What are the Requirements for King Cash Finance Loans?

What are the Requirements for King Cash Finance Loans?

King Cash Loans and Finance is a company that operates in the credit lending market on the basis of its sixty years of experience. In this brief article, you will be given all the information you need to know to ask a loan at King Cash Loans and Finance, for instance, you’ll find out what the requirements are, if this company is trustworthy or not,  reviews by other clients and details as to how to contact this company.

How do King Cash Loans Work in South Africa?

King Cash offer unsecured loans of a maximum amount of R15 000 and you can repay them in 1 or up to 18 months. Since it is an unsecured loan you don’t need to use any asset as a guarantee. To request a loan with King Cash in South Africa, you only need to make a call: as simple as that. Make the call and have your online loan approved within 24 hours.

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The reasons for taking a cash loan are numerous, and King Cash will not impose any restrictions as to how you want to use your money. For instance, you can use it to pay off some medical expenses or to cover for your children's school.

Just as any other serious financial institutions, there are requirements you need to comply with. Below you will find a list of the qualifying criteria you need to meet to request your King Cash loan:

  • Having a bank account under your name
  • Your ID
  • Being under permanent employment
  • Providing your payslips

Is King Cash Loans Legit?

This is a key question you should always ask yourself before you take out any loan at any credit lending company. Why? Well, because a loan is a serious business and a commitment that you need to comply with. If the lender is not a reliable one, you might get yourself into serious trouble.

For a lending company to be reliable it has to meet certain criteria established by the National Credit Act of South Africa. This piece of legislation was developed to protect consumers and to promote more accessible banking opportunities for every South African.

To check if the credit provider you are about to ask a loan to is in compliance with the NCA you should check if it is duly registered with the National Credit Regulator. This agency is in charge of making sure that financial institutions comply with the NCA. And, if any credit provider is found to be breaching this legislation, the NCR steps in and takes measures against the infringing company.

King Cash Loans is registered with the NCR, so you can rest assured that this company is legit.

How Can I find King Cash Loans and Finance reviews

Ok, you know that King Cash strictly complies with the norms provided for by the NCA. However, that is not enough for you; you want to know more. And that’s perfectly fine! When we’re about to embark ourselves on a long term commitment such as asking for a loan we want to know all about it. And, many times, the best way to get this information is by hearing what other people –who have already used the product–, have to say about it.

Our team took great effort to find online reviews about King Cash Loans, but there were not enough results to give you an objective and informed comment. For this reason, we started thinking about alternative ways for you to find out what King Cash clients have to say about the service offered by this company.  

We came to the conclusion that the best way to go about it is by asking people you actually know. How many times did you ask a relative or a friend for a doctor's recommendation, for instance? The same thing can be applied in this case; find out if anyone you know is a client of King Cash Loans and have them tell you how it all worked out.

What are Contact Details to ask for a King Cash Loan?

As we explained above, this company only offers its bests loans for you through the phone. That is, you cannot request a loan at King Cash online. Don’t let this discourage you, the application process to ask for a loan at this company is free of charge. Also, you can fill in a form online with your contact information, and a staff member of King Cash will get back to you immediately to help you out with the loan process. If you want to have your loan with King Cash call them on 0800 113 637.

Also, after you’re given a quote by this credit lending company over the telephone, you are not requested to accept it. Note that you are free to decline the offer or to take some time to think the proposition over. This is something that you should always remember when taking out loans, with King Cash Loans and Finance or any other company.  

What are King Cash Loans Contact Details in Durban?

King Cash Loans and Finance is based in Durban. If you would like to pay them a visit to have a face to face conversation with one of its employees, you should go to 64 Park St, Durban Central. Notice, that they are open from Monday to Saturday (8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m). If you want to talk to a King Cash Loan representative but their offices are too far away from you, don’t worry, you can call them on +27 31 404 1854.

Now that you read this article, you are ready to ask for your loan at King Cash Loans and Finance. You were introduced to this company, the way its application process works and all the contact information to get in touch with their staff members. Also, we’ve briefly explained that this company is in compliance with the NCR, and, for that reason, it is a company you can definitely trust in. We’d like to invite you to use our comment form below so that we can respond to your questions and help you out in any way that we can. 

Preguntas Frecuentes

Do I need to have a good credit history to be granted a loan?

King Cash Loans and Finance will run an affordability check on you and will also study your credit history. Since they abide by the norms of the NCR, they will not accept your request if you don’t have a clear credit record. This is a common practice among reputable credit providers

Can I ask for debt consolidation?

This company only provides personal loans of up to 15 000 rands. They do not offer debt consolidation products. However, they do want to help you out if you are struggling to pay off your debts. If you want, you can contact them on 0800 113 637 to ask for guidance. They will kindly refer you to a debt counselor of their trust.

