BFS Loan Application in South Africa | How does it Work?

BFS Loan Application in South Africa | How does it Work?

When you have been looking for loans for a long time and you haven’t found anything yet, you can become quite tired and end up throwing in the towel. However, not everything is lost. A company that provides loans that may work in your favor is Barko Financial Services (BFS). Read all about it here.

How do BFS loans work?

The loans offered at BFS are offered by Barko Financial Services, which is a financial institution that was set up in the year 1996, in South Africa. How do they work? You apply for a loan of your preference, you check if you qualify taking in consideration your paying capacity, income and risk profile, and finally, you wait for the feedback, which can be positive or negative. You will have access to credit solutions that are innovative and ethical.

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Does BFS provide personal loans?

Yes, it does. Barko Financial Services provides personal loans that are meant to help you in different ways. These personal loans give clients the financial control they need their their lives. The low income workers are the ones that get to enjoy the best benefits of the loans since they are tailored for this type of customers. You can find them in all different cities in South Africa, such as Pretoria, Polokwane, Bokburg, Benoni, and other areas.  Anyone can go for these loans: mineworkers, employees of the government, civil servants, and salaried citizens, among others. The experience for acquiring a loan at this company has been made safer with a collection system that allows managing information in a more convenient way.

Does BFS provide short term loans?

At the moment, BFS provides short term loans of a maximum of thirty days. The rate offered with this loan is said to be quite low. There is in South Africa another financial entity that does provide short term loans which you can use in your advantage and it is called Cobol. You can get loans of up to a maximum of six months and the amount you can access is of a maximum of R3000. Whenever you are in need of the cash, you can get it. Use the cash loans calculator to analyze. This is a great way to avoid getting into a huge debit order per month.

Which are BFS loans requirements?

There are many companies in South Africa that give a lot of importance to requirements and you end up with a huge checking list of all the requirements needed in order to qualify and apply for a loan. This is not the case. With Barko Financial Services, your requirements are just a few:

  •         The company asks clients and users to be employed in a permanent way for a period of six months
  •          Clients that apply must forward your banking statements so that the company can evaluate and determine the client’s affordability. This is of extreme importance for Barko.
  •          For your own good, the company will go through your salary and the budget you handle per month and calculate loans. This way they can even give advice on what is best for you.

What are some BFS loan reviews?

Clients prefer to leave a comment after working with a company or trying out the products they offer. These are some of the reviews made by some clients at BFS:

  •          “The company provided me with a system of application that was easy and convenient”
  •          “there are not so many options available, but the ones that you have can help you deal with financial struggle and expenses you did not have in mind”
  •          “I believe that the company is trustworthy and it provides you with the loan you need. The only disadvantage was that I had to repay the loan in thirty days, which for me it turned out to be little time. It was effective though, so I would still choose it for short term loans and small amounts of money”

Does BFS provide loans contact details?

In order to reach BFS, there are different ways in which you can do so. One of them is by reaching the company by phone. Another alternative way is to make use of the email address.

  •          The WhatsApp number you can contact is 072-880-6751
  •          If you need a toll free number, you should dial up 080-777-3777
  •          If you need to get in touch with customer department, you can send an email to

Is there a BFS loan office in Gauteng?

You can find BFS loan offices in many different parts of South Africa. If we refer particularly to BFS in the province of Gauteng, we can focus on its capital, Johannesburg. In this city, you might find some branches. You can still apply online without the need to visit a particular office. In Gauteng’s capital you will find three main offices:

  •         One of them is located on 3rd St, Wynberg
  •         There is another one on 67 Simmonds Street
  •         There is another office in 45 Western Building

Are there BFS loans in PMB?

PMB, also known as Pietermaritzburg is place that counts with BFS offices. There are three main offices there:

  •         One of the offices is located in 62 Wembly Centre
  •          Another branch is located in 361 Church Street
  •          The third branch is located in 213 Longmarket Street

Can I Access BFS loans at Welkom?

Yes, this is another area where you can access BFS loans. It is located on 34 Bok Street and you can write this company an email through or reach it by phone.

What are the contact details for BFS loans in Durban?

