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What Loans Are Granted by African Bank? Qualification and Requirements

Aren’t you tired already of all those bills piling up? Don’t you feel exhausted and worried about those debts that you do not know how to pay off? Do you need financial aid but not know how to choose between so many agencies and banks? What you need is certainly clear: you need loans that can meet your needs and give you a peace of mind. The possibilities are endless at African Bank. Located in South Africa, this bank is ready to deliver variety and innovation when it comes to loans. African Bank has been around for quite a few years now and it since the very moment it was set up, the company knew that the key element of their vision were its clients.

Who is behind African Bank?

            African Bank is no common bank. It is fully equipped with a great team of professionals, a board made up of 11 members who have skilled experience and the executives (10 members in total) that are constantly coming up with innovative solutions and ideas. One of the chief executives is Basani Maluleke and one of the members of the board is Frans Truter. The bank was set up many years ago and has worked its way through the industry to stand out. They constantly work in new projects and financial solutions in order to give clients a peace of mind and a sense of relief. Their mission is to enforce an honest communication with its clients and be able to build strong bonds. They believe that being committed is one of the most important features a company should have and that is why they always try to delivered as asked.

What sorts of loans are available at African Bank?

            The loans you can apply for at African Bank are as follows:

  • Consolidation loans: these loans can open the doors to debt consolidation with repayments that are lower

  • Value added deals: you can add a value card or a mobile device to the loan you desire

  • Personal loans: obtain flexible terms and fixed repayments

  • Fifteen percent loan

Are there any other products offered at African Bank?

            Certainly, African Bank offers you the possibility of investment, credit and insurance.

As for investment, you can ask for the following options:

  • Fixed deposits: you can carry out a unique deposit, that could range from three to sixty months

  • Access accumulator: increase your interest

  • Investment free of tax: you do not have to pay taxes and keep on investing for a period of 12 months

  • Notice deposits: with a notice of 32 days, 90 or 7 days you can access your money

As for credit, you can ask for two different options:

  • A gold credit card

  • A silver credit card

The gold card offers more benefits and has more prestige than the silver one. The silver one is an excellent choice for those who are looking forward to making a change in their lifestyle.

            As for insurance, you have two different options:

  • Funeral insurance: this can be used in case of fatal events for you and your family

  • Credit life: this can give you the option of covering the debts stemming from your credit card or you can opt for covering your loan

What do clients need at African Bank to apply for any of the above mentioned loans?

            African Bank will require you to provide:

  • A proof of income that is recent. They would have to consist in three salary deposits

  • Proof of residence. This should not exceed the three months

  • Be over eighteen

  • Latest bank statements

How do some of these loans work at African Bank?

Find the best loan of South Africa

            You choose a loan that can meet the purpose you need to achieve. A consolidation loan, for instance, works differently from a personal loan. A consolidation loan will give you the power to simplify your debt. How? You can combine different loans (up to five in total) into only one loan. The amount is up to R250 000. The repayment is actually lower, which is a great benefit. These are some of the characteristics:

  • The terms are quite flexible, ranging from 12 to 72 months, which enables you to better your cash flow

  • The process is convenient since it does not require settlement quotes

  • You can even take breaks on repayment

How can you reach African Bank if you have questions?

            You can reach African Bank by email and send in your doubts or comments or you can call African Bank. Another possibility is to visit a branch. Here you can view some details of African Bank:


As it was mentioned before, you will have to provide different documents that can prove your salary, income, place of residence, etc.


0800 633 633

Email address

Can you find branches in South Africa of African Bank?

            Yes, there are plenty of African Bank branches all over South Africa. You can search them through a device and find the one you need. The head office is located in Johannesburg. However, there are many other offices in places such as:

  • Caledon

  • Atlantis

  • Bloemfontein

  • Centurion

  • Cape Town

  • King Williams Town

  • Kempton Park

  • Richards Bay

  • Barberton

  • Beacon Bay

In conclusion, it is possible to find a loan at any of the above mentioned branches in South Africa with African Bank. Doing business with African Bank will enable you to expand your financial horizon and start thinking of future projects you couldn’t even imagine yourself doing. As you can see, African bank does not only offer personal loans but is also offers a bunch of additional services that are meant to provide you with financial aid. There are no doubts that one of the main values of this company is transparency and so clients should feel at ease working with a company that actually cares about their interest and goals.

