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Can the Citizens of Sandton Have Access to FNB Loans? Contact Details

     Is Alberton your city? Are you tired of suffering financial difficulties and not being able to overcome them? Thanks you are here. I am sure FNB will be of great help for those matters. First National Bank, one of the most important banks in South Africa, has designed a set of programs in order to help you with that. Fortunately, this company has many offices in your area in order to give you the support you are looking for.

 In this article, you will find information about what FNB has to offer in terms of lending programs. Moreover, I will give you all the contact details so it is easy for you to get in touch with FNB and start applying for their loans after you read this article.

I will focus on three of their loans: Revolving Loans, Temporary Loans and Home Loans


     These loans are designed for those customers which have opened a checking account with this bank. The bank is willing to grant you the money you need, by making monthly payments which tend to be fixed. However, you will have complete access to that money the moment you have finished paying the 15% of the total value of the loan. But, this money can be used anytime, no matter the purpose that is completely up to the client. Moreover, you will be able to obtain a special cover for cases such as personal accidents that turn into deaths, disabilities and incapacities.

The money you get with this program can be used to make transfers and to pay any asset or expenses you might need to. Finally, you will have access to these funds the moment you go to a FNB ATM, online banking, telephone banking and also through the bank´s official website.


     These loans allow clients to get the money they need in an immediate way. One of the requirements the bank will ask you to comply with has to do with being their customer and having a cheque account with FNB. The moment you are found eligible for this loan, you will be able to obtain it in your personal or cheque account. The fees you will need to pay at the beginning of the program corresponds to 13% of the loan.

However, please bear in mind this fact: the total sum of money you will have access to will totally depend on your credit score and whether you are eligible in the short or long term. You can obtain the funds from the ATM you choose or via online banking or cellphone banking. You can even get the money in the company´s branches.

As a final comment, there are no interest rates for this program as long as you have paid 13% of the loan or the balance that corresponds to a month and a day.

Once again, this money can be used for any type of purpose For instance, some citizens use it in cases of emergencies or the impossibility of continue paying for their kids´ tuition at school.


     Before expanding on their benefits and features, let me mention the requirements for this loan: having the majority of age, being a resident of the South African region and showing a good credit score.

Find the best loan of South Africa

Inside this program, you will find:

I. Home Loan: by obtaining this loan, the bank will grant you funds to permit the purchase of a house. Moreover, this loan can be combined with another program so as to maximize the funds and benefits. One of the requirements to be eligible for it is to have a minimum income of R25, 000 or, if you want to acquire a loan with a partner, one of them must have a minimal R25, 000 income, which is monthly. Moreover, both of you should have at least 18 years old. II.One Account:  this is just a cheque account you will need to open with this bank. One of the advantages of this loan, is that it gives clients access to a large overdraft in order to increase the funds they get. Their requirements are the following:  earning at least R35, 000 per year, having 18 years or more and demonstrating you have a good credit history with another bank.

III.Building Loan: as it names suggests, this is a loan that enables clients to build the property they want with funds from the bank. They can even make improvements to the house they already possess. Their requirements are: earning a minimum wage of R25, 000. And, if you are considering a joint application, both clients must earn that amount per month and have 18 years or more.

IV.Smart Bond:  this program was developed for those low income clients that earn a minimum wage of R2, 500 and a maximum of R25, 000.  When dealing with applications that are joint, each of the clients must earn no more than R25, 000.

Contacting FNB in Sandton

-In person

One of the bank´s offices is located at Shop U17/18 Woodmead Retail Park, Wendywood, Sandton, 2148, whose phone number is the following: 27 11 656 2727. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 04:30 pm

There is another office located at  Shop 5-11, Sandton City, Rivonia Rd, Johannesburg, 2146, whose telephone number is 27 11 883 5104.


You can try contacting the bank through their official website in order to get more details about each program and further info about other services found there. You can also start an online application.

By phone

If You were attracted to any of the loans discussed above or you have questions, please do not hesitate to phone this number:0860 102 631.

     Having said that, every resident of Sandton can have access to the solution to their financial troubles thanks to FNB lending programs. Each of their loan has a specific purpose and different rates and financing periods in order to make it easy for clients to comply with them. Try FNB´s lending programs and let them improve your life!

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Their line for customer service is free

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You can do that anytime

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In Pretoria and Johannesburg

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