Capitec Loan | Can I get one at Capitec Bank? | Quote Online

Capitec Loan | Can I get one at Capitec Bank? | Quote Online

Without financial help, it wouldn't be easy for some of us to achieve the kind of life we are living or dream of living. This financial service has helped people get through different financial situations in South Africa and worldwide. All this can't be achieved without the trustworthiness and resilience of financial institutions.

This blog post will take you through loans offered by Capitec, one of South Africa's leading financial service providers. Reading through will provide information on different types of loans offered, the application process, and much more. This will enable you to get all the important information to start with Capitec loans.

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Who is Capitec Bank?

Capitec Banks is one of the leading financial service providers in South Africa, offering a wide range of services a typical retail bank can offer. The bank operates across major cities and allows clients access to loans, insurance services, savings, deposits, and other financial services.

Capitec Bank opened its doors in 2001 and served over 14 million customers across the country, serving both individuals and businesses. The financial service provider operates under the guidance and regulation of the South African Reserve Bank.

What types of loans does Capitec Bank offer?

For one reason or another, banks provide various types of loans to suit everyone's needs and experience. Capitec Bank is not an exception. The bank offers many loans and financial services to help millions of South Africans get through different circumstances. We will look into loans offered in detail, but to mention that the bank offers clients personal loans, car loans, business loans, education loans, and much more.

Let's look into the details of some of the loans offered by Capitec Bank:

1) Capitec personal loan

Personal loans are one of the loan services you can get with the bank as an individual client. You can borrow up to R250000, payable in up to 84 months. Repayments can be settled in installments, but you have the option of clearing the loan earlier if it fits your bill. On top of that, Capitec bank allows you to take loan insurance for personal loans to help you get covered in a situation where you can't offset the loan.

2) Capitec online loan

The bank allows you to access it online from the comfort of your home. You can get a wide range of loans from temporary, payday, and other personal loans by simply applying through their website or the mobile app. The application process is easy, and you can have your loan approved in minutes, thanks to reduced paper works.

3) Capitec home loans

Capitec home loans make it possible for South Africans to own new homes or renovate their existing homes. The bank lets you switch your existing home loan from other financial institutions at lower rates, freeing up some monthly expenses. This is possible through their home loan switching bond program, which can be done online.

4) Capitec student loans

You can apply for up to R250000 in student loans. This loan is payable in installments, and you have up to 84 months to settle your financial obligations. Capitec Bank allows students to apply for education loans from their university website or by visiting any branches across SA.

5) Capitec loan without payslip

Clients can apply for Capitec loans without payslips. However, it is important to note that you must prove a stable cash flow to guarantee a loan. This can be proven through at least three months' bank statements or having an active bank account with Capitec Bank.

6) Capitec temporary loan

Capitec Bank offers temporary loans to millions of its customers. Thanks to its straightforward application, you can get this loan in your account. Like any other short-term loans, temporary loans are met for emergencies and often take a short period to process and repay.

7) Capitec business loans

The bank offers up to R250000 to self-employed business owners. To get a business loan, your business must be registered as a trust, limited company, incorporated, closed corporation, or association.

8) Capitec instant loan

Customers at Capic Bank can access different instant loans. The instant loans offered at the bank include temporary, payday, and emergency loans. As the name suggests, the amount reflects in your account immediately after the bank approves your application.

9)Capitec loans for pensioners of SASSA

Unfortunately, Capitec Bank does not offer loans for SASSA pensioners. The bank doesn't allow clients to obtain loans using social funds. It will help if you are employed or provide proof of income to secure a loan with Capitec.

How does a loan work at Capitec Bank?

The bank allows you to get unsecured loans or collateralized loans. Capitec Bank offers these loans at affordable and personalized interest rates to give you peace of mind when servicing your loans. Interest on loans starts from 12.9%.

Depending on loan purpose and credit risk, you can secure a flexible amount of cash through a Capitec loan to sort out any financial need. The loan application experience is straightforward, thanks to mobile and internet services. This makes it possible to apply for a loan right from the comfort of your home without even visiting the bank. With this in play, you can get your loan approved in minutes saving time.

How to apply for a Capitec loan?

Capitec Bank has a different loan application to help you have a smooth experience. You, however, need to meet certain requirements to land a loan with the financial institution. Here are some of the requirements you must meet before getting a loan:

  1. Valid South African ID
  2. Proof of regular income. You need to provide at least three months' bank statements.
  3. Proof of residents 
  4. Depending on the type and amount borrowed, you may also need to declare your asset, liability, and expense for the bank to determine if you can repay the loan. 

Once you meet the above-mentioned bare minimums, then you can continue with your loan application. Capitec Bank allows you to apply through the following systems:

  1. Physically visiting any of Capitec's branches across SA
  2. Online application through their website
  3. You can also download their mobile app
  4. Finally, you can apply for a loan by giving the bank a call through their official lines

How to Apply for a Home Loan at Capitec Bank?

Who hasn’t dreamt about owning a house? Renting is money you spend each month that goes to someone else’s pocket. With Capitec Bank that dream might become a reality. This company gives home loans for people between 18 and 60 years old.

With Capitec Bank you can borrow up to R5 million and have a repayment period of up to 240 months. After you apply for the loan and send out all the documents required, if accepted, your loan will be approved within 5 business days.

You don’t need to be a customer of Capitec Bank to apply for this loan. To start the process you can either apply online or at a Capitec Bank branch. If you apply online, you might be able to finance the total amount of the value of the house, whereas if you apply at a branch you may be able to finance a 90% of this value. Some government employees might qualify for special deals for home loans with Capitec Bank.

To request a home loan with this company you will need the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of the purchase offer, which has to be signed
  2. ID
  3. Photocopy of marriage certificate
  4. Pay slips for three months
  5. Three bank statements, which must be stamped

Capitec loan calculator: How does it work?

A Capitec loan calculator is a tool offered on the bank's website to enable you to calculate the amount you are going to pay when settling your loan. Here you can select the amount you want to pay every month depending on the loan type you are applying for. It is easy to use, and all you need is to select your preferred payment amount and term and click the submit button for the repayment amount to appear.

Does Capitec Have ATM Loans?

ATM cards are majorly used to repay Capitec temporary loans. The bank allowed you to deposit loan repayments through your ATM cards.

Are there Payday Loans at Capitec Bank?

Capitec Bank allows clients to access payday and instant loans through their bank accounts. It is important to note that you can only access this loan if it is from the same account you are receiving your salary through.

What is the Contact Number for Capitec Loan?

You can reach Capitec bank through the following contact options:

Customer Care Tel: 0860 10 20 43



Being a registered financial service provider guided by SA Reserve Bank, Capital Bank assures you safe and flexible loans. Its straightforward applications give you a greater experience, and its dedicated team is ready to serve you anytime.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Interests of loans from 10000 up to 100000

The interest rate any applicant finds at Capitec ranges from just 14.20 % to the highest, 27.40%. In order to know the rate your loan will get, it’s essential you submit the bank data regarding your salary, monthly spends and credit history. For instance, if you obtain 14.20 % and, you cancel R10000 over 48 months, there’ll be R3127 per month on your instalments.

What if I have many debts and it’s getting difficult to keep up with payments? Can I arrange a simpler way to cancel them?

Yes! there’s a specific type of loan that can help you solve that problem and, it’s called Consolidation loan. With this product, the bank will lend you the money to pay for the total amount of your debts to leave you with just one loan which, of course, will be bigger. Doing this, you can simplify your payments as, you’re left with just one instalment per month.

I am 65 years old and receive a pension from GEPFI R11000 per month. Do I qualify for a personal loan at Capitec?

Yes is you receive a pension and have the documents that prove this, you might be able to ask for a Capitec loan for pensioners. However, you should also consider that your affordability and credit record will be taken into account by Capitec to assess if it is safe for them to lend you money or not.

Can a multi loan be approved if you don’t have credit history?

No, unfortunately, it’s imperative you have some sort of credit score to be eligible for a loan. If you have never taken a loan, for instance, you can start taking short term loan like payday loans. This is a great method to create your credit score to be able of getting a bigger loan in a future. Always remember that the higher your credit history when applying, the more beneficial terms you can get for your loan.

Capitec sent me a message saying I qualify for a certain amount of loan, what do I need to bring to activate the loan?

It’s really important to clarify you shouldn’t trust on any message you receive unless you know for certain, they are sent by Capitec. If you haven’t applied for a loan at Capitec, it’s unlikely they have sent you that message as, they don’t have the information about you to decide if you are eligible. In case you did apply, you can reach any of their office with your ID, payslips and bank statements to start the loan process.

How to get a personal loan at the lowest rate?

The online calculator we offer at our platform is the best solution. All you have to do is to let us know the sum of money you want to request and, the time you think you can repay it. With just that data, our tool will present you the companies with the lowest rates in South Africa for you to compare their loan products and, take the best for your budget.

If you are 68yrs old ,can you get a personal loan of 20,000?

If you are 68 years of age but you hav pay slips proving you earn a regular income, you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec of R20000. However, you will only know this when you provide Capitec with all your personal information, specially when you tell them how much you earn.

I want to apply for a r70 000 loan but I’ve just started working few weeks

Having that short time on a job will make banks reject your loan application because they need to be sure you have a stable income to give them the money back. You have no other option but to wait until you are, at least, from 3 to 6 months working at the same company. Besides, it will make things easier for you when you have to cancel your payments.

I would like to apply for a loan online. Pls guide me how to complete an application for. Thank u

If you want to reach the best quote, you can start by taking advantage of the loan calculator we have. After you compare your options and decide on your company, you can click on the “Get Started” button to find the loan application. All you have to do after that is fill in it with your personal information and, wait for the bank to inform you about your affordability assessment to know how much money can you take.

Hi, I was asking if u can assist me to apply for a loan of 2000. I hv a loan with my capitec bank which I’m paying

As you are paying for your existing loan and, assuming you have cancelled your instalments on time, you can try to get more funds from Capitec. Of course, whether you’re eligible or not will depend on the capability you prove to have to pay for the total sum of money owned. Keep in mind, you have the option of taking a pay day loan for just 2000 but, the cost will be higher.

I am a capitec bank client having a 6months loan, can I do another one at capitec?

As your loan will be payed up in just 6 months, you may try to wait until you finish with those payments before requesting more money. If you can do that, you can have a more organized financial status, which will be really useful to avoid missing payments. On the whole, you have to do your best to don’t end up with more debts than you can afford.

I need a loan. I am a pensioner I need loan up R2000. I received the amount of R2200 and other a month that I received accept the pensioner, can you help?

At Capitec Bank you will find credit facilities for those people under employment. As a pensioner, if you receive salary slips, you might be able to qualify. You could try requesting the loan online and wait for Capitec to make a decision regarding your petition for a loan with them.

I get sassa disability R2100 a month. Can I get a loan at Capitec bank? I am at Capitec.

Being a recipient of Sassa disability pensions is not a qualification for gaining access to Capitec loans. This bank asks their clients to provide them with salary slips from their permanent employment. For information about how to get a loan as a Sassa pensioner, please refer to our articles on our web.

How much can I barrow?

With Capitec bank, you can ask for a personal loan of up to R250,000. You will be able to use this money for whatever purpose you might have. For instance, you can use it to buy something you need or to pay for a holiday. This maximum amount will depend on your affordability.

Hi I bank with Capitec as a Sassa pensioner, do I qualify for a loan?

You will not qualify for a loan at Capitec as a Sassa pensioner since this banks requests clients to provide them with their payslips. This is to say they only work with people who have a permanent job. For more information as to how to find loans as a Sassa pensioner, please refer to our articles on that topic.

Can pensioner get loan 77 years?

Capitec Bank offers personal loans to all individuals who can prove they have a regular income. For people to qualify, they must be over 18 years old. However, the age limit is usually 63 years old in most banks. You should contact Capitec to know about their age limit and see if you can qualify.

Hi, my parents are pensioners who get sassa grants about R1800 per month each. My mum use capitec bank as my father uses standard bank. So they like to know is it possible for the bank to loan them at least R10000?

Capitec Bank does let pensioners to request personal loans at their institution. However, these loans are not specific for pensioners. This means that there are no benefits or special conditions for them. SASSA recipients would not qualify as pensioners since they are not receiving a pension but help from the government.

I'm getting a payment of disability permanent at sassa and child grants of my 3 kids. May I qualify for a loan?

Unfortunately, at this time, Capitec does not offer personal loans to SASSA grant recipients. You will need to prove that you have income from a permanent job in order to ask for a loan at Capitec. Check other options by reading our articles about financial institutions that work with clients in your situation.

I want a loan as a pensioner, please help me.

At Capitec, you can ask for a personal loan with really flexible repayment periods. This loan can be very useful for pensioners such as yourself; depending on your specific financial situation, you might be able to ask for as much as R250,000. Also, Capitec offers fixed repayments and convenient interest rates.

