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Can Kimberley Citizens Apply for a Loan? Benefits and Contact Details.

    Do you live in Kimberley? Are you having trouble to find a bank to work with? If you answered “yes” to both questions, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I’ll tell you where you can apply for a loan from Kimberley together with its benefits and contact details. So, after reading this composition you’ll have the information you’ve been searching for so long and you’ll be able to make a decision.

    When you choose an entity to apply for a loan you need to have several points in mind. Not only do you have a wide option of banks, but also you need to decide on the type of loan that’s right for you. And that depends on the reason why you need a loan.

    I’ll begin referring to African Bank. First I’ll name you the four branches you can find in Kimberley and then, we can go on with quotes and the types of loan they offer.

African bank Contact Details

    There’s one branch at Old Main Road in Market Square and, there’s another at 1 17 Long Street in Newpark Shopping Center. If none of these branches are right for you, don’t worry because I’m sure at least one of the next two branches will be close to your house. One of them is at CNR Olivier Road & Mcdougal RD in Diamond Pavilion Shopping Mall and you’ll find the other at 74-76 Jones Street.

    Their opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm and, on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. Please, remember that on Sundays and holidays they are close.

African Bank Key Information


Depends on the kind of loan.

Telephone Number

053 830 4300


Old Main Road. Shop nº 5

Working Hours

Mon-Fri (8:30 to 17) Sat (9 to 13)


ID, original pays lip, proof of residency

African Bank Quotes

    Quotes and repayment terms vary according to the kind of loan you want to apply for. For example, if you want a Personal or Consolidation Loan you can borrow a maximum of R 200,000 and a minimum of R 2,500. But In the case of a 15% Loan the highest amount can be of R 50,000 and the lowest of R 5,000.

    If we refer to the period to repay the loan we also find differences. The repayment period of Personal loans is between 9 and 72 months, for Consolidation loans you choose from 18 up to 72, and finally, in 15 % Loans the range goes from 6 to 18 months.

    Another entity in Kimberley you can pay attention to is EC Finance. They offer only personal loans, so you should take a look at them if that’s what you need.

EC Finance Requirements and Quotes

Find the best loan of South Africa

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The requirements asked to apply for a personal loan are:

* South African citizen.

* be 18 years old at least.

* employed for the last three months by the same person or company.

* earn no less than R 2,000

* own a bank account that will be used to load a debt order.

* own a green bar-coded ID.

What are the benefits?

* cash loans for a maximum of R 120,000.

* approval in only 1 day.

* loans repayment based on your credit risk.

* minimum repayment term of one month and maximum of 60.

How can I apply?    

     If you desire to apply for an EC Financial loan there are three ways of doing it. One: you can complete an online form through their website; two: you can require them to send you a form through your email and; third: you can download a Pdf in order to print it and complete it. Once you’ve completed it you fax it together with a copy of your ID, another of your last pay lips and two months bank statements. Please, make sure the copies are clear and that the information can be read without problem.

Bear in mind their office hours are on weekdays, from 9 am to 5 pm.

    Finally, if you are the kind of person who prefer to work online Wonga Loans is for you. From the moment you start until you finish you’ll be working through internet.

    You begin calculating your loan through their online calculator. You can enter the amount of money and for how many days you need it and the calculator will tell you the date to repay and an estimate of the interest rate and fees. You will have an idea of the full cost and will be able of deciding property if you can go for a loan.

    The most popular benefit of Wonga is that they offer short term loans, making you save money on interest. Besides, they work fast, providing you with the loan as soon as you need it. This is useful for unforeseen situations that may make you spend money you didn’t have on mind spending. As, for example, a broken car which may be your only means of transport.

    They can lend you up to R 8,000 and they ask for simple requirements: that you own a cell phone number and a South African Identification, that you provide them with some bank accounts details and, last, that you can prove your last three months of your salary.

    The process is simple: you decide on the amount of the loan and the term and then, you complete an online form. They will check your income letting you know in a short time, if you’ve been approved. Once your loan is approved, the money is transferred directly to your account leaving just one final step. When the date of the repayment arrives, Wonga Loans will collect the money from the same account. It is very important you remember to have the money available on due time to avoid a negative outcome.

    The benefits of each loan and the characteristics of the entities will help you make an accurate decision about your loan.

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