There are some details that may come in handy for Durban. The office is located in Ground Floor, shop number three. You can dial up the company through the following telephone number: 031 301 2217. The email address is and you can write all of your doubts there.

Are there any BFS loans in Centurion?

Centurion is an area that can be found between Pretoria and Midrand. There are no BFS offices in Centurion per se, but clients can find the offices a little bit further away in Pretoria. One of these offices can be found in Sisulu & Pretorius Streets.

Are there any BFS loans branches in Cape Town?

Unfortunately, there are no branches there but you can still apply for a loan from the online platform from any of the areas in South Africa. You can still go through the branch locator to find all the offices available.

Which are the contact details for BFS loans in Bloemfontein?

There are two main offices located in Bloemfontein. One of them is in 136 Maitland Street and you can reach it by calling up at 051 430 0711. The other office is located in 151 ST Andrews Street.

In conclusion, you can apply at loans at Barko Financial Services to gain a better control of your finances and not fall so quickly into debts. 

Preguntas Frecuentes

Can I get a loan at BFS being recently employed?

No, if you have just started working in a new job, BFS will ask you to wait for six or seven months before allowing you to make a request for a loan. This is so because the bank will check your income is sufficient to cancel the payments and, you receive it on regular basis.

Does Barko also give money to purchase a house?

No, Barko Financial Solution does not work with home loans. This company will be your answer when you have an unexpected event, for example, and you can solve it with just little extra money. They have short term loans to offer which can be really practical to stay out of endless debts. You take the help and, repay it in few months.

Good day how can i change my banking details for debit order

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Does BFS offer loans to pay every month for 3-6 months?

Unfortunately, this entity only provides short term loans to pay over the period of 30 days. You can try another lending company like, for example Cash Converters. They also offer short term loans but, their repayment period goes a little longer up to 3 months. Also, you have other alternatives like African Bank or ABSA that offer higher amounts and terms.

Please, help me apply for a loan

Sure! To start, you should gather the documents mentioned in the article and BFS verifies you meet the requirements. Second, you contact the company and submit those documents. Third, BFS informs you about the loan amount you can borrow and, finally, you decide whether that offer is good enough for you or not. If it is, you go on by agreeing on the details of the loan with the entity and receiving the money.

Can I get a loan since I'm under Sassa?

Getting Sassa support is not a reason to have a loan request rejected. However, being under Sassa is not enough to take a loan as, you need to have a job for BFS to take a look at your application. Besides, working for a minimum of six months before trying to get the loan is one of the requirements you need to fulfill for a loan with Barko Financial Services.

How do I pay it back and how much is the interest?

The only manner to pay back the money you borrowed from BFS is through your bank account in 30 days, which is really practical and comfortable as, you won´t have to visit a BFS branch to cancel the loan. On the other hand, the interest rate this company offers varies according to the financial situation of the client and their credit history.

What if I have applied for a loan and I can’t make it on due date, what will happen?

When a client fails to repay a loan on time, the bank charges penalty fees over that installment. And, if the problem persists and, you keep failing on payment, the client takes the risk to have even bigger consequences. So, before applying, make sure you can afford the cost. Also, if you have a loan and, you know you can´t pay it on time, get in contact with the bank to try to find a solution and, reach an agreement.

Hello I'm interested in a loan. I'm a foreigner, can you help me?

For those who are not form South Africa but, are living in the country, it can be possible to get financial help if you comply with certain requirements. The government must have allowed you to live and work here. That is to say, you have to show you have a permanent residence and, you must have a regular job. As long as you submit documents stating these two points, you can apply to find out how much money can the company lend you.

How much is BFS interest and, in how many months must I pay and how?

This company works with short term loans that must be completely canceled in 30 days or less. This means, you have just one month to pay for the loan. BFS will take the money directly from your bank account so, you don’t have to worry about making the payment or, reaching one of their branches. Finally, the interest rate is established according to the credit history of the borrower but, bear in mind, these types of loan are known to have higher interest rate.

If I want to apply online but, I have no email, is it possible to be approved?

