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Loan Financing in South Africa: What Type of Loans Does Low Budged Offer? Detailed Quotes And Requirements

            In this opportunity, I am pleased to tell you that today I will spend some minutes writing about a company that might call your attention, especially, if you have decided to take a chance on loan financing. When you use the internet to search for information, it is true that information is at hand in just a matter of seconds, but it is also true that information proliferates in all directions and many times that can complicate the chances that you get to sites correctly and easily. In this occasion, if you are interested in learning a little bit about a company named Low Budget, just relax, take a cup of coffee and enjoy reading some key concepts you may find interesting when talking about this South African company. Herein you will find information such as the costs of Low Budget loans, ways of loan application, and the answers to some frequent questions that regular clients usually have, especially if they have just taken control over their financing on their own.

What differentiates Low Budget from other financial companies in South Africa?

            Low Budget is one of the many financing options you can find operating in the cities of South Africa. Its trajectory dates back to more than a decade when it first established in the area by a group of bank managers. These acknowledgeable individuals were said to better understand how credits worked and how credits could improve your earnings. The company is well acquainted with the fact that dealing with paperwork is no longer practical and thus place premium in the relevant role that technology has in our lives. For that reason, they strongly support electronic transactions and they encourage their clients to do their banking this way in order to be connected worldwide.

How does Low Budget work? Is it a reliable company?

            Low Budget has been in the market since 2004. Since that time it has worked complying with the rules established by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and also other bodies that are in charge of registering credit providers. Low Budget is characterized by its transparency and responsibility. It excels at providing good customer services and it also cares for establishing solid relationships with its clients.

How much money can I get with a Low Budget loan? What about interest rates?

            You have the chance to take up to R 3000 and even less with repayment options that go from three to six months. If you wonder if rates work for you or not let’s see an example. Let’s imagine that you have decided to ask for R 2000 repayable in 5 installments. Then if that’s the case, you will have an interest rate of R 727.43 in regular installments of R 545.49. In case you want to take out less money, let’s imagine an amount of R 1000 payable in four months, then the rates will be R 473.59 in R 368.4 installments.

How can I calculate my loan repayments?

            There is a slider in the company’s website that can help you get an approximation of the costs of your loan. It is very simple and fast. You will get instantly the amount you need to be aware of. Plus, if you agree with the information you can apply for the loan right there.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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What are the loans I can find in Low Budget?

            Mainly what you will find in this company are personal loans. As loan amounts are not so big, their terms are short. If you need cash in times of emergency, then this will be a good option for you if you need to cope with debts and face high bills.

            In case you are interested in taking bigger amounts of money I will also refer to other financial entity that also operates electronically, which means that you can apply from wherever you are. The name of the company is SA Cash Loans.

What loans do SA Cash Loans offer?

            If you visit SA Loans, you will find that you can apply for bigger loans that almost reach the amount of R 100 000. This is ideal for you if you were thinking about saving for future home financing or even big purchases that you cannot make afford on your own.  

What do I need to have access to SA Cash loan?

These are the requirements you must comply with in order to get a loan with this company:

  • You must be older than 18 but less than 65.

  • You must have been employed for a minimum of three months at the moment of application.

  • The minimum gross income earned each month has to be one of R3,000.

  • Your bank account has to coincide with the same account in which your salary is deposited.

What is SA Loans application about?

            You can apply for the loan right away by filling in a form with your personal information and your residential address. After doing that, you will receive a list of potential credit providers to which you can get in touch with to take the loan according to your personal preferences. Then, you will be told which documents you have to present to the company in order to get the money.

How much time will I have to wait to have access to my loan?

            Once you get the loan approval by the provider you do business with and documentation is okay, you can estimate that the money will be deposited within two days.

            If you have any inquiries, you can leave your comments on this site. If you are not so convinced with the options I mentioned in this article, then I recommend that you read other articles you can find in this website as they contain information about various and diverse financial entities that are available in South Africa.

            Asking for money is not easy for anyone but it is simple and fast depending on the services you made use of. Companies are ready to offer you their advisory services to deal with any problem you may have. You just need to rely on them and use the funds of your loan in a smartly way.

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