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Questions and Answers

I have 2 loans with African Bank of more than 4000 so, can I get another one maybe for 35000-50000?
Your overall financial situation has to be taken into account to decide if you qualify for a third loan. But, even if your new loan application is approved, I want to advise you to take care of your current loans before asking for another one; so as to avoid financial trouble in the future. Maybe, try to cancel the first loan at least and then, after carefully thinking about it, decide whether to ask for a new loan.
I have a business idea and need capital. Do you offer business loans and what do I need to present to you in order to qualify?
No, you won’t get business loans at African Bank. All the same, there are few banks that can assist you on this. They have products thought to start a company but also, to make that company get more and more profit through time. If you need some recommendations, you can go over Nedbank and FNB as, they are entities that have great experience on this field.
Hi, I have a loan with African Bank that I didn't finish repaying so, what must I do to qualify again?
If you mean that you’re still repaying the existing loan, you need to contact the bank and submit the same documents as the first time. They will undergo the necessary checks to see if you can afford a second loan. But, if you mean that you stopped repaying the loan, it will be difficult to get African Bank to lend you more money. Make an effort to cancel your current loan and then, try to get the new one if, of course, you need it that much.
I have a small business that just got into business. I have now secured a purchase order from a municipality but I don’t have the funds to purchase the goods required. How can you help me?
At African Bank, you can get Personal or Consolidation loans. So, you may find the solution here depending on how much money you need for your business. If the quote that African Bank offers for their Personal Loans is enough, you can request one on your behalf. Another possibility is to work with Nedbank or FNB, which are banks that grant business loans.
I need a consolidation loan, can african bank help me?
Sure they can! This consolidation loan provided by African Bank allows the client gather even five loans into just 1 instalment. The sum of those loans must not go higher than 250.000 rands as, that’s the maximum quote this entity lends. You can cancel this loan with African Bank in just 1 year or, up to a maximum of 6, according to your affordability.
I would like to take a loan with you, but I already have an existing loan. As my credit score was low, I didn’t get the amount I wanted, is it possible to get another loan?
If when you applied for the first loan, your credit score was a little low, the result for your new loan won’t change if that credit score maintains the same. As long as you’ve taken measures to improve your credit profile, you will have a second chance to get the amount you want. However, that’s not something you can accomplish fast. So, it will depend on how much time you’ve paying the existing loan and, if those payments were on due date to make your financial status get to a better level.
How much can be my monthly instalment if the term is 72 months?
The monthly payment is settled after discussing the sum of money you want to borrow from African Bank. They can lend R 250.000 or less if your credit score allows it. Once you have the quote and the term, 72 months if you want, the bank will inform you what’s the interest rate you need to pay for the credit. Also, there are some fees, like the originator or the administrator fee, which must to be added to the installment to have the total to pay per month.
My basic salary is r6000, what is the maximum amount that I can qualify for?
Your salary is not the only factor African Bank resorts to in order to set the terms for a loan. Besides that, they need your credit profile and a record of your monthly expenses. Only when they gather this information, will they tell you the quote you have available to request. Just for you to have an idea, African Bank lends up to 250.000 rands.
What can I do if I need money to start a small business in my area?
The option you can have the most advantage of is to work with a bank that knows about how business are carried out. For instance, even though African Bank has few alternative, none of them are business loans. On the contrary, you can look at Nedbank which is a bank that can help you from the start and, has other loan products to keep your company growing.
I have missed placed my id book, would I be able to apply for a loan with a driver's license?
If you have a valid documentation that certifies you’ve lost your ID, they may receive your driver license as long as, of course, you can submit the rest of the documents African Bank asks for which serve to prove your income, age and address. Later on, the bank will inform you about the terms for your loan in case the request is approved.
Hi, I'm self employed can I apply for a personal loan?