Applying online requires having an email address because that’s the medium BFS uses to communicate to you. Through your e-mail, you will get all the information you need about your qualification and, the terms for your loan. So, this is an important point to take into account and, if you don’t have an email, you can open it without trouble. You’ll see it’s really easy to do and, practical to use.

Will I be granted multiple loans?

Depends on your financial status

How to apply for a loan on BFS?

You have to present your monthly bank statements, the last payslip you received and your ID or Passport. Then, BFS will take all the information into consideration to decide if your loan can be issued. If the answer is positive, you’ll discuss the term of your loan with BFS to get a loan based on your budget. After that, you get the money and repay the loan in one month through your bank account.

If I lost a job and later on I find another one, would I still be able to use my old file?

One of the requirements Barko establishes to take out a loan is that the applicant has to prove they’ve been working for, at least the past six months in the same company. If you’ve changed your employment place in recent time, they would probably ask you to wait until you spend the minimum time required to be accepted and then, apply for the loan.

I'm an existing client at Benoni branch. My question is if I can go to any nearest bank?

Of course! That’s the reason why banks try to open as many branches as they can. BFS wants every client to feel comfortable to approach their offices. So, if you need to take a loan, and you’re already Barko’s client, the process will be simpler as they will get your banking information to assist you on your best loan terms, regardless the branch you started as client.

Does BFS accept cash payments?

Yes it does

What is it required for me to get a loan of up to 5000?

This lending company requires three simple things to be considered for a loan. You must be a South African citizen with a job that is stable and, of course, be capable of proving these two points. That means, you must present your ID and proof of income (pasylip, bank statement). Apart from that, the amount of money you earn every month and your past history related to previous loans, will determine if you qualify for that amount of money.

Good day, can you guys give a loan on an existing loan?

As BFS issues loans to be canceled within just 30 days, it is not common to think about taking two loans at the time. Mostly, because you may get in some financial trouble without noticing it. If you already have a loan with BFS, try your best to repay it in full before asking for more money. It will give you certain calm to have just one debt at a time.

I took a loan of one month last month and, now I need a long term loan

If you had no problem cancelling your previous loan, your chances of getting a new one are good. As regards the length of this new BFS loan, it is important you remember they have short term loans. They may be as long as 6 months only. If this option is within what you were thinking about, contact BFS to apply for this new loan.

Morning. Can I apply for a loan when I'm working under an agent?

What BFS states as regards job requirement is that the applicant should get pay slips for their job so as for the lending entity to be capable of verifying the income. This is essential because that information is what the bank uses to choose the quote they’ll lend you. Apart from being employed, the applicant has to be working for six months or more previous to the request of the loan. These two points show financial stability to cover the costs of getting a loan.

Morning, can I apply for a short term loan if I work for a company that doesn't provide pay slip?

BFS needs to verify your salary is enough to afford the payment of the loan instalment. That’s why they ask for payslips. If you don’t receive payslip from your job, you can use your bank statement as proof of income, as long as the salary is shown in it. Keep in mind, you need to prove you’ve been working for the last 6 months at least.

My name is prince Nonhlanhla Malaza. I would like to apply for short term loan, what should I do?

The first think you must pay attention to is if you have a stable job or, some sort of regular income, and you have valid documents issued by the South Africa government. Then, once you call Barko Finances Solution to apply, they would study how much is your income and your credit history and, set a short term loan that helps you with what you need.

Does BFS approve a loan if I don't have the payslip, I’m self-employed making r20000.00 a week. I want to upgrade my business

As long as the applicants have a way of proving their income is enough and they get it on monthly basis, they have a chance to be approved for a loan with BFS. After that, the amount each client qualifies for will be determined based on the characteristics of the income and, how they have managed loan payments in the past.

Can I get a loan of r 6000 and pay it in 4 months?

If you know you comply with the characteristics this lending entity asks, you have a chance to get the loan you need. You must get in touch with them in order to inform them about your finances and personal data and, they will let you know what are your options. However, they don’t grant loans to repay in 4 months. Their clients have only 30 days to give the money back.

How can I get more information about their loans?

You can go to an office or make a phone call

Do i qualify even if i am under debt review?

