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Does BFS Offer Personal Loans? Requirements and Contact Information

      In the following article, you will be given complete information regarding each of the loans obtainable at BFS as well as mentioning the contact details of this company in South Africa. What is more, I will also mention details regarding another incredible company that offers similar loans, so that you have both options in mind. In this case, I am making reference to Sanlam.

About BFS

BFS is a company based in South Africa, whose biggest aim is to support people that are dealing with hard financial circumstances in order to satisfy their needs right away. Its roots date back to 1996, a year in which the company started helping clients from all over South Africa with their loans and products. Nowadays, BFS has opened 80 branches in the country.

Why South Africans should apply to one of BFS Loans?

   The answer is simple: their short term loans together with the convenient rates that come along with them, make BFS a perfect solution for financial troubles. This is a company that has established an agreement with the National Credit Regulator so as to grant its loans. It has been ranked as one of the most reliable companies in terms of credit providing. And, their loans can be used for multiple situations, such as to finance your children´s tuition at school, medical bills, house expenses and more.

   If you are interested in the application procedure for their loans, you only need to enter the company´s website, click on the section named “Apply now” and then one you agree with the different terms and conditions stated there, you will need to complete a short form with your personal and financial data. Once your application is approved, you will receive the money you require in your personal account with a bank.  However, you can also begin this application in person by going to one of the branches the company has in your city.

    It is important to stress the fact that the loans obtainable at this company can be used for many purposes with no limitations, as it is the choice of the client what to spend the money on.

What are the requirements?

If you want to apply for a loan with BFS you can begin the application at the nearest branch you find. There, you will be asked to submit documentation with your personal and financial information. Of course, it is a requisite that you are the majority of age and that you are a South African citizen, which will be proven with your personal ID. Moreover, the company will make you submit a proof of your residential address to show where you live. Finally, the company wants to make sure you can afford their loans, which is why you will be asked to submit a proof that you are currently employed and you will pay each of the installments as stipulated in the contract with BFS. Also remember to have a bank account in which your employer each months deposits the salary, which will serve for the company to deduct from there the different installments.

 What about the application procedure for BFS loans?

-You can begin the application online or in person, that is up to you

-There are short term loans of about 30 days which come along with super low interest rates

-The application is instant as it takes no more than a few hours


Sanlam´s loans:

Find the best loan of South Africa

    Regarding the features of Sanlam´s Personal Loans I would like to stress the fact that the client can be given up to R 3000 and that the amount can always be increased if there are reasons that justify this action of course. Which is why, the client can ask for R 1000 more on a monthly basis. The loan obtained by the client can be closed whenever the client feels ready to do it, which is great and offers a great benefit if you compare this company to others.

   All the information regarding the different loans obtainable at this company which includes terms and conditions, will be found in several languages so that any future client can have access to it and perfectly understand the contracts.

   One of the greatest benefits of operating with Sanlam is that the company has developed a special simulator that enables clients check their affordability by following simple steps.

   In order for you to apply to one of their loans you will be requested documentation such as your ID, a statement from your employer, being 18 years old or more and that is it.


-You can enter the company´s website so as to obtain information about their services, have access to their frequently asked questions and also send a message to their staff

-You can go in person to an office located in Johannesburg, inside the Yarona Mall. The exact address is 6112 Watt Avenue

-You can go to another office in Pretoria, located at 349 Momentum Life Boulevard. Close to this one you will find one branch in Rustenburg at CBD, whose exact address is 50 Boom Street.

-There is another branch near Alberton located at Germiston 182 Meyer Street. It is in Johannesburg

-You can also make a phone call to the following number:080 777 3777  or you can send an email to


-You can go to one of its offices in Cape Town, located inside the Maynard Mall, on the third floor of this amazing mall. The exact address is Wetton Road, just in the corner.

-You also have the possibility of sending an email to the company´s representatives so as to obtain full information about each of their loans. There you can also have access to a frequently asked section with lots of data.

