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Can the Residents of East London Acquire African Bank Loans?

     If East London is the place you are living at the moment and you are facing a hard economic situation at home, you probably need a loan you cover your needs. Fortunately, in South Africa, citizens can count on African Bank to take care of that. And of course, this bank can be found in your city.

    In the next article I will briefly mention the benefits and the requirements, together with the documentation needed for the different loans that African Bank created for South Africans. Then, I will mention two special programs and how can the loans help you. Finally, I will give you contact data in East London.

Let’s start focusing on the benefits this bank gives clients:

-You are able to ask between R 500 and R 150 000

-You have flexible financing terms of up to 60 months, whose minimum is 3

-Each instalment you pay will be fixed

-The moment you are approved you can make use of your loan

-You can carry out all the repayments by using your debit card

-There are plenty of ways through which you can start an application for loan, which can be in person, over the phone or online

What are the requirements established by African Bank?

-It is compulsory that you are 18 years old or more than that

-You must submit your recent payslips together with your ID card

-You must submit your last bank statements and also a document that states how much is your salary

-You must submit a proof of residence stating you live on a permanent basis in South Africa

Now, lets focus on the documentation needed in order to prove your personal data:

-Recent bills

-Recent municipal account

-Your last retailer ticket

-A document given by the insurance provider you work with

-An affidavit

Please bear in mind that such documents should be recent, so they need to be no more than 3 months old.

Okay, now that you know what documents you need to put forward, lets move on with the two special programs this bank has created for you:

1.Break form Loan Instalments:this is a program that allows clients to wait  a little bit before making another payment, so they decide to enjoy a small break from payments. Of course, in order to enjoy this benefit you need to have paid on time all of your loan. When can you enjoy it? Only once a year and you can have access to it if you call the bank or if you go to your nearest branch.

2.My life needs and events: this is another program the bank has created in order to give you the support you need. The moment you have knowledge on what type of need you need to satisfy, the bank will select the ideal plan for yourself.

      You will also see that there is a variety of loans, depending on your needs:

Loans according to your needs:

PERSONAL FINANCE: through this loan you can start living the life full of luxuries you always dreamt about. In fact, you can use it for your next summer vacations, purchasing a luxury car and even to finance your children´s tuition at school or college

Find the best loan of South Africa

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BUYING A HOME:this is one of the most common uses people give to their loan, as it is hard sometimes to finance a house on your own due to the elevated prices. With the help of African Bank, you can make this dream come true without problem.

NEEDING A CAR:as you could expect from its name, the bank gives you the chance of financing the vehicle you have always desired to possess. This can be done privately or with a car dealer

GETTING MARRIED: you can start joining the money you need for the most special day of your life, the day you get married, thanks to the support and help of African Bank.

FINANCIAL SETBACK:the bank intends to help those citizens that are having a rough time with their economy and need financial aid.

 MEDICAL EXPENSES: if your health is at risk and you need assistance, you can surely on African Bank to give you the money you need to cover those expensive bills generated by medical assistance.

With African Bank there are other alternatives, like using the money to buy new furniture for your place, financing education( college or school). So, if you have other needs, please contact the bank and they will help you cover it in the best way possible.

     Before finishing, lets focus on a type of loan that will benefit you and your loved ones: FIXED PRIME INTEREST LOAN.

Fixed Prime Interest Loan is a wonderful choice for those clients that are looking for a loan that is accessible, whose interest rates are not variable, but fixed.

Contacting African Bank in East London

In person

     One of the offices is located in 30 Argyle Street and its phone number, for you to call from home is 43 722 1112. This office opens during weekdays from 08:00 am to 6 in the afternoon.

     There is another office specifically located at theEllerines Shop E Rose Court on 13 Devereax Avenue, whose telephone line is the following:43 721 0140. It opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm

     You can also go to another branch situated in the Hemmingways Mall, specifically at 44 Western Avenue, whose telephone number is 43 721 2255. You will find this office open Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 05:00 pm

By phone

Try the bank´s free phone number designed for every type of inquiries you might have: 0861 111 011


In The bank´s website you can enjoy information about other products and services they offer, the possibility of applying online and even sending a message to the bank´s staff so they contact you in the short time

    To conclude, living in East London is no longer a problem for your economy, since you have African Bank available for you, to assist you through their diversity of loans. It does not matter what kind of need you have, the bank will find a way to make it disappear!

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Questions and answers

Can I use online banking with this bank?

Sure, such service is available in the bank´s website

What can happen if I can not continue paying for the loan I was granted?

The bank will offer you refinancing alternatives

How can I contact the bank on weekends?

Over the phone or in their website

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I applied for a loan for my kids tuition at a physical branch

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