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Is Johannesburg Eligible for Wonga Loans? Contact Details and Features

    If you are living today in Johannesburg and you are looking for financial support so as to overcome your financial crisis, let me tell you this article is for you. You will be given precise information of this company and its loans. Even though Wonga does not possess a physical office in Johannesburg, its citizens can still have access to its loans and you know why? Because this company is characterized by its online application, reason for which every citizen of South Africa, including those from Johannesburg, can access to the different credits.

   So, in this article you will be given data about this company, including the contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers. Then, I will give you another option with physical offices in Johannesburg, for you to have a second lending company: Bayport.

Why should Johannesburg citizens choose Wonga to grant them loans?

-There are instant loans found at this company, meaning that the client can obtain the money with no problem

-Clients can select minimums and maximums: R 500 or R 4000

-The National Credit Act accounts for every loan found at Wonga

-The client will observe the terms and conditions of the loan agreement in the contract.

How is the application managed at Wonga?

    Clients must find internet connection so as to use any of their devices and start logging into the company´s website. Then, they direct themselves to the application section where they will pick amount requested and financing period available. In less than some hours the client gets a response for the application request.


The followings are the requirements for Wonga loans in Johannesburg:

-Having the majority of age, 18 years old

-Being living in the country

-Creating an account with Wonga

-Submitting financial papers such as ID, payslips and bank reports

Repayments at Wonga

     Once the application is commenced and you have decided the total amount given to you, you will get data about the repayments, which of course must be paid every 30 days. Do not worry about new fees, since Wonga will never make you pay extra fees during the loan.

    After applying it is important to remember that you are dealing with a company with lots of experience, which grants loans in clients that are really willing to comply with payments. So, if you see that your financial condition does not allow you to attain to the terms and conditions of the loan, please get in touch with one of the representatives of the company, so that your credit record is not affected by such circumstance.

     Finally, the repayments of your loan are simply collected by Wonga by debiting the money from your account. In that way, you and the company can guarantee that the payments are completely made on time

  Interest rates at Wonga   

     The interest rates corresponding to Wonga happen to be flexible and fixed, which means they will never suffer modifications during the course of the credit. The interest rates are defined based on the specific financing period that the client has chosen. For example, if the client has chosen a long term loan, then the interest rates will be the lowest ones. The opposite would happen with short term loans, which favor higher interest rates since the risk taken by the company is big.

       The good thing about the fees and rates of Wonga, is that you will get to know all the information regarding rates and fees because you will observe in detail the contract, where everything is explained. So, you will receive details of payments, rates, fees and more. And, should you make repayments before time, Wonga will offer you a big discount on repayments.


That’s right, a calculator is located in the company´s website for those anxious clients that look forward to knowing if they are considered good applicants or not. By just giving minimal data about their personal and financial situation, they will know their affordability.


-Payments come along with a date selected by the client

-There is only one condition imposed: opening an account with Wonga

-The company can directly debit repayments from your account

-Online application is just great

-No need to carry out paperwork

-No need to make calls on the phone

-Applying for a loan from home

-You will deal with a reliable company with lots of experience and prestige

-You will be notified about the different rates and fees

Contact details of Wonga in Johannesburg

As said at the beginning, there are many ways to communicate with Wonga even though there are no offices there:

-Over the phone communication is possible, so that means that the client will dial up a special number and get in touch with an experienced member of the company.

-Email communication is also available, so that if the client possesses an email account, he/she can send an email in a fast way, and wait a couple of days until one associate of the company responds them.

In the following chart, you have all the data you need in terms of rates, phone numbers and also email addresses, so make sure to keep it with you so as to contact the company after reading the article:


Minimums of R 500 and maximums of R 4000

Interest Rate

Fixed and flexible

Telephone Number

0861 966 421

Working Hours

From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Financial documentation and proof of place of residence

Email Address

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-You can contact the company from your computer, that is to say by sending one email to the subsequent email

-You can also call the members of the company so as to apply for a loan. The number is this one: 086 634 8360.

-You can go in person to the physical office of Bayport in Johannesburg which is inside the Marshall Town. The address is 94 Fox Street. You will find it open during business hours.

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