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Could I Get a FinChoice Personal Loan? Calculator and Contact Details

    If you are looking for a way to satisfy your personal needs, than perhaps you need a Personal Loan. Fortunately, I have in mind a company that is in charge of providing that type of loans, FinChoice. This is one of the leading financial enterprises in South Africa, which devotes itself not only to retailing but also to lending programs. Inside the lending category, this company offers their 12 or 24 months Personal Loan.

   In the article you are about to read, I will first give you some details about this company, for you to gain knowledge about FinChoice. Then, you will receive details regarding their Personal Loan, the requirements for this program and the application procedure.

   As stated before, this company works in the retail industry offering household appliances and products, but also in the financial industry, providing loans to the different customers that are looking for easy money to finance their daily needs. In fact, FinChoice has joined Home Choice in order to grant those loans.

   This company has become one of the preferred financial companies due to its integrity, responsibility, reliability and modernity of their services and products. And, every service can be adjusted to the type of client that era dealing with.


This is a great loan specially created for clients that will need up to R 25 000 and need to finance it in up to 2 years. Each of the installments the customer will pay is fixed and cannot change with the passing of time, which is a great advantage in comparison to other loans. What is more, once you obtain this loan you can use online banking in order to see your balance, your status and you can even apply for a new type of loan whenever you need it.

   The moment you get this loan, the company will give you immediate access to an insurance that will protect you and your family when your health is at risk and you are not capable of making the payments as agreed at the beginning of the program. And, once you are found eligible, you can get the funds within 24 hours.

FinChoice´s application

   You will be glad to know that the application is designed to take no more than 10 minutes, so that you can receive the money right away. You can apply in person or over the phone, as you prefer. Please bear in mind that at the moment of the application you will be requested not only details about your ID card but also about a bank account you have active.

If you prefer to apply on the phone you can use this number: 0861 346 246, but try to have at hand all the information requested above, so that it takes a few minutes to complete the procedure and you can forget about it.

    Remember, you can obtain more details about the application in the company´s website, where you will find terms and conditions.


    It is extremely important that you prove you are a South African citizen, so you need to present your ID card or passport and details of the account you have with a bank. You will also be asked to create and account with Home Choice, which is the company that works together with Fin Choice. Please do not skip that step.

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The importance of obtaining a loan with FinChoice

    There are a lot of reasons why you should consider their loan. For instance, it can happen that you are facing an emergency and you need huge amounts of money to cover medical expenses or insurances, you never know. In those unexpected situations, a long will be really useful.

FinChoice´s benefits for customers

-Fixed interest rates

-Installments that can be repaid every month

-Chances of skipping payments when you do not have the money

-Controlling the loan you were granted from your phone

-Getting an insurance to protect yourself and your health

-Convenience at all stands

-You can apply from the phone

-You can have access to a maximum of R 25 000 and obtain it in a day

-You can get details of your balance from your cellphone

-You can apply for another loan, even though the first one has not ended yet


Let me try to picture a situation in which the loan will be useful and how much will you be paying for it, so that you check on your affordability. If you have an emergency with your car and you need R 12 000, you can apply for their long term loan, which you can finance in 12 months and each installment will be of R 215.

Contact details

-By phone

  The company has created special call centers to satisfy the needs of South Africans over the phone. For such reason you can call on 0861 346 246, Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 07:45 pm, Saturdays from 8 in the morning to 08:00 pm and also on Sundays from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

- In person

   If you would like to get more information in person or start the application right away, you can go their head office situated in the wonderful area of Cape Town, whose address is this one: 78 Main Road. The zip code is 7800. Its phone number, for you to call know, is 27 86 1346 246. This office has the advantage of opening every day from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.


  Fin Choice has also developed its own website, with data regarding their loans, insurances, the chance of using online banking and also a section with queries and questions. Moreover, clients can download directly from the website, the app from the company in order to manage their services.