I'm not a pensioner, I get a child support grant for one child can a get a loan, I want to start a business.

If you need a loan to start a business but you don't have a way to prove a regular income, this bank will not be the one to go. You should read our articles about loans provided or facilitated by the Government. You will find these articles under the title Loans per Type.

Does Capitec give people with disability grant from sassa loans ? If it is permanent?

No, if you are a beneficiary from a SASSA grant, you will not be able to ask for a loan at Capitec because this company. However, there are other institutions that lend money to SASSA grantholders. Check out our web to find all the information about these loans and the companies that offer them.

My mom is a pensioner and don't have a bank account, how can she apply for a small loan?

One of the requirements for people to request personal loans at Capitec Bank is having a bank account, since the money from the loan will be paid through that channel and because one of the requirements is to provide latest bank statements where the payments of the pension are made.

My husband get a monthly pension of R3300 from Sanlam can he qualify for a loan of plus minus R100000. Many thanks have a wonderful day.

The amount your husband earns each month is one of the factors that Capitec will consider in the process of deciding if they can lend the money to him. However, it is not the only one. Things like his banking history, other expenses, credit records, and the like will also play a part in this decision.

Can capitec bank borrow money to someone who is self-employed and banking with capitec. No payslip.

Unfortunately, up to this moment, Capitec Bank requests clients to provide payslips in order to prove that they have regular income and job. But don't be discouraged, there are other reliable financial institutions that do offer loans to self-employed individuals. Find which they are in our articles about types of loans.

I’m a pensioner and receive a pension from Transnet, plus rental of property Total R10800. I need cash to do repair work on my house after hailstorm amount R38000 over 4 yrs. Do I qualify to obtain a loan from you? My house is fully paid for and I have no debt or dependents.

You will be able to ask for a loan at Capitec if you can provide the bank with your pension receipts and bank statements. You can start your loan application online where you will find out if you can borrow the number you need; this will be assessed by checking your affordability, banking history, and other records.

I want a loan as a pensioner. Please help me, I want a loan of 250000

When pensioners need a R250000 loan, this is the moment in which a loan application may take the longest. When the loan amount is the maximum that a client can apply for and a pensioner is the one who needs it, Capitec will go through every item of the loan application. You can apply but they may ask more documents.

I am a pensioner, I want to know how long does the loan process take? I need this loan like before Friday

When applying for a loan at Capitec or any other bank, the time for the loan process varies. Sometimes it may take just a couple of hours and some other times it may take days. For the process to run smoothly, it is advisable to have all the documentation at hand and own a good credit record.

I am a pensioner, can I get a loan?

Capitec does not offer pensioner loans per se. Still, you may apply for a regular loan or for a credit facility. This financial resource works as a payable loan in thirty days and it is short in term. You will need a monthly income to apply, but most of its requirements are basic and you may meet them.

Will a 68 old man get a loan of 30.000?

There are banks offering loans to people up to 75 years old. The sum of money you ask for is key to the approval of the loan, though. Because the bank needs to make sure you’ll finish paying the money borrowed plus the fees and interest, if you ask for a long term, you can be rejected. On the other hand, if your repayment term is short, your loan can be approved.

I'm a pensioner would like to borrow r50000.00.

As getting a R 50000 loan approval may not be that simple, you should have some points in mind. Take the income you get and subtract all the deductions the Government makes. Then, you need to withdraw the expenses you pay monthly and the financial obligations you may have, such as debts, credit cards, insurance and so on. Finally, you’ll find out how much money is left to use it on the loan installments to see if you can afford a R50000.00 loan.

I'm a pensioner with an income of 3200 i need a loan of at least R 2000, can i get it?

As long as you have a proof of income, your salary is more than enough so as to obtain R 2000. Remember the company can offer you up to R 10 000 without problems. Of course you will need to have a good credit record with other financial companies and also submit statements with your current bank

I need 2000 emergency plz can i get help?

Capitec has an alternative to get money borrowed fast called Credit Facility. This alternative will let you enjoy money to pay for your cards or, to get cash fast at ATMs, for example. Besides, you can also get cash from supermarkets tills. You must remember, this credit facility has to be canceled completely each month.

How much can I get for a loan if am 67 years?

The loan amount always depends on the money you earn and the money you spend every month. Besides, how you have cancelled previous loans, paid your credit cards and bills will be very important when deciding about how much to lend you. You can take advantage of the affordability calculator Capitec offers their possible clients to know about a loan estimation.

What is the interest rate for Capitec?

At present, Capitec Bank manages interest rates as low as 12.20 % and, as high as 27.40 %. However, if you want to know exactly what’s the interest rate you will be charged, you need to apply and discuss it with the bank. This is so, because the rate they set is based on the applicant’s information and, mostly, on their credit score.

Hi, I just want to know I open an account at Capitec in February and. I apply for pension. My income per month is r3500 and I have no bank statements, can I still get a loan r10.000?

Unfortunately, if not all the requirements Capitec Bank sets are met, you can’t get a loan from them. Among those requests, they ask the applicant to have pay slips and bank statements to show the entity so, as you say you don’t have them, this bank can’t help you with your loan request. You may look at Absa to see if you can get the money.

I'm a pensioner, how can I apply for a loan?

The best you can do to start your loan request is, first of all, find out about the cost the bank will charge you for the money borrowed. You can do this with our loan simulator which, in fact, will show you the cost of the loan for many banks. This way, you’ll clearly see which of those banks charges the lowest rate.

My granny is a Sassa pensioner, does she qualify?

Banks usually sets their clients must have 75 years old maximum to have access to their loan products. So, to start, your grandmother may qualify if she is that age or younger. Then, there aren’t many banks in South Africa issuing loans to pensioners but, she can look for other alternatives like, for instance, Peer to Peer Lending.

I’m 65 years and, I wish to apply for a loan from Capitec. Do I qualify?

As regards your age, yes, you can apply if you are 65 years old as, the top age allowed to get loans, in most cases, is 75. Then, whether you qualify or not will be stated having in mind other aspects. For example, if you have a job and you get your salary through a bank account. Also, how much you earn from that job is essential for the approval of the loan.

I’m a pensioner getting r1420. How much do I qualify?

Pensioners have a great alternative that may work best for them: Peer to Peer lending. P2P works this way: you enter a platform and submit your loan request and, your personal and financial information. Then, there’ll be many investors analyzing your request to see if any of them can assist you on your loan. Finally, if any investor chooses you, you’ll agree the terms for the loan and, you’ll get your financial support.

Where can I apply on line for a loan?

There are many entities granting loans online. You can go over different ways. For instance, you may find the application button in their website or, you can send them a message for them to get in contact with you. As regards the documentations you need to submit, you can also do it through the internet or, you can reach a branch to make sure everything is ok.

I am a pensioner and I have an existing account. Do have freelance work that give me some other extra income. Can I have a loan?

Having that freelance work will absolutely help you to get a loan. However, Capitec Bank does not work with self-employed South Africans. You can, either way, try with First National Bank as, they do accept self-employed citizens. To be approved, you need to show your banks statements from the past 6 months showing stability on your income.

Can old people get a loan?

Yes, of course they can! Even though it may be more difficult for them, it is possible if you aren’t older than 75 years and, if you have no problem on showing regular income. Keep in mind, that income must be sufficient to pay for the loan and, also, the bank will carefully study your payment capacity and credit score.

Hi I'm 89 years and I need a loan, can capitec bank assist me? I need r5000

I regret to inform you that due to your age, you may find some big difficulty on getting a loan. You can try another alternative, though. For instance, as you only need R5000, you can search for payday loans which are paid in just 1 to 6 months. Some lending companies granting these short terms loans are Wonga and, Letsatsi Finance

Am an old man and I need a r10 000 loan, is it possible to get one at Capitec?

It will be possible for you as long as you’re under 75 years old and, you receive monthly and stable income to afford paying for the service fees and interest rate charged apart from the money you took. Bear in mind that as Caitec sets personalized loans, the amount and terms may be different than the one you asked for.

Can I apply online with Capitec for a pensioner loan?

Capitec Bank provides their clients with few alternatives to apply for a loan. For example, if you like face to face interactions, you can visit any of their many branches in the country to deal with the process in person. But, if you prefer to do it from your home, you can either call them on the phone or, get through the procedure online.

Allan Gray pensioners can also apply for a loan?

Yes, if you meet the requirements and you have your South African documents to present, of course. If you meet these two points, then, you’ll be under some checks the bank carries out to inform you about the approval of the loan and, the loan terms you can apply for. This means, the bank may offer you a lower amount.

Can a single mother with one child get a loan of r5000?

If you get paid for a job, yes, you have chances of getting a loan. Of course, you will get the loan confirmation as long as you can present he basic documents banks ask for to know who you are, where you live and how much money you receive monthly. Apart from those points, they will check your credit history.

I want to send my grandchild to do her matric. I get pension, I need a loan of r1500 to pay school fees

Pensioners may find some difficulty when being assisting for a loan. However, Capitec may be the company willing to help you if you get enough income and, have built good credit score. On the whole, the sum of money you ask for and the terms are factors that also contribute to the approval or denial of the request. What you can do is to ask Capitec for an online estimation to find if the amount of money they’re willing to lend you is enough to pay for your needs.

I am 59 year old that took early retirement. I earn r10 000 every month. Is it possible for me to get a loan of r120 000 to consolidate my accounts?

Having such monthly income and being less than 70 years old, we can say you have high chances of getting a loan with Capitec. The only point left you need to consider is your credit score as, this is crucial on the decision making stage. Capitec always checks their applicants have good credit history so they can rely on the fulfillment of the payments.

How much a pensioner can apply for?

Capitec has to know about the complete financial status of the applicant before stating about the loan amount available. Therefore, you have to enter your loan request, in which you’ll present your personal information, to allow the bank to calculate your quote. After Capitec shows you the terms, you can decide to take the loan if you think they’re reasonable.

Hi, I’m a pensioner earning r1600 and I need a short term loan for r7000, do I qualify?

Short term loans, as its name indicates, are paid within few months. This means that the loan amount you receive plus the rates and fees you need to pay for that loan are divided by the period you choose. So, if you ask r7000 over, for instance, 7 months, the monthly cost of the loan would be R1264, depending on the rate you get. Clearly, that would take almost your entire pension. But, if you extended the period over a year, the monthly cost may be round R 793. So, you may ask for an online estimate to see the quote you qualify for.

Can my father (62years) get a loan of r6000? He's the pensioner receiving r1600 per month

Getting just R1600 may not be sufficient to take a loan at Capitec. All the same, he can try to apply to get the official answer as; such answer will be agreed after carefully studying the client’s credit score, income and expenses. If he has a good history on their past loans, he might get the approval for R 6000.

Can I apply for a loan of r16000 for my car?

Sure! You may ask up to R250000 to spend it on whatever you need. The installments to pay are fixed from 1 to 84 and, the interest rate starts at 12.9%. These are the general terms Capitec manages but, remember your loan will get terms specifically stated after going deeply into your finances. The interest rate, for instance, is directly related to the applicant’s credit profile.

My mother is a pensioner earning 2000 per month, can she get a long term loan of r 20000 from Capitec?

If she has taken loans in the past and she has paid all their liabilities properly, she has chances of Capitec approving this loan request. She will have to pay attention to the sum of money the bank will accept to grant her. According to her credit assessment, the loan terms may differ from what she asked for.

I get 1700 a month, can I get a loan of 3000 to 4000 rands?

If you have a good credit record, you will always have better chances of having the loan request approved. Another detail is in how many months you plan to return the money and pay the interest rate. A useful strategy is to ask Capitec Bank a loan estimate to be clearly shown the loan quote you qualify for and, to go into the process with a clear idea about the total cost your loan will represent.

I'm a pensioner and would like to start a small business. Can Capitec help me with the money I need?

Capitec can assist you on your finances but, they don’t issue loans to start a business. If you can take advantage of a personal loan, you can use their money to begin your company. Either way, in your case, it will be more helpful if you take a business loan with, for instance, the First National Bank.

Can I get a loan? I bank with capitec

Yes! By getting your loan estimation or by calculating your credit through Capitec website, you can have an approximate cost of your loan before starting the request. An important detail is that Capitec’s calculator takes the minimum interest rate they charge which may not be the one you get. This means, you will get the official rate and cost of your loan once you go over the loan application.

How are the fees for credit facility at Capitec?

For this product Capitec Bank offers, you will pay an initiation fee of just R 172.5. This fee is for the first thousands rands the bank will transfer to your account. After that, it will vary as regards the amount you have available to request. Apart from that, there is a fee you must pay every month of R35.

