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Can I Find Unsecured Loans in FNB? Programs and Requirements

Nowadays, it is very common to see people dealing with hard economic circumstances, such as the bills and the high expenses they need to pay. So, it is not easy for them to find a quick solution to finance all the charges. In situations like these in which we feel nothing is enough to make our financial problems disappear, we surely need cash money through a loan from the bank.

However, this is not so affordable and convenient for many clients, since banks have many norms and requirements they feel to comply with. But do not worry, First National Bank is here to give you the solution you have been searching your whole life.

      In the next post, I will give you information regarding the unsecured loans you can find in First National Bank.

But first, what are unsecured loans? They are the opposite to secured loans. These are lending programs that do not require to choose an asset as a collateral and this makes it easier for clients to obtain them. However, one of the negative points of these type of loans is that sometimes, as they do not require collaterals, their rates tend to be very higher in comparison to secured loans.

  Lets focus on the main loans FNB offers for South Africans:

 Most loans at FNB are unsecured, though there are also other secured credit facility options and even home loans. But today, we will focus just on unsecured personal loans.

FBN Unsecured Loans

First National Bank offers a wide variety of loans, which will adjust to your needs and your budget. In fact, there are three main loans which are unsecured: Home Loans, Personal Loans and Temporary Loans

1.HOME LOANS: inside home there are four types of loans

I.Home Loan: this program is destined to those clients that are looking to buy houses in residential areas, which tend to be very expensive. This loan does not require for a collateral. However, your income is important. For such reason, you should have an income which consists of a minimum R 25,000 and you must be older than 18 years old, which is most age required for every loan.

II.One Account:  the bank is willing to grant you the money you need by opening a check account for you and your family. Your income for this instance should be of R 35,000 per year, which is not that much and you should also have a good credit history, which means that you should have had a good behavior with previous loans you acquired in the past.

III.Building Loan:  this is a loan destined for those clients that are looking to construct their first home or that want to make improvements to their existing house. Your income is also important in this case, as it should be of a minimum of   R25,000. Age is also important to be granted this loan, more than 18 years old.

IV.Smart Bond: this program is destined to those people that have a low income. For instance, your income can be lower than R 2,5000 and the maximum of it can be   R25,0000.


Find the best loan of South Africa

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Clients that are eligible for these loans will have access to a maximum of R150,000, which they will finance monthly. The financing period will be a total of 60 months, which is a lot of months to complete the financing.  Regarding the interest rates, they can be either fixed or variable.

For this loan, it does not matter whether you have a job or not, since you have the possibility of transferring the salary, in case you have one, directly to the bank. 

     Another positive point you will get with Personal Loans offered by FNB is that you will not need to pay extra charges for not being able to comply with the loan´s payments. Look at the requirements for this loan: you must have at least 18 years old and you need to be resident on a permanent way in the South African region.


If you are looking for a simple way to obtain cash, this loan is just for you. What are their requirements? Minimal ones, such as being a client from FNB and being able to open a check account with this company.

The moment you are found eligible for this loan, the bank guarantees to transfer the cash you need immediately to the account you have just opened. Regarding the interest rates corresponding to this loan, at the beginning the bank will ask you to pay 13% of the total of the loan.

Pay attention to this fact: if you are worried about how much money the bank can lend you, let me tell you that that amount will always be dependent on your credit score.

How is it possible to obtain the money for this loan with FNB?

The cash can be obtained from an ATM of this bank, through the bank´s app, online banking or from any physical office of FNB IN South Africa. What is more, if you choose to close the loan within a month, the interest rates will decrease.

Finally, this loan is usually recommended for those clients that are having troubles to afford their children´s tuition at school, the bills of their home, the improvements of their house and other needs.

Contacting FNB

If you tend to favor a personalized attention, you can go directly to one of the bank´s offices located at 39, Hillcrest Boulevard Shopping Centre, Lynnwood Rd, Pretoria, 0083. This office opens during weekdays on business hours.

You can also contact FNB by entering its webpage to obtain more information about the features of each loan and the requirements. You can even apply online

FNB has also a free telephone number you can call for general inquiries: 0860 102 634 is available Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 04:30 pm and on Saturdays from 08:30 am to 12:00 am

        To conclude, if you were looking for a simple way to obtain the money you need without securing the loan, you have find right company for that, FNB. This bank has a huge variety of lending programs to make sure you can finance your expenses. Try this company and see how simple it is to obtain the cash you need!

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Questions and answers

I am interested in an unsecured loan at FNB

This company we relate to, FNB, has one of the widest alternatives when it comes to loans. Their unsecured loan terms consist of many benefits. Some of them are, for example, you can skip a payment on January and, you can settle your loan before time with no extra charges. While the 1st benefit is only for those clients that pay on time, the second benefit is out there for any kind of customer.

Can I get a secured loan against my unencumbered property? I am a pensioner with income of r1700 per month. I intend to start an informal business

Can I get a secured loan against my unencumbered property? I am a pensioner with income of r1700 per month. I intend to start an informal business

Hi, Can I get loan to clear my debts at FNB?

FNB offers the option to consolidate all your debts into just one monthly payment. If First National Bank’s consultants consider your qualifications are right for you to take out a personal loan, you will receive the money to cancel all your liabilities and then, get only one installment per month. This new monthly payment will let you have more control over your finances as, you’ll have only one interest rate to pay for.

How long does it take to get the money form the personal loan transferred to your bank account?

Firstly, FNB needs to know some basic information about your net income and personal data. After they evaluate that information, they will inform you about what they can offer you. It won’t be until that moment that you will have the terms of your loan. Once you accept those terms and finish uploading the documents, it usually takes between 2 and 3 working days to have the funds in your account.

Which methods of payment are accepted by FNB?

You can pay with cash, cards, checks and also automatic deduction

How can I contact the bank on a Sunday?

By entering the bank´s webpage

Can I apply by phone?

Yes, you will be transferred to the area in charge of that once you call their consultants

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