Unfortunately, in order to qualify for these loans you must possess a credit record. However, you can still contact a firm that is devoted to black listed clients and grants them loans without problem: 202 8813

When would I get the money?

One of the benefits of a short term loan is that they can be issued quicker. Thanks to the basic requirements asked and the fast process, you would get the money form BFS in just one or two business days. This is the time they need to make sure to analyse perfectly if you can afford the loan and, that your information is complete and true.

Does BFS offer loans up until r100.000 or more? How much should your salary be in order to qualify for it?

As they offer short term loans, they will not grant that amount of money. If you need that quantity, you can think about ABSA to be your lending entity. They have personal loans in their products, which tend to be as high as R 350.000 and, you can pay it in a maximum of 7 years.

How much does BFS offer? I want a loan for r22000.

The most beneficial characteristic Barko Finance Services (BFS) has is that they don’t define a maximum quote to borrow as, they mainly care about the client’s affordability. That means, if your earnings and credit checks the company carries show you can afford a R22000 loans, you will be approved to receive that amount of money. So, get in contact with BFS to start your application and find out.

I earn my salary every 2 weeks,do i qualify for a loan?

It does not matter if you earn your salary on a weekly or monthly basis, as long as your salary consists of at least R 3000, and that the company has checked affordability so as to demonstrate you are perfectly capable of repaying for the fixed installments each month.

Up to how much do they offer?

BFS' politics as regards the sum of money applicants can ask for has to do entirely with the person’s particular affordability. This means, they take your specific economic situation to let you know which is the top qu0ote you can obtain with them. If you need to make a big purchase, you may be able of getting the funs you need with BFS.

I want to apply for a loan of r1500

If you would like to apply with BFS, you must contact them to inform them about your income and expenses and then, they can tell you if you qualify for a loan. Either way, if you only need R1500, there are some companies that also provide their clients with that amount. For instance, izwe quote starts on R1000 up to R150000.

How much must I earn to qualify for a R60 000 loan? How much will I pay on monthly repayments and for how long? Thank you

BFS states they don’t care that much about the amount of your salary but, they do care about your affordability. They’ll pay attention to the stability of your job and for how long have you been employed there. After checking you have a permanent job for six months or more, they’ll calculate your budget per month and, decide the loan quote for you. Then, must cancel the loan in one month.

What steps must be followed for a loan?

Hi, in order to obtain a loan you must first decide the amount you need based on the purpose you have in mind. Then, observe requirements and begin the application is you match with them, either online or by phone.

Can I get a loan today?

Yes, you can! If you have all the documents, your financial situation is right and, the affordability check the company carries is approved, your loan will be issued in the same day. This is so because BFS issues loans to be paid in a really short term so, they work fast to help their clients.

How much will I pay for a 10000 loan over 12 months?

BFS will study your personal and financial information such as your credit record in order to establish an interest rate to the loan. Once you know this percentage, you will be able to know how much will you pay for a R10,000 personal loan over 12 months. If you are offered a 20% interest rate, for instance, you would pay around R1,145.

Can I apply for a loan while earning from child support grant?

Unfortunately, in order to apply for a loan at BFS (Barko Financial Services), you need to prove the bank that you can afford the loan. The company asks you to be employed for a minimum of six months, in a permanent way so a child support grant may not work. Your monthly budget will determine your affordability.

Hi there I would like to apply and would also like to know if i do qualify to get a loan.

Barko Financial Services, unfortunately, does not enable clients to apply for a loan online or check online whether they qualify for a particular loan. If you need to check if you qualify, what you can do is visit a branch that is near your own location to be assisted in person. The company is opened every day, with different timetables.

Hi, do you offer loans to foreigners with valid work documents?

BFS provides loans for different customers. One of the requirements for applying for a loan at BFS is having a valid ID passport or valid ID book. If you are a foreigner, but you do have the valid work documents as well as a valid ID passport, then you may have no inconveniences to apply for a loan at BFS.

Hi, can barko assist for client who can not qualify for a loan?

Barko Financial Services will determine whether you qualify or not for a loan. They will assist you on the amount that you can apply for. What do you need to qualify? A payslip, a valid ID, bank statements, and a bank card. The amounts will differ once you start paying consecutive payments.