I am a pensioner of 66 but working still earning r6000 per month and getting a pensioner of r2000. I wonder if I can get a loan

Unless you are paid in cash, meaning without payslips or bank account to check you get that money, you can apply to intend to be approved for a loan. Start your Capitec loan application and, having your income and expenses into account, the company will give you the result immediately. It’s essential you remember the quote they offer may or may not be the one you asked for because it will be determined by your financial status.

I get a permanent Sassa grant I’m 53. Can I get a r5000 _r6000 loan please? I do have a Capitec account

To have a Capitec account will surely make the process goes faster as, your bank details are already in hands of the entity. Yet, that does not necessarily mean you’ll be confirmed for a loan. The positive side is that you meet the requirements Capitec asks from as regards income and age. The one requirement that’s missing is your credit affordability the bank will carry out to give you their final answer.

Hi I am Thabile a capitec bank user, I would like to know if you do car finances if not what are the alternatives.

Hello, Thabile. Capitec does not offer vehicle finance, but that does not mean you can not finance a car with a Capitec personal loan. Remember that these loans are for you to do with them whatever you want. Of course, this includes buying a car. If you are a Capitec client and have your payslips, then you would be able to ask for a loan.

Can a person who is on a contract afford a loan with 12-month contract earning 12000?

You will be able to ask for a loan at Capitec to buy a vehicle as long as you can provide the bank with your last payslip and three bank statements. If you are able to comply with this requirement, you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec earning 12.000 rands.

If there is a loan you are currently paying, will you qualify for a vehicle finance or you have to pay off that loan first?

This bank does not have a credit line specific for you to buy a new car. Capitec only offers personal loans that let you use the money you receive as however you see fit. This means that if you already have a personal loan with Capitec, you will have to pay it off in order to ask for a new one.

What do I need for a vehicle finance from capitec?

For you to borrow money from Capitec Bank to finance the purchase of a car, you need to comply with certain requirements: you have to be a South African resident, be over 18 years old, have a permanent employment or own a business where you receive payslips, and have a bank account where your salary is paid in.

Good day. I would like to apply for assistance to finance a vehicle which cost R119.000.

Capitec Bank is a financial institution that offers personal loans that will allow you to buy a vehicle worth R119,000 if you are able to afford it. What do you need? Well, you need to be able to prove that every month you earn enough money to pay off your loan. Capitec will ask you for your ID, your payslips and your bank statements.

I bank with capitec for 6 years, I tried to apply for personal loans but I couldn't find one, I think because of my average credit score, my question on the vihecle finance average score can be assisted?

Unfortunately, if you were not able to ask for a personal loan at Capitec due to your credit score, you will not be able to finance a car with this bank. This is because Capitec Bank lets you buy the car through a personal loan; there is no vehicle loan available at this moment.

How to go about for a vehicle loan, I have a 2008 car would like to make a loan and a car as security….

At Capitec Bank you will not find vehicle loans as such. What you can do is ask for a personal loan and with that money buy the car you want. Unfortunately, these loans are unsecured loans; this means that you cannot use any kind of asset, such as a car, to guarantee the loan. All you need to do is prove income with documents.

I'm capitec client I need assistance in buying a car.I want capitec bank to finance me. The car costs R82 000. I' m in need of a vehicle. I'm earning R18 083 per month. Is it possible for capitec to finance me?

As a Capitec client there would be no problem for you to ask for a personal loan to finance the car you want to buy as long as you have payslips and bank statements proving that you have regular income from a permanent employment. In regard to the amount you need, it should be ok, since the maximum amount for Capitec Loans is far beyond that.

Can capitec assist the weekly paid people on car finance?

With Capitec, you could finance your new car by asking for a personal loan with competitive interest rates. However, one of the most important requirements that this bank has is that you are able to provide proof of income. If you can show Capitec your payslips, then you should have no problem to finance your car with a Capitec Loan.

Does capitec offer private to private vehicle finance e.g. if you want to buy a friends' car? Is it still vehicle finance or a personal loan?

Capitec Bank offers personal loans with which you can buy any car you want. It can be from a dealership or a private seller such as your friend. Capitec does not have a vehicle loan per se; it only gives you the possibility of buying whatever you want with a personal loan.

Can I get a loan even if I'm not working permanently?

One of the requirements asked by Capitec Bank to afford their loans is that you are permanently employed. In order to prove this, you will need to give the bank a copy of your latest payslips and the latest three bank statements showing the deposits of your salary. If you don't have this, you will not be able to ask for a loan at Capitec.

Please, I am in need of a car seriously. I think you, as my bank, can help me, I just need the sum of 50 000

Being a Capitec Bank client can make your loan process be more practical. The reason, simply, is because they already have some information about you. So, you just need to start the loan request by submitting the application form and wait until they inform you about the loan quote they are willing to give you.

How can I get a long term loan?

When you get to the moment you have to send the loan application, you can state what’s your ideal loan term. Then, Capitec will verify if what you asked for can be accepted or, you’ll have to get different terms. But, if you already have a loan and, you want to expand the term, you have to get in contact with Capitec to explain them the reason and help them find a possible solution.

I am an oral hygienist earning +- 8000 to 10000 monthly working on a private practice will i be able to get a vehicle loan?

Getting such amount of money per month is a good start to get a loan from Capitec Bank. Now, the bank will request you to inform them about your expenditures to calculate the sum of money you can take from them. At the end, they will also check what’s your credit score, which may have an effect on the interest rate they set for your loan.

I do have a car but it is old now, I need a new one to work. I want to know if capitec is able to buy me a car because I do have a loan in capitec. But to me, that is not aproblem because i'm working.

As you have just said, if you have a job from which you get a salary high enough, there will probably not be a trouble on Capitec granting you a second loan. All the same, you need to go across the loan application for the bank to review your information before deciding the loan terms you qualify for.

Can I apply for a car loan while having two loans with Capitec?

Capitec Bank’s criteria to issue loans is, mostly, the applicant’s capacity to repay the loan. If you receive sufficient funds each month to be capable of paying for the three different instalments, they will accept to give you more money. However, it is your responsibility to make smart decisions about your money and avoid paying high rates.

Can Capitac buy me a car for 3000 when I get 3500 a month?

Yes! Capitec Bank offers loans from R1000 onwards. As the sum of money you need is rather small and, you earn enough income, I’m sure you won’t have big trouble getting access the credit. Assuming, of course, your credit score is good and you can show documents to prove your financial status, you’ll reach the approval.

Am I allowed to apply if I'm self employed?

You won’t be allowed to take a loan at Capitec if you work on your own. Capitec Bank grants credits to workers getting pays lips form their employers only. Another requirement that’s essential is the time they’ve worked for the same company, which should be at least three months. But, don’t worry as, there’s FNB that issues loans to self-employed workers in South Africa.

My basic salary is 3300, my expenses are 1500. Do I qualify for loan of 50000?

Leaving your income and expenses aside, there’s a third point that’s really important to establish the approval of a loan application. I’m referring to your credit history, meaning, how good have you paid for previous debts. In that record, all your payments are taken into consideration: credit cards, bills, loans, rent payments. If you had no trouble repaying your liabilities, you have big chances of getting your loan to buy a car.

Dear capitec, i am permanently employed by the department of water and sanitation. I need a car loan because i have found a car of my choice from carfind. I will be happy if i can be assisted.

Hi! As you already know which is the car you want to purchase, you sure know how much money it’s worth. So, you can take advantage of two amazing tools. One of them is the loan simulator. This tool will show you how high your installments may be as regards quote and terms of the loan. The other tool will estimate how much money can you ask Capitec for a loan.

Am earning 6000 but not permanent, do I still qualify for a vehicle loan?

Capitec checks cautiously the applicant has enough monetary stability to pay for the installments and, their monthly expenses. The problem of not having a regular salary is that you may find yourself incapable of completing the loan’s payments for one or more months and, that would bring a lot of problem. That’s the reason why you probably get difficulty on getting a loan approval form Capitec if you’re not permanent employed.

Can you please check for me how much I qualified for?

To get to that answer it’s necessary to have some key information about the applicant we, unfortunately, don’t have. But, we can still help you on this. If you enter Capitec webpage, you’ll find their Credit Estimator. By following the three steps you’ll see there, you will be informed about how much money they think you can take from them. Those simple steps are: 1) your personal information, 2) verify that information and your identity and, 3) you get the answer.

My question is do I qualify for car finance if I'm a business owner? My income is of r15000 every month

Even though Capitec doesn’t allow self-employed people to apply for their loan, they do allow business owners to do so. Make sure your company is registered and, you can show Capitec documents to corroborate your identity and, your business’ profit. Then, you will be accepted to get a loan. Three months old bank statements will be mandatory to present in order to ask for the money.

If I have a loan with other bank, can Capitec settled it for me so that I can get a second hand car?

You can use a Capitec personal loan to settle existing liabilities, of course. I think it’s important to clarify, Capitec does not have consolidation loans, though. So, if you can take the money and cancel your debts on your own, this bank can help you. If, on the contrary, you prefer having the bank doing the transactions, you need to work with a company having consolidation loans as, for example, Absa.

I want to buy a mini bus 32 seaters for transporting school children. Is Capitec going to help me?

There are two factors to pay attention to. One of them is that Capitec provides personal loans that can be used to finance the purchase of vehicles. The other factor is that you need to make that purchase with business purposes. For these reasons you may prefer contacting a company granting business loans, for example. Nedbank is one of those companies which, in addition, offers vehicle finance. So, in your case, you may get a better solution at Nedbank.

Good evening. I am currently working and I’m permanent. I earn r8300 a month. What are the possibilities of me requesting a bank to buy me a car then I pay it every month?

Being a permanent worker and earning such salary already gives you some advantage on making a bank accept to lend you money. The other factor to get the loan approval is whether you have good credit history. If you do, the bank will trust in your responsible payment and they will grant you the money you need.

Vehicle loans 150 -200 k. I’m self employed. if the request is approved, I can grow business and ensure payments

There’s an important detail we need to clarify first. Capitec doesn’t offer vehicle loans, but, you might benefit from a business loan, if you need the car to make your business grow. Capitec Bank has a special loan product for business owners and, if you can show the bank your company makes steady profit, they might accept to help you take it to the next level.

Can Capitec buy a car for me?

No, but they can give you the money for you to pay for it. Capitec personal loans are issued for the customer to spend it freely as he or she needs to. So, as long as this lending entity decides you qualify to get a loan with them, you can take the money and finance your car.

How do I apply for a car finance on line at capitec bank?

Getting a Capitec loan is really simple to do. Remember, they have personal loans so, all you need to do is to start asking for your quote assessment and, once you have the result, go on with the online application. Pay attention to the loan amount they offer to decide if it’s enough to make the car purchase.

I want the bank to buy me the car but not new, a used car

If the car you want to purchase is new or used, it won’t make a difference on the loan confirmation. The detail you must have in mind is the value of the car you want as, the loan quote Capitec offers won’t be higher than 250.000rands. Besides, that amount is going to be decided according to your financial information.

Can I qualify for car finance if I’m self employed and I want to buy a quantum?

To be a self-employed worker brings some disadvantages when applying for a loan. Not all lending companies are willing to finance self-employed. Capitec, for instance, won’t issue you a loan unless you present current pay slips. There are; however, some other companies you can pay attention to. One of them is FNB. You can take a loan from them with just few special requirements like, showing them your latest 6 bank statements.

I just want to know if u borrow r65000, how much will I pay and for how long?

When Capitec’s agents study your petition, they also study your income, expenses and debts. Putting all that information together, they set the number of installments you can afford. For example, if for R65.000 you get 24 installments, the monthly cost might be R3.384. If you get a longer period, let’s imagine 36 months, the monthly cost might be R2.473. Bear in mind, the cost will also be affected by the interest rate the bank sets for your loan.

Can I apply for a car loan at Capitec bank?

At Capitec, you can apply for a personal loan to use as you wish. Subsequently, if you’re approved, you will get the money and then, pay for the car you want to buy with it. However, as it won’t be a vehicle loan, it won’t work as such. You will go over the whole process, from applying to repaying it, like a common personal loan. So, you need to keep in mind, for instance, the car you’ll get won’t serve as guarantee of the loan and, as a result, you may not get a loan amount high enough to make the purchase.

I need a loan to buy car, will Capitec help me?

Yes! Capitec will try their best to set loan terms that fit your needs. This means that, they will arrange to lend you a loan amount for a period of time your income can afford. To do this, they need you to present true information with faithful documents showing your current economic status.

Hi I'm permanently employed earning 7000 after deduction, do I qualify for a 150.000 vehicle finance?

Being permanently employed already gives you some advantage on the application. After that, Capitec’s response will be given according to the loan terms you choose. For example, to pay R150000 over 84 months, may get a 16.30% rate and, leave monthly payments of R3583. But, to pay that amount over 24 months, may leave the payments on R7891. Also, the rate will be modified as regards your credit score.

Can I get a loan if I don’t have a bank account and I get paid cash every month?