-You can call the company to their free number designed for questions and queries:  0861 44 00 44.   

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Questions and Answers

Morning. Can I apply for a loan when I'm working under an agent?
What BFS states as regards job requirement is that the applicant should get pay slips for their job so as for the lending entity to be capable of verifying the income. This is essential because that information is what the bank uses to choose the quote they’ll lend you. Apart from being employed, the applicant has to be working for six months or more previous to the request of the loan. These two points show financial stability to cover the costs of getting a loan.
Morning, can I apply for a short term loan if I work for a company that doesn't provide pay slip?
BFS needs to verify your salary is enough to afford the payment of the loan instalment. That’s why they ask for payslips. If you don’t receive payslip from your job, you can use your bank statement as proof of income, as long as the salary is shown in it. Keep in mind, you need to prove you’ve been working for the last 6 months at least.
My name is prince Nonhlanhla Malaza. I would like to apply for short term loan, what should I do?
The first think you must pay attention to is if you have a stable job or, some sort of regular income, and you have valid documents issued by the South Africa government. Then, once you call Barko Finances Solution to apply, they would study how much is your income and your credit history and, set a short term loan that helps you with what you need.
Does BFS approve a loan if I don't have the payslip, I’m self-employed making r20000.00 a week. I want to upgrade my business
As long as the applicants have a way of proving their income is enough and they get it on monthly basis, they have a chance to be approved for a loan with BFS. After that, the amount each client qualifies for will be determined based on the characteristics of the income and, how they have managed loan payments in the past.
Do i qualify even if i am under debt review?
Unfortunately, in order to qualify for these loans you must possess a credit record. However, you can still contact a firm that is devoted to black listed clients and grants them loans without problem: 202 8813
How can I get more information about their loans?
You can go to an office or make a phone call
I took a loan of one month last month and, now I need a long term loan
If you had no problem cancelling your previous loan, your chances of getting a new one are good. As regards the length of this new BFS loan, it is important you remember they have short term loans. They may be as long as 6 months only. If this option is within what you were thinking about, contact BFS to apply for this new loan.
When would I get the money?
One of the benefits of a short term loan is that they can be issued quicker. Thanks to the basic requirements asked and the fast process, you would get the money form BFS in just one or two business days. This is the time they need to make sure to analyse perfectly if you can afford the loan and, that your information is complete and true.
Can I get a loan of r 6000 and pay it in 4 months?
If you know you comply with the characteristics this lending entity asks, you have a chance to get the loan you need. You must get in touch with them in order to inform them about your finances and personal data and, they will let you know what are your options. However, they don’t grant loans to repay in 4 months. Their clients have only 30 days to give the money back.
Good day, can you guys give a loan on an existing loan?
As BFS issues loans to be canceled within just 30 days, it is not common to think about taking two loans at the time. Mostly, because you may get in some financial trouble without noticing it. If you already have a loan with BFS, try your best to repay it in full before asking for more money. It will give you certain calm to have just one debt at a time.
I'm an existing client at Benoni branch. My question is if I can go to any nearest bank?
Of course! That’s the reason why banks try to open as many branches as they can. BFS wants every client to feel comfortable to approach their offices. So, if you need to take a loan, and you’re already Barko’s client, the process will be simpler as they will get your banking information to assist you on your best loan terms, regardless the branch you started as client.
Does BFS accept cash payments?
Yes it does
Does BFS offer loans up until r100.000 or more? How much should your salary be in order to qualify for it?
As they offer short term loans, they will not grant that amount of money. If you need that quantity, you can think about ABSA to be your lending entity. They have personal loans in their products, which tend to be as high as R 350.000 and, you can pay it in a maximum of 7 years.
If I lost a job and later on I find another one, would I still be able to use my old file?