     All in all, Fin Choice constitutes an excellent choice when it comes to finding a solution to satisfy your personal needs. You can easily access to their 12 or 24 month personal loan and start enjoying their benefits. I strongly advise you to contact the company and get more details!

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Questions and answers

Hi, I would like to have a quick loan for paying my fees 600- 8000 for 3 months and I would like to know the instalments for 3 months.

If you ask for a personal loan at Finchoice, you will be able to repay within 3 months. However, please be advised that the instalments will be calculated on the basis of the interest rate this company can offer you. In order to set a rate, Finchoice will make a credit check on you.

Do you do personal loans of R40000 over 2-year period? I have a small shorter term loan and some mobi money but I've had emergency repairs on my car and funeral costs for my father, where I'm waiting for an inheritance, so would rather pay back all short term emergency loans and just have one personal loan making it an easier affordable monthly amount .

If the loan you say you have is with Finchoice, you might have to pay it off in order to ask for another loan at this institution. With Finchoice, if you do meet all criteria, you might be able to ask for a loan of R40000 over a 2-year period.

I just finished my loan can I apply for another one?

If you have already finished paying your installments from a previous personal loan at Finchoice, you can absolutely apply for another one. Since you are already a Finchoice client you will be able to request for a higher amount of money this time (of course this is subject to affordability and credit profile assessment).

Can I get the loan from Finchoice while I am not working?

It may not be possible for clients who are not working to apply for a Finchoice personal loan since they are asked to provide proof of income (they would have to cover three months) as well as bank statements or pay slips. These documents can be sent through the app provided by Finchoice.

How much do I pay when I borrow 5000 for six months?

Finchoice gives customers the possibility to access loans of up to R8000 that can be paid in a six month period. The company will let you know this information once you have applied for the loan. Remember that the best benefit of it is that once you have finished paying, you may be able to qualify for more.

Hi I'm comfortable with the service Finchoice is giving me, that's why I want to know if I still have one instalment to make on my loan or if I can apply for another or must I first pay the last instalment?

According to the latest information provided by Finchoice, existing customers will have to keep on paying their loan accounts so that they can have more credit available. The access to credit may be limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a new customer, the application will not be processed because of COVID-19.

What is the interest rate on loans?

Although Finchoice does not provide details regarding their loan interest rates, the company helps clients understand better the concept of how an interest rate works. Besides, the rates at Finchoice are regulated by the NCA. You will find out the rate once the terms and conditions of your loan have been settled by Finchoice during authorization.

How much do I pay when I borrow 500 for six months?

Finchoice does not provide a loan calculator so it is very difficult to estimate the financial possibilities per month or the behavior of your loan throughout a certain period. You can apply and Finchoice will provide you with financial feedback and an answer to let you know if both the amount and loan term are possible.

Can I apply for a personal loan?

You can definitely apply for a personal loan at Finchoice. The company will evaluate your submission and depending on the information and documentation provided, they will let you know whether you have been authorized the loan. If you complete your first repayment, Finchoice may be able to give you the chance to apply for more money.

How much do I pay if I borrow r3000? How is the interest rate charged?

You should pay for the interest rate in every installment of your loan so, it is necessary to have the term of your credit to find out how much you’ll pay monthly. For instance, if you pay it in 24 months and, if you get 8.5% on the interest rate, the monthly payments would be around 136 rands. Now, if you get the loan to pay in just 12 months, you’d have to pay around 262 rands

What do I do to apply at FinChoice?

Your loan application procedure, to start, will depend on whether you are a new or an existing client. For those who already have a mobi account at Finchoice, you just need to log in using your cell phone and password and, apply for a loan. For those that are not clients yet, you need to register to get a quote before applying for the loan.

Can you tell me the cheapest loans for 35000 rands on 4 years?

Of course! Absa and African Bank present the lowest rates in his case. Absa, on one hand, might charge you R 863 per month while, African Bank, on the other hand, might charge you R 875. Clearly, there’s not a big difference among them but, if you take the total cost, you will have saved more money with African Bank. Now, you need to see which of these banks can give you the loan you need.

