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Can I Ask for A Home Loan with Old Mutual? What Are The Loan Amounts Offered by This Company? Phone Number And Requirements

            If you have come to this article, it may be because you are willing to apply for ahome loan but you are not so sure which is the right financial institution that can meet your expectations. If you are collecting information on reliable companies that devote their time to helping South Africans to have access to cash easily, you should take some minutes to take a look at this article and explore what does Old Mutual Life Assurance Company has to offer to you. First, I will refer to some relevant features of this company and then you will also find herein some trustworthy information in relation to the company’s current requirements and contact details in case you want to contact an Old Mutual representative right away.

            Apart from offering its services in South Africa, this company also works in other parts of the world, such as Europe, Asia and also America. Particularly, in the African continent, it provides insurance, banking services, loans, lending investments, among other things.

            The whole company is divided into four separate and standalone entities that complement with one another but are completely independent businesses as they focus on different markets.

These are some of the top priorities of Old Mutual:

            *It aims to provide you with long-term solutions and in doing so, it focuses on the aspects in which they can make a real impact and bring about significant change.

            *Its core values are based on transparency, respect, accountability and strong push beyond the limits.

            *For Old Mutual, clients are the ones who really matter. For this reason, this company treats each customer and their business as something unique, as if your enterprise was part of the company.

            *In Old Mutual, advisors listen to you carefully and pay special attention to your needs. Be sure that whenever they talk to you, they do it honestly. Whenever they have arrived at an important decision, they announce it right away. Once they decide, they deliver.

            Before exploring the features of Old Mutual Home Loans, I will first begin by stating some key information you may need to have at hand in a brief and well-explained manner in this chart:    


Loan amounts                                                         For Personal Loans you have access up to R200 000.                                                                                                                         The minimum loan amount requested has to be at least of R5 000

Main Office Address                                             107 Rivonia Rd, Sandown, Sandton, 2196. Take into account that                                                                                                   there exist many more branches located along the South African                                                                                             territory.

Old Mutual Contact Number                             +27 11 217 1000

Old Mutual Sales Call Center Number           0860 000 886

Working Hours                                                       Monday to Fridays services are available from 8 am to 5 pm                                                                                             On Saturday the operating hours are from 8 am to 1 pm

Online Services                                                        There is a section where you can enter your name and phone                                                                                             number so that an advisor can call you as soon as possible                                                                                             You can send the company an email through its website                                                                                              

Find the best loan of South Africa

            Moreover, you can also download the application form right away from the company’s site as well as a checklist with all the requirements you are required to comply with. Finally, there is a free bond calculator to determine how much money you will need to repay the loan and in what time.

What are the features of Old Mutual Home Loans?

            Home loans are designed to enable you to get the financing you are looking for without undergoing stressful application processes. In order to provide you with the best service possible, Old Mutual works together with other finance providers that guarantee to improve the possibilities of having your home loan approval at convenient rates. In case you need further assistance, you will be able to find satisfactory solutions by getting in contact with Old Mutual Home Solutions.             Additionally and in case you need it, Old Mutual can help you apply to other services that might be beneficial for you, such as a pension backed loan and other loans, and a government grant, provided that you qualify for it.

Old Mutual Loan: Apply Online

            The online application consists of completing only one form which later on has to be emailed in this direction, and after that, an advisor will contact you soon so that the whole process is completed. At first sight, the form is extensive, it has around 14 pages. In turn, the application form is divided into 12 sections, 5 of which are compulsory, this means that everyone has to complete them. Then and depending on the product you are applying for, you will be requested to complete a specific section. In the end, you will see that although it seems to be a long form, it is not at all. Pay attention to the different sections of the form and read carefully which are the ones that you need to complete.

            In this case, you will have to provide information on the type of application you will be filling in, some details of your property, some details of the potential applicant, and your monthly income and expenses. Last but not least, there is a section called annexure A, which is for personal loans and another one, annexure B, for a pension-backed housing loan application. You will have to complete any of this sections depending on the type of loan you want to ask for.

What is the Qualifying Criteria for Old Mutual Loans?

            In order to fully qualify for these loans, you have to present some additional documentation which is further explained in the pdf document entitled “useful checklist” available on Old Mutual’s website. So that you have an idea of what you are expected to comply with, I will list hereafter what are the requirements for a personal loan but don’t forget to take a look at that checklist which is specifically designed for home loans.

Requirements for obtaining a personal loan:

            *South African ID that is valid and a current payslip.

            *3 months bank statement which show your income deposits. The payments have to have been made consecutively.

            *Proof of residency.

            If you were thinking of rebuilding and fixing a room or many rooms in your house, or simply moving places and afford a new house, with the funds provided by Old Mutual you certainly are one step closer to make things happen.

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Questions and Answers

Should I call at the main office for more questions?
If you are interested in taking out a home loan, you can contact an specialized advisor in the field at this number 086 0000 366.
What is the loan term for a personal loan?
You have up to 84 months to make the payments for the loan.
What happens once I send the application?
An advisor will look for some financing institutions and its offers, and he will help you choose among all the options you have, which is the best one for you and your financial situation.

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