No, unfortunately, you can’t get access to Capitec loans if you don’t have a bank account. First of all, Capitec Bank needs bank statements to know how you spend your income and; apart from that, they use the bank account to transfer the loan into it. Also, loan payments are made by debit orders. You can open a Capitec account to get the loan.

I bank with Capitec and I want to know if Capitec would help me for a loan. I’m working permanent, how can I get a car?

As you have two main requirements covered, what you need now is to get your latest bank statements and pays lips to Capitec along with the application form. Once Capitec Bank gets your information, they can tell you the sum of money they can lend you. At this point, you may discuss with them the terms to see if what they offer matches with what you want.

Is Capitec providing vehicle finance?

Not exactly. Capitec provides loans that can be used to pay for the purchase of a car. These loans are issued without needing to have information about the car you’ll buy so, they are a little simpler to process and get. In contrast to personal loans, vehicle loans may be issued by a higher amount as, there’s a security involved: the vehicle bought.

How you qualify to get a vehicle loan?

To get the approval from a bank for a vehicle loan you should meet requirements related to your earning, documents proving your identity and, of course, information about the vehicle you intend to acquire. There are different options like, getting a new car or a pre-owned car. As long as your credit score is good enough, you can get the car you want.

I need a car finance. Does Capitec offer one?

What Capitec offers are personal loans that can be spent on whatever the client needs, including to buy a car. However, you may need a bank that has among their loan products an option prepared for such commercial operation. A useful alternative can be found at Nedbank. There, you can choose among their qualified dealerships to get the car you want.

I need to buy a second hand car. Please, help

As second hand cars are a little cheaper they are also easier to get. This is a positive point as, it’s possible for you to get a loan from Capitec to pay for that car. If that car’s value is R 250.000 or less and, you think you can repay the loan in 84 months or less, the terms that this bank offers work perfectly.

I once paid off a loan of r6.000 at Capitec but now that I’m working for a different company I’m struggling to get a loan from them because they say the company I’m working for does not appear on their system. So can I ever get help?

If the company where you work is not registered, you will get trouble finding a bank willing to accept your loan petition. Simply because the bank, Capitec in this case, can’t verify you receive that regular wage, which, in turn, makes it hard to verify your payment capacity. Unless that situation changes, you won’t be capable of taking this kind of loan. You may work with entities that only asks bank statements to be approved for a loan.

How much must be your nett when wanna borrow money to purchase a vehicle?

Your net income should be sufficient to pay for the instalments on each month but, also, to pay for your regular expenses. This way, the lending company will trust you won’t end up failing on any of the payments. Consequently, the minimum net income will be stated taking this information about you into account and, the value of the car you want.

Hi, I want to buy a car and my salary is 4000, can capitec help me to buy the car?

It can be the solution you’re searching for if you can prove your financial situation fits Capitec’s requirements. We advise you to start by using Capitec’s online estimator to know what loan quote they’re willing to negotiate with you. That way, you will know from the start if this bank is a viable alternative for you or, you should keep searching.

Can Capitec help me with a loan if I want to buy a second hand car of r30,000?

Yes, Capitec can be helpful with that. You are permitted to ask even R250000 if you need it. The amount you request will be approved if, besides complying with Capitec requirements, your affordability assessment reflects that your finances can afford to pay back the money timely. Before stating the terms of the loan, make sure you choose a repayment term that suits you.

Good day. I have a multi loan with Capitec. My question is if I can cancel this multi loan and substitute it with a car finance costing r45 000 and monthly repayment of r990 a month?

If you have the money to cancel the loan completely, you can do it. Although, keep in mind, Capitec may charge you some extra fee for repaying the loan before time. Then, once you pay back that loan, you can reapply for a new personal loan the amount you states, R45.000, to get the bank’s response as regards your affordability.

11 I need to buy a car so, I need a loan to buy it. What should I do?

Capitec can assist you on the vehicle finance with a personal loan to cover at least some of the cost. If you’ve saved some money, Capitec can help you pay for the rest. But, you may find put about companies with vehicle loans to get a product that properly fits this need. Standard Bank, for example, it’s a possibility.

I want to buy me a second hand car. Can capitec help me?

Yes, totally. Capitec has designed special loans that aid customers looking not only for new cars but also for second hand or old cars. The only requisite is that you have your financial documentation and that the price of the car you want to purchase does not exceed R 230 000.

I earn 2700 fortnightly, I bank with Capitec and I wanted to know if I could qualify to get finance

Providing you get pay slips from your job and, your salary is steady and deposited into a bank account, you are allowed to apply for a Capitec loan. You can get a loan estimation to know the terms – amount and installments- your finances will allow you to take. With that estimation, you will be capable of deciding if a loan with Capitec is your best option.

How much must I earn to qualify for a vehicle loan?

The salary amount that will allow you to get a loan will vary according to your general financial situation. As a consequence, it’s not that important how much you earn but, how much you spend from that salary and, what’s the credit history you have at the moment of apply9ing for the loan. Another ting to highlight is the sum of money you need.

I earn r8000 after deductions. Can I apply for vehicle finance

Earning 8000 rands is high enough to have the chance to apply, assuming, of course, you’ve checked you comply with the rest of the requirements. The only thing you have to remember is that you’ll only get a personal loan from Capitec that may work to pay for a car. If what you really want is a vehicle loan, you can pay attention to Standard Bank or Nedbank.

Hi, my salary is r4000,00 and my job now requires having my own transport. Could I get vehicle finance for about r35000?

As you have stated you currently enjoy a regular job, there is no problem on that matter to get a loan. However, there is a little problem when looking at the sum of money you need as, Capitec Bank’s maximum loan amount to request is only R250.000. If you think you can use that lower amount, you can start your application. If you need a higher amount, you will be forced to look for another bank to get vehicle assistance.

I need a car for my son, please. Can I get help?

Sure! If you want to, you can ask Capitec money to pay for that car or, you can go and find a bank granting vehicle loans. These loans will require you to leave the car you bought as security, which means you can drive it but, it won’t be officially yours until you cancel the loan completely. However, this option may allow you to get a higher quote.

I want to buy a quantum taxi

Ok, I guess you have commercial purposes for your Quantum so, you may have a better choice with another bank but Capitec. For example, Nedbank as well as FNB has some useful business loans you can really take advantage of. If you’re not convinced about a business loan, you can check what do they offer on vehicle loans. These options may be more suitable to you.

How can i get a Can I get a cheap sedan toyota corolla 1.6 with capitec car finance?

Actually, Capitec does not have a product directly aimed to finance a car. You can only have a personal loan, which will be tailored to your affordability capacity. So, whether you can pay for you Sedan or not, will be decided after you submit your financial information to Capitec and they go over your documents to study how much money can you afford to borrow.

Do I qualify for loan if am earning 8000 per month and do not bank with capitec?

Banking with Capitec is not one of their requirements; although, having your bank account at Capitec, would give you some benefit on the interest rate. But, if you do bank with any other entity, only by sending your current bank statements to Capitec for them to verify your earnings, you can apply for a loan with this company.

How much installment will I pay when I borrow r100.000?

The monthly installments will be different based on the repayment term you select to cancel the loan. Let’s look over the following example: a hundred thousand rands to pay over 2 years, will have an approximated monthly instalment of 5136 rands. Now, if you extend the term to repay that loan amount on 7 years, each installment will be around 2421 rands,

Good day: I am looking for loan to buy a car. What are my options to contact Capitec?

To make contact with Capitec Bank you can use any means of communication. You can give them a phone call or, visit them on any of their offices near your home. But, if you want to get in contact to ask for the loan, you have few other options. Besides the ones I’ve just mentioned, you can use Capitec’s App or, get it through their web page.

Can Capitec buy a car for me that cost r59000?

No, Capitec will not buy a car for you. In fact, they’ll have nothing to do with the purchase. What this bank will do to help you is just, lending you the money for you to go and pay for the car. This means, you will have the money in your bank account to spend it on a car, if that’s what you need to pay for.

Do I qualify 2 buy a r30 000 car if my salary is r3600?

The only way we can answer that question is having more information. On one side, it’s important to know how much of that salary you spend on food, bills and any other expenditure. On the other side, the bank will always pay attention to your credit story as, it will determine how responsible the client is with loan payments. However, you can benefit from the online estimator to have an official Capitec answer.

I wish to own a second hand vehicle, and I wish to know if I can afford buying the golf 5 gti at an amount of r 115000

Luckily, you have a really practical tool at Capitec Bank to answer your question. Using their online estimator, they can calculate how much money can you borrow. Of course, they need to have certain information like, for instance, how much are you paid monthly, how much money you spend on your monthly expenditures and, of course, what’s your credit score.

Can Capitec help me with a loan to purchase a second hand vehicle worth r200,000? I am 20 years old

The minimum age Capitec demands their applicants to be is 18 years old so, clearly, you being 20 is not an obstacle. Having that requirement ready now, you have to pay attention to the other two: having pay slips to show to the bank and, bank statements to present. If you have a stable job, you can go over your credit affordability to know if Capitec will lend you R200.000.

I am a PhD student and I need a loan for the final stages of my degree. For example, I need a comfortable space that will be conducive to focused study, food and groceries. At this stage of analysis and synthesis, there is a lot of printing, copying, binding of transcripts, manuscripts up until the binding of three copies of the thesis. somewhere in between, a manuscript has to be send to an editor. For that to be done effectively and professionally, I will need a good editor, and all of this needs a lot of money.

Capitec does not offer an Education loan. What you can do is ask for a personal loan at Capitec and finance the last stages of your PhD degree. However, you should bear in mind that for you to ask for these loans, you will definitely need to prove that you have regular income.

I am doing my last year Masters student, am looking for a study loan, I am owing R 32700 in fees in order to graduate, can I qualify?

If you are permanently employed, you can ask for a personal loan to pay the fees of your Masters. Remember that this bank does not offer loans that are specific for financing studies. If that is what you are looking for, we recommend you to read our articles about school loans.

Hi I need to study and finish my short course. Can you help me with student loan?

You could ask for a personal loan at Capitec Bank and finance your studies. Of course that for you to do this you will need to provide the bank with documents proving that you will be able to pay off the loan. You can ask for a maximum loan of 250,000 rands.

Can I quality for a student loan even if my mother is unemployed? Can I also get a student loan even if I want to study at a private institution?

First of all, in order for you to ask for a student loan, you should find a guarantor that can prove regular income. Second, with Capitec you can ask for a personal loan and with the money you receive pay the tuition of any kind of education institution you want.

Can I apply for a personal loan but start when I'm done with my studies and employed?

If you mean that you want to pay back the loan when you finish your studies, you should know that's how most education loans work. However, at Capitec you will not find an education loan as such. With this bank what you can do is ask for a personal loan and use the money to pay for your studies. Unfortunately, you will not be able to wait until you are employed to start repaying this loan.

Hy my daughter is a first year student at Boston college and am not working how can we apply for study loan when am unemployed?

In order to apply for an education loan, you must comply with some regulations established by Capitec. The company may approve your study loan taking into account your affordability by looking into your payslips as well as bank statements. Unfortunately, if you are currently unemployed, it may be really hard for the bank to approve the loan.

Do I qualify for a student loan for my daughter?

Capitec provides students and families with loans that can be used for academic purposes. In order to qualify you will have to apply on behalf of your daughter and must have a good credit record. You can access convenient rates and will allow you to cover textbooks, accomodation trasnport, tuition costs, meals etc.

I need help to study and finish my short course

Capitect will help you on this and, you can use their calculator to know if you can afford their service. For example, you can find out that, for a R50000 loan payable over a year, and supposing you get the minimum rate of 12.90 %, each installment may be of R 4771 more or less. You can change the interest rate as it will be decided based on your information not only the loan terms, to adjust it to your loan. In this way, you can decide consciously whether to apply or not.

Can you help me finish up my studies? I'm doing office administration and it’s my final year.

If you need a student loan, Standard Bank may be your answer. Depending on how much you need, they can cover all your expenses or just books, equipment and so on. You have to present your marks and to prove you’re registered as a student. Besides, you must have someone as surety, and that person must earn 3000 rands or more

Hi I'm Portia, my daughter is a first year student at free state university. And we would be thankful if you can assist as with study loan. Thanks

Hi Portia! Before making any decision about a student loan, you must have a clear idea of how much money you need and the specific purpose of the loan. Whether you need to pay for tuition fees, accommodation or text books, for example. You could have Standard Bank as one viable option as they offer two packages: Full-Time and Part-time study loans. Then, you can choose the best option for you.

Hi I'm 20 years old and want a loan r500 from Capitec. Is it possible?

That amount of money is too low for the loans that Capitec grants. You would probably benefit from an entity that works with payday loans as, for example, Cash Converters or Wonga Loans. You can take out R 500 and repay it in few months. You can even choose to repay the money on your next pay day.