Not with African Bank as they only work with people who are permanently employed and can provide proof of salary from their employers. For self-employed citizens, FNB has some fine loan options as, they know that this kind of workers can also afford getting a loan. Besides, they offer business loans so, if that’s your case, you can study what FNB offers and you will find a solution for sure.
I am self employed for the last 30 years looking for a med term loan is this possible?
Of course it is but, not with African Bank. If you pay attention to First National Bank, you will get different solutions depending on your needs. For self employers applicant, it’s an important requirement to present six bank statements, instead of three. This detail is also for applicants that don’t bank with FNB as, the entity will make an affordability assessment with that information before confirming you the loan approval.
Hi, my husband would love to apply for a consolidation loan of r50000. He earns r5685.52. Is that allowed?
If your husband has a permanent job and use a bank account to receive his salary, he can apply with African Bank. Obviously, he must also comply with the rest of the requirements. If his request is approved, he’ll lower the sum of money he’d have to pay each month for all the liabilities and, the new loan will be at a fixed interest rate, which is a really great benefit to get control over your expenses.
If you have not pay slip but u have bank statement, can you qualify to get cash?
You must present both documents, pays lips and bank statements, for this bank to go over your application. This means that if you can’t submit a proof of income, African Bank will probably reject your loan request even though you have bank statements to certify you get a monthly salary. This happens because the bank needs to know for sure that the money that your bank statements shows is your salary.
Hi, good day. I don’t have paylsip yet. I’ve got one month working. Can I use my letter of appointment or my contract to apply for a loan?
Good day! Unfortunately, African Bank has established requirements to grant loans to those SA citizens that are capable of affording the cost of the service. To accomplish this, you should wait for until you spend at least 3 months working before applying for the loan because you need your last 3 payslips and 3 bank statements that reflect your income for that period of time
I earn 3287 after deductions, do I qualify for a 30000?
Before getting a loan request confirmation, the bank has to make an affordability assessment to lend the money. Besides your income, it’s necessary to also study your monthly expenses and your payment behavior on previous loans. And, once they know you qualify for a loan, African Bank will agree on rates and a term based on your financial status.
Hi, which document do you need if I want to apply for a loan, because i don't have a pay slip as, I'm a domestic worker?
The documents you need to gather, apart from a proof of your earnings, are your ID issued by the SA Government and a proof of address. Your ID should prove you’re a South African citizen older than 18 years and, the proof of address must prove you live in South Africa. If you don’t get payslips, you may find it difficult to get a loan approved.
Good day i was wondering if i could get an advance on the loan i just took out from african bank
Hello, you will have to wait until next month to obtain higher amounts of money or you can apply for a higher loan and receive the money you need right away. Moreover, in order to apply for another loan you must have a good credit recor with the previous two.
Can I include more that 8 children for the funeral cover?
Yes. But you have to pay per additional member. According to the member´s age, you pay R15 if your child is younger than 22 years old or R35 is your child is 22 years or older.
How can I apply a personal Prime Loan?
You can apply online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .
Which plan can I apply for if I want to save my money in the bank?
You can apply for “My life needs and events”. It offers you proper conditions to make your money grow.
I still cant understand why u have to go to a local branch when u have applied for a loan online i would like to know why ?
Hi, the reason perhaps you must go to a branch is that you must submit the financial documentation such as statements an paylips in person. Moreover, your signature is essential. However, you can ask reps to scan the documentation.
If i want to remove my name from credit bureau can african bank assist me with a loan to do that?
Hi! African Bank gives customers the opportunity to apply for Consolidation Loans, which are loans that as you said will help you improve your credit bureau, as long as you comply with all the installments fixed by the company. It also depends on the amount you are owing to another company.
Good day i once got a loan of 10000 from you guys and would want to find out if i can get a loan of up to 75000 . I am a foreign national with a work permit expiring in 2020
