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What Do WesBank Loans Offer? Application, Phone Numbers and Rates

When in search of loans, Wesbank is a solution and an alternative that generally comes to mind. This financial entity offers more than just loans. It offers a whole program of finance deals that can help you deal with shortcomings and complex financial situations.

Who is Wesbank?                                   

            Wesbank is a financial company that was set up 40 years ago. In the vehicle industry, it has become a major leader, known for providing high quality financial service in Africa. It also provides asset finance. Multiple international brands that include oil companies, providers of insurance and automotive OEMs have chosen Wesbank to be their partner of choice

What is the main goal of Wesbank?

            The main goal of this company is to offer its clients secured installment finance to corporate markets, sectors that are private and retail. The do provide too fleet management, insurance and maintenance lease in full.

What can Wesbank do for you?

            At Wesbank you can ask for:

What can I finance at Wesbank?

            At Wesbank it is possible to carry out different actions regarding finance and personal goals:

  • You can purchase a vehicle at an auction

  • Obtain personal loans

  • You can finance graduate vehicle

  • Purchase a car from a dealer

  • You can purchase a car in a private way

  • You can leisure the asset finance

  • You can calculate vehicle finance

  • There is Islamic finance available for you

  • Balloon refinance

What can you cover with Wesbank?

Wesbank allows you to cover for a wallet of yours, your vehicle, leisure items and have comprehensive insurance.

How are applications at Wesbank?

            At Wesbank you can apply for finance in different ways. You can be approved before hand for finance or simply go for refinancing a balloon payment. The most common financial aid at Wesbank is applying for personal loans.

How do I apply at Wesbank?

            At Wesbank you can apply for a personal loan online. Fill the boxes with your personal details, such as surname, ID number, email address and any other sort of detail that you might be asked to provide. The second part of the application have to do with your interest, that is, what kind of loan you are looking for, how many payments you want to pay, etc.  In general, it may take you 15 or 20 minutes long.

If I need a car loan, can I get one at Wesbank?

            You can definitely apply for a loan at Wesbank. It is simple and convenient. In this case, the loan is oriented towards dealership finance. The idea is for you to buy through a dealer. The process will remain simple and you will stay protected all the way.

What do I need in order to get financed?

            You will start off by completing the online application. Once you have finished, you will submit it to Wesbank. The bank will go through your paper and will send you an instant answer. This can be either positive, or negative, depending on your particular situation. If the result is positive, then Wesbank will get in touch with you for further information regarding the dealer that you have chosen. Once your transaction has finalized with the chosen dealer (which may include deposits payable) then Wesbank will give you the contract and the approved finance application.

Do I need to take something into account?

            Whenever you are applying for these kinds of loans, you need to know the following:

  • The car must be insured before being taken

  • If you do not have comprehensive insurance, then Wesbank can give it to you.

Are there any rules that are in game for a dealer sale?

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            Clients must bear in mind that there are certain regulations and rules when it comes to obtaining finance. If you are not sure whether you meet the requirements stated by Wesbank, please try to check them before hand so that Wesbank does not reject your application.

How should my car be?

  • It should have the approval of Wesbank when being sold by a leadership

  • The worth of your car should be of a minimum of R30,000

Are there any requirements for me as an applicant?

            Applicants must make sure to comply with the following:

  • They should be more than 18 years old

  • Their driving license should be valid

  • Their credit record should be clear

  • They should be permanent residents

  • Their earning should be of a minimum of R6,250 monthly.

Are there any calculators at Wesbank?

            Yes, you can calculate monthly repayments with calculators at Wesbank. How does it work?

  • First introduce the price of the vehicle purchase

  • Then choose the number of months in which the loan would be paid over

  • Choose the amount for the deposit

  • Choose the rate that interests you

  • Include the balloon payment

Imagine that the vehicle costs you R30,000.00. You want to pay it over 36 months, and you decide to deposit R3,190.00. The interest rate is set at 8.25%. This means that you estimated payment would be of R950.20.

What else can you calculate?

  • Purchase prices

  • Affordability

  • Personal loans

  • Leisure assets

  • Any of theses values can be calculated through the calculators above mentioned. They all work similarly to the personal loan and vehicle finance calculator.

If I was to contact Wesbank, how should I do it?

            If you need to contact Wesbank, here are some details that might help you reaching it out:


The ones listed before such as valid license, being of age, etc.



Email address

Conclusions, is it a good time to do business with Wesbank?

                Wesbank will be there for you in times of financial need and that already is a plus. Whether you need the financial aid for purchasing a new car, or for leasing, it is always important to have a plan in mind that works. With Wesbank, it is no longer an idea, but a possible scenario.

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Questions and Answers

Which amount f money do I need to earn to apply for a personal loan?
You need an income of at least R4,500 monthly.
Do I have to state with what purpose I apply for the loan?
Not necessarily. You can apply for a personal loan for paying bills, travel, buy a new car or whatever you wish.
Can I repay the loan in 5 years with no interests at all?
Yes, you can repay the loan from 24 months to 6 years. The repayments will be fixed, with no interest rates increases.

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