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Can I Find Loans at African Bank for Pensioners?

     If you believed your age was relatively high to obtain a loan, let me tell you that is wrong. African Bank has incredible options for pensioners that are looking to obtain a loan. This bank has knowledge of how hard it is to get a loan for a banking company and even harder to get a lending program if the client is not currently working or if the client is a pensioner. Thus, if that is your case, I am sure you will benefit a lot from this article.

     African Bank is one of the most remarkable banks which approves lending programs for clients that are pensioners. It has expanded to many cities and is operating in more than 30 of them.

     In the following article, I will focus on African Bank´s Personal Loan for pensioners, with their features and requirements. Then, I will give you all the contact information of this bank, so that it is easy for you to start applying for the loan right after you read this post.

African Bank Personal Loans for Pensioners

     African Bank proposes a Personal Loan to pensioners as unsecured loans. What do I mean by that? That the bank is willing to grant a program to pensioners whenever they submit any proof of their income or pension. So, these clients do not need to select any asset as the collateral of the loan.

One of the main benefits of this type of programs is that the income of pensioners is seeing as a salary, condition that allows them to get a loan instantly, without further complications as it would happen with another bank. And it does not matter whether the pensioner has a low or high income, as long as there are proofs of it.

Another benefit is that even though sometimes banks do not trust pensioners to complete the whole financing of the program due to their age, African Bank will offer them very flexible financing terms, so they do not need to worry about the repayment of the loan.

     An important fact to bear in mind is that the bank together with their consultants will examine in detail each client´s financial status so as to grant them a loan that they are capable of paying on time.

     Now, let’s focus on the loan that pensioners have access to: Personal Loan.

A Personal Loan can be really useful to cover the daily needs a person such a pensioner can have. For instance, they can use this money to pay debts, bills, medical expenses, food and so on.

I will give you a brief list with their benefits right now:

-Pensioners can obtain amounts that go from R 500 to a maximum of R 200 000

-Pensioners have flexible refinancing periods that consists of 3 to 72 months

-Instalment payments tend to be fixed, so they will not vary from time to time

-Pensioners can always speak to the bank´s representatives by phoning the customer service phone number (given below in the contact section)

-Every fee will be deducted from the pensioner´s bank account in order not to waste lots of time trying to pay each month

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-Pensioners can always apply for the Personal Loan at a local branch, phoning the company or in the bank´s website

Requirements for Pensioners that want to get a loan with African Bank

Regarding the eligibility requirements these type of clients need to comply with, these are identical to the ones for the other clients. In fact, they need to submit their ID card, their proof of residence in the country and recent pay slips and bank statements. A proof of their income also plays an important role at the time of deciding if the citizen is eligible for the loan. So, it is extremely important that pensioners put forward their pension letter so as to proof they are pensioners.

Finally, the bank will examine in detail whether you have any debt to pay at the moment of applying for the loan, so you must not be under any kind of debt, so as to prove you are totally capable of financing the loan just like any other citizen.

How can pensioners get in touch with African Bank? Let’s see

In person

    You can go directly to one of their offices in the Absa Pretoria Building, which is found at 1115 Burnette Street in the ground floor of the Hatfield Plaza. Such office has a telephone number for you to call: 27 12 325 0236. And it opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

     There is another physical branch in Cape Town, so please go to 84 Main Road, in the area of Mowbray and there you will be able to speak to the bank´s consultants. Its phone number for you to call, is 27 21 689 5660. It opens during weekdays from 08:30 am to 5 in the afternoon.

By phone

    Should you have any inquiry or question about a Personal Loan that has do with their features, requirements and documentation, please contact the bank´s representatives by dialing up the following number:0861 111 011. That is a free number, available to every client of the bank.


     You can access to the bank´s website from your computer and start enjoying the possibility they give you to obtain data about the loan and also applying for the program in an easy and quick way. There you will also find details about insurances and other products that might interest you as well.

    As a final comment, being a pensioner in South Africa and obtaining a loan for your needs is possible with the financial aid of African Bank that has its Personal Loan available to any kind of client, including pensioners. So, your age and your working condition is not an obstacle at the time of getting the financial support you deserve. Try contacting the bank through the different means explained above and see how this company can make changes to your lifestyle for the better, it is total worth it!

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Questions and answers

I am a pensioner earning R1,850 with other source of income and need a loan of 25,000.

If you are a pensioner, and you would like to ask for a loan at African Bank, you should consider that both your R1,850 earnings and the other source of income that you mention can be proven with some sort of document. Depending on the term and your credit record, you might be able to ask for a loan of R25,000.

How much will my monthly installments be for R3,000.00 please?

Your installments for a loan of R3,000 at African Bank will be different according to which term you choose and what interest rate you can access to. For instance, if the interest rate is 25 %, and the term is 6 months, you would have to pay R625 each month.

Can I take out a loan if I am a pensioner of at least 40 000 to pay for my child's university fees. If I do how much will I be required to pay every month.

If you are a pensioner, you might be able to ask for a personal loan to pay for your child's university fees. Now, to be able to ask for a loan of R40,000 will depend on how much your earn as a pensioner each month and how good is your credit record.

