Does Old Mutual have Car Insurance in South Africa? Compare Quotes

Does Old Mutual have Car Insurance in South Africa? Compare Quotes

Car insurance is a topic most people in South Africa find difficult to explore. Having to compare covers to choose the most suitable for a specific vehicle is usually perceived as a hard thing to do. However difficult it may seem, getting the right assistance will allow you to make up your mind faster. Fortunately, this is what we’ll do in this article which refers to Old Mutual Car insurance. This vehicle insurance company information will be expanded to indicate you what benefits could you take from them and, how can you get affordable prices.

Does Old Mutual have Car Insurance? 

Old Mutual has been excellent on detecting South African citizens necessities when it comes to their goods. One of the most precious possessions is, of course, their vehicles. As Old Mutual didn’t want to let them unprotected, they provide their clients with three car insurance covers to drive safe. Clearly, they considered the most common car related problems a driver may have to face and they offer the following vehicle insurance options:  a basic cover to help you pay someone else car damage you accidentally caused;  a medium cover to add fire damage or theft your own vehicle may suffer and, Comprehensive vehicle insurance. As this last cover is the most complete alternative to safeguard a car, it’s the one most drivers ask for. So, as we think it’s important you have all the information you can about it, we have decided to delve into it in detail later on.

King Price Car Insurance, choose the excess that best suits your budget.

King Price Car Insurance

Choose the excess that best suits your budget. Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued.

Do I get to use a calculator when buying vehicle insurance with Old Mutual?  

Of course! When buying car insurance, you start by asking the company the price for the cover you want. Then, you get the result on your online quote application, which is calculated taking into consideration a whole set of information about the vehicle to insure. This calculator step is really important because it will show you if what Old Mutual intents to charge you is fair and accessible for your pocket. Once you get that info, you can lower your premium or increase the protection as you think your car needs to and according to the quote you can afford. This is the time to discuss every detail of your cover with Old Mutual assistant and to be sure to be properly informed about your rights and claims. Besides, it’s of paramount importance that you be honest when discussing your coverage and to keep your car in good conditions.

3 tips to save money on your Old Mutual Car Insurance Online Quote  

As you have just read, you have the chance to get your Old Mutual car insurance quote online. In order to do so, you will be asked to follow some steps to, at the end, find out what’s the price you need to pay for protecting your car. Next, read about 3 tips to make your premium the cheapest possible and, get your vehicle fully covered from the moment you ask Old Mutual your quote:

  • Give true information: it won’t be useful to hide information to Old Mutual as, if the time to make a claim arrives, they will find out about it and, they surely reject your claim.

  • Take your time to examine real risks your car takes: there are many additional covers you can buy for your car so; you must pay attention to what of them your car really needs to avoid paying extra for a service you won’t use.

  • Be a responsible driver:  we know accidents happen but, you can do your best to lower the chances by driving well.

How is excess charge on Old Mutual Car Insurance products?  

Any driver looking for motor vehicle insurance must pay close attention to excess as, it relates to the amount of money the client must pay for when lodging a claim. As you know, Old Mutual will charge you less excess if you increase your car insurance monthly costs, that is to say, your premium. If you have a lower premium, you may have to spend the money you save monthly, all of a sudden if you have your car stolen, for instance.

What does Comprehensive Car Insurance from Old Mutual cover?   

As we said, we’ll concentrate on Comprehensive car insurance at Old Mutual and Federal to show you the main advantages of such coverage. Clearly, the prime characteristic to mention is that comprehensive insurance includes all the risks together. Your policy will cover your car being damage due to car accidents as much as natural hazards. Although many insurers offer additional packages to cover hail or strong storms, Old Mutual includes those aspects on their Comprehensive vehicle insurance.

Road emergency is also contemplated here and, with a prime service accepting 2 events in 12 months. Old Mutual roadside assistance can be of help for simple roads issues like forgetting your keys inside the car to the most complicated. As a clear example, they will provide you mechanical assistance or they will tow your car to a place to keep it safe until it’s fixed. Of course, third party cover is also under an Old Mutual comprehensive car insurance cover.

Are there extra benefits for Old Mutual car insurance covers?  