Which documents are required when applying for a loan?

When applying for a personal loan, BFS will ask you to present certain documents to make sure that the process runs smoothly. The documents include presenting your recent payslip generated by your employer, your bank statements of the three last months, although the bank can retrieve this kind of information for you when you apply.

I need a loan.

If you need a loan with BFS, you can make use of the personal loans that this bank offers. You should bear in mind that they have to paid in a single installmente and that you can only apply for them in person at one of their branches which opens at 7:30 am and closes at 5pm during the week.

I need a personal loan and I was told it's still only pay day loans, is it true?

Barko Financial Services focuses on delivering personal loans, which have similarities with payday loans. They range from a minimum of R400.00 to a maximum of R3000.00. It is payable only in one installment. Clients can access higher amounts if they pay the loan back in a successful way. BFS will ask you to present certain documents in order to qualify.

Can you increase our maximum loan to R10000? life is getting expensive .

Unfortunately, Barko Financial Services (BFS) makes no comments about the possibility of expanding or increasing the amount of the loan. It hasn't taken either measures against the COVID-19 pandemic that could help customers postpone or delay their installments. The maximum they offer are loans of R8000 once you pay back the loan after three debit orders successfully.

I need cash, what do they offer?

Barko Financial services offers you loans that range from R400 to R3000. You can then gain loans of R8000 once three debit orders have been carried out successfully (in a row). The loans they offer are payable in a single installment. You will have to go to BFS offices to ask for your loan.

What happens if you cannot pay your loan on the due date?

Although Barko Financial Services makes no statements regarding this possible outcome of not being able to pay on time, it is likely that BFS may charge additional costs to the client. The agency advises clients to choose a loan accordingly, that is, taking into consideration their payment capacity and their own income.

Is BFS opened during lockdown?

There is no information given by BFS regarding COVID-19 or the lockdown. Perhaps, you can reach the company by phone through a toll free number or you can get in touch with the head quarters office. Another possibility is to send your enquiry through the email of the communication department.

I need R50.000

Unfortunately, according to BFS you can only access loans that range from R400.00 to a maximum of R3000. If you pay back the loan in a successful way through debit orders, then you may be able to qualify for loans of up to R8000. If you need R50.000 perhaps you should look for companies that provide bigger amounts.

Hi, how does it work?

At Barko Financial Services, loans work in a simple way. The minimum is R400. You will need to reach one of the company's branches in order to apply for your loan since it does not have online facilities. You will need to take with you certain documents, such as payslips, ID book, your bank statement and a bank card.

Hello, do you add the admin fee on top of the loan or do we need to pay up front?

This information is not specified by Barko Financial Services. The only information given by BFS is that you will pay in one installment and that you can apply for amounts of R400-R3000, but you may access larger amounts given certain conditions. The company is available from 7:30 am to 5 pm during week days. It is also available on Saturdays.

If I took money from a bank and you only payed once and a contract ended can get bucks assist me in applying for a loan

All Barko Financial Services needs from you is that you can afford to repay the loan. How do they determine if you will be able to do this? They will do this by requesting you to provide proof that you have been working permanently for a minimum of six months.

How can i apply online?

Barko Financial Services is a credit lending company that provides loans to people under regular employment. Up to this moment, BFS does not allow you to ask for their loans online, since they have not created any online system for doing so. If you want a loan at BFS, you should contact them over the phone or at their offices.

I need loan of 30000 for 48 months.

BFS does not offer long-term loans like the one you are requesting. At this company you can ask for a loan, but you will have to repay it within thirty days. If you are looking for long-term loans, we invite you to check out our articles to find a more suitable option for you.

I'm a customer at BFS loan. How can u help me now?

Regardless if you are a customer or not of BFS, you can apply for a loan. The loans this company has to offer are for a period of thirty days only, which provides the advantage of convenient interest rates. If you want a loan at BFS, you must provide them with your ID, the latest bank statements and last salary slip.

How can I apply a loan now?