How do I apply for a student loan?

No matter the reason why you need the loan, you must start by getting an estimate. In that process, Capitec will receive the information they need to check your identity and credit profile. Then, they’ll get in contact with you and discuss the characteristics of the loan based on the information they recovered. You can apply over the internet, approaching a branch, by phone or even, through SMS.

Good day. I am currently banking with Capitec and I am employed. I would like to apply for a student loan at Capitec. Kindly assist on your processes

I must clarify that Capitec doesn’t offer Student loans, but Personal loans that you can use to pay for your studies. Once you calculate how much money you need to cover what you need to pay for, you can get an estimate with Capitec to see if you qualify for a loan. You shouldn’t worry as they will evaluate your finances to get to a loan amount with terms that you’ll be capable to afford.

I’m not employed but I want to get a study loan. What should I do?

If you want a loan with Capitec, you must have a regular job. It’s a main requirement for them to approve your loan as they offer personal loans. On the contrary, you may look at other company that accepts another person as “security” of your student loan. That person will be responsible for the cancelation of your loan. One of the companies in South Africa that allows that is Standard Bank.

Hi. Does the study loan allow me to even study at the private college? When is the right time to apply for the study loan if I want to study next year?

Good day. If your intention is to get a loan from Capitec to pay for your studies, the quote you’ll receive will depend on your financial situation. This entity will compute your income, expenses and credit history to decide how much money can they lend you. The best time to apply for a loan is when you need it as, it has no sense to have the money much time before you start paying for fees, for example.

I need help so that my daughter can go to college. I will pay this loan in 5 years. Is it possible?

Capitec has repayment periods up to 7 years so, if you plan to finish paying in just 5, it’s possible. You should know, these loans have 12.9% on interest rate and you can receive a maximum of 250000 rands, if your income allows it. So, the cost of the loan will vary according to the quote you ask.

I want money to go further with my education

There are 3 options at Capitec as regards credits: clients can select a personalized credit, a credit facility or a home loan. To pay for education, the best option is without a doubt the personalized credit that grants a maximum of 250 thousands rands to pay over seven years or less. All the same, you can opt for a Credit facility if you need little money to pay for materials, for instance.

I’m 20 years old and I have no one to pay for my education so I need a loan. Is it possible to get it?

Capitec will only give you the money if you can afford the payments. So, in your case, as you are old enough, you will need to look for a job that helps you go over the instalments. Once you get it, they will be in charge of getting a loan package that works to pay your studies and, at the same time, which you can repay.

Hi can apply for a loan to pay all my credit and pay just one credit?

What you need is a Consolidation Loan. Unluckily, Capitec doesn’t’ offer that type of loan. However, you can consider working with African Bank as they have loans to consolidate debts among their products. You’ll get fixed rates and flexible terms to repay it and, they even allow you to take a month in which you don’t have to pay the installment.

Hi, I’m 20 years old studying at university of Free State, I will be doing my 2nd year this year. I was wondering if I will be able to get a loan to assist me. And I would like to know as I do not have parents, how will I be able to repay back the loan?

Capitec has different loans aimed to solve different financial problems. In your case, probably, a Personalized Credit may be ok. You can use R 250.000 to pay for your studies if the credit evaluation has a positive outcome. If you have a job, you can use your salary to give back the money to the bank.

If I want a study loan, when must I start paying back the money and who is accepted to get a study loan?

Firstly, once the loan is approved and the money is granted, the applicant starts repaying it in the very next month. Of course, the due date will be informed by Capitec from the beginning so, the client knows for sure about it. Secondly, as long as you are employed, receive payslips, and can prove you are from and live in South Africa, you can get your loan. The quote, however, will be decided by the bank according to your affordability valuation.

I want to know if you borrow 5oooo and you pay it in 5 years, how much you pay per month?

Your monthly payments will be defined by the interest rate Capitec will charge on your loan. I’ll take the lowest rate, 14.20%, as reference to illustrate your example. With that rate and terms in mind, you will get an approximately installment of R1414. Keep in mind, the interest rate can reach up to 27.40%.

Can I apply for loan online and get it the same day?

If you need to have access to the money fast, you will benefit from Capitec credit facility. This product permits applicants to get funds to cover that emergency no one expects to get. The money you get must be returned the following month and, bear in mind, you can only ask 5000 rands as maximum. Besides the interest rate, you will be charged a 35 rands monthly fee along with an initiation fee.

I want to pay credits and education

Clearly, you’re looking for a consolidation loan. Even though, Capitec only offers personal loans, you can use it to pay for those existing debts. The only thing different from a consolidation loan is that you will be in charge of taking your Capitec loan and pay for your debts one by one. But, at the end, you will stay with one monthly installment.

If i am self employed but still using my capitec bank account savings for my business every month. Do i qualify for loan?

As long as you demonstrate that you have a stable salary in order to sustain your loan, the company can determine your status as eligible for a credit. That is why you must also submit bank statements.

Can a person make a top up loan at a capitec bank?

The loan you apply for at Capitec can be increased after some months, provided you have already paid the monthly installments corresponding to the loan on time. Other wise, you will need to apply for an additional loan, but i recommend you to wait until you can top up so as to save some money.

I have R 22 000 i want a loan from capitec to help me buy a house

Yes, with Capitect together with is agreement with Sa Home Loans, you can obtain the house you want. If you possess R 22 000 the bank can give you the chance of obtaining a home loan that is paid in 20 years with interest rates of 10,25%. The Loan repayment for this house loan will be that of R 6,600 which is a monthly installment. You will also need to pay a service fee of R 68.48 which is a small amount of money

I have collected 3 loans but now, I need a home loan. Is it possible?

Repaying for three loans at the time, plus the rest of your expenses is already a complicated task. Adding a home loan, may have some serious unfortunate consequences. Ultimately, this answer depends on your financial capacity to pay for everything. So, first, you need to contact a Capitec assistant to tell you exactly what are your options and, second, you have to take your time to think through those options to decide on your best choice. Make sure not to get loan terms you can’t keep up with.

To be able to borrow money from Capitec, how much income should I earn?

The principal requirement Capitec pays attention to as regards the client’s income is if it’s stable and gets pays lips from the employer to verify the amount. After that feature, the sum of money you will get will vary according to other factors: the loan amount you need, the loan term to cancel the debt, your credit history and so on.

Everything is clear to me regarding the capitec loans. But the only thing i want to know because I’m not working but i need to start business of selling, may i qualify for a loan?

Despite the fact that Capitec issues loans to business owners, they do it as personal loans. This means, those who make profit from a company, are allowed to get loans for personal reasons only as, Capitec does not grant business loans. To start your own company, I advise you to go over what Nedbank offers. There, you will find loans to get help in any stage your company is.

What do I need to get a loan?

You need your identification document, original proof of residential address (any approved document in your name that have your street address), your latest salary slip, and the lasts 3 month bank statement.

What does capitec have available for clients?

Among the many products Capitec Bank has for their clients, there are three credit options. Starting, you can get a personal loan specially tailored to your need. Secondly, there’s a credit facility to help you get money fast and, to cancel it in just a month. Finally, they can issue home loans through SA Home Loans. It’s clear, Capitec Bank has South Africans’ necessities covered.

I want a loan of 15000 but I’m paid by pay slip, not in bank. Can I do a loan at Capitec?

You still have chances of being approved but, you need a bank account with no exception. This means, you will probably be offered to open a Capitec account as you will get the money in it. Moreover, you will cancel the loan using that bank account, through debit order. So, refer to Capitec to arrange the details of your loan and be ready to enjoy it.

I want to apply for a loan but, I’m not sure how it goes

Luckily for you, we can help! To get the lowest interest rate on your loan, you can start by using our loan simulator and get the cheapest South African companies. Also, you’ll be informed about each of them. Then, when you spot the one that suits your needs, you can use our platform to get in touch with the bank of your choice and, start your application.

I need to know how do I qualify for loan

Any South African older than 18 years old that has a job qualifies for a loan application at Capitec Bank. Then, when that loan request is taken by Capitec, they will verify that the amount of money you get from your job is high enough to get the loan you ask for. Finally, to qualify with no problem at this bank, you must have a good credit history.

What numbers should i phone for a loan at capitect?

You have many phone numbers available. You can dial up the following number: 0860 10 20 43 or you can use your cellphone and send a sms in a fast and simple way: *3279

Can I get another loan by Capitec if my first sort term loan almost finishes? There’s only one month to pay

Capitec Bank will give you the chance to reapply for a new loan. The steps are the same so as to inform the bank how’s your current financial status. You need to inform them, also, if your monthly income has increased, lowered or stayed the same. Apart from that, they will pay attention to your payment behavior and your new credit score. If these points have improved, you can get better loan terms.

I am having a loan at capitec , i pay 3 months and i left with 3 months and i am asking if i can add a loan for r1000 ?

Yes, you can obtain an additional loan at Capitec as long as you have 3 monthly installments left, which is your case

How much for a r 50.000 for 24 month?

We can assist you on an estimated price for that loan because the ultimate cost will be defined by the interest rate Capitec will charge you, which, in turns, depends on your credit record. If, for instance, your rate is around 15%, the monthly installment might get to R 2688. Remember, the interest rate can reach up to 27.40%.

How can I lower my capitec payments?

To make any change to your Capitec loan terms, you must contact your Capitec agent and explain your reasons to do so, for example, if your salary has dropped or, you have more debts to pay, etc. The person in charge of notifying you will take necessary information to study it before giving you the approval.

Do I need money in my account to access to credit facility at capitec?

Not exactly but, you need to have an active Capitec account in which you get your monthly salary. When you apply, the bank will take the information about your bank account movements to inform you about the sum of money you can take on your Credit Facility and then, you’ll have access to it for 9 months.

I will be going on maternity leave for 4 months and my company does not pay for that. How will I pay my loan in those 4 months?

To get a solution that works for both, Capitec and you, it’s of paramount importance that you try to reach the closest Capitec’s branch and discuss it with one of their friendly assistant. There are entities offering unemployed insurance that helps the client when they lose their job all of a sudden. Such insurance, covers the loan for a month or maybe two, giving the applicant time to get a new job.

How can I do multi loan withdrawals if I have an account in Capitec bank?

You can do it through your cellphone, you can use their app or dial *120*3279# (mobile banking), or online by using your tablet or personal computer.

Can i get a second loan at capitec bt i'm still paying for the first one

As the shortest period is 6 months, you have the possibility of having only 7 months to cancel the loan. Keep in mind, of course, Capitec Bank will get through your information before deciding if you can get that loan period. In the end, the loan amount and term will be stated according to how much money can you repay monthly.

Would like to know, do you do student loan?

No, saddly, Capitec Bank won’t issue student loans. All the same, you will be allowed to use a personal loan to pay for school fees, if you think that’s convenient. If you still think you need a student loan, you can check what Nedbank and Standard Bank offer in such loan product and, you might find the perfect student loan for you.

I need a loan to get my dream house

Capitec Banks issues personal loans but, they work with SA Home Loans to also offer any citizen form South African home loans. You can start the application at Capitec and, SA Home Loans will take care of issuing your loan. You can be issued a home loan for R 5 million top and, they’ll give you the final answer in less than 5 business days.

What is the maximum amount can I get from Capitec bank loans?

You can get a personalized credit plan of up to R230,000 to repay from 1 to 84 months.

Can you do a top up on your Capitec loan?

Surely! If you have repaid a certain amount of your total debt, Capitec will process your request to add more money to your loan. Besides, they will need to process your payment capacity once again to check your income can afford to pay for this additional funds. All in all, do your best to pay your installments on time to not get in financial trouble.

Is it safe to use online application to get a Capitec loan?

Capitec Bank assures their applicants they take special care on this matter, recognizing their client’s fears about an online application. Besides, they claim they won’t share any of the information you submitted with anyone else. However, it is essential you are completely sure you’re dealing with this bank before submitting any document.

Hi, my salary is 2600, and I need a loan of 5000, will that be possible for me?

That loan term might be possible but, depending on the type of loan you ask for. As you know, Capitec issues loans adapted to the applicant’s personal situation, which means you have a chance but, your loan quotes may not be the one you asked for. You should get quotes from different entities to see which one of them offers you the best loan.

Can i apply on line?

Yes, you can apply online going into their web page to fill in the application form. Besides, as the loan procedure goes along, you can also send them your documents online making everything goes faster. Apart from this, you can also use their App to ask for a loan. Of course, there are plenty of Capitec Bank’s branches for those who prefer discussing their loans in person.

I want to build my house

Fortunately for you, Capitec Bank has joined with SA Home Loans to cover this kind of necessity. If you’re a Capitec client, you can study how’s the home loan Capitec offers on behalf of SA Home Loan. But, you can also go directly to a SA HL branch to ask about your chances of building your house.

