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Is it Possible to Obtain Home Loans at Bruma Finance?

      Are you looking for money in order to buy your first property? Would you like to restore a house? If those are questions you feel identified with, I can certainly have the solution you need. And that is Bruma Finance. This company has carefully created a series of loans so as to enable clients to obtain a house of their own or simply renovate the one they already possess.

    In this article, you will be given detail about the two loans that are just like Home Loans. I am talking about Personal and Consolidation Loans. Then, you will get phone numbers, emails and other means of contact by which you can get in touch with Bruma Finance.


    Before expanding on the two loans mentioned above, let me give you the requirements this company will ask you to meet:

-Your monthly salary needs to be superior to R 2000o

-You should have opened a bank account

-Your age should be between 20 and 60. So, age plays an important role

-You need to submit an identity card together with your latest pay slips and bills

Once all these requirements are met by you, it is very possible that the company can grant you the loan

Now, let’s focus on each of the loans:


This is a wonderful program through which clients can obtain more funds in order to buy new appliances for their home, new material and also new furniture. With this money, clients can also buy their first house, which is the biggest dream a person has in their life. In fact, Bruma Finance is willing to give these clients amounts that range from R 1000 to R 15000, and they can finance the total value of this loan in monthly payments, whose interest rates are fixed. It can be finances in between 6 and 18 months.

How can you apply? In an easy way: simply click on “Apply”, which is found in the company´s webpage. Once you give the company some personal data about yourself, they can get in touch with you as soon as possible so as to start the application procedure. It is strongly recommended having your ID card and any other type of information regarding your finances in hand, so as to give their consultants all the info they request.


     This loan was designed for clients that have a complicated time trying to finance already existing house or their debts generated by their home´s expenses. So, through a Consolidation Loan, customers can obtain amounts of up to R 15 000, so as to consolidate any debt they might have at present. All their debts and bills could be settled with this loan, which is great. And this is how it works: the moment the totality of the debt is settled, the client will receive the balance that is left in their checking account.

The two loans discussed above can be managed in the company´s official website. Moreover, you can use their budget calculator in order to know how many payments you need to pay and how your balance is going. You can also track the different debts you have paid and how much remains to be paid.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Interesting facts about Bruma Finance Loans

-All their loans granted to customers will follow the laws of the National Credit Act 34. This act was issued in 2005 and has many regulations that apply to every loan granted by financial companies

- Bruma Finance and their customers need to be responsible in terms of the application procedure, so as to meet all the documentation and sign the contracts and other agreements on time

-All the paperwork will be in more than two different languages, to guarantee that every client can manage and understand them

-The customer will be requested to sign different types of documents issued by Bruma Finance

-The documents the company will give clients will be in English for the clients to perfectly understand every term and avoid future problems

-The customers can speak to the company´s representatives, who speak English and other languages typically related to South Africa

-Customers have the chance of observing in detail the company´s policy

-The company will always take a look at the customer´s financial status and needs, so as to be able to create new loans that adapt t their needs. So, the company I constantly innovating itself

Contacting Bruma Finance

In person

      If you would like to contact the company in person, you can go to its head office located in Johannesburg. It is specifically found at 22 Wellington Road, in the second floor of a building.

You can also send a letter to this office, to the following mailing address: Po Box 258.  Another useful data is that it is in Melrose Arch

By phone

   The company has a free line for general inquiries and questions that you can take advantage of. So, please phone on this number: 0861 33 11 33.

  You can even send a fax to them so as to start the application and start sending the documentation requested by Bruma. Such fax phone number is: 87943 1700.


   In the company´s website you can find pretty interesting facts about all their loans, insurances and also a calculator. There is also a contact section and a section that allows you to start an application.

  You can also send an email to Bruma´s consultants so as to receive a quick reply. Try sending the email to this address:

    All in all, if you were looking for a way to finance your home or an accessible manner to renovate your place, it can happen thanks to the two loans Bruma offers its clients. Take a look at the Personal and the Consolidation Loan and see which one you would like to apply for in order to get the money you need. You will find out how easy it is to make you dreams come true with this company! I totally guarantee that!

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Questions and answers

Can I apply in person for their loans?

Yes, you can apply in the head office or in your nearest branch

What if I can not longer pay for the loan?

You can obtain refinancing programs

Is debit card a payment method taken?

Yes,, you can pay with your debit card

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