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What Does Capitec Loans Have Available for Clients?

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With Capitec Loans you can choose the terms that best satisfy your needs and get a personalized credit plan of up to R230,000 to repay from 1 to 84 months

According to your credit profile, you will have:

  • Money available immediately on your transaction/savings account after approval.

  • Free retrenchment and death cover (*)

  • Fixed monthly repayments.

  • Easy monthly repayments if you consolidate all your existing loans.

(*) In the case of free retrenchment and death cover, if your loan will be repaid in 6 month or longer, your outstanding balance will be paid in full; if you are retrenched when the loan is less than 3 months old, 50% of your loan will be covered; and they pay for this cover and the money will be paid to them so as to determine your outstanding debt.

Documents needed to get a loan:

  • Identification document.

  • Original proof of residential address (any approved document in your name that have your street address).

  • Latest salary slip.

  • Lasts 3 month bank statement.

How can I get an account in Capitec Bank?

You can change to Capitec Bank and deposit your salary in 3 easy and convenient steps:

Step 1:Get global one, you can do by visiting your nearest branch with your identification document and original proof of residential address.

Step 2:Switch your debit orders (in case you are already a client of the bank, you start in this step). They will help you through all the process. You only have to download the Debit Order Switch Authorisation Form, complete it and return it with your latest bank statement by any of the following ways: By e-mail at, by phone at 021 941 0716 or going to your nearest branch.

Step 3:Give your new account details to your employer. Make sure that your employer has the right details of your new account so as to avoid any problems when they deposit your salary in your Capitec bank account.

How can I do if I don´t have time to visit a branch?

You don´t have to worry because they offer remote banking services for you through your cellular phone or on the Internet. Thus, you can choose how, when, and where do your banking transactions.

Options available: If you refer to bank through your cellphone, you can use their app or dial *120*3279# (mobile banking). But if you prefer to do it online by using your tablet or personal computer, the right option for you is Internet banking. Here you can read more information about these (3) options:

  • Cellphone app: Some of the advantages of banking with your cellphone app is that it is secure, easy to use and available on any smartphone (remember that if you can google, you can this app). Some of the most important benefits are the following:

  • It is free, which means that you can download it for free and you do not have any monthly charge for using it.

  • You will save money as beneficiary payments can be done at half the money that you need to do it in a branch.

  •  You can plan and manage your budget. You can track your bank movements and take control of your money.

  • It is convenient because you can have access on the go from your cellphone.

  • You have added security as every transaction is secured by your Remote Pin, so remember never to say it, just keep it to you.

You can do many movements with your cellphone app such as transact, save, credit, budget, as well as view your cards and profile.

As regards transact, you can:

  • Do payments to people or accounts,

  • Buy airtime or electricity to yourself or a friend,

  • Add beneficiaries,

  • View, sort, update, and delete beneficiaries,

  • Add recurring and future dated payments,

  • View transaction or beneficiary payment history,

  • Do multi loans withdrawals.

  • In relation to save, you can:

  • View account balances,

  • View account details,

  • View transaction details,

  • View transaction history (money in and out),

  • Transfer money between your savings plans.

If you need to credit, you have the following options:

  • View credit plan balances,

  • View credit plan details,

  • Do multi loans withdrawals.

As regards budget, you may:

  • Create your budget in 3 easy steps,

  • Track your spending on the go and take control of your money.

  • A new alternative is about Cards, through which you can:

  • Stop lost or stolen cards immediately, and

  • Update your daily card limits.

You can also check your profile, and do the following actions:

  • Change your remote pin,

  • View your notice history,

  • View tax interest certificates, and

  • View your remote banking agreement.

  • Cellphone *120*3279# : You can dial *120*3279# to have access to this service. In case you are out of airtime for example you can dial *120*3279# free of charge. Some of the actions you can do using this service includes the following:

  • ü Buy airtime,

  • ü Buy electricity,

  • ü View account balances,

  • ü Do multi loans withdrawals,

  • ü  Pay Capitec bank clients (with a verified cellphone number),

  • ü Transfer money between your accounts,

  • ü Register for SMS Update for added security.

