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Can I Apply for a Personal Loan if I Live in Rustenburg? Application, Contact Information and Requirements.

         Are you thinking about changing your car? Are you thinking about finally meeting that place you’ve been dreaming of for so long? Are you thinking about how nice it would feel to be free of debts? Now, I want to ask you this: When are you going to stop thinking about it and start reaching your goals? It is time for you to go after your dreams and start enjoying life. But as difficult this may seem, let me tell you there are ways to fulfill them. Next, you will find contact information, application and quotes African Bank offers. If you live in Rustenburg you have an incredible opportunity to achieve your goals through a personal loan and take the first step to tick the items in your “dream list”.

        In African Bank you have three kinds of loans: Personal Loans, Consolidation Loans and the popular 15% Loans. I’ll describe each of them in details as follows:

    Personal loans are used in the case of wanting to go on holidays, or changing the car, or simply if you want to prepare the room for that special little person you have expected so much, your first baby.

    Here you have in details the characteristics of this particular loan:

- Regarding the repayment term you can go for a flexible or a fixed period. If you prefer the latter, you can enjoy financial stability, as you can trust on knowing exactly how much money you should pay every month. If you go for the flexible installments you may decide to put less money if you are having a little trouble with the expenses.

- Regarding quotation bear in mind you can choose at top margin of R 200,000 and a minimum of R 2,500. You will base this decision on the purpose of the loan and your capacity to cancel the payments.

- Regarding application, you can get in contact with them to apply for a personal loan through the phone as they count with a Sales Contact Center Consultants.

- Regarding repayment time, you can cancel the debt quick at your convenience, directly from your own bank account.

- Regarding working hours, they take pride on their 24/7 online service for you to apply at any time you prefer. Or, you can go to any of their many branches looking for a face to face experience.

- Regarding branches you can find many of them In South Africa. Later, I’ll mention some of them in Rustenburg.

    Another option is a Consolidation loan. This loan is really useful for those who have been accumulating debts and feel stressed every month when they sit and do the math. Through this loan you can simplify your monthly expenses consolidating all your debts into a single one. That means, you leave behind the great amount of lenders to have only one to deal with. Keep in mind that for this type of loan African Bank offers repayment terms between 18 and 72 months.

     And last, there’s the 15% loan. Now, if you’re worried aboutthe constant changing of today’s world this loan is right for you. Here, you can experience the stability you long so much, as it offers you a fixed interest rate and fixed repayment term. So, you can be sure that no matter how your surroundings may change the monthly term of this loan will remain the same until you complete it. Quotation in this case could be as high as R 50,000 and the repayment period goes from 6 to 18 months

        Next, you will find the information you need to apply for a 15% loan with African Bank


R 50,000

Interest Rate


Telephone Number

014 597 0160


Midtown Mall Loop STR

Working Hours

On weekdays (8:30 to 17:00) and on Saturdays (9 to 13)


I.D., proof of residence, bank statements and pay lips

Find the best loan of South Africa

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African Bank Requirements

        Application is as simple as following few steps so first, let see what you need. Before starting the process make sure you can provide African Bank with your I.D., your last pay lips –bear in mind it should be an original document, not a copy-, your latest bank statement that shows three deposits of your salary and you also need to prove your residency.

How to apply?

        Now you know the requirements let’s focus on the application process. Start by getting in contact with the bank and provide them with personal information they will ask for. Remember you could do it online at any time or visiting one of their branches. After you have submitted the information and documents, they will calculate your income and expenses, and they will also take a look at your accounts on the Credit Bureau and on the National Loans Register. They will do all this in order to calculate if you can afford to get a loan. Knowing if you are capable of paying for the loan is really important, so please make sure the information you give is true so you can avoid entering into a contract that you will probably fail to comply with.

Contact information

You will find many African Bank’s branches in Rustenburg. Pay attention because I will list some of them:

- there’s a branch in Midtown Mall Loop STR, you can reach them by phone at 014 597 0160.

- another branch is in Phokeng Mall at Sun City Main Road, and the telephone number is 014 566 27 62.

- you can also find an African Bank in the ground floor of Midtown Mall or call them at 014 592 0682.

- or you can visit them at Rustenburg Plaza, CNR Fatima at Bhayat & Thabo Mbeki Drive, the phone is 014 594 9660.

    Please, bear in mind these are some of the many branches they have in Rustenburg so you can find them easily form whatever part of the town you are.

Now you have the requirements, application and contact information you can start living your dream.

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