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Can the citizens of Durban Obtain FNB Loans? Contact Details

     Do you reside in Durban? Have you been looking for financial support for your needs? FNB can be the option that will save you. This banking company has been in South Africa for more than 30 years and its biggest goal is to make sure very South African can find assistance for their financial troubles. Fortunately, Durban is not the exception and you will have total access to their services.

If you continue reading this article, you will get the solution for your financial problems. How? In the first section, you will be given information about each loan. In the second section of this article, you will find the contact details of this bank so as to start operating with them.

FNB Loans for the citizens residing in Durban:


Let me mention the requirements established for these loans, before you start applying for them:  having 18 years old or more than that, being a permanent South African resident and having a perfect credit score.

With Home Loans, you will get the following:

A. Home Loan:  this is the typical loan for clients that are looking to purchase a property for them and their families. FNB also gives these clients the possibility of adding to this program, another loan that will allow for improvements of their homes. Want to know their requirements:  you need to be 18 or older than that, and earning an annual wage of  R25,000.

B.  One Account: the bank gives you the opportunity of integrating your financial needs and an account you already have. How does this work? FNB will open a checking account for you and you will need to select a valuable asset as a collateral of this program. So, please take this into account before deciding to apply for this loan. You also need to be 18 years old or more than that and earning an annual income of at least this amount:  R 35,000.

C. Building Loan: this program grants Durban citizens the chance of constructing the house they have always wished for, no matter the price of it. You can also take advantage of this money to buy new furniture or appliances for your already existing house. Their requirements are the following:  pretty similar to the previous programs, since you need to be 18 or more and earning at $25,000.

D. Smart Bond:  this is an alternative for those clients that are living on a very tight budget but still want to obtain money for their home. Their wage should be of at least $ R 25,000.


      Clients that have access to these loans will be granted up to $R 150,000. Regarding the financing terms, these clients have 60 months in order to complete the financing of this program. Those payments will be fixed and monthly.  However, the interest rates that correspond to this program are not fixed, but they can vary according to the client´s budget and needs.

Here you have all their characteristics:

-There is no need to show whether you are employed or unemployed, as long as you can demonstrate the bank you are capable of financing the program.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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- The bank will not make you pay penalties for paying out of time

-Clients should be at least 18 years old

-Clients should reside on a permanent basis in South Africa

- Every payment consists of: the fee already established by the bank, the fee corresponding to the service and the Customer Protection Program, developed by the bank.

-Clients have the chance of not financing the monthly payment on the month of January.

-Clients are allowed to switch lending programs without further complications.


     This is an alternative very beneficial for students and their families, who are trying to finance educational expenses that consist of materials such as books and laptops, college accommodation and tuition fees.

Interested in this loan? You will have access to a maximum of

$R 80,000 and a minimum of $4,0000. Regarding the financing terms of this program, the interest rates will be fixed by FNB according to the type of client and their income.  

Finally, regarding the requirements for this loan, you must know that clients should also be more than 18 years old in order to be granted this loan without complications.

How can you contact FNB in Durban?

-In person

If you are interested in getting a personalized attention by their consultants you can go to their office located at Springfield Centre, Intersite Ave, Durban, 4001, South Africa. You can call their representatives on this phone:  78 575 9404 . This office opens Mondays to Mondays from 07:00 am to 05:00 pm.

You will find another office in Durban, specifically in Eagle Building, 359 Dr Pixley Kaseme St, Durban, 4001, South Africa. Its phone number, for you to call the branch, is 87 575 9404. This office functions Mondays to Fridays from 09:15 am to 03:30 pm and Saturdays from 08.30 am to 11:00 am.


As it happens with most banks, FNB has its own official website for you to expand your knowledge about their services. For instance, you will find every detail and rates regarding each lending program. You will also have a section devoted to an online application, so that you can obtain the program you want from the comfort of your house. Simple as that!

-Phone numbers for customer service

You can phone on 0860 102 631 if you would like to apply for a loan by phone or just obtaining more information about a program you are attracted to. This phone is a free line and it is available 24/7

     To conclude, every citizen of Durban will find  a way to overcome their financial difficulties thanks to the support of FNB and their lending programs. With a huge array of possibilities in terms of loans, and affordable rates and financing periods, you can find the solution for your problems. Why don’t you get in touch with First Nationak Bank and see how it can change your life?

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Yes, car insurances and home insurances

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Yes, they have lots of information and resources to help you

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