There are two ways in which you can apply for a short-term loan at Barko Financial Services. On one hand, you can leave a message online with your information and data about the loan you want to ask. On the other, you can call them and start the application through the phone.

Do BFS give loan to foreigners working in south africa?

If all your papers are in order, you should not have problems when asking for a personal loan at BFS as long as you meet all other requirements. In order to prove your identity, you will need to provide BFS with your passport. Also, you should have your last three payslips to prove your income.

If coming for the second time, I must also bring payslip and bank statement or the system will just pick it up from the last time I came?

Yes, you will also have to take with you your payslips and bank statements to ask for a personal loan at BFS for the second time. Why is this? Simply because the financial company needs to know for sure that your situation has not changed, that is, that you are still able to pay off the loan.

If I take the 3000 how much you pay back?

When you ask for a personal loan at BFS, you will be asked to provide the bank with certain documents and information. These data will allow BFS to determine the interest rate they would set for your R3,000 loan. For instance, if the rate is 21%, you would have to pay back a total of R3,630.

How much do I pay for a loan of 3,000 every month?

If you qualify for a loan at BFS, you will be requested to provide BFS with certain information that will allow this institution to study your financial status. With this information and the repayment period you choose, BFS will be able to set an interest rate for your R3,000 loan. For the sake of giving you an example, let us imagine that this rate is 30% and that the term you choose is 12 months. In this case, you would pay installments of R325. 

I earned with a fortnight. So do I qualify?

If you earn your salary every fourteen days, but you receive a payslip every time you get paid, then you would have no problem with asking for a personal loan at BFS. Of course that BFS will check on your credit record and will request certain documents from you before approving the loan to you. 

Can I apply for a loan using smart card id slip when I am an existing customers?

Generally, if you apply for a personal loan, as an existing customer, with Barko Financial Services, you will need to comply with some basic requirements. It is important to submit some paper work: a copy of your South African ID, your last payslip and the bank statements from the last three months. You may use your smart ID card, but the bank may ask you for a copy of your ID. 

Can I get a small loan using my first payslip?

To be able to obtain a small loan with any lending company, in this case, BFS, you need to comply with some requirements. For example, your last payslip and your last three bank statements as the institution needs to make sure that you have been paid three consecutive salaries. That is to say, clients must provide proof of income as it is fundamental to have the necessary money to afford the instalments.

Can I qualify if I am earning R5900?

There is not a minimum salary limit required to be eligible for a personal loan with Barko Financial Services. In other words, if you earn 5900 rand per month, you will selected for a loan providing that you hand over all the necessary paperwork and that you have a positive credit history. 

Is it possible to take a loan with bfs while you have an existing one?

The usual recommendation is that you pay off your existing loan with Barko Financial Services before applying for a new one. However, the financial company will carry out an exhaustive analysis of your economic situation and credit affordablity before deciding if you can be eligible for a new personal loan.

Can I apply for a loan online?

With the new technological advancements, clients can now carry out all of their financial operations via Internet. With BFS, you can fill out an online form with your query in which you will have to give your email address and some personal details. Also, you can contact any of the BFS branches online or to go to their offices if you need a loan. 

How much does a loan of 3500 increase if am unable to pay back?

The interest rate that will be charged to a loan of 3500 rand with BFS, if you do not pay the monthly instalments, will depend on the fees you owe. You will have to pay a punitory fee which will reflect a negative impact on your credit history. By doing this, your chances of obtaining future personal loans with any bank will be affected. 

Hi, how do I know if the online consultant I'm doing the application with is not a scammer?

In order to ensure that all the application process with Barko Financial Services is legitimate, the recommendation is to communicate with the entity by phone and to ensure that all the information that the online consultant is providing you with is correct. Also, you can visit any local branch to make sure that you have all the details related to the application. 

How can I apply online at BFS?

If you wish to apply for a personal loan with Barko Financial Services, the process is very simple and quick. However, the company does not provide online application forms; therefore, you will need to contact any consultant or go to their offices. The advisors will be very happy to answer all the enquiries and help you out with the application process. 

Do BFS loans have a top-up?

