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Is it Easy to Obtain African Bank Loans in Seconds? Contact Information and Programs

If you are looking for an easy and simple way of getting a loan for you and your family, let me tell you this is the right place to get the information about it. African Bank, one of the most remarkable banking companies you will ever find, has developed many loans, all of which can be obtained within seconds. How is that possible? By following simple steps and having the necessary documentation at hand, you can make the application quicker and start enjoying the money right away!

    In this article, you will be given information about the three loans African Bank offer, all of which can be obtained very easily. Then, I will give you all the necessary contact data you need so as to get in touch with the bank and start the application.

   African Bank offers three types of loans, whose application is really quick: Personal Loan, Consolidation Loan and Prime Loan.


-The bank can grant clients amounts that range from R 500 TO R 200 000. Such money will be transferred to your account the moment you are found eligible

-You have financing periods whose maximum is 72 months and minimum of 3

-All of the instalments you pay each month will be fixed, not subject to fluctuations

-There is a client´s service for you to have assistance while proceeding with the application

-You have the possibility of repaying for the loan directly from your bank account

-You have the chance of either apply by phone, in person or in the bank´s official webpage


This is the typical loan, whose aim is to give clients the economic solidity they deserve. In fact, this loan is quite useful for those citizens that have accumulated debts and are having a rough time trying to consolidate them in a fast way.

Let’s see its features:

-Financing periods that range from 18 to 72 months, so very flexible ones

-With only one loan you can cover many needs, so there is no obligation to apply for multiple loans as it happens with other banks

-As the fees you pay will be fixed, you will be saving a lot of money, which translates into financial stability for you and your family

-You will make monthly payments

-You will get immediate access to more capital as you will pay fewer instalments. This means that the instalment will be totally reduced.

-The bank will not ask you to pay any extra charges for the settlement of the loan

-You can use more than one account to be consolidated through this loan


 This is a lending program for those circumstances in which due to your health or your primary needs, your financial status can be changed and you need support from the bank. The bank will grant you the loan you need and you will be making fixed monthly payments, which means you will pay the same fee throughout the whole loan.

These are the benefits you will enjoy with a Prime Loan:

Find the best loan of South Africa

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-Interest rates that will be fixed and not subject to modifications. In fact, the bank will consider the prime interest rate of the moment

-You can be granted up to R 20 000. The minimum is R 1000

-Flexible repayment periods that range from 3 to 18 months.

Pay attention to this fact: only one client can get the Prime Loan, you cannot obtain this loan as in a partnership, but individual clients.

Applying for African Bank Loans

You will see that it is quite simple and easy to apply for the three loans explained above. You only need to follow certain steps or stages, which will enable you to get the funds you desire.

Here is a list of the documents the bank will ask you to submit:

-Your ID card

-Your recent pay slip

-Your recent statement from the bank

-A proof of your residence in South Africa

How can I contact African Bank in South Africa?

This bank wants to make sure every citizen has access to its products and services, reason for which there exists a variety of means of contact through which you can talk to their agents.

In person

     You can go to one of its branches in Cape Town, located at the Cradock, in 16 Adderley Street. It is found in Shop 1. If you want to call their agents before paying a visit to that branch, take advantage of the following telephone number: 27 21 480 7770. You will find this branch open if you go there Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 5 in the afternoon. It is closed during weekends.

     There is another branch of African Bank, in the area of Rouse Court, in Elleerines Shop. It is specifically located at 13 Devereax Avenue. You can phone their representatives by dialing up

27 43 721 0140. Regarding the opening hours of this office, it works Mondays to Fridays from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon

   You will find another branch in East London if you go to the Hemmingways Mall. It is located at 44 Western Avenue. I will give you their phone number for you to call their consultants before going in person: is 43 721 2255. This branch remains open during weekdays from 08:30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

By phone

If you phone on 0861 288 272, you can ask any type of inquiry you possess regarding their loans and further services. You can even apply for a loan over the phone.


You have the chance of clicking on the bank´s official website in order to get more data about each loan and also information about insurances and accounts.

     All in all, African Bank represents a great choice in terms of lending programs when it comes to obtaining a loan in seconds, without further complications and by making flexible payments. Find out which loan will suit you the best and start enjoying life!

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Questions and answers

Is mobile banking available?

Sure, in the bank´s website

Can I get insurances with this bank?

Yes, there are home, personal and car insurances

Can I buy a vacation home with this bank?

With a personal loan you are allowed to do that

Hi i am under administration and i am looking for a loan please who can help me?

African Bank has loans for clients that are under administration, they just need to start the application procedure in the company´s website, or they can also make a phone call to this number and apart from receiving guidance and details about the loans, they can commence the application: 0861 111 011

Can i get a loan to consolidate my debts even if i'm blacklisted?

Hi,before applying for a Consolidation Loan it is important that you have a good credit record, since it is a signal that you will complete the financing of your loan on time. However, you can still get access for loan for blacklisted people by phoning on:21 202 8813. That is a company specialized in black listed clients

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