Need a loan for 50k I am a pensioner I earn 6000 per month. Do I qualify?

As a pensioner, you can qualify for a personal loan at African Bank for 50k if you earn 6,000 rands per month. However, there are other issues to consider before establish if you are eligible for a loan. The most important one is your credit record. Depending on how good it is, you will or will not be able to ask for that amount.

I am an old age pensioner. Can African Bank give me a loan to start business?

As long as you are able to account for a regular income as a pensioner, you might be able to ask for a personal loan at African Bank. Since these loans are not meant to finance nothing specific, you can use the money from the loan to start your own business.

I am a pensioner can I apply for a loan online?

Yes, if you are a pensioner, you can apply for a personal loan at African Bank online. This bank lends a maximum amount of R250,000 over a period that can be of up to 72 months. Of course, this does not mean you will be able to ask for that amount. The maximum amount of money you can borrow will depend on your affordability.

My mom is 66 years, and she paid up her loan early this year can she be able to borrow the money again?

If your mother already paid off her loan for pensioners at African Bank and wants to ask for another one, she can do so. Of course, she will have to meet the same requirements she was asked when she requested the first loan. The fact that she is 66 years old will not be an impediment for her to get the loan.

Can a pensioner of 66 years able to get a personal loan?

More often than not, most banks usually lend money to people whose ages range from 18 to 63 years of age. However, each bank has its own policies regarding this issue about ages. You could try to fill in an online application and see if it gets through or not.

My mom is 63, and she is a pensioner that receives her monthly pension she wants to take a loan of R15k and pay it back over 2 or 3 years is that something that is possible?

For African Bank to decide if they can borrow someone money, they will need more information such as how much your mother earns each month and what other expenses she has. Also, the bank will evaluate her banking history and credit record. If all that is ok, then she will be able to ask for a personal loan and repay it in up to 72 months.

Good day! I'm a pensioner and would like a loan please. Mrs ECA TITID

If you want to ask for a personal loan at African Bank you need to have these documents in hand: proof o income, a document proving your address, the latest bank statements from the bank account through which you receive your pension. You can start your application online by filling out a simple form.

Hi. What time are you closing weekend during this lockdown?

On weekends, the bank is only open on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. However, notice that you can do most operations online. For instance, you can start your loan application through the internet with your cellphone or computer; no need to move from your house. Also, you can call the bank over the phone to start your application.

I get my pension via a sassa card and not through a it possible to pay the installments via cash in your bank account?

The personal loans offered by African Bank are for those individuals who can prove that they have a regular source of income either from a job or a pension if they are retired. If you are looking for loans with your SASSA card you might want to read our articles to find which financial companies offer that kind of loans.

I am currently receiving a disability government grant until I reach the age of 60 on the 16/09/2020 would I qualify for a loan as a pensioner?

There are no special loans for pensioners at African Bank. You can request a loan at this financial institution whether you are still working or are a pensioner as long as you can account for your income. That is, the bank needs to know that you will be able to pay the loan back.

I have an investment in African bank,and have a credit card in Nedbank and Standard bank.I would like to pay these credit cards off.

If you need to pay off your credit cards and you don't know how to deal with your debts, you should apply for a consolidation loan at African Bank. This will allow you to concentrate all your credit card debts into a single loan. Your repayments would be lower and you can repay the loan in up to 72 months.

Hi, I am retired. I have invested my payout and savings and I live off the interest which gets paid out yearly. I have credit cards which I would like to pay off and make only 1 payment. Do I qualify for a loan?

Although you currently get some sort of profit as income, it’s not what African Bank states to get a loan. Firstly, you receive it on yearly basis but, the loan must be paid monthly. Secondly, African Bank needs you to submit bank statements and pays lips as proof of you getting regular income.

Hi African Bank, my mom had a loan with you and she finished paying it, Now, she’s unable to get another loan due to her age. She was 74 when she took the loan and it was fully paid last year 2018. Now, she’s 76 and was denied a loan.

African Bank requires their applicants to be 75 years old or less at the moment of applying for a loan, regardless of being current clients. They establish this requirement to make sure every borrower will repay the loan completely. Unfortunately, if she is 76 they won’t accept to grant them a loan. You may look for another entity

What is the longest financing period available?

72 months

My mother needs a loan for r 88000.00.

She has to gather the documents that prove: she is from this country and lives here, she is old enough to get a loan and that she receives sufficient income to cancel the loan properly. Also, she will be asked to present their bank statements showing that income received in the previous 3 months. Once those documents are ready, she can start the online application to see if it’s possible for her to get the loan.

Will I be able to get a loan of r20000.00 if my pension is r1700.00 per month?

As African Banks’s clients can pay for the service in a maximum of 72 months, that would be a feature that may determine if you qualify for that amount. Besides, when you complete your loan application and submit your documents, the bank will be capable of informing you if you can take that amount or if you should think about a smaller loan.