For those South Africans getting their car protected by Old Mutual, there are some worth mentioning benefits to make a difference on motor vehicle insurance.

  • Starting, we can refer to medical expenses when there’s an accident. This benefit can be used for you or a passenger. Following car accidents and, adding hijacking or violent robbery, Old Mutual offers their car insurance customers trauma counselling to take care of your mental health as well.

  • Having a car accident far away form your home results in bigger and particular problems for you as, you don’t have your car to get back home. That’s why Old Mutual will pay for accommodation cost for 2 days top.

  • In a simpler but equally important aspect, you’ll get your locks and keys replaced if you lose them. Or, in case they get damage, Old Mutual will take care of fixing them.

These are just some of the many benefits Old Mutual provide their insured clients with.

What’s a tracker car insurance? Can I get it an Old Mutual?  

A tracker is a device installed in your car for few reasons. One of them is to easily find your car if it’s stolen and, another reason is to keep a record of your driving behavior. A tracker can be seen by the insurer as a safety measure taken by the client so, Old Mutual may use it to give you a lower quote for your car insurance. Also, if this device shows you’re a good driver it will probably have a positive consequence in your premium.

Useful reviews about getting Motor Vehicle Insurance with Old Mutual?    

Old Mutual vehicle insurance is a company known for offering great short-term insurance options for vehicles. Also, having some extra insurance plans for cars is without a doubt one of the main reasons to choose them. But, apart from all that, their clients are happy about how they are treated when trying to get information about the products. Similarly, when deciding to talk to an Old Mutual car insurance broker, they could get the best of their insurance policy taking advantage of every detail.

Another relevant point is that Old Mutual roadside assistance is not only available no matter the day or the time but also, it offers great coverage for problems you can have when traveling. Some solutions they offer are they will repatriate your car, they offer temporal storage and, you can take a car rental if you prefer going back to your house instead of renting a room to spend the night.

How can I get Old Mutual car insurance contact Number?    

You can contact Old Mutual Car Insurance through phone by dialing 08 60 11 10 23. But that’s not all. As this is a well established insurance entity in South Africa, you will easily get a branch near you to discuss your car insurance quote in person as long as you feel more comfortable that way, of course. No matter which way you choose, just make sure to ask all the questions about car insurance policy with Old Mutual before buying it.

Old Mutual Car Insurance South Africa

Required documents

 Identity and license driver issued by SA Government.

Telephone Number


Operating Days

Weekdays and Saturday mornings

To get the best product, we encourage you to read about other companies to make the most accurate comparison before choosing your motor vehicle car insurance. Now you know about Old Mutual, you can read about Santam, for example, to compare covers and prices. Finally, if you have doubts about how car insurance work in South Africa, remember you can also read about the different types of car insurance available for your vehicle. Lastly, remember you can leave us any specific question you have.

Author: Cristian Rennella

Updated: 28/09/2023

Preguntas Frecuentes

What benefit can I have from mutual and federal car insurance company? I own a datsun go lux 2015 model

Besides the benefits we’ve mentioned, Old Mutual pays 10% of their clients’ premium after 3 years with no claims.

How can I get Mechanical insurance from Old Mutual?

That plan is included in roadside cover form Old Mutual. Of course, we talk about a Comprehensive cover.

I am already insured with you. Will my premium increase if I add a second car?

Each vehicle you insure has different policies and premiums. However, the good news is that Old Mutual will lower the total amount you would pay if you joint those policies.

I am trying to get quotes for car insurance for nissan xtrail 2016, which is the fastest way?

You can ask for a quick quotation at Mutual and Federal by sending an email to this address with your income and the type of car you want. You also need to select if you want a basic or comprehensive insurance. The email is

Are the extra benefits for free or should I pay extra?

All the benefits listed below each product are included within the price of that product

Can I personalise my cover?

Yes, you can. All the products can be tailored to suit your needs.

Can I get car insurance without the rest of insurances?

Yes, you can. Motor insurance is an option that only includes car insurance

I need to quote for car insurance.

If you are looking for a quote for a car insurance with Mutual and Federal Insurance, you will need to visit the local branch, communicate with the customer service department or start an online application process. You should fill in a form with all the details regarding your vehicle and the type of insurance you need. The company's consultants will be more than happy to help you. 

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