Follow 10 Tips to take Standard Bank Car Insurance in South Africa

Follow 10 Tips to take Standard Bank Car Insurance in South Africa

If you are trying to find car insurance in South Africa, you have come to the right article. You may be looking for options and let me tell you that there is a bank many people turn to, called Standard Bank. This bank provides different services and insurance products for your life, for your vehicle, home and more. You can also apply for loans and investments. Explore comprehensive insurance, standard premiums, quotes and costs for insurance plans.

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Buy your car Insurance Faster with Standard Bank's new Car Insurance App

Buying a car insurance has never been easier and faster than with the new car insurance app that Standard Bank has recently launched. Not only that, but with the new app, you will also be able to see your policy and file claims making you save a lot of time. In this way, you will not need to carry around your policy documents and you will not have to wait in line for an assistant to talk to you in case of an incident with your car.

Furthermore, policyholders that use the Standard Bank’s new car insurance app will be rewarded with discounts and also, they will be able to monitor their driving behavior. So, you will be able to do whatever you need with the app and spare yourself from having to call Standard Bank.

This app will be available for both Android and IOS smart phones. Take advantage of these new app and its rewards. 

Can I access car insurance online quotes at Standard Bank?

At Standard Bank, there is a great chance you can access quotes. If you need to get a quote for example at Standard Bank, you need to hot on “get a quote” and you will have to complete with your personal details. Then, you have to complete the motor section and finally you will obtain the results. They will give you an estimated time of five minutes for you to complete the whole online form. Once you have finished it, the company will send you a notification with the results.

Is there a car insurance calculator at Standard Bank that I can use?

Unfortunately, Standard Bank does not have a car insurance calculator. Calculators generally are available for loans. However, you can still obtain quotes for insurance and find out details regarding costs for insurance programs. You can call the company to inquire for costs regarding vehicle insurance and your particular possibilities since they always evaluate your risk and credit profile.

Is there car insurance standard Premium at Standard Bank?

Standard Bank offersall sorts of vehicle insurance. Among its option now available, you will find:

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Limited cover

  • Standard Premium

The first option, that is, comprehensive insurance, is made available for you to cover fire, collision, storms and theft. The second option (limited cover) means that it is made especially for covering third-party only. This applies if there is an accident and you have damaged another person’s vehicle, causing damage. If the reason is fire or theft, then the cover would be for damage or loss for third party. Regarding Standard Premiums, Standard Bank offers to pay for cover that is determined by your personal risk history or profile. Contact the bank to know how your standard premium would be, based on your particular credit conditions. In case you do not want to visit one of the branches, you can leave your information on the website and the company will get in touch with you.

How are car insurance reviews at Standard Bank?

Standard Bank has clients all over South Africa. It is always useful to know the opinions and reviews of a company since clients can make a better decision when picking a company. There are plenty of comments showing the clients’ perspective on Standard Bank:

  • “I found the company quite convenient since they offer insurance products and services designed to fit your very needs”

  • “the company helped me find a great option for vehicle insurance”

  • “I acceded the standard premium in just a few minutes”

  • “the company was responsible and committed to giving me the best offer regarding vehicle insurance”

If you want to leave a positive comment or a complaint, you can go to the complaint resolution centre where you can leave a suggestion, a compliment, or a complaint. You will have to leave your contact details, account details and the comment with your personal appreciation of the company.

What is to know about Standard Bank comprehensive car insurance?

Standard Bank has more than one hundred and fifty years of experience to provide you with the greatest insurance service. When it comes to comprehensive vehicle insurance, you should know the following:

  • It is an experienced company that will find you a great deal for comprehensive car insurance

  • The process is made practical and easy for you with the company’s insurance specialists

  • You can obtain tailored quotes that suit your budget and special needs

  • The company is in charge of doing the shopping for you

What are the main benefits of getting access to comprehensive car insurance?

You will have access to:

  • A superior service

  • Range of assets, that is, you will be able to cover your motorbike, car, jet ski, speed boat or even a microlight.

