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How Can I Apply for a Loan if I Live in Klerksdorp? Application, Quotes and Address.

     Are you having problems to make ends meet? If you live in Klerksdorp you’ll find here the solution. I’ll explain how you can use a loan to get some help with financial issues. I’ll expand on different loans you can apply for, depending on your situation. You’ll also find all the necessary information specified like contact details, quotations and repayment terms. I’ll also provide you with some addresses for you to know where to find them.

    In today’s economy it is not rare that South Africans find it difficult to manage their expenses and debts. If you are willing to ask for help, as I'm sure you are, African Bank can give you a hand to organize your expenses and, what’s more, give yourself a well-deserved trick.

What are the benefits of African Bank loans?

    I will begin by naming the benefits of each type of loan they offer and you’ll see clearly how you can take advantage of them.

- 15% loans: this is a loan for those who enjoy stability. Applying for the 15% loan gives you the relief of knowing exactly how your finance will be affected over a period of time. Why is that? Because no matter what happens during the period of your 15% loan, nothing will affect it. The quote, interest and repayment will stay exactly the same until the period stated beforehand to finish the repayment comes to an end.

- Consolidation loans: if you are struggling with a big number of debts, this loan will come as the dream answer.  If you consolidate your debts it means that you take a loan and use that money to cancel all your previous debts. Of course, then you’ll have to keep paying this new loan but, it will be much simpler than before and I’ll explain why.

To start with, instead of having to pay to many lenders you’ll only pay back to African Bank one simple loan. Besides, you even may save money as you’ll free yourself of the rates you had for each debt.

- General loans: this is the loan you’ll go for if you feel you need to prize yourself for example. You can use it to buy those tickets to that destination you’ve been daydreaming for so long. When you feel you’ve had enough working and it’s time to enjoy life but, you know your bank account says you can't afford it. Ask for a loan to African Bank and they will help you decide which is the best option for you among the repayment terms and interest rate they offer.

How can I apply?

    Applying for an African Bank loan is not complicated at all. You should start by making sure to comply with the requirements.  They’ll ask you to present them some documents as your Identification Document, your payslist, bank statements that shows your income and finally any of the documents I’ll mention next that would work as a proof of residence.

     Those documents could be: utility bill, retailer or municipal account, payslips, any document you may have issued by an insurance company, ward counsellor, declaration from a landlord or you may present a letter written by an authority. As you can see it is really important that you prove you reside in South Africa, so keep this data in your mind to provide them with the correct documentation.

    When you are sure to fulfil with the requirements, you can start analyzing the type of loan you would like to apply for. Once you decide to go for one of the three options, you need to calculate your income and expenses to come to the amount of money you can borrow and to fix the repayment terms and interest rate. This is the most important part, as you have to be sure you won’t fail to cancel the loan. Remember that as with any contract, failure to fulfill with the term would have a negative result for you; especially with your credit ranking. This negative result could complicate you in a future loan you may need, so take your time to select the right terms for you.

Requirements needed

SA ID, payslips, bank statements.

Phone Number

 018 464 8500

Address in Klerksdorp

36 Boom Street

Office Hours

From 8:30 to 17


Up to R 200,000

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Where can I find African Bank branches in Klerksdorp? 

    I will answer that question naming the three branches in Klerksdorp and its addresses. Also, remember you can reach them by phone, so I will also detail the phone numbers for each branch. Also, I‘ll list Rustenburg’s branches for those living in that area.

I'll start with Klerksdorp

1 :  its address is 36 Boom Street. Its phone number is 018 464 8500.

2 : there’s African Bank in the Matlosana Mall N12. The telephone number is 018 462 0644 or 018 462 0642.

3 : the last one is at 45 Abderson Street, Ground Floor. This branch has a phone number- 018 462 4673 and, also they have a fax number - 018 464 4841.

Now, I’ll list branches from Rustenburg

 4: address: Midtown Mall Loop STR. Phone: 014 597 0160 and fax number: 014 597 0637

5: address- Phokeng Makl. Sun City main road – Phone: 014 566 2762. – Fax number: 014 566 2772

 6: address:  Ground Floor Midtown Mall, CNR Fatima Bhayat & Berg STR – Phone: 014 592 0682 – Fax number: 014 592 0680

 7: address: Marikina Center, Remainder Portion 88 Farm297 JQ - Phone: 014 572 3581 – Fax number: 014 572 36 49

8: address: Rustenburg Plaza CNR Fatima, Bhayat & Thabo Mbeki drive – Phone: 014 594 9660 – Fax Number: 014 592 7352

9: address: Waterfall Mall, Augrabies Street – Phone: 014 592 5246 – Fax number: 014 537 2112

What are the Office Hours?

    Office hours are the same for any branch. They work form Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 17 – and, Saturdays – 9 to 13-. Remember they close on Sundays and holidays.

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