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Can I find a Better Bond Branch if I Live in Kimberley? Addresses and Clients Reviews.

            If you live in Kimberley and you want to buy a house you are probably searching for a bank that offers their clients the best service. Here I will tell you all you need about Better Bond Home Loans. I will explain to you the process you need to follow, the different branches’ addresses you can contact and some reviews from their clients. I will also tell you a little about Better Bond history, for you to know them more.

              I will start by the procedure you need to follow to apply for a loan. The first thing you should do is to contact Better Bond Loans and ask them a pre-qualification. Once they receive your petition of pre-qualification they ask you to send them some documents and some specific information about your income and expenses, for instance. Through all this data they calculate how much money you will be able to spend. Let’s see an example for you to picture it in your mind. Let’s imagine that your gross income is R 7,000, your net income is R 6,000 and that every month you spend about R 2,000 on general expenses. If you are thinking on a 30 repayment term for example, Better Bond takes all this information and calculates that you would be able of getting a loan of R 234,348.51, you would have to repay R 2,100 per month and that the total interest would be of R 521,651.49. This is really helpful as you start the process having in mind an estimate of your future expenses.

         Once they finish this paper work, they pre-qualify you and originate a certificate to prove you have been pre-qualified. After this, you will have 3 months to look for your ideal house, as that’s the time the certificate has validity. Once you find the house you want to purchase, you must decide the offer you would like to submit and, finally you must contact Better Bond Loans experts for them to assist you with the loan application. Remember that so far you have only been pre-qualified, so that’s why now you should complete the application, which is the last thing you should do to complete your part of the process: you forward the application form and the Offer to Purchase, which they refer at as “OTP”. Now, this is the part in which you relax and let Better Bond do the rest. They will share your application with the banks and start trying to get you the best outcome for your deal. They will inform you about the different proposals the banks have for you, and you choose the one that fits you better.

Better Bond Contact Number

              Now that you already know what you should do I will tell you where you can find Better Bond Home Loans. The only problem you would have to find them it would be if you don’t live in South Africa, as they have branches all over the country. In the case of people living in Kimberley you have a branch near in Bloemfontein. The exact address is 7 Collins Road, you can find it in the suburb of Arboretum and the phone number is (051) 430 7888. But, as I told you they have many branches all over South Africa, so here you have the complete branches’ contact information:

Find the best loan of South Africa

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   1. You will find the Head Office in the city of Randburg. The address is Block 9 Pendoring Office, Park 299 Pendoring Road and the phone number is 0860 555 540.

   2. If you live in Eastern Cape you can go to Regency House 35a Third Avenue or call at (041) 363 3410. 

  3. In Johannesburg Sout/East the address is 1st Floor, Wiltenel Building Cnr Kingfisher & Duiker Street and the phone number (011) 896 5230. 

  4. In the case of Johannesburg North you can call the number (011) 516 5500 and find the premise at Block 9 Pendoring Office Park 299 Pendoring Road.

5. If you live in Johannesburg West you can go to 291 Ontdekkers Road and call the number (011) 767 8800.

  6. There’s Better Bond branch in KwaZulu Natal at 95 Musgrave Road, and the phone number is (031) 277 9000.

  7. In North West Province you can direct to 161 Kruger Street and call the number (014) 594 2191

  8. For Pretoria, you can direct to Centurion Office Park Block B 1st Floor 1257 Embankment Road and call the number (012) 663 2637.

 9. And for those living in Western Cape you’ll find it at Waterford Place, Block 4, Century Boulevard and phone the number (021) 555 – 4220.

  Better Bond Reviews

         You may be thinking that all this information is really useful but you may have some doubts about it, so I will provide you with two important points for you to be able of properly decide whether to work with Better Bond or not. 

      One of them is that many clients have changed to Better Bond after having a good experience with their personal bank but realizing that they could have achieved a more beneficial interest rate. They point out that their personal banks would prepare the deal regarding their application form information, but they wouldn’t offer them other choices to compare and decide. On the other hand, current Better Bond clients assure to be happy with the service as they claim that having many banks’ option to choose from have been really beneficial for them, especially when referring to the total interest amount. They have been able of saving an important sum of money lowering the interest rate up to, for example, 0,5%.

      Other important point dates us back to Better Bond beginnings. It started in the year 2001 and since then it has grown to become one of the most efficient South Africa’s mortgage originator. It has been able of including renowned names like, PA Homeloans for example, and of spreading their service all over South Africa opening a total of 10 branches in different cities of the country.

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