Hello, in order to be found eligible by the company for another loan,you must have already cancelled the other loan. Once that is done, you have access to loans of up to R 150 000.
I earn r9000 pm month with one loan at african bank. Am i able to get a second of r40 000.00?
Yes, your salary is more than enough for a loan and as long as you have paid half of the other loan you can obtain R 40 000 by repaying for it in 2 years whose installments are r 1737 a month
What happens if you lost your latest payslip?
What you can do when losing your pay slip is to use home banking in the website of your bank or go to an ATM with your card and obtain it again
I'm having a account with lewis my records it's good no errors can u please help me with loan of amount r6000
If you have a good credit record and a salary of at leastR 2500 you can apply for R 6000 since the maximum is that of r 150 000. You can complete the application online in African Bank´s website or phone the company
I am earning r4500 per month and I want to know how much loan do i qualify for? Thanks
With a payslip of R4500 you are able to qualify for a loan of up to R 20 000. You will be paying in 3 years installments of R 590 with a rate of 4%
After how many months of employment a person qualify for granted loan?
In African Bank you must have beem employed for at least 6 months in order to qualify for a loan of the company.
I am 19 year's old but i don't work ,i want to reach my goals but i have a financial problem please help with student loan
Dont worry, Standard Bank has created Student Loans for those clients that are trying to finance their education in the long term and can not make it on their own. This bank offer you the chance o applying for a loan by choosing a surety or a relative that can serve as the warranty of the loan.
Can i be able to borrow R 30.000 while iam earning R 5.500 after deductions?
With a salary of R 5500 you can have access to a loan of R 30 000 at African Bank. You can choose to pay it in about 6 years whose installments will be of R 469.36, if the interest rates if of 4%.
I earn r3999 per month, how much personal loan i can qualify for?
With almost R 4000 you can qualify for a loan of up to R 50 000. Please remember that your credit record is important, so you must have paid at least 3 installments from previous loans.
Can one apply for another loan if you already have an existing loan?
You can totally apply for a second loan even though you have another loan, as long as you have complied with payments and you have a clear credit record at the moment of starting the application. You should talk to a rep.
I have a loan with african bank and i was under admin now my loan ia paid up and i would like to apply for another loan is that possible to get another loan?
Hi! You can get a top up loan or even increase the amount of the loan you obtained. The main requisite for this to be possible is that you have complied with the several payments corresponding to the loan chosen
For someone earning r6000 how much loan would be given?
As long as you have your payslip showing the company you are able to finance the loan on your own, you can get access to a loan of a maximum of R 150 000 in this company. It is compulsory that you possess a curent payslip.
If i have a business account how can i get a loan?
In order to obtain a loan with African Bank it is not neccesary to open another account, but your business account can help you to start the application for any sort of loan
I am under debt review but urgently need r6000 to fix my car. Do i qualify for a short term loan?
You can obtain R 6000 with no problem as long as you have a good credit record, recent payslips and bank statements and a proof that you currently live in the country. Your salary must be of up to R 2500
How can I get a loan?
It’s essential you start by knowing what are your options with African Bank. After deciding, get your documents together so, when you apply, you’ll have everything ready making the whole process to go smoother. Then, you just have to go online to start your application through the bank’s webpage. From that moment, you’ll have one of African Bank’s consultants assisting you on the way.
How to apply for a break on my loan repayment?
All you have to do is to get in contact with the bank to let them know you want to make use of this benefit. But, keep in mind, this alternative is only for African Bank’s existing customers that have loans that qualify as regards the bank’s criteria. So, it may be a good idea to find out first, if you are allowed to take a break on your payments.
I need a loan to go back to school so that I can fulfill my dreams. I will make sure that I pass and I am going to work so that I can repay the loan
African Bank is serious when it comes to granting their loans. That’s why they’ve settle certain requirements. One of them is to have a stable job and to prove it with payslips. For applicants wanting to pay for their education, the best option is to work with banks that provide student loans as, these loans are perfectly thought to meet any student’s needs. Unfortunately, this bank can’t help you in this.

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