Apply for Mazuma Personal Loans in South Africa Online

Apply for Mazuma Personal Loans in South Africa Online

Mazuma Loans is a loan broker that specializes in helping South Africans find the best loans in South Africa. After you finish reading this article you will know the different loans you can apply for through Mazuma and all the information you will need to get them.

Is Mazuma Loans Legit?

Mazuma Loans is not a credit lender; it is a loan broker. This means that this company will help you find the most suitable loan for you based on the information you provide them with, and then it will put you in contact with the bank or credit lending company that will lend you the money. Mazuma Loans only works with lenders that are registered with the National Credit Regulator, thus guaranteeing that you take out a loan with a legitimate and trustworthy company.

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Can Mazuma Loans be Applied for Online?

The whole concept of this company is to match a need with a solution. In order to achieve this aim, Mazuma Loans uses highly innovative technology. It would be odd that a company that makes use of state-of-the-art technology didn’t offer the option of applying online. However, as we said above, Mazuma will not be the one lending you the money. So, after they have found the best loan for you; the lender will contact you to continue the application process.

What do you Need to know about Mazuma Payday Loans?

Emergencies are always stressful since, of course, we were not expecting them and can turn our world upside down. Also, many times these emergencies are translated into the need of money that we just don’t have. With a payday loan you can respond to this crisis and pay the loan back when you receive your salary.

The payday loans that you will be able to find at Mazuma Loans are for a maximum amount of R3 000. Originally, these loans were meant to be paid back the following month with slump sum. With Mazuma, you might be able to find payday loans that can be repaid over some months. However, you should take into consideration that the interest rate might be higher.  

Mazuma Loans will help you find the best payday credits in the South African market to help you solve whatever situation you might be struggling with. There is no need to stress out or panic, a payday loan might be the solution.

3 Types of Personal Loans Offered at Mazuma Loans

At Mazuma Loans you can find three types of personal loans. Usually, personal loans are unsecured, that is, no security is required to back up the loan. A security is an asset that you use as guarantee of paying. That is, if you are not able to pay back the loan, the lender will use the asset to procure its payment.

These are the 3 types of personal loans you can find at Mazuma:

  1. Short-Term Loans. With Mazuma Loans you can look for short-term loans of up to R8 000. The repayment period will vary according the financial company you choose. However, the loan usually has to be paid back in less than a year.
  2. Medium-Term Loans. At this company you can also find loans that offer a larger amount of money and a longer repayment period. With a medium-term personal loan at Mazuma you can borrow up to R20 000. In this case, the requirements might be stricter than the ones asked for a short-term loan. Both short-term loans and medium-term loans are approved in minutes and you can have your money within hours or even minutes!
  3. Long-Term Loans. This option at Mazuma lets you borrow much higher amounts of money (a maximum of R200 000). Some of these loans might need some asset to be used as security. The term of the loans can be of up to 5 years or more. These loans are not processed as fast as the first two options; therefore, approval time can take a few days.

How does Mazuma Manage Payment of the Loan?

Mazuma is the middle-man. This means that they will not be the ones lending you the money and that you will not have to pay the installments to them. Mazuma will help you find the best deal for you and put you in contact with the company offering that deal. That company will be in charge of giving you the money of the loan and of collecting the money for the installments. Usually, credit companies deposit the loan amount on your bank account and ask you to sign a debit order so that they can receive the money from the installments.

Are there Positive Reviews about Mazuma Loans?

Mazuma has excellent reviews by happy clients. This does not happen very often, trust our word on this. We are constantly looking for reviews about different credit companies and it is not that common to find such great reviews. Many satisfied customers have turned to the web to show Mazuma their love. They are thankful for their kind service and for helping them find the best deals.

What are Mazuma Loans Contact Details?

If you wish to contact Mazuma Loans because you have a question or there is something you need to know that we haven’t covered in this article, we urge you to leave us a message in the form you will find at the bottom of this page. However, if you still prefer to contact Mazuma since you have a specific concern or a complaint, you have two ways to do it:

  • Fill in the contact form with your personal information so that they can call you back.
  • Or you can call them to their office in Cape Town: 27 83 491 7599. 

With this text you were able to discover that you can find the best loans in South Africa with Mazuma Loans. This company is a credit broker that helps you choose payday loans and personal loans. Everything is done online and you can feel at ease since Mazuma only partners with credit lenders registered with the NCR.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Does Mazuma charge us something to use their web?

Mazuma loans is completely free. You will not be charged a single rand for using their platform. However, they do warn that some credit lending companies might charge a fee for using their services, but that does not have anything to do with Mazuma Loans. So, no matter how many searches you carry out with Mazuma, you will have to pay nothing.

Can I take out a consolidation loan through Mazuma?

This company specializes in personal loans that can be short, medium or long-termed. You will not be able to look for specific consolidation loans with this company. However, their long-term loans can be used to consolidate loans. You can ask up to R200 000 and use the money to pay off the loans you might have.

What is the benefit of using a credit broker like Mazuma?

There are hundreds of credit lending companies out there, how to know which one is the best? Mazuma does the work of searching the web for the best loans for you and, also, Mazuma makes sure that the companies they work with are duly registered as credit companies in South Africa.

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