Tips to know if Wanna Loan? is a good option – Compare

Tips to know if Wanna Loan? is a good option - Compare

Do you think you work hard and it’s time to get a little reward? Are you thinking of giving yourself that little something to enjoy? It might just be new clothes or having a weekend trip. But as simple as it might seems, you are tight this month and you know you can’t afford it right now, no matter how much you need it. Well, there are some financial alternatives for this situation. You can ask money borrowed to a company to pay for it and then give it back. Wanna Loan? is one of your alternatives to turn to as they loan in our country.

Does Wanna Loan? offer Payday loans?

Yes, payday loan online is the type of loan you’ll find in this company. This is the reason why you may have it as your loan lender. You are allowed to ask a small sum of money to give it back in one of the shortest terms. Wanna Loan? will give you up to R3000 and, you have to cancel it in just one installment when you receive your next paycheck. Bear In mind, you should say Wanna Loan? which is your pay date to set your instalment date, which should be in 37 days or less. When you choose your loan terms, you’ll know how much money you will have to pay back.

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As my focus is that you understand how Wanna Loan? payday loans work, I want to picture the following example for you. You need 2500 rands and you’re paid in 20 days. Wanna Loan? will charge you around 490 rands on fees and the interest rate, so your one-time instalment would be around 2995 rands. On the contrary, if your paycheck will be given to you on 37 days, the cost to pay will be higher: 3064 rands approximately. Clearly, the longer the loan term, the more expensive the cost will be.

Do I have to approach an office to get an application form from Wanna Loan?

No, of course that’s not necessary. You can complete the application form online. Wanna Loan? makes application process easy by allowing their applicants to do it via internet. All the same, they need to have specific information about your living expenses, earnings and so on to accept you as borrower.

For those to get approved for a Wanna Loan?, the company prepares them these benefits:

  • No need to gather and present piles of documents when applying.

  • The option to pay the loan back in less than 5 days without charging interest rate on the credit.

  • Receive the money from the loan in just 60 minutes.

  • Going through only three steps to be issued the loan.

Are Wanna Loan’s Reviews good?

Reviews from a lender company service is commonly looked for anyone thinking about asking for a loan. This information is key when opting for a company to ask the money. For Wanna Loan? payday loans, there are certain points I can name to let you know if their service is convenient:

  • Payday loans can be the perfect help when you need to pay for something immediately but don’t have the money.

  • They may get complicated though, if you aren’t sure you’ll have the money to return it.

  • Interest rate are usually higher.

  • These are the fastest loans to be granted. Clearly, the best option if you need urgent money.

  • They are simpler to receive. Once the client gets Wanna Loan? approval, the money deposit is made almost instantly, as long as everything is ok.

  • Customers can enjoy fast money and not worry about paying it until they get their paycheck.

To know whether Wanna Loan? is right for you or not, go through these items carefully as many times as you need to.

Are Wanna Loan products charged extra fees?

Granting any kind of loan involves having to make money operations which involve having some administrative cost for the company. This is why, any loan applicant must pay fees. In the case of Wanna Loan, you’ll find 2 kind of fees:

  • The initiation fee is charged only one time and it depends on the loan quote you take.

  • The service fee is paid every month and it’s the same for any loan granted.

Is there a better alternative than Wanna Loan?

There are as many different alternatives of loans as types of needs to cover. To know if there’s a better alternative for you, you ought to start by identifying the purpose you want a loan for. Wanna Loan? is a good option if you need to pay for an unplanned expense. For example, you got sick and can’t pay for medical treatment. Of course, your medicine should always be a priority.

Now, if you want to go on holiday or to buy a new TV or iPhone, you might give it some thought to know if a personal loan would be more suitable.

As payday loans interest rate are higher, these loans are among the most expensive to pay for. On account of that, I recommend you take it only if you have an emergency and you know you’ll get funds to pay it back. If it’s not an emergency, you ought to research about personal loans to save money. Don’t forget, we offer you all sorts of information as regards personal loans and you can even calculate the cost of it to compare prices. After that, it will be clear as day which is your best alternative to get a loan.

How to get Wanna Loan contact details?

To make this article about Wanna Loan? complete, I will stop to expand on contact information. Even though they work online, they have an office in Bellville which can be found at Willie van Schoor drive. On the other hand, I know today’s lifestyle makes us look for practical way to solve things. Wanna Loan? also knows it and so they have a phone number, 0861189200, to answer your questions; or an email, if you prefer writing than talking.

Now that I’ve finished informing you about Wanna Loan, you have the tools you need to choose wisely on your finances. Remember you can use our loan simulator to compare and apply for your loan quickly.

Preguntas Frecuentes

How does Wanna Loan charge initiation fee?

They will charge R165 if you ask R1000. Then, they add 10% for higher amounts.

How much for a 3000 rands loan?

Taking a 3000 rands loan at Wanna Loan? will have an approximately cost of 6015 rands if you pay it in 30 days. Remember, total cost changes if you pay it earlier.

What’s the interest rate on Wanna loan?

Due to granting payday loans, they charge 0.17% on daily basis.

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