One of the requirements Barko establishes to take out a loan is that the applicant has to prove they’ve been working for, at least the past six months in the same company. If you’ve changed your employment place in recent time, they would probably ask you to wait until you spend the minimum time required to be accepted and then, apply for the loan.
I earn my salary every 2 weeks,do i qualify for a loan?
It does not matter if you earn your salary on a weekly or monthly basis, as long as your salary consists of at least R 3000, and that the company has checked affordability so as to demonstrate you are perfectly capable of repaying for the fixed installments each month.
Up to how much do they offer?
BFS' politics as regards the sum of money applicants can ask for has to do entirely with the person’s particular affordability. This means, they take your specific economic situation to let you know which is the top qu0ote you can obtain with them. If you need to make a big purchase, you may be able of getting the funs you need with BFS.
I want to apply for a loan of r1500
If you would like to apply with BFS, you must contact them to inform them about your income and expenses and then, they can tell you if you qualify for a loan. Either way, if you only need R1500, there are some companies that also provide their clients with that amount. For instance, izwe quote starts on R1000 up to R150000.
How much must I earn to qualify for a R60 000 loan? How much will I pay on monthly repayments and for how long? Thank you
BFS states they don’t care that much about the amount of your salary but, they do care about your affordability. They’ll pay attention to the stability of your job and for how long have you been employed there. After checking you have a permanent job for six months or more, they’ll calculate your budget per month and, decide the loan quote for you. Then, must cancel the loan in one month.
What steps must be followed for a loan?
Hi, in order to obtain a loan you must first decide the amount you need based on the purpose you have in mind. Then, observe requirements and begin the application is you match with them, either online or by phone.
Can I get a loan today?
Yes, you can! If you have all the documents, your financial situation is right and, the affordability check the company carries is approved, your loan will be issued in the same day. This is so because BFS issues loans to be paid in a really short term so, they work fast to help their clients.
What is it required for me to get a loan of up to 5000?
This lending company requires three simple things to be considered for a loan. You must be a South African citizen with a job that is stable and, of course, be capable of proving these two points. That means, you must present your ID and proof of income (pasylip, bank statement). Apart from that, the amount of money you earn every month and your past history related to previous loans, will determine if you qualify for that amount of money.
How much does BFS offer? I want a loan for r22000.
The most beneficial characteristic Barko Finance Services (BFS) has is that they don’t define a maximum quote to borrow as, they mainly care about the client’s affordability. That means, if your earnings and credit checks the company carries show you can afford a R22000 loans, you will be approved to receive that amount of money. So, get in contact with BFS to start your application and find out.
Can I get a loan at BFS being recently employed?
No, if you have just started working in a new job, BFS will ask you to wait for six or seven months before allowing you to make a request for a loan. This is so because the bank will check your income is sufficient to cancel the payments and, you receive it on regular basis.
Will I be granted multiple loans?
Depends on your financial status
How to apply for a loan on BFS?
You have to present your monthly bank statements, the last payslip you received and your ID or Passport. Then, BFS will take all the information into consideration to decide if your loan can be issued. If the answer is positive, you’ll discuss the term of your loan with BFS to get a loan based on your budget. After that, you get the money and repay the loan in one month through your bank account.
Can I get a loan since I'm under Sassa?
Getting Sassa support is not a reason to have a loan request rejected. However, being under Sassa is not enough to take a loan as, you need to have a job for BFS to take a look at your application. Besides, working for a minimum of six months before trying to get the loan is one of the requirements you need to fulfill for a loan with Barko Financial Services.
Please, help me apply for a loan
Sure! To start, you should gather the documents mentioned in the article and BFS verifies you meet the requirements. Second, you contact the company and submit those documents. Third, BFS informs you about the loan amount you can borrow and, finally, you decide whether that offer is good enough for you or not. If it is, you go on by agreeing on the details of the loan with the entity and receiving the money.
How do I pay it back and how much is the interest?