I would like to pay the balance of my bond of r48000 and money I owe to Sars

African Bank can assist you with their Consolidation loans. They can cancel your debts and then, you will only have one liability with African Bank, which will allow you to save money. These loans allow you to join a maximum of 5 different loans into one single instalment, which are flexible and you can even take one month break on the instalments.

I earn r1700 monthly. How much do I have to pay monthly?

In order to answer that question, we should take into account the loan quote you need. What we can tell you is that African Bank states an interest rate on the loan between 15% and 27.50%. Besides, there’s the Insurance rate that can reaches up to 5.4% and, some administrative fees to cover for the loan operation. So, if you know how much money you need, it will be possible to calculate the monthly cost of the loan.

I am 68 years old and I am looking for a loan. Would African Bank be able to help me?

This company, African Bank, needs their applicants to be South Africans receiving an income regularly. Of course, they must be, at least, 18 years old. After those requirements are met and, as long as you can prove that information with valid documents, they will check if you have a good credit score. If you have excellent credit and you receive enough income, you may get the loan regardless of being 68 years old.

Can a disability grant recipient get a loan. How much?

Yes, that person can apply for the loan and, African Bank will go over the same affordability criteria as with workers to confirm the loan request. There are different amounts to ask that depend on the loan you want. For personal loans, the maximum quote is of R 250000. The same amount applies for a Consolidation loan. But, there’s a special option of issuing up to just R 50000 and getting a fixed 15 % on interest rate.

Can I apply for a pensioner loan online?

Yes, you can enter the page African Bank has on the web and begin the process of applying for the loan. After you submit your personal information you have two alternatives: 1. ask them to call you back, in case you need to elicit some doubts or, 2. apply for the loan. Whatever you choose, you will ask you to present the documents to check your income, identity and residence, and, evaluate if you qualify for the loan.

I want a loan, I am a pensioner, can you help me?

Sure we can! We have some alternatives for you. To start, you can check in our platform and read about Loans for pensioners. Then, you can consider the banks detailed in those articles to compare their offers. You can also use our loan calculator to see how much you would have to pay with different banks for the same loan amount. Once you decide on the best lending company for you, you can start your online application.

I want a loan of r5000 for 12 months, I want it soon. Can you help me?

The best you can do is to compare the rates different companies offer to know what would be the cost of the loan with each of them. For example, with a 9.25 % rate that African Bank may charge on those terms, the estimated quote may be R 438. On the other hand, Absa may charge you 8.5% rate for the same terms, what leaves the quote in an estimated R436. You can clearly see this using our online loan simulator. You will get the best rates to choose from.

Can pensioners qualify for short term loans?

Sure they can! Being a pensioner is not a reason not to get a loan. Of course, they must go over the process to see if they qualify as regards their finances. Then, African Bank allows them to choose between the loan products they offer according to what they need the money for.

How often do I have to make payments?

On a monthly basis

How much can pensioners borrow?

The quote to request could range from R5000 to R250000 to make a big purchase with a personal loan or to clear up your debt with a consolidation loan. These loans’ interest rate can be as high as 27.50%. There’s a special product, called 15 % Loan, with a fixed rate of, of course, 15 %. In this case, you could borrow only up to R50000.

I want to know if I can borrow money from African Bank on disability grant

It is possible to get financial support from this company if you get disability grant. All the same, the approval of such support will be based on your general affordability. This mean, even though being a pensioner is not an obstacle to work with African Bank, you have to have good credit record to have your loan request confirmed and issued.

Is the bank open on weekends?

No it is not

I receive a r 8500 monthly pension. Can I qualify for a personal loan?

You can qualify if, apart from that income, African Bank finds out your credit record is good and, you don’t have any liability at the moment of applying. They will also let you know if you qualify for the amount you ask for. Sometimes, the loan request is higher than what the bank thinks the client can afford. In such case, you may apply for a smaller amount.

Can Africa Bank give loans to pensioners?

Yes, they can. This bank knows how important it is to give assistance to all kinds of South African citizens. That’s why, they also allow pensioners with proper credit score to apply for an African Bank’s loan to see if their income is enough to qualify for it. Pensioners should present the same documents showing they are from SA and they receive that grant on monthly basis.

My mom had a loan with African Bank which was paid off last year. She wants to apply again, she is a pensioner

There’s usually a waiting period to apply again for a new loan. That period is decided by the bank the client wants to get the loan from. In this case, she may have to wait for another year before being able of applying again. Apart from that, it also depends on how the client paid off the previous loan. I mean, if each installment was paid on due time, for example.

Can I get a loan of r16000 for my car? I’m a pensioner getting r1600 per month and I have a small business

Yes! You can go on with the application for African Bank to study your chances of having the request approved. After they revise your affordability, they will let you know if your income is enough to get that amount. I’ll remind you, they also take a look at your credit history to see if you can obtain the loan.

I am a pensioner (get mine pension). Will I qualify for a consolidation loan?

The bank needs to know how much you receive each month. Once you present proofs of income and banks statements they will analyse those documents to notify you if you qualify to consolidate all your loans with them. A useful tip: the documents must be recent, not older than 3 months so African Bank can work with current information.

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