  • Internet: You can have access to your transaction/savings accounts by simply using your laptop at home, work, or wherever you are because it is secured, convenient, and makes you save money because you do not have to pay a fee per month. Some of the movements you can do include:

  • Transference of money between your accounts,

  • Doing payments to other people or accounts,

  • Buying airtime or electricity for yourself or somebody else,

  • Checking your last electricity bills,

  • Adding beneficiaries,

  • Adding recurring or future dated payments,

  • Adding recurring or future dated transfers,

  • Doing multi loans withdrawals,

  • Viewing or downloading statements,

  • Among other transaction or saving actions.

Whether long-term, medium-term or day-to-day needs, Capitec Bank has a loan available immediately for you.Long term, medium term of day-to-day credit availability. 

- Long term credit if you need to renovate or buy a house.

- Medium term needs for education or buying a car.

- Day-to-day needs for emergency or unexpected expenses.

-Multi loan is especially created for the unforeseen cash expense or emergency when you do not want to worry where to obtain the extra money. 

-It is easy to access once activated and can be checked by simply checking your balance on your phone. -Better yet, you only pay for what you use.

-Multi loan withdrawals can be made from your cell phone by dialing *120*3279# or if app is installed on the cell phone.

-Immediate access to the money to make payments or cash withdrawals at supermarkets.-Qualify up to R4000, depending on affordability assessment.

-Payable in full every month and reviewed in branch every 12 months.

Capitec Bank offers loans for your needsMulti loan is created for unforeseen cash needsQualify up to R4000 depending on affordability assessmentWhat type of loan is recommended if I need to spend extra money due to an emergency?.

Multi loan is available for the day-to-day emergency needs when you do not want to worry about where the money comes from.How can I obtain Multi loan?You may access Multi loan by simply activating it.How soon will I have the money ready?.

The money will be available immediately as soon as you send a message on your cell phone or by installing the app on your cell phone.

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Questions and Answers

If i am self employed but still using my capitec bank account savings for my business every month. Do i qualify for loan?
As long as you demonstrate that you have a stable salary in order to sustain your loan, the company can determine your status as eligible for a credit. That is why you must also submit bank statements.
Can a person make a top up loan at a capitec bank?
The loan you apply for at Capitec can be increased after some months, provided you have already paid the monthly installments corresponding to the loan on time. Other wise, you will need to apply for an additional loan, but i recommend you to wait until you can top up so as to save some money.
I have R 22 000 i want a loan from capitec to help me buy a house
Yes, with Capitect together with is agreement with Sa Home Loans, you can obtain the house you want. If you possess R 22 000 the bank can give you the chance of obtaining a home loan that is paid in 20 years with interest rates of 10,25%. The Loan repayment for this house loan will be that of R 6,600 which is a monthly installment. You will also need to pay a service fee of R 68.48 which is a small amount of money
What numbers should i phone for a loan at capitect?
You have many phone numbers available. You can dial up the following number: 0860 10 20 43 or you can use your cellphone and send a sms in a fast and simple way: *3279
When are clients of Capitec rejected a loan?
The many reasons why you can be rejected a loan has to do with not complying with the age(18), having a bad credit record and not possessing a payslip to show that you have a current and stable salary to sustain the loan you want to apply for.
I am having a loan at capitec , i pay 3 months and i left with 3 months and i am asking if i can add a loan for r1000 ?
Yes, you can obtain an additional loan at Capitec as long as you have 3 monthly installments left, which is your case
How can I do multi loan withdrawals if I have an account in Capitec bank?
You can do it through your cellphone, you can use their app or dial *120*3279# (mobile banking), or online by using your tablet or personal computer.
What do I need to get a loan?
You need your identification document, original proof of residential address (any approved document in your name that have your street address), your latest salary slip, and the lasts 3 month bank statement.
What is the maximum amount can I get from Capitec bank loans?
You can get a personalized credit plan of up to R230,000 to repay from 1 to 84 months.