Can I get loan in Capitec because I have one? I need 5000

Having a current loan at Capitec is not a reason not to get a second one. However, your payment capacity will be decisive to get more financial help. You have to apply like you did on your existing loan and, Capitec Bank will decide if your income is high enough to repay both loans at a time.

I already have a loan with capitec, can I apply for consolidation?

You won’t find consolidation loans at Capitec Bank. so, if that is what you really need, I’m afraid you ought to look for another entity. There are plenty to choose from in South Africa. Some of them are Absa, FNB and African Bank. To know which can give you the best rate, you can use our online loan calculator to find out which bank will offer you the cheapest loan.

I need a loan but am not working i just want to pay my fees

Unless you get a job, you will not be granted a loan at Capitec or any other lending company. Getting regular salary from a steady job is the most important requirement all financial agencies ask for. Bear in mind, the money the bank lends you must be returned on set period and, you need to get some sort of income to do that.

I’m a client at capitec. Can I get a loan?

Those South African citizens that meet with Capitec’s requirements qualify to apply for a loan. So, those who get monthly income from a steady job and, have what they need to prove this, can try to take a loan from Capitec. The fact that you’re already client of this bank can make your loan process go much faster.

I want a loan for 20000 rands, how will I pay for it?

Capitec’s loans have repayment periods from just a year to 84 months. So, your options to cancel the loan are among that time. Capitec will present you your alternatives for you to examine and select the one that makes you feel more comfortable. Of course, the decision you’ll make about this point will affect the total cost of your loan.

When are clients of Capitec rejected a loan?

The many reasons why you can be rejected a loan has to do with not complying with the age(18), having a bad credit record and not possessing a payslip to show that you have a current and stable salary to sustain the loan you want to apply for.

How much I am going to pay monthly when I hv taken a r45000 loan over 48 months?

Taken 45000 rands and, pay for it on 48 months will have a cost that, in the long run, depends on the interest rate Capitec Bank sets for such credit. I’ll go over some example to illustrate this: if we take the lowest rate for Capitec, 14.20%, the installments would be 1465 rands. Now, taking the highest rate, 27.40%, the monthly cost would be 1809 rands. Remember you’ll get a rate between these two options.

I’m 65yrs old and I need a loan of r10 000 to pay for my grandchild schoolfees. I’m earning r1500, wish to pay it for 48months. Do I qualify?

Even though a R1500 salary may not be that high, the final decision about your loan request will be made as regards your expenses and credit score so, you might give it a chance. Keep in mind, however, Capitec will tailor loan terms that fit with your financial status. So, if they accept to give you money, the loan amount may be lower than R10.000

Hi, I am 60 years old, I get my grant monthly, can I apply for loan 2000 rands?

Yes, as long as the sum of money you receive every month is sufficient to cancel this Capitec loan you’re asking without neglecting your other monthly expenses. Don’t worry about this details as, Capitec will take care of processing different assessment checks to assure of this before issuing the loan. Just like that, you will receive the amount of money you can pay for.

If you got a loan you are still paying, can u get another loan on top of that credit?

For those existing clients properly cancelling their installments, Capitec Bank gives them an opportunity to take a new loan. This opportunity involves the client applying in the same way as he or she did for the first loan. The process will go the same: after the bank checks the client’s credit score, they decide whether to lend the money or not.

Can I get a loan over a period of 84 months instead of 60 months as the instalment is a lot less?

If you have gone over your loan application and that’s the term Capitec has set for you, they surely have good reasons to have stated it. However, you can try to ask them a different loan term as long as you have sufficient funds to pay for your loan payments completely.

I’m a Capitec customer, what are the benefits of a loan with them?

Being their client, to start, will simplify the process a lot because they have your bank statements already, which is essential to take over your credit assessment. But, apart from that, it is common banks prize their good customers with better loan terms and rates, if you’ve had no big financial problems in the past.

I don't bank at Capitec yet can I get a loan there?

Of course! Capitec Bank grants loans to any people form South African meeting their basic requirements and, having a Capitec bank account is not one of them. You must, either way, bank with another entity as, Capitec will ask you bank statements to check your income. Besides, you will get and pay for the loan through a bank account.

I need a loan to pay for my child school’s fees. Does Capitec offer student loans?

No, this financial company will not grant you a student loan. You can take Capitec’s funds to pay for those fees but, as a personal loan. If you really want a student loan, there are some other credit agencies willing to suit your need. Standard Bank, for instance, is one of them.

Can I get extra cash from an existing loan?

As long as your payment behavior is correct and, your monthly salary is sufficient to cover for the entire money borrowed, you can apply for a new loan at Capitec. Undoubtedly, the company will still carry on some credit assessment to make sure you can pay for everything. So, get your documents ready to go after the loan!

Still have three months to pay off on my old loan. I would like to find out if I can take up a new loan.

As you are about to finish your current loan payments, you have great chances of getting a new loan approval. This, if we assume you have canceled all the previous installments on due date without any delay or problem. On the other hand, if you wait until you finish paying this loan, that will give you better chances of being approved and, also, better loan terms.

Can capitac borrow me money so I can pay all my debt?

You can take the chance to apply for a loan with Capitec to have that answer. All the same, this entity has personal loans to offer you so, if you’re confirmed for a loan, you will have to take care of cancelling your debts. You’ll be using Capitec’s money but, on your own. If you wanted to get a consolidation loan, unfortunately, you won’t find it at Capitec.

Why if I applied for a loan and I didn't get it by Capitec, the money is going in and out to my account?

If you applied and, your loan request was denied, there is no reason to have money transferred by Capitec into your account. There’s the chance that one of their agents had made a mistake that, later on, was fixed. This means, when they realized their mistake, they took the money from your account. However, please try to talk to them to make everything clear.

Can I get a loan with child support grant amount of r750?

Unfortunately, you need to submit salary slips in order to make Capitec Bank agrees to lend you money. Besides, R 750 monthly is not enough to get a loan as, companies tends to request a minimal monthly earning of at least, R 2000. You can try to get a loan if you get another salary besides your child support grant.

Can Capitec consolidate my debts – r250000?

Capitec can help you pay all your debts with a personalized loan, even though they don’t offer consolidation loans. Once you get your quote, which will be decided according to your affordability evaluation, you should submit proof of identity, address and income for the bank to finish the transaction. When you have the money, you can cancel your debts and, stay with Capitec monthly installment only.

Hi there. Can I still apply for a loan if I don't work, but I get a monthly amount of R430 every month and I have proof on paper?

This is not possible. Capitec is quite strict in meeting the requirements involved in applying for a loan. Capitec asks its clients to present their salary slips (their latest ones) and will ask you to forward bank statement that prove your salary deposits (they need to be consecutive, original and must by three). The account should be in your name.

Can I apply for loan without an ID?

At Capitec, it is not possible to apply for a loan without a South African ID. It must be the original document and you should be eighteen or older. In case there is a difference between you ID number and your name, you will be required a name change letter, a divorce court order or a marriage certificate.

I missed the call from Capitec consultant, regarding my loan application, and I can't call the number back, so Im worried cause I really need this loan.

In case you have already applied for a loan at Capitec and members of Capitec have already tried to reach you, then there are two alternatives. The first one is to wait for the company to get in touch with you again. The other option is to send them an email in which you explain your situation.

How much can I pay in 48 months?

In 48 months, you can apply for a loan amount of R100000. Your repayment per month would range between R2995 and R3871, depending on certain specific conditions. On the contrary, in 48 months term, your total repayment could range between R 143 750 and R 185 794. Remember that these values may fluctuate based on your affordability and credit profile.

I have an income of R3000 every month and I am a student, can I apply for a personal loan?

If you earn R3000 as a student, you may be able to apply for a personal loan at CAPITEC. The company will ask about your credit history and banking history. It will evaluate how much you can afford through income and additional expenses. It will also check the stability of your source of income to give you a good deal.

Hi, can I get a loan only for R10000 or R5000 please? I'm struggling

Yes, Capitec offers personalized loans that reach up to a limit of R250 000. They offer personalized financing, which means that the bank will make you an offer taking into account your credit profile and your financial needs, to provide you with a more competitive rate and better fees. The term of the loan ranges from 1 to 84 months.

Can I get another loan while I'm still paying for another loan at capitec?

If you are already paying for another loan at Capitec, what may be convenient for you is a consolidation loan that can help you unify all your existing installments and loans. If you choose this option, Capitec offers you monthly repayments that are easier to keep track of. You will definitely have more control over your expenses.

If you apply for Capitec loan online and its approved,how long will it take for funds to be available in my account?

Once your loan has been approved by Capitec, then you will have immediate access to the money in your bank account. If it takes longer than expected, you can get in touch with Capitec to let them know about your issue. In general, the process takes place immediately after loan approval.

If you have an existing loan with capitec bank, when can you apply again for personal loan?

You will probably have to wait until the whole payment of the credit (all installments) has been covered. The company, Capitec, does not provide details about the possibility of loan renewal, but companies generally take into account the moment that you paid the installments in order to grant you a new one.

Can you help me?I need a loan

When you need a loan, Capitec can help you out. The company offers a personalized loan that you can access by visiting your nearest branch. Gather the necessary documents and enjoy the benefits of the loan, such as terms from 1 to 84 months, approval in minutes, monthly repayments that stay fixed, loan consolidation, etc.

I am unemployed but have a fixed income from a fixed investment at Capitec. I also have a bond free property. Will I qualify for a personal loan to replace my roof?

Personal loans at Capitec are ideal for carrying out home improvements, such as replacing a roof. It is positive that you have a fixed income, but Capitec will require you salary slips as well as bank statements. Besides, it will assess your affordability and how stable your income remains. When you apply, Capitec will take these matters into account.

Do I qualify for a personal loan at Capitec ?

Capitec will let you know whether you qualify for a loan based on your credit profile and affordability. The bank will evaluate your income as well as your expenses to check if you can afford installments through a certain amount of time. It will also evaluate your income's stability. Clients can choose the amount based on the offer.

How do I qualify for a online loan?

In order to qualify at Capitec for a loan, you will have to make sure to have all the necessary documents and a favorable credit profile. Your affordability will also be taken into consideration. You will need to provide Capitec with your latest pay slip, a bank statement that displays three salary deposits (consecutive) and an ID.

Is there a way of applying for a personal loan online? If there is, how to apply?

Yes, Capitec allows its clients to get a loan by means of virtual methods. Before applying, you need to take into account that Capitec will take a look at your credit profile as well as all the documents that you provide, so make sure that you latest salary is correct and that your ID is original.

Does Capitec offer pension bridging loans?

Unfortunately, a pension bridging loan is not a financial product that Capitec offers. At this bank, you can find personal loans, home loans and revolving credit lines. Please refer to our articles to find information about financial companies that do offer the kind of product you are looking for in South Africa.

How many days it takes to get a response when you take a loan online?

The time Capitec takes to review the information you provided in the application form will depend on many factors. For instance, if you send all the right documents and all your information is complete and accurate, you will most likely hear from Capitec within a week. However, if you fail to include a requested document, for instance, the process will take longer.

When can I apply for a next loan if I already have one and busy to pay it off?

You will be able to apply for a new loan with Capitec once you finish paying the one you already have. This will be much better for you since it will prevent you from having too many obligations to pay off at the same time. When you pay your last installment, you'll be ready to ask for another loan.

I have applied for a personal loan and submitted all required documents, however I have not yet received an answer if I am approved or not.

You should definitely contact Capitec Bank and ask to talk to a sales representative to inform them about your situation. However, remember that the bank might take a whole week to assess all the information that you provided them with to see if the loan can be approved or not.

How do I apply for personal loan?

Capitec Bank makes available three modes for clients to ask for a personal loan. You can start your application online, through the APP or by calling over the phone or visiting a branch of Capitec Bank. If you decide to go to the bank, please take with you your ID, your last payslip and latest bank statements.

I've applied for a personal loan last month at Capitec and paid my first installment on time. Is it possible for Capitec to give me a top up loan?

If you applied for an access loan at Capitec, you will be able to access to revolving credit. However, if you have a personal loan with Capitec, you will not be able to ask for a top up loan. You will have to pay off the loan for you to be able to ask for more money.

I don't have a payslip, but I'm banking at capetic I have an income of 3000 can I get a loan?

Unfortunately, Capitec requires clients to prove their income. The only way they have to prove that you receive a monthly and stable salary is for you to provide them with your payslips. There are other companies that do lend money to people with no payslips. You should check out our articles to find out more.

Can me and my partner jointly apply for a personal loan?

Capitec offers personal loans to individuals and ask them to provide identification papers and proof of regular income. You will not be able to ask for a joint personal loan at Capitec. Perhaps you are confused, since joint loans are available when we are talking about home loans. But this does not apply for personal loans.

Can I get a loan If I don't use Capitec?