With Barko Financial Services, you can request a personal loan to cover your needs. Currently, you cannot apply for a top-up loan, however, if you are an existing client you can get up to 8,000 rand. As a client, you can access the money immediately and with a very simple process.

Does BFS do loans for domestic workers?

If you wish to obtain a loan from Barko Financial Services, the company will lend you money providing you comply with all the requirements. So, if you are a domestic worker formally and permanently employed with at least six months of work experience and have proof of income, you will qualify for a line of credit. 

Does BFS grant a personal loan?

Of course, it does. With Barko Financial Services, customers are able to obtain personal loans up to 3,000 rand if they are new applicants. The main criteria are to be formally employed and to show proof of this employment by presenting copies of their latest payslips. Also, having a positive credit record helps.

Does BFS have long term loans?

Barko Financial Services does not offer long term loans. This is so because, with this company, you can obtain personal loans up to 3,000 rand for new clients and a sum of 8,000 rand for existing customers. The period of repayment is about 30 days and only includes a one full instalment. 

How much do you pay back if you took an amount of 700 rand?

If you take an amount of 700 rand with Barko Financial Services, you need to know that the repayment period is calculated in thirty-five days. Also, you need to consider the interest rate, which is one of the most convenient in the entire financial market. This will be based on your credit score and financial situation.

I am a customer, can I get a loan if I don't have payslip.

If you are already a customer of Barko Financial Services and you do not have a payslip, then it can be a little bit complicated to obtain a personal loan with the bank. Usually, the entity will ask the applicants to be permanently employed and show some kind of evidence of this employment. The bank will need to analyse your case before deciding if you can obtain the money. 

Can you apply online?

Barko Financial Services does not offer the possibility to apply for a personal loan online. However, customers have the option to leave their contact details and personal information for an agent to call them back. The only way you can obtain money is to visit a local branch and carry all the necessary documentation. 

Can BFS do a top-up for the second time in a month?

It is important to clarify that Barko Financial Services does not offer the possibility to apply for a top-up loan. Also, in order to ask for another line of credit, you need to completely pay your previous one. The bank will analyse your credit profile and your financial situation to lend you more money. 

If I apply online, do I need to send my bank remote pin with my Banking app on the Application form?

Please, be careful about sending your bank remote PIN with your banking app, as it may be used to cause damage to you. Bear in mind that legal financial companies such as Barko Financial Services do not require clients to provide sensitive information. Besides, BFS does not offer the possibility to apply for an online loan. 

I can get a loan without payslip.

This is not possible, unfortunately. Barko Financial Services requires clients to show proof of income in order to ask for a personal loan. This is done by showing for example your payslips or a bank statement. Regularly, the company lends money to people who are formally employed and have evidence of this. 

Greetings. I need to make a loan with BFS from 1st of April. Can I have an email address to forward the documents? Regards.

If you wish to apply for a personal loan with Barko Financial Services on April 1st, you will need to take the necessary documentation with you to the nearest local office. This is so because the company does not count with an online platform on which clients can start the application process. 

Can I apply for a loan at BFS with 1 account on areas?

Even if you have an account on areas, Barko Financial Services will analyse all your personal financial situation in order to grant any money. The institution will consider other factors as well to determine if you are eligible or not, for example, your income, affordability capacity and your credit profile. 

I have a 2,500 rand loan. How much I will pay every week?

First, in order to know how much you will be paying every week for a personal loan of about 2,500 rand with Barko Financial Services, it is important to consider the interest rate. This will be calculated on the basis of your personal information such as your salary, credit history, etc. If you take all of these into account, then you will be able to know how much you will have to pay. 

How long it is going to take after paying a bfs loan to request another one again?

If you already have a personal loan with Barko Financial Services, you will be able to request another one, providing you have enough means to pay back the loan completely. They will carry out an exhaustive analysis to determine if you can afford a new loan. Usually, it is recommended to wait for at least six months to ask for more money. 

What is the requirement for BFS to top up a loan?

In order to top up a personal loan with the private company, Barko Financial Services, it is necessary to be an existing customer and show a good credit history. Besides, there will be some basic documentation for you to present such as your South African ID, your latest payslip and bank statement. 

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