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What Are the Benefits of Mutual and Federal Car Insurance? Calculation and Queries

Mutual and Federal Car Insurance

About the company

Mutual and Federal is one of the main South African short-term insurer which was founded almost 200 years ago. This company is renowned for its history in good service and quality as well as for its wide range of products. The main goals of this company are:

  • Be a successful and profitable

  • Provide convenient return to shareholders

  • Provide efficient services to brokers, agents and clients

  • Provide job security and a promising career to employees

  • Adapt to changes in the market without compromising the aforementioned goals

  • Foster close relationships with partners and clients

This company has core values as well that goals that make it stand above many insurers:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: this company makes different commitments bearing in mind that it has to be ready to be judged against them. Not only is this company ready to be judged but it is also willing to deal with problems that may arise, which shows how responsible it is.

  • RESPECT: Mutual and Federal really takes into account its clients’ concerns and treats them with dignity. Besides, it embraces diversity among its employees.

  • GO BEYOND: innovation and creativity are essential aspects in this company. 

  • INTEGRITY: this company consistently acts according its standards.

  • PASSION: commitment towards achieving and exceeding all its goals with enthusiasm and optimism is paramount in this company.


Their products are divided in 3 main sectors personal insurance, business insurance and farmers insurance:

Personal Insurance: this company is fully aware that no matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and the sole idea of losing it all should make you think of the possibility of hiring an insurance. There are four types of products namely, allsure, motorsure, surewise and insurance 4 all.

Business Insurance: having a business involves a lot of risks, whether it is a small enterprise or a multinational company. Mutual and Federal understands this and offers different products to prevent these risks and cater for the different requirements. There are four products which include multisure, engineering insurance, marine insurance and risk insurance.

Farmers Insurance: Any climate event can cause disastrous consequences in your agricultural assets and Mutual and Federal understands this by offering three different products: agriplus, agricrop and agriwine.

Car insurance

All the options within personal insurance cover for cars.

Allsure: this option is a comprehensive plan meant to meet all your needs. It can also be tailored according to your personal requirements. The cover includes house (physical structure and contents), vehicles (cars, motor cycles, caravans and trailers), watercraft (boat, jet-sky or inflatable craft), and valuables (items that you wear or carry outside home). Besides, other options include:

  • Personal Liability and Extended Personal Liabilitycover against other people’s claims against you.

Personal Accidentcover against accidental death and disablement.

Personal Computerinsurance for any type of computer.

Legal Costcover in case you are involved in legal matters

Find the best insurance of South Africa

Financial assistance in the event of a death in the family

Hospital Cash Planwith a daily cash benefit for hospitalization

Mechanical and Electrical Breakdowncover for appliances

Premium Waiver for Retrenchment and Redundancyassist you financially in case you lose your job for a maximum period of six months.

Identity Theftcover for expenses that may result is somebody uses your identity unlawfully.

Home Employers’ Labour Dispute Insurance covers against actual or alleged unfair domestic labour practice.

Swiftcare: which includes road assistance, home assistance, medical benefits, and home and life discounts.

Motorsure: this is a short-term insurance option aimed at catering for your specific needs at a really affordable price. It covers your motor vehicle against accidents, fire and theft. The vehicles that can be assured with this plan are cars, goods vehicles, and 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles.

Surewise: this is a cost-effective short-term product that includes the advice of expert brokers. With this plan you can protect your vehicle (car, bike, 4x4, caravans, trailers, motorbikes), personal belongings (valuable items) and homes (building and belongings) against accidents, fires, theft and claims made by third parties against you. Besides, there are extra benefits:
  • Automatic Annual Premium Adjustmentsaccording to the value of your assets.

  • No-Claim Rewardof 10% of your premiums if you remain claim-free for 3 years.

  • Retrenchment Premium Waiverwhich pays your insurance premiums for up to 6 months if you are retrenched.

  • Free International SOS Emergency Services24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Personal Insurance 4 All: this insurance product covers for two different types of assets:

  • Buildings cover–this protects your house in the event of partial or total damagecaused by both human blamed disasters such as fires, car crashes and explosions and natural disasters such as wind, electrical or hail storms, floods and impact by an animal.  

  • Contents cover– this protects the valuables of your house in case of loss or damage.

Besides, there are extra benefits that you can enjoy if you choose this product:

  • Up to R50 000 Liability coveragainst claims made by others against you.

  • Premiums that starts from as little as R21 a month.

  • Cover that is easy to understand.

  • Easy claim process.

How to apply

If you want to get to know more about these products or if you want to get one of them, you can call 0860225563 or enter and fill in the form at your right with your data for the company to call you back.

Why Mutual and Federal?

This company can assure you that all your needs will be met and your requirements taken into account when setting your policy. It is the only subsidiary of the Old Mutual Group which offers short-term insurance. It has operations in Nambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

Mutual and Federal is a leading company in the South African market. It has also been certified as the top employer in 2013 and 2014, an employer that promotes diversity and reinforces it with its employees. Out of its 2300 employees, 65% are black and 57% are women. Besides, there is an integrated talent management framework to identify leaders within the organization and train them to be promoted.


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Questions and Answers

I am trying to get quotes for car insurance for nissan xtrail 2016, which is the fastest way?
You can ask for a quick quotation at Mutual and Federal by sending an email to this address with your income and the type of car you want. You also need to select if you want a basic or comprehensive insurance. The email is
Are the extra benefits for free or should I pay extra?
All the benefits listed below each product are included within the price of that product
Can I personalise my cover?
Yes, you can. All the products can be tailored to suit your needs.
Can I get car insurance without the rest of insurances?
Yes, you can. Motor insurance is an option that only includes car insurance

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