Are these payday loans?

No, FinChoice has short terms loans you can cancel in a maximum of 2 years. Nevertheless, there’s what they have named MobiMoney, which is a flexible facility you can pay in just 1 months up to 3 months top. In this case, the sum of money available is 10.000 rands or less.

Can I qualify for a loan using a passport?

Yes, lending entities accepts SA passports instead of the SA Identity Document to process a loan application. If you use your passport, please, make sure it’s legible and properly conserved as all the other documents. I’ll remind you the amount you can take will be decided according to what your financial status establishes.

I need to know if I can apply for a long term loan for eg. R12000.00 over 12 months. I had an account with homechoice - paid up

No, saddly, those terms are higher and longer than the ones that FinChoice offers. With this company, you will only be allowed to ask for loans amounts of R10000 or less. And, their instalments are just for 6 months top. These loans can assist you with certain short term emergency but, not more than that.

I’m earning r5500, can I get a loan of 15000?

The minimum salary required to qualify for personal loans are between 5000 and 6000 rands. Clearly, you can be a possible borrower. However, FinChoice loans do not reach 150000 rands. So, we advise to look for another entity like, for instance, Absa or African Bank. There, after studying their options, you’ll get financial assistance.

How is possible a loan without interest?

The interest rate banks charge over a loan is the prize they set for their borrower to pay for the service. This means that you have to pay for that money they’re borrowing and, as a consequence, loans without interest don’t exist. What you can do is to look for the bank that has the lowest interest rate to pay the cheapest prize for your loan. We can help you this with our loan simulator.

Can I finance the loan with automatic deduction?

Yes, you can

I’m earning r5,500, how much can FinChoice lend me?

The total amount to get from FinChoice depends on the loan you select to request them. A personal loan, for instance, can go up to 40 thousands rands. There’s also a FinChoice MobiMoney that offers to give you 10 thousands rands or less with a shorter repayment term. Finally, if you want to repay the loan in your next pay day, you can ask for 8 thousands rands.

Can I download the app from apple store?

No you can not

I would like to apply for a loan to buy myself a car. Is it possible that Finchoice help me please?

FinChoice’s loans are issued for short amounts. There are few loan alternatives but, the maximum sum of money available to ask is R 10000. The thing is that, if you pay the installments of that loan, that can be as long as 6 months, you have more chances to qualify for more money. Either way, you need a personal loan high enough to pay for a car so, you may not get the help you need at FinChoice.

How much will it be per month for 12 months?

The monthly installments your loan can get are affected by the amount of money and the interest rate charged by the bank. For example, a R8000 loan with Absa can get 8,5% interest having installments of R698. Another entity, African Bank for instance, has rates of 9,25%, which leaves their installments on R701.

Will i qualify for a long term loan( for instance, a loan from 12 to 24 months) at finchoice?

In order to qualify for a loan at FinChoice you must have a recent salary of R 2500 at least and also a proper credit record. Then, you can fill in the form in the company´s website and heck affordability

Can I have a finchoice personal loan?

Yes! FinChoice will try to help you whether you’re an existing or a new client. If you get online and start your loan application, they will show you a quote in less than 5 minutes. If we suppose that you consider the quote and the terms this bank offers you reasonable, you can go on with the application by providing FinChoice with all your information and documents.

Do I have to pay for the insurance?

No, it comes along with the loan

Can i put more money to reduce my installment?

When having access to one of Finchoice personal’s loan, you also access to the many benefits they offer. Besides deciding the term of your loan, you are allowed to skip an installment payment, for example. Finchoice grants this benefits knowing there may be a difficult month. In the same way, you can ask this company to let you make an earlier payment to have your installments reduced.

I am looking for Finchoice loans, what is the email address?

The email address of FinChoice so as to apply for one of its loans is the following one: You can also make a phone call to 0861 346 246.

I want to apply for an additional loan. I have problem. Is it possible?