The only manner to pay back the money you borrowed from BFS is through your bank account in 30 days, which is really practical and comfortable as, you won´t have to visit a BFS branch to cancel the loan. On the other hand, the interest rate this company offers varies according to the financial situation of the client and their credit history.
Good day how can i change my banking details for debit order
20 respuestas
Does BFS offer loans to pay every month for 3-6 months?
Unfortunately, this entity only provides short term loans to pay over the period of 30 days. You can try another lending company like, for example Cash Converters. They also offer short term loans but, their repayment period goes a little longer up to 3 months. Also, you have other alternatives like African Bank or ABSA that offer higher amounts and terms.
What if I have applied for a loan and I can’t make it on due date, what will happen?
When a client fails to repay a loan on time, the bank charges penalty fees over that installment. And, if the problem persists and, you keep failing on payment, the client takes the risk to have even bigger consequences. So, before applying, make sure you can afford the cost. Also, if you have a loan and, you know you can´t pay it on time, get in contact with the bank to try to find a solution and, reach an agreement.
Hello I'm interested in a loan. I'm a foreigner, can you help me?
For those who are not form South Africa but, are living in the country, it can be possible to get financial help if you comply with certain requirements. The government must have allowed you to live and work here. That is to say, you have to show you have a permanent residence and, you must have a regular job. As long as you submit documents stating these two points, you can apply to find out how much money can the company lend you.
How much is BFS interest and, in how many months must I pay and how?
This company works with short term loans that must be completely canceled in 30 days or less. This means, you have just one month to pay for the loan. BFS will take the money directly from your bank account so, you don’t have to worry about making the payment or, reaching one of their branches. Finally, the interest rate is established according to the credit history of the borrower but, bear in mind, these types of loan are known to have higher interest rate.
If I want to apply online but, I have no email, is it possible to be approved?
Applying online requires having an email address because that’s the medium BFS uses to communicate to you. Through your e-mail, you will get all the information you need about your qualification and, the terms for your loan. So, this is an important point to take into account and, if you don’t have an email, you can open it without trouble. You’ll see it’s really easy to do and, practical to use.
Does Barko also give money to purchase a house?
No, Barko Financial Solution does not work with home loans. This company will be your answer when you have an unexpected event, for example, and you can solve it with just little extra money. They have short term loans to offer which can be really practical to stay out of endless debts. You take the help and, repay it in few months.
Does bfs offers loan to r3500 earners
Hi my name is jeff just wanted to ask do offer long term loans maybe from 3-6 months
Hi;i would like to know if you do consolidation loans?
Does bfs give long term loans
Bfs granted me a loan in april which i paid back. Why they refused to help me the following month?
How an idea apply for 3000
I need r20000 loan
Hi can u help me i need loan
If i fail to pay my loan will i get blacklisted?
Hi m apply for the loan so i have it
I'm looking for loan to pay my debts pls help
Gooday to who it may attach,l“m jimmy kgoetiane looking for finance to close my current acount from ned bank & african bank as l need to left face 1 accounty in a time please. For. More info conduct me at 0767663883
How long does it take to finish up the paperwork?
Will it be possible to get a loan while you are under administration
I'm leadon matukane one of your customers i want to borrow r2000
I want ur terms nd conditions please. U can call me 0826009461
I want to apply for a loan
Requirements to apply for the loan
Loan 10000 payment 12 months
Can bfs borrow me 50000
I need a loan very fast can u please help
Can someone sign surety for me to get a loan as i have just managed to get a job and will only earn a salary montj end again
Do have branch in port elizabeth?
Can u help me about loan
Im looking for the money to go to school
I need a loan, what is it that is needed to apply?
Can i ask if i have 3 loans that m paying i can still get another loan from you ?
Can you loan person get 2500 saraly per month
Is it possible if maybe i make a loan of 7000 then i pay may 800 every month
Does bfs offer a long term loans?
I need money for my service
What do you need in order for me to qualify for a loan?
Can you debit me weekly so i can pay you back
Does bfs loan considering the credit score and does they offer an long term loan?

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