to visit one of Capitec’s branch to get the credit.

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