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Is There a Bank to Take a Payday Loan in Rustenburg? Contact Details, Clients Reviews and Quotes

     Do you need to borrow money? Do you need the money now? If you can’t wait for all the paperwork taking a loan requires, you should think about taking a pay day loan. If you live in Rustenberg or any other part of South Africa, this is your lucky day, as I’ll refer to companies in this country that can help you online. You’ll find the quotes, reviews and contact information of entities that offer this type of loan.

    I’ll inform you about Wonga and Finace27 so you can compare them and decide.

Payday Loans Quote

    For Wonga the minimum amount to borrow is R 500 and you can go up to R 4,000 if you are a new client or, R 8,000 after you’ve worked with them for a while with no problem. You have up to 30 days to choose the repayment term and you’ll be charged every month a service fee of R 68.40 including 14% VAT and an initiation fee of16.5% on the firsts R 1,000 plus a 10% if the value is above this number. Finally, you should know the interest rate is of 0.1% per day.

    On the other hand, Finance27 has similar quotes. You can ask a minimum of R 500 but, the maximum for new clients is R 2,500 and for regular clients R 4,000. The repayment term goes from 9 days up to 90. So, as you can see, with this bank you can choose a longer term. Also, bear in mind they have a fixed annual rate of 38%.

    In both cases, keep in mind that a failure on the payment or even if you get behind with it, it is possible that you have a negative outcome in your credit record and you’d have to pay extra fees. So, pay attention and remember to have the money available the day you stated in the contract.

Payday Loans Contact Number

Next, I’ll give you the contact information you need to reach them.

    If Wonga is the company you choose, you can call the number 0861 966 421 to apply or for any query you may have. Also, you can write to any of their email accounts. One of them is in the case you have general or application related queries and, the other one is for queries about repayments. The first one is and the second one is

    But if you have decided to work with Finance27 you must dial the number27 12 941 1572. Another option is to email them to the next email address: Last, you can find them on the West Wing, First Floor of Wapadrand Shopping Centre in Wapadrand.

How to Apply?

    In order to apply for a pay day loan you should follow these steps. First of all you should make sure you comply with the requirements the bank you’ll work with asks. Second, you decide how much money you’ll ask by using the online calculator they offer. By submitting certain information like the sum of money and the repayment period, you’ll have the approximated calculation of the rates and interests you would have to pay. So, you’ll have it easier to know if you can afford to take out the loan. Third, you should apply by submitting information about your finance, like your income and expenses and, about your bank account as you’ll receive and repay the money through it. Fourth, you should wait for the approval of the loan. The bank will verify the information you send them and, they’ll decide if you qualify for that loan or not. Fifth, once you receive the approval and you finish sending them the data they ask you, you should expect the money in the next 24 hours. Finally, all you have to do is to repay the loan the day you agreed.

    Remember this last step is very important to avoid summing extra fees and interests due to the failure of the payment. So, assure you have the money available in your account for the bank to collect it from it, and finish the process.

What are the Requirements?

For Wonga, you should make sure you have:

-your bank account details to provide them.

-a South African Identity number.

-your last three proof of monthly income.

-your cellphone number.

Finance27 will request you:

-are a South African citizen.

-are 18 years old or older.

-are currently employed.

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-are the owner of a valid bank account.

    Next, you can find Finance27 most important information summarized in the following chart:


From R 500 up to R 2,500 for new clients

Interest Rate

annual 38%

Telephone Number

+27 12 941 1572


West Wing, 1st Floor, Wapadrand Shopping Centre

Repayment term

9 days – 3 months


Bank account, employed, at least 18 years old, SA

Email Address

Payday Loans Reviews

    Clients that have asked for a pay day loan claim they were happy with the service. They got the loan fast and with no paperwork allowing them to use it almost instantly but, they advise to pay attention to the repayment term. As with any loan, the longer the period to repay it, the higher the rates and fees to pay. In addition to this, as it’s a quick loan, rates and fees are higher than a regular loan so, make sure you can repay it on time and in the shorter period possible so you can avoid getting in debt.

    All in all, what you have to keep in mind is that a pay day loan is for special situations when you know you will be able to repay the sum of money in a short period.

Also, I’ll remind you that for both of these companies you can apply and follow the entire procedure online and, besides, receive and pay the money through your bank account.  Clearly, you can apply from any partof the country, as for example, Rustenburg.

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Questions and Answers

Can I use the money to pay an existing debt?
You can but, it’s not recommended. You can try a consolidation loan instead.
Can I call Wonga on Saturday?
Yes! From 8:00 to 13:00.
Can I apply over the phone?
Of course!

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