You do not need to be a client of Capitec to ask for a personal loan. However, there are important requirements you will need meet in order to qualify for a loan at Capitec. The most important ones are that you can provide the bank with your payslips and that you have a bank account under your name.

Can one apply at Capitec for a loan if you have an existing loan at Capitec?

If you have an existing loan at Capitec, you will not be able to ask for another loan until you finish repaying it. Notwithstanding, what you can do is ask Capitec for a settlement quote. This means that you can pay off the loan you already have and then ask for a new one.

“Hi” what are the qualification (salaries) that Capitec bank need to in order to qualify for a loan?

Capitec does not establish a minimum amount which you should earn every month in order to qualify for their loans. However, the amount you will be able to borrow will be affected by this factor. This means that the maximum amount you can borrow will depend on how much you earn and other criteria.

Can I qualify for a 10000 loan with your bank?

For you to qualify for a loan at Capitec Bank, you need to comply with certain requirements. First, you must be employed and be able to provide the bank with your payslips. Also, you will be asked your last three bank statements. The amount you will be able to request will be subject to your affordability.

I would like to take a personal loan of R20000 with Capitec bank… I would like to know how much I can pay per month and for how long.

The repayments you will have to pay Capitec for a loan of R20,000 is going to be determined by the interest rate you can get and the repayment period you choose. At Capitec, you can ask for a loan for up to 84 months. So, let's suppose you request your loan for this period and that you get an interest rate of 14.2%, then you would pay instalments of 534 rands.

Can I apply for a loan if I have no payslip but my statement proves that I get money every month. I’m using capitec bank.

Unfortunately, up to this moment, Capitec Bank requires all clients to provide their payslips in order to ask for a loan. Being a client of Capitec Bank will not change this situation. You should check our articles about loans without payslips that you will be able to find on our site.

How can I get a loan if I'm not an employee, but I have a small business?

Capitec Banks offers personal loans of up to 250,000 rands to be paid back in up to 84 months. These figures are highly tempting and a lot of people seek out this loan. However, Capitec Bank requires you to provide them with payslips. The only way for you to qualify for this loan is if in your business you receive a payslip. If you don't, then you will not be able to ask for a loan at Capitec.

I earn 4300 per month, how much do I qualify?

There are several factors considered when establishing the maximum amount you can request from Capitec Bank. When you apply for a loan, Capitec will ask you to provide them with certain documents that will allow them to establish how much you can actually afford to borrow. For instance, they will look into your credit record and your other payment obligations.

Can l loan 25000 if my salary is 6500 rand a month and how much will I pay back per month and l am a Capitec client.

You have a great chance of being able to ask for a Capitec Loan of R25,000 with your salary. For instance, if you got an interest rate of 20.5% and decided to pay up for the loan in 72 months, you would have to pay monthly instalments of around 704 rands.

Am a customer of Capitec so I wanna know that will I get a loan with a payslip when I get payed 3000 every month in my bank.

You actually fulfil with one of Capitec's most important requirements for their loans: having a payslip. This company only lends money to people with permanent employment and regular income. You should contact Capitec and check if you comply with the rest of their requirements. If you do, you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec.

I earn R3500 per month and I would like to get a personal loan for R20000, so how much will I have to pay monthly, and also how much will my interest rates be?

How much you will have to pay for a personal loan of R20,000 at Capitec Bank will be subjected to the repayment period you choose and the interest rate established for your loan. The interest rate you will be offered will be calculated by Capitec after studying your income and credit history.

Can Capitec home loans offer services like building a home if I have my own land or they can only buy a home. If not can they loan a person to build a house? Thank you.

Capitec does not offer home loans, but you can definitely ask for a personal loan at Capitec and use the money to buy or to build a house. That is entirely up to you since Capitec loans are not meant for a specific purpose like buying a house. However, the maximum amount Capitec lends is R250 000.

Can I get a loan of up to 200000 if my take home Salary is 13000?

If your household has a salary of R13 000, you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec for R200 000. In order to illustrate your instalments, let's imagine you are offered an interest rate of 14% and that you choose to pay back the loan in 72 months. In this scenario, you would pay monthly instalments of around R4 300.

I would like to take out R10 000 loan and my salary is R4 600 a month. Do I qualify for a loan, and how much will I repay each month?

With your salary of R4 600, you might be able to request a loan at Capitec for R10 000 if you are able to provide the bank with your latest three payslips. If the interest rate established for your loan were set at 14%, you would pay approximately R 984 for a 12-month-period.

I am getting R15000 per month, and I am permanently employed for my company. If I ask Capitec for R200000 personal loan at any interest rate, will I be able to qualify for it?

Provided that you receive a payslip proving that you earn R15000 each month and that your credit is satisfactory, you might be able to ask for a personal loan at Capitec for R200,000. If the interest rate was set on 19 per cent, and you chose to repay the loan in 84 months, you should be thinking in repayments of around R5,816.

Do Capitec borrow Security officers a loan, and how much do they qualify?

Capitec loans to people who can demonstrate that they receive a monthly income from a job. So, if you are a security officer and can provide Capitec with your payslips, then you should be more than able to ask for a loan. The amount you can borrow has to do with how much you earn.

If I want to buy a car for r40000 and my income is r4000 per month can Capitec give me a personal loan?

The most important thing when asking for a loan at Capitec Bank is having a regular income which you can prove with your payslips. If this is your case, you might be able to ask for a R40,000 loan at Capitec if you earn R4,000 per month. However, this will depend on the term you choose and your credit record.

What is needed to get a R100,000 loan if my salary is R4,500?

What you need to ask for a personal loan at Capitec for the amount of R100,000 is to be permanently employed and being able to show your payslips to the bank. Since you earn R4,500 you might want to consider choosing the longest repayment period offered by Capitec, which is 60 months.

Capitec Bank can you lend me R10,000 how much of my payment every month?

There are different factors that will be at play for you to be able to ask for an R10,000 at Capitec Bank. The most important one is that you have a permanent job and that you are able to provide the bank with your payslips. If this is so, and your credit record is good, you might be able to ask for R10,000. How much you will pay every month will be based on the interest rate the bank can offer you. For instance, if the rate is, let's say, 12.9% and the period you choose is 24 months, you would pay approximately R470 per month.

Hi there, l'm full time employed but using a passport, do l qualify for a Capitec loan?

If you are working full-time, and you receive a proof of payment, you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec using your passport. All of this assuming that you are a legal resident of South Africa. Also, in order to ask for a loan at Capitec, your credit record must be satisfactory.

Can I get 50 000 loan if I earn 6000?

You might be able to get a R50,000 loan at Capitec if you earn R6,000. However, this is not the only factors at play when asking a loan at this bank. You should be able to show Capitec your payslips and your credit record should be in good standing for you to ask for this loan.

Can I get a personal loan if I earn R2500, what is my affordability?

If you earn R2,500, and you are able to show Capitec proof of this income through, for example, a payslip, you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec. However, how much you will be able to ask for with your salary will also have to do with your credit record.

I want to renovate my house and some extension. Can I have a loan amount of R350,000?

There are two basic factors to take into consideration to know if you would be able to ask for R350,000 at Capitec so that you can perform renovations at your place. First, having a payslip that accounts for your income. Second, earning enough money and having a satisfactory credit record.

Can I apply for a loan of 10,000 if I get paid R4,445 a month?

If you are employed and receive payslip for those R4,445 a month, Capitec might be able to help you out with a loan of R10,000. However, besides from your salary, you should be able to prove Capitec that you have a clear credit record and that you can afford the loan.

Hey I'm working as a domestic worker, so I need to know if I can get a 6000 loan.

If you work as a domestic worker, and you receive payslips when you are paid, then you might be able to ask for a loan at Capitec Bank. For you to borrow R6,000, you will need to be able to pay back the installments each month and your credit record must be solid.

Can someone phone me to see if I qualify for a loan, please?

To see if you qualify for a loan with Capitec Bank, you will need to gather some documents which will be analysed by the bank agents. For example, if you apply for a home loan, you will need to hand over a photocopy of the purchase offer, a copy of your ID, your marriage certificate, your last three payslips and three bank statements, which need to be certified. 

I want to buy property for 4,5 million rand. The property has 10 houses on with a income of aproximitaly R40 000 will I be able to get a loan?

If you wish to buy a property which includes ten houses with a value of 4.5 million rand, and your income is about R40.000, you can apply for a home loan. It is essential that you are a permanently employed client with enough money to afford the instalments. The maximum amount you can obtain is 5 million rand. However, the loan will be determined by your credit profile and affordability. 

I work at a retail store, I am a cashier.I have been working there since December. I get paid +R600 a week. Do I qualify to get a loan?

One of the requirements to apply for a loan with Capitec Bank is that clients are permanently employed. So, if you have been working as a cashier since December and you have solid proof of income (R600), you might be able to qualify for a loan with the company. Notice that you should also show a satisfactory credit record and have sufficient means to afford the instalments. 

Can I get a loan of R10000 ,I get R4700 a month. Please assist.

To request a loan with Capitec Bank, it is vital that clients are permanently working for more than two months so as to have proof of income. Probably, with your salary of R4700 a month, you are suitable for a loan, but the amount will be conditioned by your affordability and your credit profile. If the credit evaluation results positive, then you may be eligible for a personalised credit program. 

Can I send all my documents online when I need loan? is it safe?

Capitec Bank clients have the possibility to consult and operate financially via Internet without leaving home.  You can get an estimate on the bank website and you can download the banking app on your phone which you can use to apply for a loan. It is a pretty safe and reliable proccess. 

How to check your loan status online?

In order to check the current status of your loan with Capitec Bank, you can download the banking app on your phone. The app is secure and easy to use. Users can make immediate payments, get account balances, apply for loans, check their status and many more operations. To make it work, you need to activate it on your phone with your personal data and link your saving account with your profile. 

I would like to apply for a loan but I don't bank with Capitec, Is it still possible?

If you wish to apply for a loan but are not a client with Capitec Banck, you can still get a credit plan. The company offers a great range of financial programs to which you can get access in a simple way. Some of the requirements you need to fulfill are the following: you must be a full time employee over 18 years old, have a recent stamped bank statement and salary slips. 

How much will I repay monthly if I borrow 20000 rand from Capitec?

To know how much you will pay per month if you borrow 20.000 rand from Capitec, it is necessary to consider some factors. The monthly fee and the interest rate will be determined by your income and your credit profile. For instance, if the interest rate is 12.9% and your payment period is 24 months, you will be paying around 2.728,33 rand per month.

What would be the monthly payment for 5000?

If you wish to know how much you will be paying per month for a loan of 5.000 rand with Capitec, it is important to consider that the interest rate and the amount of each fee will be determined by your salary and you credit profile. For example, if the interest rate is about 12.9% and the repayment period is 12 months, you will be paying around 841,13 rand per month. 

I am banking with Nedbank. Can I get a personal loan from Capitec?

If you are currently carrying out your financial operations with Nedbank, you can perfectly be eligible for a personal loan with Capitec. This company sets out some requirements for clients to satisfy. For instance, you need to have a recent stamped bank statement, a salary slip and any bank account. 

Does Capitec loan have a branch in Ghana? Yesterday I called, and I was told I have to make a deposit of 200 rand for the loan amount of 2,000 rand. I did not get the loan.

Capitec Bank has many local offices around South Africa. Usually, if you qualify for a personal loan of 2,000 rand, you may be paying for a once-off initiation fee of no more than 1,207 rand. This fee is a guarantee for the company. If you have been charged more, please, contact the well-trained advisors from the bank for further details. 

Can I make a small loan while I still have a loan at Capitec?

Capitec Bank used to offer its clients a multi-loan program in which they were allowed to borrow small amounts of money. Unfortunately, this possibility is no longer available. So if you wish to obtain more money from the entity, you first need to cancel your existing loan. This is the only way you will be able to apply for more. 

I need to request a loan again, but I'm not done with my first loan. Can I apply for another loan, or must I wait when the first one is finished?

With Capitec Bank, clients have the possibility to request a personal loan with the amount that they need. However, they are not allowed to apply for another loan while they are paying their existing one. In other words, when you finish paying all the instalments of your current loan, you might qualify for more. 

How long does it take to show the loan money in your bank account?

Usually, if you have completely all the application stages successfully with Capfin, the money will be available immediately afterwards. It may take up to 48 business hours as the company will check all the information you have submitted. After you get the company's approval, you will just need to wait for the money to be deposited in your bank account. 

I submitted the documents, and they verified them, so how long must I wait for the cash?

If you wish to obtain a personal loan with Capitec and have submitted all the necessary documentation, you will have to wait for the approval. In other words, if the application has been accepted, the loan will be approved within 5 business days. Immediately afterwards, the money will be deposited in the bank account you declared. 

If I earn R3000,00 as my monthly salary, do I qualify for home a loan of R250 000,00?