Can I get some kind of insurance to be covered in the event I cannot pay for the loan due to disability or death?

No need for that. The loans provided by King Cash Loans and Finance already include a Personal Protection Plan. This plan covers you if for some unfortunate circumstance you get disabled or die. If you don’t want this coverage and want to replace it by another one of your preference, you can do so. However, the coverage should be similar to the one offered by King Cash.

Yes hello, names Deon, I applied for very large loan R15000000, they said to me that I qualify for the loan but I have to pay upfront to the amount of R5950 before getting this loan, and that's apart from the pay back that I would be agreeing to, that's my question.

It does not sound right that you are asked to pay an upfront sum. Also, it is highly unlikely being approved for a loan of such amount of money. We would recommend you to double check if you really contacted King Cash. We would strongly urge you to visit a King Cash office to be on the safe side.

Why we pay some amount before getting loan? Why you use only Google pay and phone pay?

King Cash is a lending provider registered with the NCR, so if you have doubts regarding how they are working you could contact the NCR in order to check if what they are asking from you is right or not. If you didn't get this information directly from King Cash, we would recommend you to go to their offices and ask them if this is correct.

I need 20 000 loan, how much is it for 2 years?

King Cash only offers personal loans for a maximum amount of R15,000. For this reason, you will not be able to ask for the amount you want. Now, the installments you will have to pay will depend on the interest rate offered by King Cash according to your specific financial situation.

Hi, my name is Qiniso Nyathi, I want to know, do you have business loans and do you also have an office in Randfontein.

No, you will not be able to find business loans at King Cash, only personal loans of up to R 15,000. If you are looking for business loans at Randfontein we urge you to read our articles. You will find information both under the categories of loans per type or per province.

Good day, I am looking for a personal loan to you king cash.

Good day to you. Please in order to ask for a loan at King Cash, you will need to contact them over the phone or e-mail. Bear in mind that you will need to provide documents proving your identity and a regular source of income, such as your payslips and bank statements.

Do you provide loans outside South Africa, that is, in countries like Eswatini as well?

No, at King Cash Finance you will only be able to ask for a loan if you are a South African Resident with a valid identification document. This company is regulated by the National Credit Regulator, and, thus, it has to comply to certain standards and norms established by the NCA.

For 50000/ loan. Why I deposit in advance Rs.696/ for security deposit.

Some financial companies do ask for initiation fees and monthly administrative fees, for example. If you are unsure about a practice with this or another financial company, you could contact the National Credit Regulator to find out if that is a standard procedure or if the amount that they are charging you is a standard or not.

Do I have to pay for cot charges fees?

King Cash Finance company is controlled by the National Credit Regulator, which makes sure that the national legislation in relation to banking operations is respected. Some lenders, like in the case of King Cash, will ask their clients only to pay some initiation or administrative fee before granting money. There is no specification as regards C.O.T charges fees. You may ask the advisors for more information. 

Is there any upfront fee I need to pay when applying for a loan once it's been approved?

There are some financial companies that require their clients to pay a fee before obtaining the money. These companies have to be regulated by the National Credit Regulator. You can check with the organization if a financial institution is legitimate or not. King Cash is registered by NCR, therefore, it is reliable to resort to.  You may be asked to pay an initiation fee or security deposit. 

I filled out and sent in a loan application a day ago. How long will it take for my loan to be approved or not?

Usually, if the application process with King Finance goes smoothly, and all the documentation has been thoroughly analysed by the company, then the approval can take up to 24 hours. Immediately afterwards, the money will be deposited. If you have not received any news from the entity within that period, then you can get in touch with an advisor for further help. 

How long does it take for a loan to be approved?

There are no restrictions as regards the use of the personal loan that you can obtain with King Cash Finance. If you comply with all the criteria to apply for a line of credit, then the approval will be quick and easy. Usually, the company takes about 24 hours to analyse the application and to make a determination. 

Hi, is it possible for me to get a loan from King Cash as I'm a pensioner from NATAL JOINT MUNICIPAL PENSION FUND with a payslip, of course. Thank you.

As a pensioner from Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund with a payslip, you will be able to obtain a personal loan with the private financial company King Cash as long as you comply with the qualifying criteria. One important factor to consider is to have a steady source of income. 

I would like to know if I would qualify to get a loan in your company because I'm still paying for another loan from my bank, but I will finish this year in December. I'm not asking for a big loan, only R2,000. Please, get back to me.

In order to know if you qualify for a loan with King Cash Finance (2,000 rand) when you are still paying another loan with your bank, you need to take into account some factors. The company usually does not carry a credit check on customers, but it is important to have enough affordability capacity. You can fill in an online application form and wait for the company to analyse your case and give you an answer, 

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