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Can the Citizens of Johannesburg Apply for PayDay Loans?


If you are right now residing in Johannesburg and necessitate financial assistance, I know about a sort of loan that can help you: the so called Pay day loan. That is right, which a loan like this one you can obtain the capital you are searching for the exact day when you make the application. Two of the most experienced companies in this field are present in Johannesburg, which is a reason more than enough to focus on them today: Cash Converters and Fin Choice.



This is the Pay day loan offered by this company but it has a different name: SUNNY DAY.

What does it give to you?

   It gives you the chance of applying for a loan whose maximum is of R 4000. And the same day to establish the procedure for application, you can start enjoying the money named. The next day, if you feel like more cash is needed, then the company can approach higher amounts to you with no problem.

What are the many requirements that Johannesburg people must comply:

-Showing their own personal ID

-Showing a statement with data of their house

-Providing beforehand all the details of bank accounts

-Showing pay slips from the past 3 months or less than that

-Having updated contact details to provide the members of the company



There are two vital Pay day loans for the population of Johannesburg, all of which can be fully paid in 1 month but there are also 180 days available so as to pay for the credit line.

These are the two Pay day loans I have been talking about:

1)KwikAdvance 1 month loan: this is a quick option of obtaining the capital your need to cover your necessities and repaying for it in a comfortable period of just 30 days. You have access to R 100 but the members of the company can surely offer you R 2000 that represents the maximum permitted at this company. You can manage this credit line from your own phone or even from your computer.

2) The 6 month Flexi loan: this loan is quite similar to the one mentioned before but the difference is the financing period, since in this case there are 6 months to repay for this loan. But don’t worry, the money can be obtained the exact same day of the application, so it is still a Pay day loan. You have access to more money, in this case R 8000. Needless to say, it can be managed from the place you prefer, your office, your home or your cellphone.


   If any of the loans stated are good for you, then you need to know all about the application. It can be done through the company´s special phone for applications, which is free of costs: 0861 346 246, situation in which you will need to gather financial as well as personal data, which is present in the documentation named before.

Moreover, the application can be initiated from the client of Johannesburg from home. How does that function? You will simply need to go to your desk, open your PC and then enter the website of the firm, which is really easy to access and manipulate once you are inside of it.


There are many benefits these clients can enjoy from a Pay day loan:

A.Not having to wait lots of time to be approved

B.An application that will not make the client waste time

C.Certainty that the rates will never vary

D.Maximums of R 25 000 can be given

E.Secure application process by all means

Find the best loan of South Africa

F.Not focusing on the credit record of the client


There are more than two ways to get in touch in Johannesburg if you want to communicate with Cash Converters, so let’s take a look at each of those means:


You have access to the website of the company, where you can find more than 5 sections devoted to each of the areas that are really useful for clients. Those areas have to do with the application, messages, details, terms and conditions too. In the application section the client is made to fill it in with its own financial and personal data.


These are two quick ways of communicating with a person working at present in the company, so send an email or make a phone call to:87 820 4060 and


This chart will be extremely useful if what you need is in person communication, so please pay attention to all the data that is here:

Phone Number

465 900


Business times. Mondays to Fridays

Online Services

Application and queries accepted

Email Address


Coronel Anderson Street and Kruis Street. Marshalltown


By phone

You Can communicate by phone so I would appreciate if you keep this free phone number with you and directly dial it up:0861 326 246. You can all on this number during weekdays on business times.

In person

There is an office that is situated very near to Johannesburg, precisely in Cape Town, which can be found at 78 Main Road, Wynberg


  Inside the main website of the company you get access to procedure of application, section of questions and a section exclusively dedicated to the making of questions and comments about the different services obtainable.

   Summing up, obtaining a Pay day loan in Johannesburg is more than possible if you contact one of the two excellent companies mentioned. Cash Converters and Fin Choice. The members that compose these firm will make sure that the population of Johannesburg is satisfied with the quality of the Pay day loans offered. What do you wait for? Please communicate with both and choose the loan you believe would be perfect for you and your household!!!

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Questions and Answers

Can I pay my kids tuition?
Yes you can
Is there a debit card accepted?
Of course there is
Can I apply from my mobile phone?
You can

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