Based on the affordability calculator available with Capitec, your current monthly salary of about 3,000 rand is not sufficient to apply for a home loan of 250,000 rand. The minimum amount of income to be able to request a home loan is over 4,000 rand. With this salary, you could borrow around 133,109 rand. 

I don't get my salary paid into my bank account, but I do receive payslips. Will it work for my personal loan?

Unfortunately, it will not work. One of the conditions to comply with in order to apply for a loan with Capitec is to earn a salary which is paid in your bank account. Furthermore, you need to show proof of income such as your recent payslips and bank statements. They will function as a guarantee that you have enough money to afford the instalments.

If I'm earning 4500 rand, how much can I have?

If you need to know how much money you can borrow with Capitec and you earn a salary of about 4,500 rand, then there is an online form you can complete with all your personal details. After all the information has been analysed by the company, an advisor will get in touch with you and inform you the amount of money you can borrow. 

Hi, I am getting an old age pension grant, is it possible that I get a loan? How much?

If you wish to apply for any type of loan with Capitec, it is important that you comply with some requirements. A crucial requisite is to provide proof of income, which will be reflected in three consecutive salary deposits. Also, the company will ask you to show your recent bank statement which clearly indicates your regular wage.  According to your income, the company will determine the amount of money you can obtain. Usually, there is a range between 10,000 and 250,000 rand.

If I earn 4,000 rand a month, do I qualify for a loan? I want to buy a car.

Yes, you do. If your salary is about 4,000 rand per month, and you have a favourable credit history, you might qualify for a personal loan to buy a car. The company will make an offer taking into account your banking and credit history, your affordability capacity and the stability of your income. Then, you will be able to choose the repayment period. 

How much do I need to have in order to get an account?

There is no need to have a certain sum of money to open an account with Capitec Bank. What you need to bring is a valid South African ID and proof of residence. It does not cost anything to have an account with the bank, however, to keep it active, clients need to deposit a minimum amount of 25 rand. 

Can I get a temporary loan of 8,000 rand and pay the instalment in 1 year?

If you have a good credit score and a steady monthly income with enough affordability capacity, then you will be able to obtain a personal loan of 8,000 rand with Capitec Bank. The interest rate that can be applied to your loan will be between 9 and 24.5%. However, this will depend on your profile and your need. 

Hey, I'm checking if I can get a loan when I'm banking with Capitec without payslip.

Usually, there are some main requirements for clients in order to obtain a personal loan with Capitec Bank. An obligatory requisite is to count with a regular monthly income and to provide proof of salary. This is done by showing the last payslips and a bank statement with the recent bank deposits. 

Can I have a loan in order to pay my 1-month instalment so that I can have better affordability, as it also affect my score?

Capitec Bank offers personalised term loans to clients who comply with some requirements. It is crucial to be permanently employed, provide proof of income by showing your recent payslips and have a positive credit history. According to your income and your affordability capacity, you will be able to obtain money to pay the instalment you need. 

I get paid in a Capitec account for the last 3 years, but it's not my own account, I want to borrow a 3,000 rand, will I qualify?

If you want to qualify for a 3,000 rand loan with Capitec, as a client, you must meet some requirements, For example, you need to have a permanent job with a steady monthly income. Then you should provide proof of this employment by showing your payslips and have a positive credit history. The bank will analyse all your information and determine if you qualify for a loan. 

If I have an outstanding loan of 3,000 rand. Is it possible to make a small loan?

If you have an outstanding loan of 3,000 rand with Capitec Bank, and you need more money, unfortunately, you will not be able to apply for another one at the same time. In other words, you need to finish paying your existing loan and then, according to the bank criteria, you can borrow more. 

Can I make a loan for my 1st time with Capitec when I have just start to work?

In order to obtain a personalised loan with Capitec Bank for the first time as a client, you need to comply with some requirements. It is crucial to be employed for a minimum period of three months. Also, you need to provide some documentation such as your latest payslip, a valid ID and your last bank statement reflecting three salary deposits. 

I have obtained a loan at Capitec and still paying for it, but the money didn't cover everything. Is it possible to apply again or to have another loan?

Unfortunately, in your case, you will not be able to increase your personal loan or to ask for another one with Capitec Bank. Usually, the company does not allow costumers to borrow more money until they have paid their existing loan completely.  However, you can resort to, Wonga Loans which offers short-term lines of credit.

Can I get a short term long even if I don't have any credit record?

If you do not have any credit record, and you wish to obtain a short term loan, Capitec Bank will make this decision as whether you can be eligible or not. This is so because the bank needs to analyse all your financial situation as well as your credit behaviour. Also, it is fundamental that you hand in all the required documentation to apply for a loan.

Can I get a short term personal loan even if I don't have any credit record?

Capitec Bank requires its clients to comply with certain criteria in order to apply for a personal loan. Having a positive credit history will help you a lot when borrowing money from the company. However, there are other factors to consider, such as earning a regular monthly income and having enough affordability capacity. 

What is needed from me to qualify for consolidate loan? And will I still have chance to qualify for another loan while am still paying consolidate loan?

Capitec Bank promotes the benefit of a consolidation loan, which implies an economic relief for its customers who wish to maintain a positive credit score. To qualify, you need to present a valid ID, proof of address and income, and recent bank statements. The bank also suggests requesting a loan at a time. So, after you finish paying your consolidation loan, you can apply for a personal one. 

How long does it take to get a loan of R10,000?

In order to know how long Capitec Bank will take to approve a loan application for 10,000 rand, you need to consider the following details. The bank takes time to analyse all the paperwork you have presented, and also it will carry out a credit check on you. To sum up, the entire process can take up to five business days. 

If I'm earning 6,900 rand, how much can get if I want a loan?

If you would like to know how much you can obtain as a personal loan with Capitec Bank when you are earning 6,900 rand, the company needs to take into account some personal information. Therefore, the recommendation is to provide your personal details, then there will be a verification identity process, and based on these two points, you will receive a credit estimate.

I went to ask for a loan with Capitec Bank, and they said I qualify to get R40,000, but I took 5,000 rand. Is it possible for me to get another loan?

If you already visited a local Capitec Bank office, and you were informed that you qualified for 40,000 rand, but you took just 5,000 rand, then the company will analyse your economic situation and affordability capacity to see if you can obtain more money. If you have the means to afford the instalments, then there will not be any problems to borrow more money. 

Can I apply for loan without bank account? I have only payslips.

In order for you to apply for a personal loan with Capitec Bank, you need to comply with some requirements, for example, you will have to present your original ID card, your payslip and your recent bank statement showing at least three salary deposits only if the money is not paid into a Capitec Bank account.  

I have been working at Oasis Ermelo for one month now, but I am also an agent selling weight loss pills for one year now. Can I apply for a loan or not?

The only way for you to apply for a personal loan with Capitec Bank is to show that you have a regular monthly income by presenting evidence of this formal employment. Usually, the company asks for the 3 last payslips. The entity will analyse all your information and determine if you can be eligible for a loan especially when you are working as an agent selling weight loss pills and as a recent Oasis Ermelo's employee. 

What does it mean? “Your financial well-being is important to us. Taking more credit right now could lead to you having more than you can manage”.

It means that Capitec Bank cares about the financial situation of their clients by referring to the financial well-being. Therefore, it recommends that applicants do not ask for a big sum of money if they are not certain they will be able to afford the monthly instalments. However, the bank analyses the clients' credit profile before granting any type of loan. 

Hey, I am earning 4,000 rand per month, so I wanted to ask how much I can qualify for a personal loan.

If you are earning about 4,000 rand per month, and you are seeking a personal loan with Capitec Bank, it is important to know that the bank needs to analyse all your personal information as well as your financial situation to determine how much money you can obtain. In other words, the entity will carry a credit check and affordability assessment. 

I am earning 4,000 rand, how much do I qualify for?

In order to know how much money you can obtain as a personal loan with Capitec Bank, you will need to provide some useful information to the entity, for example, your monthly income (4,000 rand).  You can do all the process online as the bank needs to analyse your financial situation, credit profile and affordability capacity. With all these factors, Capitec Bank will determine the amount of money you can borrow. 

Can I have a loan on top of the loan that will be finished next month?

Capitec Bank does not offer the possibility to apply for a top-up loan when you have a current loan, which you are paying. Therefore, the recommendation is to wait until you pay your loan completely in order to ask for a new one. Also, you can ask from the very beginning more money since the limit is up to 250,000 rand. 

Hi, can we have a loan? I want to pay 3,000 rand a month.

First, in order to obtain a personal loan with Capitec Bank, it is important to comply with all the qualifying criteria such as having proof of income and a positive credit history. According to your entire financial situation, monthly income and credit profile, you will be able to obtain a sum of money and negotiate the repayment terms. It is suggested to get in touch with the customer service department and inform that you wish to pay a monthly instalment of 3,000 rand. 

I have a personal loan with Capitec Bank and with another loan company as well. I wanted to know if can I get construction loan, please.

Capitec Bank analyses their clients' financial profile and credit history before granting any money. Therefore, if you are looking for a construction loan, please, the advice is to cancel all your previous loans completely before asking for more money. In other words, Capitec Bank does not allow clients to have more than one loan at the same time. 

How much must I earn to get a loan with Capitec Bank?

The advice is to contact the customer service department to obtain this information, as it is frequently updated. For the time being, usually the minimum income requirement is set to at least 3,000 rand. Also, the company will analyse your financial situation and also will consider if you comply with all the eligibility criteria.

A salary of R4,500 ,can you be able to apply a loan?

If you regularly earn 4,500 rand, you will be able to apply for a personal loan with Capitec Bank. The entity will analyse your entire financial situation and your employment status. Usually, the bank requires clients to have a permanent job with a steady income. Also, it is important to have an affordability assessment to determine how much you can pay per month. 

Do I qualify to get a loan from my bank which is Capitec since I have finished paying my account?

If you have finished paying your account with Capitec Bank and you require a personal loan, then you will need to be subjected to an analysis carried out by the company. Some factors will be considered to qualify, such as your income, financial situation, affordability capacity and your credit profile. 

I want to find out about loan approval.

In order to determine your eligibility to obtain a personal loan with Capitec Bank, it is important to check the qualifying criteria. It is recommended to contact the customer service department to obtain up-to-date information about the requirements. You will need to be ready to provide all the relevant information and documentation they may ask. 

Can I get a loan of R320 000, and how much is a possible repayment?

If you wish to take out a personal loan of about 320,000 rand with Capitec Bank, you will be able to do so providing you comply with all the qualifying criteria. Usually, the maximum amount allowed is up to 250,000 rand. However, you can contact the customer service department to obtain more information. Taking into account that the interest rate can start from 13.75% with a maximum repayment period of 84 months, you will be paying monthly instalments of about 5,952.70 rand. 

Can I take another loan if I'm still paying a loan?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to take a second personal loan with Capitec Bank if you are still paying your previous one. This is one of the policies established by the entity, as Capitec allows clients to take out as much as they can afford. This is based upon an analysis the company carries out on their financial situation. 

I sent my documents but no response for my personal loan

If you have already submitted all your documentation in order to apply for a personal loan with Capitec Bank, but you have not received any response, then the recommendation is to be a little bit patient about it. Sometimes the process can take a few days until the entire paperwork is analysed. Otherwise, you can contact the costumer service department to help you out.

Good morning , I am not a Capitec Bank client, so can I get a long term loan? And I'm not working, I was injured on duty in year 2013 August 09, now I am a compensation pensioner for lifetime since year 2017 March 25.

If you are not a Capitec Bank client, you can still apply for a personal loan. Now, as a compensation pensioner, the minimum amount of money which you will be able to obtain is 1,000 rand to be repaid in a short period of time, that is, from seven to twelve months. The interest rate will be about 9%. 

If my net salary is R8,000, and I do not pay any rent, will I qualify for a loan of R100,000? Or do I need to earn more?

If you wish to obtain a personal loan with Capitec Bank, you will need to meet certain requirements such as being over 18 years old and providing a valid South African ID, together with your latest payslip and bank statement. As you are currently working, you will be able to access the money. However, the bank will analyse if you can borrow 100,000 rand. 

Can I add my loan if I already have a loan on Capitec?

Yes, it is possible to increase your current loan with Capitec if you already have one. In order to apply for more money, you can either fill out the online application form or contact the customer service department. Please, bear in mind that it is important to comply with the basic requirements. 

Does Capitec Bank give another loan while I'm paying one?

It is important to notice that if you already have a personal loan with Capitec Bank, you will not be able to apply for another temporary loan at the same time. This is one of the main lending polices of the entity. You will be able to obtain another loan once you finish paying the current one.

Can I top up my loan?

Of course, you can do it. The private financial company Capfin S.A. offers the possibility to increase your current loan even if you are still paying it. In other words, at any point during the repayment period, you can ask for more money. Usually, the company sends an SMS with a possible offer for you to accept or decline. 

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