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What Loans Are Granted by African Bank? Qualification and Requirements

Aren’t you tired already of all those bills piling up? Don’t you feel exhausted and worried about those debts that you do not know how to pay off? Do you need financial aid but not know how to choose between so many agencies and banks? What you need is certainly clear: you need loans that can meet your needs and give you a peace of mind. The possibilities are endless at African Bank. Located in South Africa, this bank is ready to deliver variety and innovation when it comes to loans. African Bank has been around for quite a few years now and it since the very moment it was set up, the company knew that the key element of their vision were its clients.

Who is behind African Bank?

            African Bank is no common bank. It is fully equipped with a great team of professionals, a board made up of 11 members who have skilled experience and the executives (10 members in total) that are constantly coming up with innovative solutions and ideas. One of the chief executives is Basani Maluleke and one of the members of the board is Frans Truter. The bank was set up many years ago and has worked its way through the industry to stand out. They constantly work in new projects and financial solutions in order to give clients a peace of mind and a sense of relief. Their mission is to enforce an honest communication with its clients and be able to build strong bonds. They believe that being committed is one of the most important features a company should have and that is why they always try to delivered as asked.

What sorts of loans are available at African Bank?

            The loans you can apply for at African Bank are as follows:

  • Consolidation loans: these loans can open the doors to debt consolidation with repayments that are lower

  • Value added deals: you can add a value card or a mobile device to the loan you desire

  • Personal loans: obtain flexible terms and fixed repayments

  • Fifteen percent loan

Are there any other products offered at African Bank?

            Certainly, African Bank offers you the possibility of investment, credit and insurance.

As for investment, you can ask for the following options:

  • Fixed deposits: you can carry out a unique deposit, that could range from three to sixty months

  • Access accumulator: increase your interest

  • Investment free of tax: you do not have to pay taxes and keep on investing for a period of 12 months

  • Notice deposits: with a notice of 32 days, 90 or 7 days you can access your money

As for credit, you can ask for two different options:

  • A gold credit card

  • A silver credit card

The gold card offers more benefits and has more prestige than the silver one. The silver one is an excellent choice for those who are looking forward to making a change in their lifestyle.

            As for insurance, you have two different options:

  • Funeral insurance: this can be used in case of fatal events for you and your family

  • Credit life: this can give you the option of covering the debts stemming from your credit card or you can opt for covering your loan

What do clients need at African Bank to apply for any of the above mentioned loans?

            African Bank will require you to provide:

  • A proof of income that is recent. They would have to consist in three salary deposits

  • Proof of residence. This should not exceed the three months

  • Be over eighteen

  • Latest bank statements

How do some of these loans work at African Bank?

            You choose a loan that can meet the purpose you need to achieve. A consolidation loan, for instance, works differently from a personal loan. A consolidation loan will give you the power to simplify your debt. How? You can combine different loans (up to five in total) into only one loan. The amount is up to R250 000. The repayment is actually lower, which is a great benefit. These are some of the characteristics:

  • The terms are quite flexible, ranging from 12 to 72 months, which enables you to better your cash flow

  • The process is convenient since it does not require settlement quotes

  • You can even take breaks on repayment

How can you reach African Bank if you have questions?

            You can reach African Bank by email and send in your doubts or comments or you can call African Bank. Another possibility is to visit a branch. Here you can view some details of African Bank:


As it was mentioned before, you will have to provide different documents that can prove your salary, income, place of residence, etc.


0800 633 633

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Can you find branches in South Africa of African Bank?

            Yes, there are plenty of African Bank branches all over South Africa. You can search them through a device and find the one you need. The head office is located in Johannesburg. However, there are many other offices in places such as:

  • Caledon

  • Atlantis

  • Bloemfontein

  • Centurion

  • Cape Town

  • King Williams Town

  • Kempton Park

  • Richards Bay

  • Barberton

  • Beacon Bay

In conclusion, it is possible to find a loan at any of the above mentioned branches in South Africa with African Bank. Doing business with African Bank will enable you to expand your financial horizon and start thinking of future projects you couldn’t even imagine yourself doing. As you can see, African bank does not only offer personal loans but is also offers a bunch of additional services that are meant to provide you with financial aid. There are no doubts that one of the main values of this company is transparency and so clients should feel at ease working with a company that actually cares about their interest and goals.

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