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Are There First National Bank Loan in East London? Queries and Online Calculator

Are you in a rainy day? Stop looking for a convenient bank to work with. If you live in East London and you are in search of financial support, don’t hesitate to resort to the lending programs offered by one of the most convenient banking companies of South Africa: First National Bank.

                Since it was created, in 1838, the bank has been expanding its horizons so as to help as South African’s people as possible. Today, it has offices scattered all around the country, and East London is one of such lucky areas. If you continue reading this article, you will find information about rates and financing of different accessible plans. What is more, we will show how easy is to start an application as well as the papers you need to get money as soon as possible.

What kind of loans can I apply for?

                First National Bank has designed a well-organized system of loans so as to meet whatever need that may appear. Keep on reading so as to get information about a list of loans with details and financing options of some of the most important ones:


                Make your dream come true! Getting your own home can be really difficult. In order to facilitate this process, you can resort to First National so as to get the money and repay it in a convenient way. Interest rates differ based on the amount of money borrowed and your credit history, but they usually flirt 10.5%. Financing period can also be adapted to your needs, but most people prefer terms of 20 years.

                Let’s see a real example of a possible loan. Imagine you need R250000 to buy a home in East London. Suppose you are eligible for an interest rate of 10.5% and you want to pay principal and interest in 20 years. If you have R20000 to make an initial payment, you will pay the rest in 240 installments in approximately R2500 plus a minimum fee of R70.


                Improve your way of living! With FNB, you can also finance the purchase of your car. Regardless of the model, you can acquire the kind of vehicle that is most suitable for you. It is worth highlighting that you can buy the car either from a dealer or from a private seller. Interest rates works as in home loans and they are based on your credit history. However, you can be sure that they go from 7% to 20%. The maximum financing term available is 20 years.

                Let’s take a look at some possible quotes based on a loan of R57000. Such amount of money can be financed in a period of 4 years. Imagine you are eligible for a minimum interest rate of 12%. Therefore, you will have to make 48 payments of near R1500.


                Finance vacations! Fortunately, loans at First National Bank are not limited to the purchase homes or cars. In fact, you can also improve your home, buy new furniture, pay for deserved vacations or even to afford education. The amounts of money you can borrow go from R1000 to R150000. For these programs, interest rates are fixed, which guarantees stable payments during the whole life of the loan. As far as financing is concerned, you can repay principal and interest in up to 5 years.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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                Get easy money! In some cases, application process for personal loans tends to be tedious. In case you are in hurry to afford any unexpected expense, you have an alternative to personal loans: temporary loans. The process is easier since there is no application form to fill. Once the loan is approved, you will have the money available in an ATM in a matter of minutes. As far as financing is concerned, financing terms are shorter in comparison to personal loans since they have to be paid off in a maximum of 6 months.

Where there are offices of First National Bank in East London?

                If you reside in East London, there is an office of First National Bank located at 17Devereux Ave, East London, 5247, South Africa. Bank representatives are available in person during typical banking hours. Besides, they answer an exclusive phone line that is 43 704 3300

Can I apply for the loans online?

                Yes you can! Fortunately, you can all the money you need from your sofa. Take your computer, visit the official webpage and click on the loan you prefer. Online application is even faster that application in person. Via internet, you can also write e-mail to consultants to the following addresses: and They answer in a matter of hours. What is more, you can also contact the phone dialing up one of its exclusive numbers. If you need more information about home loans, please call 087 730 11 44. In case you need more about personal loans in general, the number is 0861 40 40 40. Lines are available from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What do I need to start an application?

                It is important to know that before starting application, you have to follow some requirements. In the first place, you have to be a South African citizens of 18 year or older. Secondly, you have to collect some papers, such as your least three slips with your monthly income and an invoice to prove place of residence. And third, if you are married, you will have to present the marriage certificate.

                                All in all, from all the details developed in this article, it is possible to conclude that East London’s residents don’t have to worry about money anymore. They have an office of First National Bank to borrow money to cover whatever purchase need that may appear on life. You can also get money from the comfort of your home. Don’t let money be a complication in life. Count on FNB and enjoy!

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Questions and answers

How can I finance vacations?

You can apply for a personal loan.

Can I get the bank online application in the phone?

Yes, you can.

Which is the maximum amount of money available for personal loans?

The maximum amount of money available is R150 000.

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