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Is Letsatsi Finance Found at Rustenburg for its Loans?

     If you reside in Rustenburg and you are searching for one solution to your financial problems, let me mention the importance of Letsatsi Finance in helping you to achieve such objective. This company has carefully created numerous loans. In fact, there are four of them available to Rustenburg citizens.

    In this article, you will obtain plenty of details about those loans and also information regarding how to contact the company in your city, either by phone, in person or by email. Every contact information will be given to you.

So, let’s start by focusing on the four loans mentioned above:


This credit is just supreme for you if you are in an urgency and you need not so much cash. For such motives, the group has designed a humble solution for you. It can be used for disbursing medical expenses whenever you face difficulties and need to go to the specialist, or whenever you have extra charges to fund and cannot easily make it with your budget

What are the features that comprise this loan?

-You can attain approval for the loan is a reduced amount of one hour

-You can find more than one loan at the company

-You can finance the loan on the exact same day, which is awesome

-You can attain professional instruction from the associates of the company

A loan like this can be helpful to pay your medical outlays but also house crises or expenses you need to cover right away, vehicle charges, educational dues, funeral costs and more than that.

 If you are attracted to applying for this wonderful loan you need to be aware of the fact that the refund for this sort of credit entails no more than one month and Letsatsi can offer you, the client, from R 500 to R 8000.

What you necessitate to apply for this loan is the following documentation: you’re ID, some Pay slips that are no older than 2 months and three bank statements with no more than 3 months old.



     This credit happens to be idyllic if there is any expenditure you did not have in mind and cannot be paused. For such conditions try Letsatsi´s help through this incredible credit. It can be always used for loads of situations, fluctuating from your car that is no longer working properly, funeral expenses and more expenditures. Concerning the repayment of this loan, you will be capable of paying different installments for a short period of time, so that you forget about the loan immediately.

      I can think of the many benefits obtainable with this loan and I can mention that you can acquire approval in less than a 60 minutes, as with the preceding loan, obtain various loans, pay out the day you get it, and similarly get the aid from the company´s professionals.

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How does the application work for this loan?

Fine, regarding the choices of this loan, the company suggests repayments that tend to last from 2 to 6 months and the chance of receiving between R 500 and R 8000. For you to apply you will just need identical documentation to the one for the first loan.


     This credit can be just for you if you require truly long repaying terms. For example, it can be used to back your bridal or refining your existing home, and also to finance the tutoring of your family. The firm will propose you three dissimilar repayment choices so as to complete the funding of the credit. For that reason, you will get the opportunity of being accepted within no more than 60 minutes, apply for an extra loan and paying out for the finance just on time.

      About the features of this loan, you must know that  the company holds repayment periods that vary from 9 months to 36, but you are able to choose a period of 12 or 24 months. Needless to say, that choice is up to your financial conditions.

     If you are concerned about applying for this loan, you will be requested to put forward the same documentation stated at the beginning of this post.


     This is the method through which the company can assist you to finance your liabilities. You have the chance of joining different loans. This loan is tremendously useful every time you need to pay credit cards and personal credits at the end of each month.

    The chief feature of this loan is that you are capable of paying more than a few loans that were approved for you previously. Moreover, with this loan you can finance your existing accounts.

What benefits will you get with a Debt Consolidation loan?

-Financing the credit each month if you comply with the installments set

-Financing all of your loans at once

-Not paying extra fees on administering services

-Observing an improvement in your credit score since your debts will vanish with this finance

-Being guided by the company´s professionals, which are really instructed

       The repayment periods existing for this credit can vary from 1 month to 36 months. You are surely granted up to R 100 000. Apart from the documents specified for the other loans, the corporation will request settlement letters, so take that into consideration.

This firm does not offer a calculator but you can check your affordability in terms of a future credit and obtain a personal quote in person.

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Can I finance one of the loans with my card?

Sure you can

Is this company open on weekends?

No, it is not

Is refinancing available?

You can always refinance your loan

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