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Can The People of Rustenburg Find Better Bond Loans in their City?

    If you happen to be a citizen of the great area of Rustenburg and you are looking for a loan that will attain your needs without impediments, then this article will be quite useful to you. I have all the information you need regarding one of the most experienced companies in the lending field, Betterbond, and luckily it is present in Rustenburg

     I will start the article by giving you some info about stages that correspond to the granting of a loan in Betterbond, and then, I will give you the contact details of this company.


    What can I find in the prequalification phase?

During the period that this phase lasts, you will be made to fill a form with information of your own and you will get complete details regarding affordability and chances of financing a loan on your behalf. It is a great opportunity of showing future buyers what is your credibility in terms of a future loan. Of course this phase is made of several steps that must be followed in order to as to make sure you can obtain the loan with no problems and you can enjoy the money right away.

What are the steps Rustenburg citizens must follow?

1.Get in touch with the company either by phone, in person or by email

2.Start the prequalification bu submitting updated documentation that contains full data about your current financial status. Then, you are given a special certificate which can last up to 3 months. Once that is done, you can start the application

3.The moment you know which is the loan you aim to get, you can start making offers by contacting the company so as to get special advice regarding the application of certain loans. So, you will send two things: the offer and the application form to Betterbond.


The second step comes along with different pieces of information that serves as advice for you:

+Bear in mind all the money you will need to spend on the different costs of a loan

+Take into careful consideration for how long will you be staying in your future property, since if you choose to stay for more than 6 years the company gives you access to build equity on it and at the same time, build a further property for you and your family.

+Watch out the area in which your future property is located, so as to find one that matches the lifestyle you are used to having, and to make sure you are capable of still going to places for socializing.

+Take into consideration the many costs that come along from moving from your previous home to your new one. It you are moving from far distances, you might have to call a person to help you with the furniture and the different appliances.

+Imagine you would live in the area where your come is built so as to know whether you would feel comfortable relating there with neighbors.

+Try to make good negotiations with the seller, since remember those people are giving you their previous home and they really want to know you will take care of such place.


So, if you already know the money you need for the house you want and you have taken a look at the where the house is, you can start making your offer to the staff of Betterbond. This company will deliver such offer to the main banks in Rustenburg, to make sure you are given a loan that suits your needs and pocket. Please do not worry, since the company knows how much money you are capable of repaying for and has a clear idea of the loan you need, so the offer will be accepted as long as it matches your affordability. Then, that offer is sent.


This is the last step, but one of the most important one, because this is when you have to pay for the loan you are granted by the company. As an example, for you to have a clear idea of how it works, imagine you have been granted R 3000, the company can offer you 20 years to finance it. And you will pay monthly installments whose rates are of no more than 0,5%.

If you are looking to get a calculation of the different costs of the loan, I recommend you to try the company´s calculator, which is full of details and enables you to give information related to your income, and then you will receive data of the periods for financing, amounts and interest rates.


Lets see how is it possible to communicate with Better Bondin Rustenburg:

In person

This option is really important for those clients that tend to favor a lot personalized attention and want to receive all the details of the Home Loan in person. That is why, in the following chart you are given all the information you need about Betterbon´s local branch in Rustenburg


R 3000 000, 20 years financing

Interest Rate

Competitive interest rates

Telephone Number

0800 007 111


Rustenburg.  161 Kruger Street.

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African citizens, documentation and prequalification passed

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