  • Personalized premiums

  • Roadside assistance to travel at ease and covered if emergencies were to take place

Which are Standard Bank car insurance benefits?

At Standard Bank, you have plenty of opportunities and possibilities when it comes to insurance. You can insure:

  • Your vehicle

  • Yourself

  • Your debt

  • Your income

  • Your home

If your aim is to insure your vehicle, you can access warranties, insurance for home and your vehicle and insurance regarding scratch and dent. Which are the main benefits of applying for car insurance at Standard Bank?

  • Flexibility because you can take care of your home and vehicle through a self-service that allows for personal administration

  • Convenience: you can apply at one of the company’s branches only with a passport or ID, skipping this way the queues

  • A peace of mind: no matter the data on your device, you always have the possibility to top up

  • Rewards: add points by adding regular purchases monthly. Then, get a reward.

Does Standard Bank offer car insurance roadside assistance?

Standard Bank offers car insurance roadside assistance. When you are on the road, things may get a little bit rough: you may fall asleep while driving, somebody might hit your car or there might be a problem with your engine. The possibilities for an accident or an emergency are always present. That is why Standard Bank offers assistance for those situations in which you are travelling on the road. The company will have you covered.

Does Standard Bank work with Hollard regarding car insurance?

Hollard mentions Standard Bank in its own website as being a leading financial company with more than 150 years of trajectory in the banking industry. It has offices in eighteen countries and emerging markets. Its aim is to deliver services to its customers considered first class. Both companies joined in order to offer financial products, as well as offering insurance products that are short term, claims processes that are hassle-free and competitive premiums. If you are looking for short term products you will find:

  • Loan insurance

  • Vehicle insurance

  • Travel insurance

If you are looking for long term products, you can apply for funeral insurance, life insurance, health insurance products or personal accident products. Both companies agree on these policies and they mean to suit a wide range of budgets, ages and needs.

Is there a Standard Bank car insurance customer care line?

Indeed, there is a Standard Bank car insurance customer care line that you can make use of whenever you need it. The operating hours for this customer care line are the following:  

  • From Mondays until Fridays, the customer care line is available from eight in the morning until nine in the evening.

  • On Saturdays as well as Sundays and public holidays, the customer care line remains available from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon

  • In order to contact the customer care line, you should call the following number (in South Africa) : 0860123000

  • In case you need to reach the customer care line outside South Africa, the international number is 0102490423

  • If you need to, you can leave personal details about yourself so that the company makes the call and arranges for a meeting or simply discuss your possibilities online or by the phone.

Which are Standard Bank car insurance contact details?

If you have evaluated your options and have made up your mind, you can start already calling the company. Here are some details you will probably need to contact the company:

  • If you name to call the main office, this is the number you should reach out for: 0860 123 000. This number only works in South Africa

  • If you are trying to reach the area vehicle insurance only, the email you can write to is

Is the car insurance in South Africa at Standard Bank convenient?

Car insurance at this company can always be of great help if you find an insurance that suits you. Here are some details you can use in your advantage:


For you to access vehicle insurance, the company evaluates your credit profile



Standard Premiums

Available based on your credit profile

In conclusion, Standard Bank is a quite complete organization ready to give you financial and insurance services that will do the trick. In case you are wondering which insurance option may be greater, you may ask for a member of Standard Bank to assist you in every step. It may seem hard to pick an option, but actually the bank will make sure that it fits your financial situation and budget.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is there a number that I can call?

Yes, you can call at 0860123000

When is the customer line available?

The customer care line is available from 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening

Will they need my credit profile?

Yes, they will need it to evaluate you.

I want a car insurance quote on Toyota Etios 2017 Sprint

In order to obtain a car insurance quote with Standard Bank, it is important to consider that the entity will offer a quote based on the analysis of your risk profile and also on the type of coverage you choose. The recommendation is to communicate with the bank by phone and for sure the advisors will help you as regards the best coverage for your Toyota Etios 2017 Sprint. 

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