If by an additional loan you mean you are currently paying for a FinChoice loan, let me tell you that the approval of a new loan will be affected by your affordability assessment. Without exception, FinChoice only issues loans to those who can afford it and, for an amount they can repay with no delay.

Do I qualify for the FinChoice loan?

FinChoice will process some checks with your documents to let you know if you qualify as, there are few factors they have to look at. Having a positive credit history is the key element. However, before getting to that, FinChoice will verify you are a South African citizen who lives in the country and works at a regular job for few months at least. Then, they will consider how much you earn and how much you spend to calculate a loan quote you can pay for.

Can I get information about the different loan amount?

Sure! You have, generally speaking, three options at FinChoice. One of them is with the known personal loan that lends up to R40.0000 to cancel over 3 years maximum. Then, you can ask for a shorter term, r10000 o less, with 3 installments top. There’s an extra option whose loan quote is much smaller and the pay day coincides with your next pay day at work. In this case, you cancel the money in full.

I have personal loan with finchoice, r13181.89 and I want to settle the amount, so I want to know how much can I qualify for another personal loan?

As any financial movement you do, for example settling a loan amount, will affect your credit score, you will only know your affordability for a new loan after you settle your current loan. if you get to cancel this loan, wait few months for that information to be updated and then, apply for your new loan. This way, you will get the official answer to see if your new loan quote is enough.

If u want 2 borrow 35000 how much per month & 4 how long?

To borrow 35 thousands rands from FinChoice you can only use one option, their traditional personal loan. This product is the only one that can be paid back in more than just half a year. You can repay this money in 3 years or less. This detail is decided after studying your information. At last, once you have the cost of the loan, you will be informed about the amount of your monthly payments.

Can I get 10000 from one and half year? How much am I going to pay per month?

FinChoice is a lending entity that grants their loans on some set periods. The options to repay the loan goes from just 6 months up to 3 years. However, the options in between are to pay the loan in 1 or 2 years. Repaying the loan in a year and a half is not among your options. Then, if you want to know the cost of the loan, you need to wait until you have all the terms agreed with FinChoice.

I am a home choice customer using a passport with a permit can i apply for a loan at finchoice?

At Finchoice you are able to apply for the loan as long as you comply with one of the essential requirements: having a proof of residence, even though your ID is not south african

I would like to apply for 10 000. Please, how can I get it?

In order to apply for a R 10 000 loan you can start the application online in Finchoice´s official website, which also has a calculator to check the affordability

I want to know how 30000 is repayable in 24 months time?

Probably not with FinChoice as, their loan terms only reach up to 6 months to start. But, if your loan affordability states that you can take their highest quote, 8000 rands and then, you pay that loan on time, they can accept you to take more money. However, this may not be as practical as taking a loan with another entity that issues 30000 rands personal loans.

Can I get a loan of r15 000 if I earn r3500 per month?

Even though there are certain requirements any bank pay attention to when considering granting a loan, the final decision will be made according to the client’s credit affordability. Apart from that, always keep in mind, what the bank will charge you from the service will be stated by the interest rate your loan gets.

I have a 6 months loan at Finchoice. Is it possible for me to get a longer term loan?

When the needed checks and assessments are carried out by the company, the terms of the loan are agreed upon those results. This is how borrowers are sure to get cost they can pay for. So, if you were given a 6 months term, it may mean you don’t qualify for a longer term. But, if you think you’ll have trouble repaying that loan, don’t hesitate to contact FinChoice to try to find a solution.

Hi can I qualify for a long term loan of r30 000 for 3years?

Yes! Reach one of FinChoice branch or, find their webpage and start your request from there. You’ll find two options: new customer and existing customers. Clearly, no matter your situation, you can apply to get the financial support from this bank. At FinChoice, you can choose among three options. You can either take a personal loan or, if you need less money, there are two special cases. To ask R10000 top to repay in 3 months top or, to have some money advanced and, repay it when you’re paid at your job.

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